By: GRANDMANAN, 11:53 AM GMT on January 31, 2013

Unseasonable warm weather this morning, southerly 45-50KPH, showers overnight, rain through the day, temp a great 12C, if any increase will be slight, reverting to minus by tonight. Temps to reflect the date by the weekend, however will be clear.Wind to be a factor today, near gale force before swinging to north and becoming a bit more calm.

Local fishery news remains quiet, no boats working in this weather, no place to hide from the high wind.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on January 30, 2013

The forecasted weather event getting underway, temp now 3C, raining, temp to rise near double digits, southerly wind near gale force by this evening. Temp and conditions to remain similar till tomorrow night, then drop in temp and clear weather for the weekend, into next week.

Rob back in school this morning, has been off since Friday, the last haul to graduation now underway. Emily has plans to vist Quispam this weekend, bus travel the way to get around these days.

Fishery news quiet, haven't had the opportunity to get the news from anyone in the business.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on January 29, 2013

A KODAK SUNRISE underway this morning, harbour millpond like reflecting the red sky and sun coming up from behind Ross Island. Still cold @-16C, supposed to rise to low minus single digits by this afternoon, next couple of days southerly and rain int he forcast, then back to seasonal type temps by the weekend.

Last evening couple of boats in the harbour till fairly late assume scallopers shucking the days catch, hope this is the case any bright spot in the fishery is welcome for sure.

Construction started once again on the Nursing Home, pretty well to a standstill due to the extreme weather this past couple of weeks.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on January 28, 2013

Clear, calm, still remaining cold, however temps to begin to rise with low single digits on the minus side by this afternoon. Cold overnight harbour covered to a large extent with a thin covering of ice, a bit of breeze will see it gone. Moderating quickly over the next few days, a welcome change for sure.

Rob had a good time with the kids over the weekend, lots of activity, even managed to get a movie in the mix somewhere along the way. Emily a quiet weekend on campus, plans being made for next couple of weekends, might even squeeze in a visit home.

Weather improving, should allow some of the boats to get to work, a few boats still have quota for eggs, price supposed to improve by now so they no doubt hoping to get bact at it also.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:21 PM GMT on January 27, 2013

The deep freeze continues, -14C with NW wind 25-30KPH, giving a windchill of -25C. Temp to start to moderate tomorrow, with plus temps in the forecast by mid-week.

Both kids on the mainland, little communication, none from Rob, one must assume things are as they should. Rob had hockey game last evening, a day of TIM BIT actitivity at HARBOUR STATION with a return on the 5PM trip.

Didn't get in the woods yesterday, battery on the ATV give it up, hasn't been the best, now the cold has completed the demise. Next week will purchase a new one, and that will do away with that excuse not to be harvesting some sticks for next season.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:27 PM GMT on January 26, 2013

Cold order of the day, -13C with NW breeze @20KPH giving a windchill in the -20C range. No respite from the winter conditions till early next week. Temps to remain cold, with sun showing later on in the day.

Rob off to St. John for SEA DOGS game this evening, TIM BITS festivities tomorrow, probably find time to locate Rachel in his busy schedule. Little word from Emily, whatshisname working the weekend, as a consequence she and her posse will have to do something other than study I'm sure.

Fishery remains quiet, first of the week the wheels should start to turn once again with a break in the weather.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on January 25, 2013

NW wind has relented, however at -16C dosen't take much air movement to make it COLDER. Little chance for vapour this morning, ice nearly complete between here and Ross Island, first time that has been the case in quite a few years. Red sky evident behind Ross Island, also sea smoke sky high, interesting visual. The weather to moderate O so slow might have plus temps by mid week.

Needless to say things quiet in the fishery, at all disciplines. The woodpile taking a beating this week, guess that is what is there for, also woods will now be stiff, no excuse not to give it a go over the weekend.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on January 24, 2013

Remains Mother-in-laws kiss cold this morning, sun just making an appearance, sea smoke has already appeared and attempting to hide the Ross Island Shore from view. Wind NW 20KPH, giving the -20C temp a windchill of -30C. No indication of moderating temps and conditions for a number of days.

Exam week for Rob, a weekend in St.John in the offing, he is involved with helping coach hockey, a SEA DOGS game and a TIM BIT gathering for the group. A couple of years ago this opportunity not possible for our youngsters, another positive spin from the Community Centre being constructed.

Emily doing her thing at UNB, no indication a trip to Quispam or whatshisname making his way to Fredericton mentioned - as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on January 23, 2013

To suggest the weather is in a deep freeze is an understatement. Currently overcast, westerly wind 20-25KPH has the -18C seem more like -25C. As sun enters the domain sea smoke appears, about to hide the Ross Island shore as the vapour reaches higher by the moment. Remainder of the week, cold, however slight moderation beginning on Friday.

Quiet on the water, too cold to attlempt to work, great opportunity to get equipment in the woods to harvest some trees.

Rob writing exams, of course no problems, will have to wait and see. Not a lot of conversation about the process, just advised not too worry, he certainly has no qualms about his being successful.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on January 22, 2013

Overcast, a cool -9C being pushed around by a 20KPH NE breeze giving a windchill of -17C, guess won't complain Manitoba a mere -30C windchill a numbing -41C. However as they alway said it is a 'dry cold', no matter what type of cold still damned uncomfortable. Similar local conditions, a bit cooler maybe over next few days.

Rob returned from school trip, a great success, hockey game, a first at this level of play, and the day snowboarding nothing short of 'awesome'. He is not one given to great discriptors, however this experience hit the right notes with he and his group.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on January 21, 2013

The forecasted cold and wind right on schedule, westerly 25-30KPH moving the -10C temp feels like -20C once outside. Clear for the week, temp to rise ever so slight -7C for a high wind to remain strong, wood fire will need to be stoked for sure.

Folks on the prairie having winter in fine style, temp -28C with a windchill down to -42C. After it gets to -25C, not a big noticable change, just ones extremeties freeze a bit quicker.

Fishery quiet, a bit of quota remains for eggs, a combination of hard weather, and anticipation of better prices in a week or so hold them to the wharf. Lobster few, some boats hauling once a week for a $4.50 lb price. Scallops remain a good price, and even a few to be had, weather permitting.

Emily back at UNB, Rob off to Poley this morning, can only imagine what the day will be like on the side of the hill.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:20 PM GMT on January 20, 2013

Overcast, mild @5C, southerly 20KPH increasing to 60plus as the day moves along. Temp to increase near double digits before the cold weather hits this evening with negative temps all next week, clear and cold will be the order of the day.

Emily returns to UNB this afternoon, Rob off on school trip to SEA DOGS this afternoon, staying at the HILTON no less, then a day at POLEY MOUNTAIN before coming home tomorrow afternoon, tough course I would say.

Finally have all Xmas Decorations undercover, now the unknown is where am I going to put them out of the way for the next ten months.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:26 PM GMT on January 19, 2013

A different weather morning unfolding, currently -7C, a breeze from south, quite a bit of snow down. Forecast suggesting temp rising mid single digits and rain in short order, similar for tomorrow, deep freeze temps all next week.

Rob off for final hour of Driver Training this morning, first attempt at License early next month. Will be interesting to see if he takes as long to succeed at the driving as it did his permit, self assurance a grand thing as long as it is tempered somewhat.

Emily at whathisnames for the weekend, what little exchange one has to get the idea all is well in her world. She learned she managed to pass all her courses first term, and made it to Quispam all in the same week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:50 AM GMT on January 18, 2013

Mother-in-law kiss cool for today, currently -14C, not rise out of the double digit range till tomorrow then return next week. Fortunate a slight draft from the north not contributing to the windchill facotr, as yet. Overcast, with moderation on the plus temps for the weekend.

Lobster news quiet, price up to the level where some boats attempting to take advantage, however the lobsters and weather conditions conspire against the idea.

Emily off to Quispam this afternoon, has been a bit of separation from whatshisname, believe have been advised nearly three weeks. I get the impression the basketball game is not the highlight of her weekend.

Rob takes final hour of Driver Training tomorrow, then school trip to SEA DOGS game on Sunday, then Monday a few hours at Poley Mountain snowboarding - he works toward a Credit in these programs, he tells me he is committed to doing well with a straight face.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on January 17, 2013

Overcast, 10-15KPH from WSW, temp 2C, however to be near -14C by dark, clearing, similar temps for next day or so, warmer for the weekend. Next week highs expected to be in minus teens for the week, prairie conditions moving this way.

A bit of snow down yesterday, with the breeze and a mix of drizzle all that remains is a slight 'skiff' of the white stuff.

Local fishery remains quiet, normal for this time of year.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on January 16, 2013

Calm, sky indicating a change in the weather enroute, snow by this evening, amounts unknown. We are on the edge of snow or rain. Temp -4C, to rise and stay around the 0C level till nightfall. Cold temps in the forecast a couple of days out.

Lobster fishery slowed down, hockey activity picked up. What lobsters being landed bringing more than 4$/lb, supply and demand at work. Scallops appear to be steady, price in $9/lb area. Duck Island Sound producing some low counts, first day some coming in at 13/lb, more like a steak rather than a scallop, not many to fill a plate.

Nursing Home construction becoming more visual, masons on site, now can see some walls going up. Hope is to have folks moved in and made at home for 2013 Christmas Dinner.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on January 15, 2013

A morning with not a ripple in the harbour, no air movement whatsoever, a rare event anytime of the year, especially during winter months. Overcast, temp 0C, to hover around this level before dropping back later on in the day. Similar conditions for the next few days, with cool temps the order of the day.

Snow cover pretty well exhausted, a combination of drizzle,warm temps will do that in a hurry. Might be able to consider getting in the woods later on this week, if the forecasted cool temps make an appearance.

Comments now on the extended daylight at suppertime, giving faith there is a change a comin, in a few more weeks.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:42 AM GMT on January 14, 2013

Daylight reluctant to enter the swamp this morning, thick fog, absolute quiet, no air moving. Temp a mild 9C, supposed to remain high and clear as the day moves along. Snow pretty well disappeared, even in the woods.

Fishery remains quiet, haven't had an update on the egging side of things. The weather has been less than co-operative for most of January.

Donna appears to have the upper hand of whatever struck her over the weekend. The weather is condusive to flu for sure, mild and damp.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:55 AM GMT on January 13, 2013

Overcast, a slight draft from SW, temp a mild 6C, snow disapearing fast. Temp to rise a bit, possible a short hint of sun then showers this evening.

A few boats out yesterday, see a few more traps come home till warmer weather. Scalloping not allowed on the weekend, that sector quiet till first of the week.

Managed to get most of the Xmas 'stuff' undercover and off the lawn. The challenge now will be to find somewhere to store it that is out of the way.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:30 PM GMT on January 12, 2013

A KODAK MOMENT as the sun shows over Ross Island this morning, bright red sky with a hint of clouds here and there. A draft from the north, enough to gently move the flag, temp 0C. Temp to climb into low single digits, not much wind, clear, nice temps for the next few days.

An opportunity to retrieve the remainder of my Xmas things off the lawn, at least get them undercover, should have them all stowed by spring.

A boat anchored off in the harbour last evening well after dark, must have had some scallops to get ready for market. Haven't heard any prices or quantity, see a number of people taking advantage of full tides wrinkling, and digging clams.

Emily remained in Fredericton this weekend, believe a bus ride to Quispam in the process for next weekend.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on January 11, 2013

A clear morning, bright red sky behind Ross Island, a slight NW draft, just enough to move the flag, temp -4C to rise on the plus side, similar conditions for tomorrow, rain on Sunday.

Snow cover taking a hit with the combination of mild temps, rain and high winds over past couple of days. Haven't attempted to get in the woods as yet, possibly tomorrow time to get some wood manufactured.

The arena going great guns, all levels of hockey well in commence. The fishing slacked back to a large degree, folks more ready to risk playing a few games. Rob on the ice at least five times a week, a couple of games, and assisting in coaching younger teams.

No word on the scallops, quite a few boats working in Duck Island Sound yesterday, probably the only location weather conditions made it safe to work.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on January 10, 2013

Overcast, wind from west coming up with the sun, to swing NW 50-60KPH by this afternoon. Temp a pleasant 3C to rise with clearing skies till dropping back this evening to low minus digits. Plus temps for the next several days, snow making a retreat.

A postive sign last evening, a couple of boats in the harbour shocking scallops after the 6PM quit fishing deadline. Enough prodcut landed unable to keep them cleaned up during the day, makes for a long day, but good to have the product to go to market.

Emily already in a routine, Rob stumbling around in the morning, not much communication from him. Emily keeping in contact with Nan to make her aware of the daily activities.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:50 AM GMT on January 09, 2013

A grand one this morning, total calm, a bit of overcast, red sky showing from behind Ross Island, a solitary waterfowel patroling infront of the house. Temp -5C to rise to mid single digits with possible showers by this evening. Plus temps with possible more showers over the next few days, snow taking a hit for sure.

A few boats scalloping yesterday, high winds restricted the areas that could be worked. Local advertisements for $9/lb, a good price for buyer and seller, nothing like a few fresh scallops to make your day.

Rob wandering through this morning stumbling into the school routine, been awhile. Emily has her course load in place, requires a few new books, her posse now intact once again.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on January 08, 2013

Overcast, temp on the plus side @ 2C, lots of SW wind, 30-35KPH, can expect 45-50KPH, before a shift to W, drop in temp and minus temps overnight. Plus temps in the forecast during the day for next several days.

Eerie looking across the harbour as daylight attempts to make an appearance, a bit of a sun sheen on a small portion of the water, a line of ducks stemming into the wind, whitewater making on the Ross Island shore.

Rob another day off, will be a shock having to turn out for school in the morning. Emily has a class starting at 0830 in the morning, to use the term of txting OMG why me.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on January 07, 2013

Overcast, remains cool @-8C being pushed around by a breeze from the N 20-25KPH, giving a winchchill of -15C. Cold for the next day, then moderation for the remainder of the week, temps to rise on the plus side.

Emily back with her posse, snowing fairly heavy when we left Fredericton, temp -14C. Snow, near whiteout on occasions, to Blacks Harbour, at least two vehicles ignored the conditions and found the median or ditch, no rollovers just well into snowbanks, go figure.

Rob has a couple more days off, then the charge to graduation in June begins.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:06 AM GMT on January 06, 2013

Overcast, slight draft SW, -8C rising to near 0C as the day moves along, with threat of snow flurries. Temp to drop back by evening. Similar conditons for next day or so.

Emily returning to UNB this morning, believe we can transport all her belongings in the car, almost should condsider the truck it seems. She has accumulated substantial luggage, and all her laundry is now clean.

Managed to get a good start on stripping the decorations, they are gathered in the shed and cellar, waiting for permanant spots till next season.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:32 PM GMT on January 05, 2013

A westerly breeze with a hint of southerly, for the moment, @ 25-30KPH, temp a modest 1C, however slowly declining to minus double digits by this evening. Possible snow flurries tomorrw, with plus temps for a couple of days by mid-week.

Weather permitting must start removing the remnants of Xmas Decorations from the lawn and house. Now the challenge will be to get it put away that it is out of the way till next year Xmas Season.

Emily catching up on her sleep, her laundry finally caught up, bags pretty well packed for return to the 'real world' tomorrow. Rob will be able to concentrate on what goes on around here after today, Rachel returning to school tomorrow.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on January 04, 2013

The sun making an appearance, sea smoke reaching for the sky, fortunatly no wind, a very cold -16C, forecast is for overcast and warming temps, near the 0C mark as the day moves along. Warming trend promised next week.

Woodpile takng a hit this past week or so, have not been able to consider getting in the woods to replenish. First no frozen ground, now no ground it is under a foot of snow.

Fishing news remains quiet, local scallop season will open next week or so, haven't seen any rush to get gear aboard. Weather we have had no conducive to such activity.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on January 03, 2013

Cold snap continues, -15C with 25-30KPH winds giving a windchill in -25C range. Clear, no moderation for the next few days, winds are to diminish somewhat, possible moderating by Sunday.

Quick to retrieve Emily from Quispam, a Dr.'s appointment, then return on 1:30PM trip. Lots of travel, boat never give an indication of near gale force winds other than a bit of spray no movement coming or going. Road conditions very good, coming and going, no ice to contend with at any of the highway we were on.

The dismantle of outside and inside Christmas Decorations in commence. Now attempt to get it out of the way for the next eleven months will be the challenge.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:09 AM GMT on January 02, 2013

More than chilly this morning, damned cold I call it, temp -15C, being pushed around by NW 30-35KPH giving a windchill of -25C. It is clear, to remain so and cold for next few days.

Quick trip to Quispam, retrieve Emily, doctors visit, and return to the fort by mid-afternoon, at least that is the plan as of this moment.

The hectic activity and all that goes with the festive season now on the shelf, time to get the New Year in commence.

News on the fishing front sparse, a few traps being hauled, weather permitting. A few boats egging, but weather playing a factor when the guys can work. Lobster price remains low, no real change all season.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:33 PM GMT on January 01, 2013

The New Year in commence, partly cloudy, westerly breeze, 20-25KPH, wind to increase to gale force over next few hours, carry on till tomorrow, a modest 0C, will decline later on in the day. Forecast is for cool temps and wind for next few days.

Quiet entrance to the New Year, managed to see Halifax event shortly after friends departed to thier abode, and in the bunk. A good visit, food and a proper start to 2013. Rob at home with his friend, Emily visiting in Quispam, plan is to retrieve her tomorrow then off to UNB on Sunday.


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