By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on May 31, 2010

Great looking morning, bright sunshine, windows open, lots of birds singing. Slight draft WSW, 10C temp. Forecast looking for temps to increase to the low 20's, moisture by tomorrow and expected for a few days after.

Emily home for a few hours, then off overnight to her other family for a dinner and social evening with the group. She has let be known that if things get bad here she knows where she can go, a threat or promise I don't know.

Just enough moisture yesterday to curtail the planting that remains undone, also the lawn maintenance can hold off for a day or so.

Fishery news not improving, price below $4/lb, haven't heard what the catch has been this week. The seiner seems to be going steady, weir stakes and top poles being sharpened and moved to their sites. Haven't heard of any local herring news, but the whales are back off of White Head already, must be feed for them somewhere handy.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:24 AM GMT on May 30, 2010

Overcast, fog has retreated for the moment, rained overnight, can expect more as the day moves along, temp 14C. Longrange turned around now some sun for tomorrow the cool and wet for the remainder of the week.

Rob out overnight once again, different locale, Emily returns from St. George on the afternoon ferry. A busy schedule as usual.

Window boxes completed, trying a couple of upsidedown tomatos in a hanging basket. Still plants remain to be put in the ground imagine the plan will be do this between rain storms.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:18 AM GMT on May 29, 2010

Clear, a southerly breeze 10-15KPH, temp 11C, looking great for the rest of the day. Tomorrow rain then clearing for the remainder of the week.

Harbour has some boats hauling traps, have been told the biggest kind of lobsters already up in here. Probably an indication the smaller members of the group ahead of them. The moon this past couple of days something to behold and file in the minds eye for future reference.

Emily visiting on the mainland till tomorrow, Rob and his bonding group overnighting up the island. They will be calling for transportation in a few hours, they don't get much sleep till after daylight.

Donna and Marilyn hitting the window boxes this morning, Farmers Market for lunch, hard to day what is on the Agenda for this afternoon. Marilyn has hit the weather jackpot so far, Cross Border sleepover mid week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on May 28, 2010

Clear, a slight breeze from the N, 10C, long range is on the positive side, with just a possibility of moisture later on today.

A quick run to Fredericton uneventful, mostly driving for the 21/2 hour meeting. Did not get out of the meeting in time for the run to the boat, probably out by fifteen minutes or so if we had booted it. A look around that part of Charlotte County with a nice meal at COMEAU's made short order of the time.

Donna, plants and Marilyn all on hand when I returned last night. The night moon was fantastic, would like to have the knowledge to take night photos, the water absolute calm, a few clouds making patterns, truly a KODAK moment.

Emily visiting on the mainland for a couple of nights, she will have a chance to visit the new COSTCO that opened yesterday can only imagine what a mad house that must have been.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:13 AM GMT on May 27, 2010

Clear, what air is moving is from WNW, temp 8C, to rise into double digits once again. Long range looking pretty good with sun and mild temps being offered.

A quick trip to Fredericton for a meeting this afternoon, no doubt will be last boat to return to home. Many hours invested for a three hour gathering, however as mentioned before one of conditions that makes operating out of here unique.

Donna retrieved her western connection, they will start coming this way sometime this morning. Expect it will be the 5:30PM they will target, gives them lots of time for last minute Garden Centre forays.

Emily getting her driving time in by insuring that I am aware she is available to drive if I need to go anywhere.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:30 AM GMT on May 26, 2010

High humidity this morning, still overcast, a breeze 15-20 NE, temp 16C. Appears to have had a bit of rain overnight, lawn shows the moisture much appreciated. Expected to clear and temps in the 20C range for the remainder of the week.

Clouds so heavy this morning had to put the lights on to navigate around the house. Clouds showing signs of breaking up and getting in line for the weather as forecast.

The extra long weekend the kids have enjoyed now over, the remaining few weeks of school will be in preparation for final exams. Always a fun time, Emily stresses, Rob is content with the perceived knowledge that he at least is assured of a passmark.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:31 AM GMT on May 25, 2010

A bit of haze again this morning, otherwise clear an ever so slight draft from north, flag barely waving, temp 10C to rise near the 20C mark, much warmer on the mainland. Still some conflict on moisture, most stations calling for clear and warm for the remainder of the week.

Weather perfect for the holiday, clear a slight draft temp in low 20's. The fog burned off here by mid-morning but not too far away as a consequence influenced the temp. Warmer by several degrees, as is often the case, between here and North Head.

Donna and Patsy have ideal weather to travel, Emily and her friend also travelling today. Emily dosen't know if they are doing a little Cross Border foray or a day in St. John. See the CAD dropped overnight to $.92 to the USD a fall of near eight cents within the past week.

Rob happy started baseball last evening, and won their first game. Again great conditions temp just right and a breeze kept the blackflies at bay.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:19 AM GMT on May 24, 2010

Fog thick this morning, sun attempting to shine thru, a brisk SW breeze 15-20KPH makes the 11C seem a bit cooler. Moisture coming next couple of days with sun by the end of the week.

Kids out overnight once again, suspect they will be returning to the fold during the day. Emily has been keeping her friend company this weekend as her dad is returning from a tour in Afganastan to Gagetown in the next day or so. Needless to say she and her family anxiously waiting for the troops to arrive in Fredericton.

Fishing news not great, price on the decline or barely holding its own. The catch has not been great to help make up the slack in price.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:16 AM GMT on May 23, 2010

A little haze again this morning, with a SSW breeze 10-15KPH, a nice temp 11C to rise into double digits later on today. A nice looking holiday weekend seems to be the order of the day.

Haven't laid eyes on Rob since Tues. morning, briefly on Emily Friday evening when I returned home. They have been spread around the island, must be doing OK no requests for funds or a drive.

Chores getting done, Donna visiting her mother then she and her friend off on Tues. for a couple of days Garden Centre and
retrieve our friend off plane from the West on Wed. night. As a result she is spread pretty thin for things she wants to do outside.

Lots of traps in the harbour this week, they were fellows hauling them well into the evening yesterday. Price hovering around the $4/lb level some are getting less.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:07 AM GMT on May 22, 2010

A bit of haze this morning, calm, with a temp near 10C, the makings a nice weather long weekend. The longrange looking good for sun and temps.

Returned to the fort on 5:30 trip yesterday, arrived in the parking lot going on five and already nearly a load ahead of me. Believe they left a semi and eight or nine cars for the last trip, long weekend lots of people travelling. Many on the boat strangers to me, a change in the travelling pattern now underway.

Funny how things get on, even when I am not on the scene. The household run well, even more amazing no crisis at the office that only I could look after. Probably means that indeed no person is indispensable.

Great country around Miramichi, enjoyed the drive, the conference busy and enlightning. The area certainly warrants another visit to poke around, the diversity of cultures hard to duplicate, Irish, English, Acadian all within the one area.

One thing did not get looked in my absence was the YES DEAR LIST, with the good weather in the offing time to get at it is now.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on May 18, 2010

A hint of haze this morning, enough southerly draft to move the flag, temp 8C rising to mid teens as the day moves along. Similar temps with some chance of moisture over the next couple of days.

Remainder of the week in Miramachi at a conference, be late Friday before I return to the Bermuda of the Maritimes. Just in time for the long weekend, lawn will need some attention and what vegetable planting usually goes in the ground at this time.

The ferry back on the run, as predicted lots of travel underway. Passengar traffic combined with smolt trucks makes for crowded car deck on most trips.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on May 17, 2010

Great looking morning, clear skies, 9C temp a brisk NW breeze. Temp to rise into high double digits, looking good for the week.

Yardwork got quite a boost this weekend, the heavy duty things done for the moment, near as I can tell. The front lawn needs a lawn mowing, but the riding mower refuses to start. It does have some age, probably will have to be replaced. The whipper snipper refused to start, small engines and I are in conflict at the best of times.

Don't know when they go there, but lots of traps now up in the harbour on the Ross Island shore. It is usually well into June when gear starts showing up in that area.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:20 AM GMT on May 16, 2010

Grand looking morning, tide way out, lots of beach there at the moment. Bright sun, already 10C, a slight draft SSW, just enough to move the flag. Long range giving similar type conditions well into the new week.

Attending conference in Miramachi for most of next week, did manage to cut the outside list down quite a bit yesterday. However there are some items that 'should' be done today to allow more work in the gardens to be completed.

Emily to Whitehead overnight, saw her momentarily on Friday. Rob male bonding with some of his peer group, after attending Teen Night at the Club till eleven or so, makes for a long evening for the chauffeur.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:03 AM GMT on May 15, 2010

Thick fog, barely see the shoreline, temp 8C, calm. Can expect rain with temps in the double digits at the day unfolds. Nice weather for tomorrow with a mixed bag for the next few days after that.

Emily out overnight, the Talent Show went well, Rob advises she did alright, high praise indeed. He is off to the mainland for the Regional Volleyball playoffs.

If the rains holdoff for a couple of hours have some chores to get done in the yard. Still have a couple of loads of wood to retrieve and manufacture that will complete the process for this year.

Gardens going in, especially the potatoes, weir stakes being sharpened, all signs that spring has arrived.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on May 14, 2010

Partial overcast, a slight draft from west, temp a much better 7C. Looking good for the remainder of the day, however an extended period of wet weather this way comes.

A nice trip over and back yesterday, did the doctor thing took a tour to St. Stephen looked across the border and returned to Blacks. Another few minutes and would not have made the 5:30 trip, the lot filled up in a hurry.

Clammers on the beach this morning, chasing the tide in and out. Nothing else visual going on in the harbour, a little early for any traps to be in this close.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on May 13, 2010

Clear, a cool 4C, a slight draft from the west, temp to rise into double digits for today and tomorrow similar, but wet for the weekend.

Quiet in the harbour this morning, once again. No clammers on the beach, first time this week haven't had a couple at least. A number of birds in the air heading no where in particular.

A trip to the mainland with Donna's dad for an appointment in Blacks Harbour. Second trip over and return at 5:30PM is the plan. Still the Black boat carrying the load, with quite a bit of traffic means lots of waiting to insure you get home. The Grand Manan supposed to be doing sea trials today, and start home to be on the run by Sunday. It will be great to see her back on the run.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on May 12, 2010

Not cool this morning, but damned cold @-1C, temp to rise into double digits as the weather pattern is changing to the better. Total calm, partial overcast, harbour reflecting Ross Island profile with no problem.

Clammers have been at it most of the week, a couple of them chasing the tide out this morning. There must be some for them to spend the effort on this beach, clams have always been good, but no quantity. One thing to dig for a feed another to dig for cash.

Lobster fishery remains the same, however some guys 'suggesting' the catch might be improving. The next thing is to see what the price looks like this week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on May 11, 2010

High overcast, a slight daft WNW, 4C temp to rise near double digits as the day moves along. Appears weather conditions to remain in this mode for the next day or so, gradually improving.

Weather has slowed up the outside work, cool to get into the mode required, or so I am told. Gradually getting things ready for planting expected to have things ready by the long weekend.

A few waterfowl present this morning, thought the brant had all departed for the north, but a few patrolling around this morning, not great amount. These fellows either lost or just not ready to travel with the crowd.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on May 10, 2010

Overcast, calm, after that downhill weatherwise temp just a mere 3C, westerly 10-15KPH, not getting into double digits, another day to burn a few sticks of wood I guess.

Mothers Day quiet around the fort, Donna's mom remains in hospital, mom at the Nursing Home, her dad a bit of the flu coming on thought best he remain in his abode rather than spread the flu around.

Fishery update remains about the same price wise, friend advises they aren't crawling to any great degree for him. One of weirs on the other shore had a few, small most if not all went for lobster bait. The fish the seiner has been landing for bait also quite small, the summer schools still not in the area.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:15 AM GMT on May 09, 2010

The sun has again disappeared, clouds quickly taking over, a cool 6C being pushed by a SW breeze @ 15-20KPH. Looking for rain and showers till mid-week.

Emily did some babysitting last evening, assume she returned home, did not hear her return. Rob stayed close to the fort with some movies, and computer time. A typical weekend of late for the pair of them.

Before the showers yesterday did manage to get the lawn mowed, and some fertilizer down. Can scratch that off the Yes Dear List, however seems other items have showed up to take their place.

The rain come down in torrents for awhile last evening, much needed, no puddles evident on the lawn as the ground was looking for that amount and more it seems.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:11 AM GMT on May 08, 2010

The great sunrise disappeared now behind the overcast. Calm, not enough draft to move the flag, 7C temp to rise into the double digits as the day and rain moves along.

Emily has a buddy in overnight, pizza, movies, txting, did not see them after supper. Rob evening at a beach party for one of the girls in his class, seemed orderly when I retrieved him. The birthday girl one of the first of the group to turn fifteen, he will be one of the last, believe he is the baby in the class.

Harbour like a millpond with just the odd bird taking advantage of the no wind at the moment too just drift about.
Rain will no doubt prevent me from getting some of the lawn mowed, needs to be done but can't argue with Mother Nature.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on May 07, 2010

Clear, warm 10C, a breezy 20-25KPH westerly, temps to rise high teens. Change overnight to clouds, fog and rain for the weekend. Moisture is needed we had some yesterday but nothing sustained.

Kids home today, teachers must have something on the go, ferry booked yesterday and all trips today. Population looking forward to the return of the White Boat next weekend then lookout. That combined with the Grand Opening of a Costco in St.John will bring on the traffic.

Not a bird in sight this morning, not on the seawall or in the harbour. Is quite a run on the Ross Island shore a swell from outside making its way up in.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:42 PM GMT on May 06, 2010

Morning entry must have disappeared in cyberspace, easily done by me. The morning is becoming overcast, the forecast change to rain appears to be accurate. A slight draft SW bring in the clouds, temp a pleasant 15C, forecast for remainder of the week and weekend similar to today.

The harbour still supporting a large number of brant this morning, a pair of ducks taken over the seawall patrol from the pair of geese that where there at the first of the week. Really not much activity in the harbour, birds no doubt settling down for the spring ritual.

Fishery news remains same, with activity in weir sector beginning to become noticeable. Weir activity on the back of the island as far as I can tell.

Tony's picture of the GRAND MANAN V interesting, first one of her hauled out that I have seen.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on May 05, 2010

A few hours makes a difference in the weather, yesterday in the mid 20's for the high, lots of sun. Rain by evening, currently a breezy 20KPH NNE, temp 7C. Temp to rise into mid teens, with clearing as the day moves along.

The conditions yesterday brought on the leaves, lawn getting ahead of the mowing. Haven't given it a shot of fertilizer as yet. If the dry continues the green will be shortlived as ground needed the moisture in a big way.

Friends on the prairie have spring stalled with lots of rain and cooler temps their order of the past few days.

Getting a bit anxious to learn when the announcement for the final stages of the arena to be known, the goal was to have ice by November 1st.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on May 04, 2010

Great start to the day, clear, warm 15C, a WSW breeze 10-15KPH, temp to rise a bit more as th day moves along. Moisture in th offing for the remainder of the week, with a possibility of some thunderstorms in the mix.

Local Garden Centre now in commence, Donna has to pass it as she goes to visit her mom each day. A great opportunity to check what is available without making a speacil trip to do so. Her annual sojourn with her old friend coming up in a couple of weeks to check what is available on the mainland.

Emily and Donna getting their miles in each evening, must say Emily is gaining confidence with her miles getting more and more. Rob using the ATV to gather garbage on the empty lot next door, amazing how many miles he can put on to get a piece of garbage to the can.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on May 03, 2010

Overcast, a bit of haze, a southerly draft @10KPH, nice temp 8C, looking for a few showers as temp rises into the middle double digits. Similar with higher temps the weather pattern for the week.

One garden retired, and even completed seeding over the weekend, now remains to be seen if it will come back for more lawn to tend.

Lobster news remains the same, spotty catch, price hovering around the $4/lb level. Did see the seiner gone, must be capturing some lobster bait for the local market. There are some enterprises on the market as some of the fellas have had enough of less than marginal prices to operate.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:09 AM GMT on May 02, 2010

Becoming overcast, a warm 12C at the moment, calm, a chance of showers in forecast. Nice temps next week and beyond, spring like for sure.

Yesterday a gem of a weather day, temp broke 20C, a slight breeze made the working outside great. Did manage to get the 'yes Dear' chores completed, and a couple of trips of wood home as a bonous. Something not quite right about retrieving firewood wearing a Tilley as opposed to a togue. The woods already fire hazard dry.

Both kids home last night, Rob had a good road trip, managed to win a game, and that against the best team in the Division.

A little more yard work to get underway this morning before the showers begin, a patch of the lawn requires some seed. Then should be idle for the remainder of the day, however that remains to be seen.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:59 AM GMT on May 01, 2010

Great looking one on the go this morning, clear, enough of a draft from the W to keep the flag moving, temp 8C, expected to rise high double digits. Looking for a swing to the south and moisture for tomorrow.

Rob off to St. Andrews for a volleyball tournament this morning, as a result had an early tour of the island. He will be gone for the day. Emily overnighting in Seal Cove, expect she will circle back through sometime this afternoon.

Was going into the woods to retrieve some of my downed wood, however has been suggested I take advantage of the good weather and address some of the outstanding yardwork. Sounds like a good idea too me, sort of a 'yes dear' component to the weekend plans.

Clammers taking advantage of the good weather this morning, taking a few off the beach. See three infront of the house, none on the bar.


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