By: GRANDMANAN, 10:57 AM GMT on March 31, 2010

Weather remains as forecast, NASTY, wind from NE 30-35KPH, rain, 5C temp. Weather pattern to remain till late tomorrow. Outlook for the weekend and into next week looking real well.

Yard looks like the beach has moved at least fifty feet closer to the house. Lots of rockweed to fertilize the lawn. However the bits of plastic in it makes a mess and an eyesore.

Kids off school for a few days starting tomorrow, needless to say they are looking forward to the time off. It has afterall been three weeks since March Break.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on March 30, 2010

Calm, drizzle, 8C, order of the day, temp 8C. This weather pattern to be in place until at least Thursday. A good Easter Weekend in the offing, if the forecaster has it correct.

Awoke this morning to see the tide had come over the seawall and neglected to recede. Lots of rockweed and various large pieces of flotsam and jetsam halfway to the house. A first since we built. Required a shovel and a wade through the water to get the seawall open to allow the water to drain. Going to an all day draining affair to relieve the water from the property and what we gain from across the road.

Rob into the volleyball, realizes he will be sitting alot of the time. The coach has advised they all will play, but the nucleus is the seniors, and they all will have an opportunity to participate in road trips. He accepts this, just glad to be a part of it all. He has now received his BREAKERS shirt, very pleased with himself.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on March 29, 2010

Weatherman right on so far this morning, southerly wind @
25-30KPH overcast just waiting for the rainfall warning to materialize. Wet and windy till Thursday, temp 4C to rise into double digits as the day moves along.

Report Card on Wednesday, the level of confidence by both is either well placed or great bravado at this moment. Not too worry will meet muster once presented is the refrain.

Brother late getting home yesterday, ferry almost two hours behind schedule. The bow visor had problems either getting up or down, more frustration than concern for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:08 AM GMT on March 28, 2010

The last of the sunny mornings for awhile, cool -3C, near high tide, harbour calm, with the sky indicating things are going to change in the next little while. Small craft advisory for later on today with rain overnight.

Emily babysitting again this morning left the house at 0600 till late this afternoon. Rob out overnight another male bonding opportunity, with a short school week coming up will be more in the offing am sure.

Brother here till later on today, great to have them for a couple of nights. Mom enjoying the extra attention she is receiving.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:28 AM GMT on March 27, 2010

Great looking morning, however is deceiving with temps -11C, pushed around by 20-25KPH from NW. Remains cold for the weekend warmer and wetter days for next week.

Rob overnighting at birthday party, Emily had another evening of movies with 'just a friend' here till 11PM. She has a babysitting gig this morning for the day.

Rob on the volleyball team, he has indicated or instructed that he is dire need of proper foot gear, and other piece of equipment.Not much chance here, but am scheduled for a Fredericton meeting next week, imagine that will have a list by that time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on March 26, 2010

Nasty this morning, wind attempting to get NW, brisk @25-30KPH. overcast, spitting snow, temp at the freezing mark. Supposed to clear remain breezy, temp remaining cool, but just around the freezing mark. Not a bad weekend weather wise, moisture next week once again.

Next brother up and wife overnighting today, Roy has been hooked up to antibiotics for past couple of months. Now is free some pent up looking around to be done, a visit with mom will give her a change in faces.

No exams for either student this morning, limited school week next week, with Parent Teacher Day and Good Friday and Easter Monday in the offing.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:57 AM GMT on March 25, 2010

Sunshine, cool at 0C, breeze from W @ 20-25KPH, to warm up to middle single digits, cooler for next few days, with sun the order of the day.

Lobster price very disappointing in the $3.50/lb range, not good with very few critters in the system at this time of year. Still traps going in the water, just not being hauled very often.

Emily no exams this morning as a result out overnight at a friends house. Rob assuring me that all is well in his scholastic world with an 80plus on math.

The funding for the completion of the rink still awaiting word from the Feds, Province has committed, the success of the level of fundraising by the small group of volunteers very exciting.The local Rotary started it off with $15K, local Aquaculture company FUNDY AQUA jumped in with $10K, various local individuals then COOKES @ $50K brought the total to well over $100K.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on March 24, 2010

Fog beginning to lift, can now see the Ross Island shore, a draft of wind from North clearing out the fog. Temp 4C, calling for rain along the Bay, inland a winter advisory being issued, snow and freezing rain. Clearing and cooler for the weekend.

More brant in evidence this morning, Donna had a number of robins in the past few days, all great signs of spring. The yard work won't be put off for much longer.

No indication of what is going on in the fishery world this week, of course the weather so far keeping the fleet pretty close to home. The boat never made her last two trips yesterday, it was nasty for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on March 23, 2010

Nasty out there this morning, light rain, NE @35-40kph, 3C temp, similar weather for the next few days. A cooler but clear weekend being offered, as of this morning.

Exams underway, have been reassured that all is under control, not too worry have been studying at every opportunity, must say am a bit skeptical this is the casea as far as Rob is concerned.

No spring evidence of waterfowl pairs this morning, would have to be on the Ross Island shore or be blown up on the beach on this side of the harbour.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on March 22, 2010

No moisture yesterday, actually not a bad weather day whatsoever, overcast this morning, calm, temp on the plus side at 4C. Weatherman still calling for rain till the end of the week. A little distance inland will be snow, rain sounds alright as an alternative.

Exams this week, will be interesting to see how they pan out. Constantly being assured by Rob, all is well. Emily has been doing her due diligence in studying every evening.

No critters in the harbour this morning, unless they are on the Ross Island shore. Brant well up in the harbour yesterday, but still no large flocks.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:18 AM GMT on March 21, 2010

A fine start for spring, however day to change to cool and damp for the upcoming week. At the moment bright sun, calm, temp at the freezing mark, a draft from NW.

Harbour coming alive with the honks of geese, lots of pairs of ducks, and the brant forerunners infront of the house late yesterday. Large flocks noticed around the marsh and around Woodwards Cove, brant making a move inshore.

Playing in the woods yesterday near the beaver dam, lots of ducks making a noise, and pairs coming and going, it is that time of year. Did manage to get a load of wood home, however a couple of soft spots remain, will need some more drying weather to avoid getting stuck.

Emily out overnight, Rob below decks with his movies, after a night with his peers he requires some 'quiet time' to recharge, fine with me.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:08 AM GMT on March 20, 2010

Another nice one, clear, calm, temp 4C to rise into double digits. Similar for the weekend, first few days of the week looking for rain.

Rob has a body overnight, they spent the evening at a birthday party returning to the pit around midnight. Emily had a 'friend' to watch a movie, he returned to his lair late last evening. The hours of this gang getting later as mine get shorter.

The field seems to have dried out enough to get fourwheeler and trailer into the woods, so will have somehting to do tis morning, looks like windows this afternoon.

Lobster traps still on the move, catch nothing to speak about as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on March 19, 2010

Another calm, red sky, millpond like harbour to start the day, temp a cool -4C, lots of frost evident. Temp to rise near or into double digits again today, tomorrow even more so with a hint of rain first of the week for a couple of days.

Ortho trip uneventful, lots of people travelling on the first and supper trips getting their must do appointments over before the refit. Emily and Donna enjoyed 'quality time' wandering the mall, Emily has her picture for her adult passport, must get that into the system ASAP.

Small numbers of waterfowel visible in the harbour, however no masses. Have noticed larger groups of Canada Geese in some of the fields whether they are setting up household or just a stop over remains to be seen.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:18 AM GMT on March 18, 2010

Too early for sun, computer says clear, a slight draft from the W, temp already a pleasant 6C to rise into mid teens as the day moves along. Similar weather till at least Sunday, then a hint of rain.

Emily off to ortho for retainer repairs, certainly looks like a nice day to be travelling.

Fishery news remain quiet, what reports do have on lobster catch not very good. The weather would have had a play on that, some haven't been hauled in weeks.

Rob trying out for volleyball team, something new for him this far along in his school career would have to think some pretty stiff competition to make the team. He is aware of this aspect, however giving it a good attempt.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on March 17, 2010

Great sunrise over Ross Island underway, total calm, temp already on the plus side, harbour one of those rare mill pond like efforts, especially in March. Temp to rise into double digits, U.S. fellow calling for moisture tomorrow, Canadian not so sure.

Fishery news remains quiet, some traps going off, certainly no rush, a few at time seem to be the order of the day. Haven't heard of what the price might be looking like these days.

Emily has an unscheduled ortho tomorrow, a retainer, not retaining. A replacement an all day effort, Donna going along with her to get some things done before the boat goes into refit in a few weeks.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on March 16, 2010

Partial overcast, temp -2C, wind still a factor, however has dropped back to a steady 20-25KPH from NE. Temp to rise into double digits and stay on the plus side for the remainder of the week, a hint of moisture for Thursday then sun and warm once again.

A few more traps going offshore as the warmer weather becomes the norm. Water temp higher than in years past, the aquaculture industry will be taking advantage getting their sites prepared for spring entry of smolt.

A solitary clammer on the beach this morning before daylight, a lamp on his cap allowing him to do his thing in the dark.A cool start to the day, no place to hide from the wind and below freezing temps.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on March 15, 2010

The breeze become a relentless gale this past day or so, once again this morning NE 45-50KPH, supposed to start letting up as the day moves along. Temp on the plus side, to rise near double digit today, and similar pattern for the rest of the week.

Emily busy doing her thing babysitting yesterday mid afternoon till near midnight. She is happy, require a new card for cellphone, and an unscheduled ortho trip on Thursday, always nice to have a bit of cash.

No yard work started, but did manage to get the wood manufacture underway.Again a bit early, and don't have all my required product in the yard, however no reason to hold up for that.

Folks to south of us having a major wind and rain event over the weekend, we are far enough to the north to have the wind, but not the moisture.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:05 AM GMT on March 14, 2010

Not as bright this morning, however sun is now making an appearance. Cool -1C being pushed by a stiff NE @25-30KPH. Expected to warm up, but with the NE influence will remain cool. Nice looking temps for the coming week.

Did manage to get some wood home, not a good place to be towing a trailer on the soft trail. One trip is all I could do, have the wood down, getting it home to be the challenge, will probably have to wait till it dries some. Never had the conditions go like this before.

Emily out for the evening, Rob returned home yesterday afternoon. Did not see him as the camp group stayed awake till 0600 or better then moved along shortly thereafter, he did not have the stamina for another full evening I guess.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:04 PM GMT on March 13, 2010

A bright sunshine morning, a little easterly breeze 10KPH, temp around the freezing mark, rising to near double digits. This pattern remains for the next week according to the longrange.

Winter an average 4C higher than normal could raise havoc over the summer for the farmers due to little snow cover, and a boon to the fly population to attack the trees and people.

Rob out overnight, no X-Box acoustic guitar travelling this time. Emily at home, amazing she is up already, her computer down and her card for the cell phone used up, no alternative but to get some proper rest. Believe she even amazed herself that life was possible without these items.

A few scallops around, now must remember to get a few pounds for the BBQ season that is just about to get underway, I would have to say.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on March 12, 2010

Grand weather this morning,slightest hint of a Northerly draft, temp at freezing level, bright sun, should climb to near double digits once again. The forcast is telling we can expect this for the long range, we will take it for sure.

Scallop draggers at it again yesterday in the Sound, what little I have heard a few being captured. Did notice a couple of boats shucking infront of the house after 6PM quit time last evening, a good thing.

The weekend rolled around again, they seem to do so quite fast lately, time moves ahead tomorrow night, will add quite a bit of daylight to the day. Suggestion being that will present some time to get at the yard clean up.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on March 11, 2010

Clear, a slight draft from NE, temp at freezing mark, to rise near double digits once again. Moisture for the weekend not so definate today now looking like good weather.

Looked as if Duck Island Sound open for scalloping yesterday, a large number of boats at it. Have not heard how the effort was, will attempt to get some for the summer, best scallops come from that area.

Yard work quickly becoming an item of 'must do' parts of the conversation during morning beverage. Best give it serious thought to get at it for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on March 10, 2010

Another clear, calm, but cool @-5C this morning, will warm up as the day moves along. A few consecutive days without wind a good change. Weather remains this pattern till Sunday then a bit of rain, highs looking towards double digits in the next few days.

Doing a late kid pickup last evening, a large flock of honkers going overhead then putting down at the mouth of the brook. A solitary brant on patrol infront of the house this morning, the rest of his crowd must not be too far away.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on March 09, 2010

Clear once again, a breeze from NW @20KPH, temp near the freezing level to rise, as yesterday near the double digits. End of the week southerly influence slated to bring moisture to the weather pattern.

Have noticed a few trawl boxes moving about, fellows getting ready, haven't head if any the shrimp hung around after the week or so of high wind.A small amount of wier material being gathered up, still awhile before any construction in that fishery.

Kids back in the school routine, another round of exams coming next week. They haven't been back in school long enough to have exams already, or at least it seems that way.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on March 08, 2010

Lots of sun again this morning, temp already on the plus side at 2C, just enough southerly to move the flag once in awhile. The forecast still giving similar weather till end of the week.

Emily off to write for her driver permit this morning, missed the cut last month. Seems confident, Donna now familiar with the contents of the manual, remains to be seen if Emily is or not.

Not much activity in the harbour this morning, waterfowel in evidence but in very small numbers. Lots of open fresh water, probably more to their liking.

A few days like this and the urge to get traps in the water will be hard to resist, however price for lobster seem to be darn poor at the moment, even with very few in the pipeline.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:39 AM GMT on March 07, 2010

Clear, calm, temp -2C to rise into double digit as the day moves along. Damp weather in the offing for the first of the week, however temps to remain on the plus side.

Trip to St. John successful, helped out the merchants avoid financial problems. All the needed attire located and purchased. A fair number of fellow islanders making a day trip, taking advantage of the good weather after a week or more of high winds. Temp in St. John 13C, shirt sleeve weather for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:23 AM GMT on March 06, 2010

CLEAR, a mere draft of breeze from NW @ 10-15KPH. -2C on the rise to near double digit on the plus side by this afternoon. Temps and weather pattern appear the norm for next week, as they say a scent of spring?

All hands appear ready for the boat, things change as time goes by. They aren't prowling quite as early as they once did, Emily had to be gently reminded to get up, Rob having his shower a little closer to travel time.

Donna's mom 89 years today, mom is on Monday coming in @92. In years in the not too distant past would be a family dinner to celebrate, now both ladies limited mobility, but best not forget the occasion by some rememberance or else.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:34 AM GMT on March 05, 2010

Wind continues out of NE 35-430KPH, cool @-4C giving us a windchill of -12C, overcast, a skiff of snow on the ground overnight. Wind to make a slight change NW by tomorrow and let up a bit. Temp to rise near double digit and sun over the weekend.

Storming last evening, kids still summonsed to overnight around the island. Of course I took them, never was a doubt in their minds for sure. Plan is to travel tomorrow should be a better chance than this morning for sure.

No sign of waterfowel this morning, any infront of the house would be hard pressed to keep from washing ashore, wind and wave action give them quite a workout.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on March 04, 2010

Overcast, the odd hint of snow flurries, wind continues from NE 40-45KPH, gale force till tomorrow morning is the call at the moment, temp at the freezing mark. Temp to remain at this level wind to let up late Friday.

Kids in their own pits for a change, Rob had movies, Emily txting and MSN for the evenings activity. A few days left of Break then back to the school routine.

Needless to say with the weather conditions nothing to report from the fishery, everything is tied to the wharf.

Did notice a small flock of brant moving into the harbour in front of the house yesterday. Probably an attempt to find some lee from the wind. Clammer at it this morning, hope he is having some luck cold and windy way to make a dollar this morning.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:53 AM GMT on March 03, 2010

Weather pattern continues, overcast, windy from N @25-25KPH, temp -2C. This weather to remain in place for next few days, forecaster says warmer weather next week as wind swings to a southerly influence.

Emily out with her group overnight, Rob just settling in last evening when he received a summons for another overnighter. Their Spring Break a busy social event, even with quite a number of their peers in southern climes.

A dear friend and classmate from long ago crossed the bog yesterday, Ellis had just completed a bout of chemo. The last time I spoke with him he was doing very well, and as always looking on the positive. Ellis a lifetime resident of Whitehead, another unique member of a great and unique community moving on.

Full tides starting to fall back, however still lots of ground for the clammers to work these windy days. A couple on the beach this morning infront of the house. Selling @$20/QT.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:36 AM GMT on March 02, 2010

Overcast, wind still strong from North @30-35KPH, temp around the freezing mark. Wind and cool temps the order of the day also for the remainder of the week. A possibility of sun by the weekend.

Boat made her trips yesterday, can't imagine that too many with options made the journey. Emily and her buddies put the trip to Whitehead off till the weekend because of the weather.

Emily has an extra overnight, must have been good movies or great communication did not see them once the pizza was ready
all night. Rob out with his X-Box for another marathon with one of his cronies.

The high winds and extra high tides doing a number on some of the beaches. The marsh is changing by the day, lots of debris in the water and on the beaches appears will be more change till the weather conditions change.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:52 AM GMT on March 01, 2010

Coming in like a lion, one moment drizzle, next snow, NNE @ 35-45KPH, temp 1C weather pattern with gale force winds to stay in place to at least this evening. Similar weather till end of the week, then a cold snap is in the forecast.

Rob out overnight, Emily below decks between txting, getting her computer up to speed and the old telephone certainly keeps her in contact with whomever.

The Olympics quite a spectacle and a great showcase for the country. Donna will now have Olympic withdrawal, no curling or hockey for her to suffer through.


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