By: GRANDMANAN, 12:13 PM GMT on February 28, 2010

Overcast, drizzle, NE a steady 10KPH, 2C for temp. Another storm this way comes, a wind and rain warning similar to Thursday, NE up to 90 KPH and lots of moisture starting this afternoon into tomorrow. March intends on coming in like a lion it appears.

No respit in the weather till mid week, damp and windy till end of the week. Cool is not cold in the forecast for next weekend.

Emily had a babysitting gig last night, what time she returned will find out later on once she makes an appearaance. Rob held his man pit down after being out the night before, not much bunk time when they get together, attempt to make it all through the night before crashing.

Hockey game the order of the day, on both sides of the border, seems an appropiate way to end the Olympics.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:31 PM GMT on February 27, 2010

Mostly overcast, still a breeze from NE, quite tame to the past couple of days standards, 15-20 KPH, temp 3C, at least no cold weather to change the showers into snow. No clear weather for the next sevral days. Folks motoring to the southern climes had lots of weather to get through before they broke out of the snow.

Boat travelling yesterday by 1130HRS, how many trips they did I don't know the water certainly was not a place to be if you had a choice. My paper was delivered, but a couple of hours off the usual time for me to read, the paper delivery people certainly dedicated.

Did have power outages on the northern end of the island for an extended length of time, again the hydro guys quite the dedicated group, working aloft in those conditions.

Don't know if can get in the wood this morning or not, one mess of water on the ground.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:55 AM GMT on February 26, 2010

Rain has let up for the moment, still lots of wind, with the rain warning in place till mid afternoon. Wind remains from NE @ 35-40KPH, gauge tells me our highest gust 88KPH at 0425HRS, temp 3C, will no doubt rise as the days moves along. This morning lots of rain made sleep a bit difficult around that hour.

The fire used more wood than I was prepared to stay up and feed, NE wind draws too well. The heat goes up the flu, and wind burns far too quick. The electric maintained the house very well, news report that several households on the mainland without power tis morning.

Spring break in commence this weekend, both kids have booked out for overnight. Emily has some babysitting jobs lined up, will get Rob to start on cleaning up the winter mess in the yard. Certainly no snow to contend with after last night



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:42 AM GMT on February 25, 2010

Overcast, lots of wind from ENE @ a steady 45-45KPH, forecast is suggesting this will double in speed by suppertime, temp 2C heavy rainfall for area over the next thirty-six hours. Radar shows it is just a bit to the south of us at the moment.

I cancelled my attendance at a meeting in Fredericton this morning. Gale force winds, heavy rain on the coast with freezing rain inland not a good mixture to travel in if one has an option.

Investigators from the Safety Board have been to Whitehead to learn what they can from that end, still no word on recovery of the boat.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:55 AM GMT on February 24, 2010

Partial overcast, temp around the freezing mark, NE @ 20-25KPH, possibility of precip as the day moves along. Freezing rain in the forecast next couple of days.

Kids looking forward to the spring break, hinting that a foray to St. John would be in order. New runners and a look at what might be available for the spring almost a requirement.

The loss of the Whitehead fisherman still a matter of speculation, no formal search currently underway, and no word if a recovery of the boat will be undertaken. The hope is that it will be brought to the surface, sooner rather than later.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:52 AM GMT on February 23, 2010

Overcast, total calm, temp at the freezing mark, showers with a high in mid single digits in the forecast. Clear sunny then moisture for the remainder of the week.

Quick turnaround at the Dr. appointment yesterday, back home by three. The conversation about the missing men, still no firm speculation of what transpired other than it must have been quick.

The annual migration of our snowbirds slowly getting underway, next week is school March break. Some folks driving, majority will be flying. Seems these seasonal highlights come around very quickly of late.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:05 AM GMT on February 22, 2010

Overcast, calm, temp at the freezing mark, expected to rise to mid single digits. Any precip will be rain, similar forecast for the next few days.

Donna's dad to St, John this morning for Dr.'s appointment, probably return on the 1:30PM out of Blacks. He is getting lots of travel in so far this winter, a couple more on the schedule at the moment.

Still no strong speculation of what or even when the boat went down, just so many unknowns to form any type of theory or time line.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on February 21, 2010

Mainly overcast, NW 10-15KPH, temp hovering around the freezing mark. Weatherman suggesting a few flurries in the offing for next day or so, could be showers for this area as temp expected to get up into the plus side.

The boat location has been identified, no word if any recovery is possible. Have heard nothing to indicate the reason for the boat going down so fast, weather was good, no radio call for help.

Rob out overnight, he has been released for good behaviour, will see if he violates parole anytime soon.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on February 20, 2010

Bright sun over Ross Island this morning, a breeze from NW 15-20KPH. Temp to rise to the plus side, a fairly nice weather day in store.

News, as expected, not good for the Whitehead boat. The search has been called off, due to the extensive search done yesterday with no sign of the boat or men. Still only speculation of how it occurred as large fleet of boats in the immediate area where the search was conducted, and weather not a factor.

Emily learning another life lesson, the skipper of the boat is the father of one of her classmates. She feels great sadness for him, but having problems how to convey her support.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on February 19, 2010

Overcast, calm, temp at the freezing mark. Temp to rise on the plus side and may clear, same weather for the remainder of the weekend.

A Whitehead boat found rolled over, no sign of the guys aboard. My news sketchy apparently hadn't been heard from after 1PM yesterday, boat found by others in the area, many hours after the search began. No idea of what may have caused the trajedy, believe they were 'scalloping' up the Bay.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on February 18, 2010

Big flakes coming down, no problem seeing the Ross Island Shore, a slight draft westerly, temp to rise middle single digits and showers before the day is done. Seems to be the weather pattern for the next couple of days at least.

Emily off with her ortho buddy, keeping her company and shopping the order of the day. They have not a shopping fix for a few weeks, the ortho appointment come along jsut at the right time.

No movement on the arena funding as yet, the ice giving it up in these warmer temps. Not likely we will get anymore hours this season. Goal to have ice making ability by fall will be only achievable if we get some financing in place in short order.


WEDNESDAY, February 17/2010

By: GRANDMANAN, 11:55 AM GMT on February 17, 2010

Overcast, temp around the freezing mark, wind 20-25KPH northerly, a skiff of snow on the ground. Weatherman saying bad storm on the mainland and in Nova Scotia. No indication, at the moment we are in for the same level of snow, might be some rain if it warms up a couple of degrees.

Since have the satellite radio hooked up in the truck no problem getting the crowd that far long before time to leave for school. First one out the door, like the TV flicker, is in control of what is played at lesst till I get there.

Quiet in the fishery, with the exception of the guys shrimping. Those few are doing well, and price appears to be holding up, with some bidding by buyers for the product going on, a rare thing for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on February 16, 2010

A brilliant red sun over Ross Island, now beginning to indicate a little overcast. Calm, enough to be able to see the wake of the waterfowel as they move about in the centre of the harbour. Temp -6C to rise near freezing with a threat of snow flurries.

Tweedsquares and Donair Pizza the order of the day for Emilys' birthday celebration. Saying she is in her 17th year certainly has a different almost sobering ring to it.

Lots of trucks going by with dredge material from Ingalls Head being transferred to Seal Cove. The stuff certainly getting some travel time. Once the project completed Seal Cove and Ingalls Head will be vastly improved facilities for those involved in the fishery.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on February 15, 2010

Overcast, a few apits of snow, -4Ctemp, a slight draft from WSW, similar to yesterday. This remains our weather for the week as of today at least.

Emily officially SWEET SIXTEEN, around 1315HRS today, she has enjoyed basking in the glow this weekend. This evening Donair Pizza and Tweed Squares will bring the celebration to a close.

The weather not co-operating to allow the rink to be used, daytime temps just enough to soften the ice surface. Once it gets chewed up this late in the season probably would not be able to have the temps to repair the damage.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:20 PM GMT on February 14, 2010

Overcast, a slight draft from the west with a hint of southerly influence, temp -3C. Weatherman indicating a hint of snow, however precip for us might be rain if more southerly shows up. Similar pattern for the week, overcast and flurries or showers coming our way.

Emily out with an overnight babysitting job, hear Donna trying to answer Emily's texting, lets just say it is not flying out of here as fast as it is coming in. They are having fun with the technology for sure.

Rob returned to barracks on time, had a good time. Thier music mentor hosted a party for one of the 'band', can imagine lots of jamming with food the order of the evening.

Did manage to get a load of wood home, and a few more trees laid out and manufactured. All the trees are hachmatack, and are diseased so works well, wood is pretty well cured and ready for the fire.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:23 PM GMT on February 13, 2010

Partial overcast, NW @ 20kph -3c,temp to rise on the plus side later on today. Similar weather pattern remains in place for the next week at least.

Rob managed to get sprung for an overnight last evening, Emily out till later on but home before midnihght. Emily a babysitting gig ovenright tonight.

A perfect weather day to get some wood down and home this morning, time is getting along to git r done that if for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:52 AM GMT on February 12, 2010

Clear, NW @ 10-15KPH, -2C expected to rise on the plus side as the day moves along. This weather pattern to remain for the next week or so, with a possibility of snow thrown in the mix.

Rob has not requested early release from his sentence, expect he will keep his head down for another few days at least. Emily has some plans this weekend, turns SIXTEEN on 15 FEB, big purchase as she will be the one of the last two teenagers in Canada to get a cellphone. Her brother will apparently have the distinction of having no mobile device.

Fishery news still quiet, with the exception of the shrimping still going pretty strong. There a few licenses in our area. Shrimp in any sustainable quantity haven't been in Grand Manan waters for the past thirty years. One theory is that an abundance of the animal further south has them looking for new habitat.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on February 11, 2010

Overcast, still a good breeze from NE @ 20-25KPH, temp -3C to rise just over the freezing mark as the day moves along. Similar weather conditions for the next several days, with the threat of snow flurries mixed in.

Folks just a bit south of us Boston on down having to deal with another blizzard. Record snowfalls the order of the day for some reason they have headed out to sea rather than move north along the coast, fine with me.

Another raft of ducks infront of the house again this morning, hope they don't get seasick, certainly doing some bobbing up and down.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on February 10, 2010

Clear, calm, a bright red sun over Ross Island, -4C temp, a brilliant red sky had the harbour glowing as the sun rose. No indication of poor weather headed our way, however not too far down the coast lots of snow in the forecast.

A small flock of waterfowel milling about infront of the house. No other sign of life in the harbour, however lots of crows forming up in the nearby trees.

Warm weather yesterday almost spring like, bright sun, calm and nice temps. Great to be outside, but raises havoc with the ice in the arena, looking doubtful if it will be available this weekend, unfortunate as it is a great family drawing card.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:54 AM GMT on February 09, 2010

Overcast, -3C, blowing snow from NW @ 20KPH, temp to rise on the plus side, going down into double digits overnight. The weather pattern continues for the remainder of the week.

Report Cards in, the female portion of the group has maintained the stereotype of doing quite well. On the other hand the cool one too cool to the extent he is marginal at best on some of his subjects. Corrective action underway, will see how the next semester plays out.

The arena still being used in these temps, and will hold out for awhile as long as the overnight temps allow further freezing, and the well insulated arena keeps the warmer temps outside.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:41 AM GMT on February 08, 2010

Overcast, a few flurries, wind 20KPH NW, temp -4C to rise near the freezing mark for a high, overnight to dip below the freezing level but not to the same levels we have had for the past week.

Fairly quiet in the fishery side of things, a few boats scalloping, and another group shrimping for the first time with any success for many years. There appears to be a market for them, and fairly large landings have been the order of the day. How long this combination will last is the unknown.

This downturn in the weather will make it hard on the arena to maintain the ice. It will be marginal in most instances, amazing to me how many folks using the facility and enjoying thier time on the ice, would be even more so when the ability to schedule ice time can be in place.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:09 PM GMT on February 07, 2010

Overcast, spitting a few snow fulurries, nothing dramatic. Temp -8C with a northwest breeze 20KPH, temp to rise near freezing mark as the day moves along. Daytime temps to rise on the plus side this week, overnight still below freezing.

The ice at the arena going full tilt all week, public skate last evening well attended once again. The old rivalry Whitehead against Grand Manan hockey game slated for this afternoon. The games have been going on nearly Fifty years, with Whitehead having the best outside facilites. Rink lighted and had boards, boat trip down just after supper games always well attended, and great fun.

Managed to get back in the woods, knocked some more trees down. Best start getting some of the stuff in the yard, have only about five trips home, far from the amount required.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on February 06, 2010

Overcast, a cool -12C with a slight draft from NW,clearing as the day moves along. Warmer temps first of the week crossing the freezing mark during the day, dipping overnight.

Rob confined to barracks this weekend in an effort to have him focus and complete some of his school commitments in a proper manner. With his ankle still an issue don't believe the sentence is having the desired effect.

Emily out overnight, had the first part of the evening skating, with another large turnout. Public skating again this evening, old timers hockey after the crowd has departed. The skating crowd average 100 plus each evening, hockey well attended, will be great once we have the ability to control the ice. Fundraising now over $50K, impressive for the little time they have been at it.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on February 05, 2010

Clear, cold @-12C with a NW breeze 20-25KPH,making it seem much coldeer than temp indicates. Similar weather for the weekend, warming up to daytime highs on the plus side by the first of the week.

Rob back on his feet, tripped running upstairs night before last, misse school yesterday, however made it to the shower this morning. Sitting around the house pretty boring stuff, plus no way he can get out with his complaint he couldn't go to school.

Trip on the boat mostly locals great chance to catch up on what is going on, some discussion on the the new ferry name. As always some in agreement others not enamoured in the least.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:17 AM GMT on February 05, 2010

Clear,cold temp in the -8C with a fair breeze from the NW, similar weather pattern for the remainder of the longrange forecast.
My computer down this morning, a trip to St.John with Donna's dad for a couple of Dr.'s appointments. Lots of people travelling with a near full trip this afternoon on the backhaul. Basketball teams on for games tomorrow as the girls are hosting the regional playoffs.
Road conditions fine even with the skiff of snow we had overnight, lots of salt on the road to St.John.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:55 AM GMT on February 03, 2010

Snowflurries, temp -13C a stiff easterly 20-25KPH will make it seem much colder, temp to rise to mid single digits as the day moves along. The colder weather remains in the forecast for several more days.

The new ferry to be called GRAND MANAN ADVENTURE, announced yesterday by the premier. The vessel is being constucted in Panama City, Florida with the first of 30 some modules now complete. A website to be posted soon dedicated to the construction, is on schedule with delivery May 2011. A good and enthusiastic crowd turned out to the school for the announcement.

Kids back to school this morning a new semester underway. Getting them out the door with all proper gear and clothes on and accounted for. Still shake your head when a hoodie will suffice when it is a windchill of -25C.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on February 02, 2010

Clear, cold @-15C combined with a NW breeze 20-25KPH makes it feel like -25C. Not going to warm up a great deal for the next few days, clear and cold will be the order of the day.

Rink well used again yesterday with an afternoon of public skating, after supper hour a group of youngsters getting some hockey time in, first time this year. The oldtimers going at it late, then make the ice ready for more activity today. Weather appears to be co-operating till at least next week.

Politicians on hand today announcement on the name of the new ferry. Local politicians certainly will query about finsihing the arena, and progress on the announced replacement of our aging Nursing Home.

Kids have another day off before they get back to the sholastic grind. Emily out overnight, Rob below decks, however did spend the afternoon on the ice.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:57 AM GMT on February 01, 2010

Overcast, calm, a bit warmer this morning @ -7C, temp to rise slightly but remain below freezing for the day. Similar weather pattern for the long range, temp dipping well below the freezing mark overnight.

Kids returned all in one piece, an awesome weekend is the best descriptor I have heard. No conflicts that I have been made aware of, a testimont to the organizers and chaperones, 24 teenage boys and 6 teenage girls. Also not an instance of male chauvinism reported to me, if it was meant to be by any of them didn't register with Emily. They would return tomorrow given half a chance. No complaints on the cold, thumps up.

The arena got some use yesterday afternoon with a public skate the order of the day. Quite a crowd given the short time the decision to move forward with the opening was made. Hopefully the 'rink crowd' can get this week at least to give the politicians an idea of how much the community is behind the project. The fundraising still in the early stages, the Thermometer now at $40K.


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