By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on September 30, 2009

Clear, calm, sun well up over Ross Island with no cloud cover around. Temp 12C, looking for a sunny mild day, long range leaning toward clearing skies for the next few days.

Emily has mended, ready for school this morning in her usual manner. Seems to be a large number of colds going around for this time of year.

See a few fires going this past few mornings, another sign that the season is in transition. We have had ours going once, then had to open the house in an attempt to get it cool. Did get the cool dampness out of the house, without turning on the dreaded electrich heat.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on September 29, 2009

Weather unsettled at the moment, lots of southerly first thing, now fairly calm. A squall went through a few minutes ago, overcast, temp 14C, looks like moisture. Forecast still for a damp week in the offing.

Emily has the cold this morning, kids have been passing it around between them for the past week or so. No school for her, one becomes a bit more vigilant waiting for the arrival of H1N1.

Fair amount of wind during the night doubtful if the seiners would have an opportunity to get a chance. Tis the season when fishing days will be limited due to weather conditions.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on September 28, 2009

Nasty this morning, rain, SE @ 30-25KPH, temp mil @14C. The conditions to remain for the day, with forecaster suggesting moisture all week. Ross Island obscured in the mess, can see the outline with no features.

Did manage to get some outside stuff under control, however there were a few chores inside that I was called up for assistance.

The prevailing wind still from the south, soon should start swinging to the north. My step father used to say one sign of the change of seasons was when you could hear the rocks rolling in the surf. This occurred around Long Eddy in the fall change to northerly wind.

Quiet in the fishery, local seiner not very successful this week. However the summer season has been good for them. Not aware of any wier herring this past week or even before that.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on September 27, 2009

As forecasted very damp looking sky, overcast with a southely breeze15-20KPH, temp @ 11C. Rain for the next few days, temps not too bad so will take what we can get at this time of year.

Lots of geese forming up, with a number of flocks high and headed south these past few days. Not many waterfowel infront of the house this morning, would be pleased if the geese found another spot to graze, what a mess they make.

Both kids home last evening, Rob had a hard day 'bonding' with his peers. The boys are in school all week then seek one another out for the weekend. Have noticed a couple of the fellows are going public with the fact there is an opposite gender to interact with.

Some of the yardwork getting done, the hard part is finding shelter for the outside furniture. Works great when it can be outside, takes lots of room inside.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:09 AM GMT on September 26, 2009

Great looking out over the harbour this morning, albiet a bit chilly. Sun well up over Ross Island, tide near up, calm, temp a cool 6C, must have been near frost line this morning. Nice forecast with showers possible tomorrow, longrange looking not too bad at all.

The few tomatoes that I have struggling to get bigger, don't believe will avoid the frost. Have a couple of squash to add to the larder , and a couple of cukes will be my produce for this season.

More clean up of the summer pots to be undertaken this morning, and some of the outside furniture can find a home undercover for the next few months. No woodfire required as yet, but won't be far off. Another thing to put on the to do list, clean the chimney.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on September 25, 2009

Overcast, threat of rain in the offing, calm, 11C temp. Forecast for good tomorrow with moisture for Sunday. Frost warning for tonight, it is the season.

Quiet on the fishery front, no bait landed as yet, but will come in a flash once starts to come ashore. Have seen at least one shipment of salt, the preparation is underway.

School for the kids well underway, the social aspect for the pair of them seems to be the most important. The concet of studying and learning not high on the personal agenda, will require some reinforcing in the near future.

Moose hunting underway, quite an exodus of 'hunters' for the three day event, over tomorrow. One of the sure signs of fall, along with the turning of the leaves which has begun in fine style in some locations on the island.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:50 AM GMT on September 24, 2009

Drizzle, calm, warm temp @ 16C. The weatherman indicates this is the case for the next couple of days.

Trip to St. John as expected a few minutes at the the ortho then off to the mall. The girls were quite enthusiastic till thier limited funds quickly disappeared. Still had a good day looking around, hopefully should be grounded on the rock for a few weeks now.

My info on lobster prices couldn't be more wrong. One of the fellows fishing the 'grey zone' advised catch and quality of has been good, however current price stuck at $3.25/lb. Dosen't bode well for upcoming season.

Donna has the beets 'put down' working one some cucumbers in form of bread and butter pickles and Lady BURNHAM relish to be produced today. A good pickling day, dreary on the outside, not too warm.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:14 AM GMT on September 23, 2009

Calm, fog in the harbour, a nice temp of 15C, a threat of rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. The susnshine we were promised moved somewhere in the interim.

The latest ortho trip this morning, the car getting pretty full, Emily and a friend along with Emily's mother. The plan is to get to the ortho then to the mall ASAP.

Donna in the pickled beet mode for the day, what her dads garden produced this year amounts to a potatoes and enough beets to put in the jar till next season. Far from a good year for local gardens.

Fishery news remains the same, very little going on. A few herring showed up while we were gone, but did not sustain themselves. The seiners continue to get what they want, soon be time to start landing lobster bait for the upcoming season. One good thing is that current lobster price on the American shore is reported to be good, along with a steady demand for the product.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on September 22, 2009

No sunshine as promised this morning, overcast, high humidity, temp 13C, SW breeze 10-15KPH. Forecast is for fog, and temps in high teens with a prospect of clearing by this afternoon.

Rob has mended enough to return to the confines of the school. Once he gained a little yesterday he was still confined to barracks, best to suck it up a bit than be under house arrest.

The operation got on well in my absence, amazing how things run before one gets into a position and how they continue in your absence.

Still no progress on the ice for the arena, apparent nothing in the offing for this season, very unfortunate for local youth and community as a whole.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on September 21, 2009

First day of fall is clear, calm and cool at 11C, sun to remain with temp rising to high teens. The weather outlook remains good with the exception of a little moisture on Wednesday.

Harbour mill pond like, the tide running in on the Ross Island Shore, with quite a few waterfowel in evidence.

Rob down with a cold this morning, he had captured it prior to our return. However felt good enough to be out all weekend, does not feel good this morning. The best is to keep him out of the school environment as we await the arrival of H1N1 sometime in the not too distant future.

Winter routine now in commence, will see what awaits me at the office after a two week absence.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:13 AM GMT on September 20, 2009

Clear, calm, a cool 7C this morning, can't see any frost on the grass, but can't imagine we didn't have a visit. Tempt to rise to high teens with sun amd similar temps for the long range.

Emily babysitting since yesterday early afternoon, Rob hanging out with his music crowd. They 'practised' for over two hours yesterday, at least not here somebody else had the enjoyment of the 'music'.

Have instructions to start preparing the grounds for the winter season. The majority of the pots are 'gone by', time to clean them up and store them till spring.

No word on the how the local fishery has done this past couple of weeks, can't imagine much of a change.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:29 AM GMT on September 19, 2009

Ross Island under cloudy skies this morning, brisk,cool westerlies @ 15-20 KPH, 8C for temp. Expected to rise mid to high teens with sun. will have to improve a great deal to get there at this rate.

Arrived home on the 5:30PM last evening, making the final run from Freeport, Maine. A short stop in Calais before an uneventful crossing at the border. The girls had left on the boat we returned on, did manage to see them for a moment as they went onto St. Stephen.

Our gang glad to see us, and what booty come with us. All appears as it should in the house, will know for sure in a few more days.

The trip across the top of the U.S. from the mid-west, as they say, was awesome. Ledt Madision, Wisc., on the interstate stopped in Buffalo, N.Y., then from Buffalo onto to Freeport, Maine. Great contrast in scenary, lots of the President's stimulus money in evidence, but did not slow the traffic to any great degree. We skirted some of the bid cities, certainly not a drive to Ingalls Head. Great to see the area, easiar to relate and gives one an idea of just how vast they are, and must emphasize an idea.

Will get the yardwork underway, with these temps not much growing time left, seems some may have had a touch of frost already.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 PM GMT on September 15, 2009

Madison, Wisconsin where we lay our heads down this evening. A great day to travel almost too warm once again, but not great amounts of traffic.

Difficult to say farewell to our good friends early this A.M., but hopefully they can travel our way next year.

Must say that the interstate quite a road system, we travelled from Bismarck, to here in less than 10.5 Hrs with a couple of stops. Donna had the added bonous of finding another KOHLS to visit prior to calling it quits for the night.

The morning sojourn should lead us to Buffalo, N.Y. for tomorrow nights repose. Then onto the the salt water, a stop as mentioned at Freeport, after that might have used up her Duty Free Cap and make a run for the border. Plan is to be home sometime Friday.

Emily in St. John tonight attendng a conceert, with a few of her peer group. Should be quite an experiance for her as this will her first.

As Tony says certainly summer like all along this part of the world.



By: GRANDMANAN, 1:09 PM GMT on September 14, 2009

Cool in Bismarck with a fair breeze from the south. Temp to increase to mid 80's, about ten degrees above normal for this part of the world.

Girls to check the shopping, Glenn and I having a look around the area, lots of history. The Missouri River runs through, which is a revelation from last visit. A catch up day with an early start in the morning. The plan is to be in Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow, then Buffalo and onto Freeport, Maine by Thursday.

Will be home by the weekend, the weather seems to be good, but cooler with a little showwers in between.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:23 PM GMT on September 13, 2009

Clear, sun beginning to rise, cool overnight, lots of dew again this morning. No mention of wind direction as there is none, would be the opposite of at home worthy of mention only when there is some.

The house is slowly beginning to rise to break camp, have a brunch in Minot, then onto Bismarck. Believe there is a preliminary shopping foray in the offing this afternoon at SAMS CLUB.

Hospitality has been great, did a tour of some local communities that once thriving are now just empty streets. Amazing how complete the shutdown of a town is once the exodous begins.

Home front still moving forward, Emily checked in after her babysitting job. One brother returned to his abode at YoHo Lake after a few days on the rock.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:41 PM GMT on September 12, 2009

Clear and cool in downtown Killarney this morning,to remain clear and rise into low 20's before the day is done.

Large amount of rainfall and hail to the east of us night before last. One report that hail damage could amount to 100% in the Manitou area. The rainfall in the 100mm plus range between here and beyond Winnipeg. The harvest is generally been very good with some comments in the exceptional range, no idea of price.

Tomorrow a change of venue to Bismarck, N.D. for a couple of days then the trek to the east underway.

All reports from the homefront continue to be on the positive side, Emily to a dance last evening, and baby sitting today. Rob seems to be keeping a low profile.



By: GRANDMANAN, 1:07 PM GMT on September 11, 2009

A damp morning here on the prairie, no wind, rain now stopped. Expecting showers through the day, sunshine returning for the weekend.

An afternoon trip to Deloraine to visit a long time friend the agenda for yesterday. A good visit, and look around the area brought back lots of memories. The area also changed, but much the same.

Glenn golfing this morning, I have no plans, but suppose must start making some sort of an itineary for the trip back to the east coast.

Gang still doing well some pictures arrived last night via e-mail. The three brothers and wives now in attendance obvious they are enjoying themselves as are the kids having them there.

SHORE these Canucks here for a couple of more days then to Bismarck N.D. for a couple then drive to eastard.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:52 AM GMT on September 10, 2009

Looking for another warm day on the prairie, with a high near 28C, sun coming up with a cool breeze underway as the sun rises.
Harvest underway, with some fields done, however lots of swathing remains to be completed. The crop looks pretty good in the areas we have been through coming to Killarney yesterday.
A trip to Ninga for lunch this onto to Deloraine to renew old friendships for the afternoon. A quiet day, is the plan.
Seems as if all hands are getting on well in our absence on the rock, a good thing.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:27 PM GMT on September 09, 2009

A cool, clear day in downtown Wpg., a high into mid 20's, very fall like out this morning. It will take a while before the harvest can get underway a heavy dew on the grass.

Moving to Killarney till weekend no great plans, will have a look around and contact old friends to catch up on what has been going on with them.

The kids have thier first day of school behind them, no great trauma that has been reported as yet. Emily has her friend with her, and Rob has some of the gang he has travelled this far with so all appears well.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:26 PM GMT on September 08, 2009

Now in Winnipeg having arrived Sunday afternoon just about on schedule. The trip out was good, with little construction to contend with during the whole drive.
We left home on Thursday afternoon to spend the evening with my brother and his wife near Fredericton, a perfect commence to the trip. The weather at the lake was ideal, a great BBQ steak, and the evening under the stars on his balconey was impossible to
We left early on Friday stopped at Pembroke, a nice drive down the St. Lawrence, even an uneventful drive through Montreal, thanks to the Harriet, our GPS guide. y Friday around Lake Superior was spectacular, just when the drive was becoming boring having moved in from the lake numbers of INNUKSHUK began to show up on the blasts on side of the road. One would have to wonder who took the time, literally in the middle of nowhere, to build them. They were plentiful, and are seen off an on for abour a thousand miles.
The driving weather was great, possibly too warm during the latter part of the day.
Have connected with old friends, staying here in Wpg. today then over to Killarney for the rest of the week.
According to all tell things at the ranch doing well, kids start school this mornng, am anxious to get the report of first day activities.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on September 03, 2009

A bit hazy in the harbour, warm 14C, a slight southerly breeze. Long range still looking good for the next week or more, similar forecast for Manitoba.

Emily making a final 'school trip' tomorrow with a couple of her friends. I believe she is going just to go, I can't imagine that her wardrobe is lacking.

Rob out overnight with no great plans for the weekend, for the moment. He is awaiting the arrival of another brother who has is bike repaired and ready to go.

Off this afternoon to overnight at brother @ YoHo then off to the west. Plan is to make it to Pembroke, Ont. before we shut her down for the day. Approx. a 12 hour run, have done it before with no problem, now a couple of years later, will see what the stamina is like.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on September 02, 2009

Another great fall morning, lots of sun, calm, cool 5C, heavy dew on the grass. Temp to rise near 20C as the day unfolds, similar weather for the next few days.

At this rate will have to get the stove geared up for a smudge once and awhile, don't like to burn hydro, but too much heat when wood stove in commence. Have noticied the odd flu giving off smoke these mornings.

Lawn maintenance caught up, too long to bag, will have the young man rake before he travels this morning. He is in need of a little junk food money expect he will tackle it albiet with some reluctance.

A weather check shows good weather for travel on Friday well into Ontario, good not to have to worry about road conditions along with everything else on a long haul.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on September 01, 2009

Partial overcast, calm, cool 5C, would suggest darn near frost overnight, lots of dew on the grass. Looking for continued sunshine and temps around 20C as the day moves along.

Rob out bonding once again, it is going to be a shock for him to stay in his own bunk a few nights in a row. They have another week of no school then 'winter routine' commences.

Emily home, however plans for departure early this morning for her 'other home'.

Still very quiet in the fishery area, no wier herring to report. A few boats scalloping 'up the Bay', and a small number fishing lobsters in the 'grey zone', none of this doing anything great. Best report have heard is that we can 'make a weeks cheque', that is fine until you miss a week, the average pay can go down quickly.


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