By: GRANDMANAN, 10:56 AM GMT on June 30, 2009

Fog down to a haze this morning, remains of Ross Island Light looming across the harbour. Water mill pond like, calm, 14C temp. Still calling for showers later on in the day and for CANADA DAY celebrations.

No computers allowed at Emilys' new location, to insure the exposure to French language is as complete as possible. She called Donna at noon yesterday, couldn't speak for long as others waiting to use the phone. Has a great roomate, and a new list of friends numbering at least twenty. She has obsterved kids at the School much the same as here, contains whiners, plastics, and great people - this revelation within the first twenty four hours. Hope the first call is an indication things continue to go well. She didn't know when she would call again.

Lobster season now officially in the books, many of the guys P.O.D that the substantial price increase was available at the end of the season, and not earliar. The federal rep. is to be here on the island in a week or so to meet with local fisherman. The mood is not good , hopefully they will announce some type of progam to allow those that need it to bridge financially till things turn around again.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on June 29, 2009

A small change in weather conditions, can see Ross Island, fog at tree top level. A steady breeze from NE@ 20-25KPH. The forecast is rain for the week. Getting to be a little more than enough.

Emily now in Moncton, no communication of any kind by this time. They were a little nervous during the signing in process, once they got thier rooms and found they were across the hall from one another apparently things settled down for them.

Clan gathering went well for the brief period we able to be on site. Niece from B.C. and her family arrived the night before, weather even co-operated for the afternoon, able to move fromt he garage to the patio. Plans for a BBQ Throwdown, second annual, here sometime in August in the works.

A few boats in the harbour picking up the last of thier traps. Price, now that the season is over, in the $5/lb range, many angry fisherman wondering why not before now.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:18 AM GMT on June 28, 2009

Status quo, FOG, has been some rain down overnight, calm, 15C for temp. Little relief in sight for the next few days.

The leisurly pace I am used to seems to be on the shelf this past little while. Emily off on her adventure this morning. The rest of us of to St. Sephen for a gathering of the clan, we will be home this evening.

Lots of activity around the wharf yesterday, traps being landed in grand style. Season closes tomorrow, till November, can only hope the economy starts to pick up between now and then.

No amount of travellers noticable as yet, with this weather can't imagine camping an option a family would choose.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:28 AM GMT on June 27, 2009

Weaather remains consistant, fog, calm, visibility like a wool mitten, can't see the shoreline, 13C for temp. No change in the forecast till mid-week, however slight indications some sun might show up a little earliar.

Emily all packed, seems to be a little annxious this morning as she is down to one more 'sleep'. She is babysitting today that will alleviate some of the anxiety for her.

Rob at home with a few movies, sequestered himself early in his pit. Didn't see him all evening, we did manage to get the lawn done after supper with the small weather window we had to work with must consider it a job well done.

Brothers gathering in St. Stephen along with various nieces and nephews for golf, with the stragglers coming in tomorrow. Not being a golfer, and Emily travelling tomorrw we will be straggling in for the day tomorrow. Weather not the best for the group to gather, supposed to be rain.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on June 26, 2009

The fog continues, visibility less than 1/2 mile, calm, 13C. The longrange indicates this will be the norm for another week.

Emily working again this morning, not much time remaining for her to get her belongings together for her month in Moncton. One gets the impression there is sufficent time if you ask her, of course her mentor will, as always, insure she is ready to travel.

Weather conditions like this make it difficult for picking up gear, very easy to lose sight of the next buoy. Still a large number to come home, at least don't appear wind will be a problem.

No herring news to report, usually by this time a steady run in some of the wiers is underway. Have been some catches on the back of the island earliar, don't appear to be steady.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on June 25, 2009

The dreary June weather continues, thick fog, can barely make out the low water mark from here, a muggy 16C, calm. This is now the forecast for another FIVE DAYS. One will soon begin to mildew.

The second ferry, Old Black Boat, comes on the run this morning. A ferry coming and going every two hours till mid-September. Unless things pick up drastically don't anticipate many full trips on any of the crossings.

Rob out overnight, Emily working right up until Sunday, left this morning @0530 for a day long babysitting commitment. She enjoys the job, and the kids sure like her, one wanted to go on the ferry the other day when she learned Emily was going, 'just to sit with her'.

Traps coming home in large numbers with some going by the house long after dark.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 AM GMT on June 24, 2009

Thick fog, the wind has finally abated, 13C, can expect showers for the next three days, the weekend is the unknown at the moment, not looking promising.

Not a full trip coming or going yesterday, vast majority of passengers local. This time of year we are usually the minority, no great numbers of those 'strangers from away' in evidence as yet. Word is that travel at the border crossing in St. Stephen, not a problem, as long as you have proper documents. There has been no lineup to contend with.

Trip to the Big Smoke an apparent success, Emily properly attired for her French adventure, had a good opportunity to look around. No rush on getting here and there, quite a change from other excursions of this type.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:15 AM GMT on June 23, 2009

Overcast, steady northerly continues @20-25KPH, to let up as the day moves along, rain to continue for next couple of days. A dreary damp week of wet weather.

Emily has ortho appointment today, will be chauffeur for the two as they get her ready for next week. I am told we are fortunate to have the opportunity to shop this week, lots of sales on thus the savings make the trip worthwhile.

Rob managed to get his game in last evening, they are a dedicated bunch, in a losing cause. Another game for tomorrow night, unlikely will come to pass. Swimming pool on schedule to open this weekend, summer here on the calandar weather another issue.

Final move to the new complex for the Village Office just a few days away.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on June 22, 2009

A steady wind from NE @ 30-35KPH remains the order of the weather day, temp 14C, more rain in the forecast for the next 48 hours at least.

Traps coming home will be increasing later on this week. Friend in the business advises price in $4/lb range, catch is spotty, lots in once spot, nothing in another.

As long as the wet weather remains the septic Dr. can't do his thing, the problem has been here awhile with no incident trust this will continue to be the case.

Emily preparing for her month long exposure to the French Culture with her immersion classes. No trepidation noticed as yet, however lots of conversation with her grandmother about the upcoming separation, Emily assuring her that Donna will do well in her absence.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:07 AM GMT on June 21, 2009

First day of summer is a bust in this neck of the woods. Wind from NE @30-35KPLH, overcast with rain in the forecast, 13C temp. This is the weather pattern we are to expect for the next week.

Lots of rain down this past twenty-four hours, the front lawn a pond, slowly going down, but expect to be replenished shortly. Lawn will have to wait, Rob did get the front down in my absence, at a price. The lawnmower, no explanation why, belts off the pulley, not a big deal but beyond my ability to make it right.

Emily has babysitting duties till she is off to her French Immersion foray. The duties resume when she returns. Rob looking for mowing prospects, will have to wait and see how that works out.

Quite a few traps making thier way to the bank this weekend. The next few days will see them picked up, haven't heard what the catch or price has been this week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:08 AM GMT on June 20, 2009

Heavy rain, stiff NE breeze 15-20 KPH, appears this will be the norm for the next week.

The time in Moncton fairly hectic, lots of information, a bit of fellowship. Weather hot by our standards, alot of humidity, typical for that part of the world, lots of sun.

Report Cards have been presented, good in lots of parts, however comments of 'capable of doing better, easily distracted' form the basis for how the new schoool year is approached. This was agreed by both them with a straight face.

Truckload of mulch to be dealt with this morningl, left it on thinking the showers last evening would be finished by now. Showers are complete, now have rain to contend with.

Notice a boatload of traps being picked up in the harbour just before dark last night.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on June 16, 2009

Fog this morning, should burn off in a bit, calm, 13C, rest of the week looking very good, with temps getting into the low 20's. No moisture in the offing till the weekend.

Prom apparently a success, Emily remained with her group, reporting in sometime today. Rob has his this evening. He is moving up to the High School, this will be his Grand March till graduation. He has suggested that a drop off at the school will suffice, no one has to be present for the March.

The fishery news remains the same, some weir building ongoing, lobster guys hard at it. Netting the next fishery to open, not many involved these days, lack of fish and price make it less than marginal in most instances.

Complex, this phase will be complete in the next couple of weeks. The Village Offices last to make the move, next phase is the artificial ice requirement. No White Knight or government assistance riding into the picture as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on June 15, 2009

Bright sunshine, calm, a slight draft from the north whenever the flag attempts to move, a nice 15C. Forecaster looking for showers, fog reported in St. John, a bit of turn around we are usually the first forfog.

Harbour, nearly high water, oily like a different effect than most mornings, no waterfowel evident.

Prom night for Emily, plan is to go to her buddies who has an older sister that is a magician in hair preparation. She is not tuned in to what time the dance commences or ends, however the preliminaries to arrival well scouted.

Yardwork caught up before the rain last evening, the lower area can be done by Rob once it dries enough. He has a couple more days of school then he is out for the summer.

A few traps making thier way home early, the mass landings a week or so away.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:59 AM GMT on June 14, 2009

Bright sunny early, now becoming overcast, calm, 13C for temp. Giving showers till Tuesday, clearing by mid-week. An excellent day yesterday, warm, calm, almost too bright sunshine.

Harbour looks great, in reflecting pond mode, nary a ripple, a few gulls flying by, none visible on the water.

Did manage to get some of the yard chores completed, lawn requires a clipping, doubtful weather will co-operate to get it done today. A transplant of a some poplars will no doubt get done, or so it has been suggested at least.

Rob at friends camp all afternoon into the evening, must have been a great time as he volunteered how good the afternoon was. He planned on staying in a makeshift tent overnight, after they had electricity, cable TV, and Playstation. He arrive home shortly after 11PM, tent had collapsed.

Rmily full Saturday, babysitting during the day, and last night. Stockpiling funds for her month in Moncton, also an ortho trip in a week or so will get her a chance to do some shopping with nan.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:57 AM GMT on June 13, 2009

Overcast, calm, 13C, a hint of blue sky to the west, not a good weather weekend, with more rain tomorrow, and a few days out next week, a typical June for the Maritimes.

No activity in the harbour this morning, a few boats hauling traps last evening quite late, trying to get the weekend off.

Prepartations well underway for graduation next week, and the final few days of the school year.

Enily returned to her abode last evening, has babysitting duties today. Rob sequestered to his pit with guitars and movies, a winter routine revisited.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on June 12, 2009

Overcast, fog and drizzle with a few showers thrown in is the order of the day, 12C, calm. Might clear for a little tomorrow, long range looking for moisture for the most part.

Emily out last night, the stress of school year end now past makes for quite a different personality being presented, at least till the Report Card shows up.

Rob has a full day today at school, next week pretty well a social event. He takes pride in not attending those days, as if it was skipping school. If all goes well he will be on same schedule as Emily in the fall. We had offered a trip to Fenway if he made honours again this year, he let me know he thought my money was safe for the trip.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on June 11, 2009

Forecast has it correct, fog, drizzle, cool @9C, a steady breeze out of the north @ 10-15KPH, this weather pattern to persist till late tomorrow, some relief over the weekend.

Emily has finished her school year, the fruits of her efforts remains to be learned by next week. She has plans to take full advantage of down time till she moves to Moncton for the month long French Immersion Program. She has a friend overnight with plans to 'hang out' today.

Rob still in the school schedule, with an end of year party on the itinerary for this evening.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on June 10, 2009

A different weather day this morning, overcast, drizzle, easterly 10-15KPH, a dramatic change from the weather have enjoyed this past several days. Rain to continue till weekend, probably a nessecary weather condition for all the new plants.

Emily has her final exam this morning, then onto the social engagements to signal the end of another year. Rob has no exam today, but still doing 'school work'. He continues to assure one and all he has things under control.

Does not appear to be nearly as many 'strangers from away' in evidence for the time of year. Indications from those in the local hospitality industry far from a banner year in the offing.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on June 09, 2009

Another great weather morning, appears to be the last for a few days. Bright sun, flag not moving, harbour oil like, nearly low water, a great visual for sure.

Emily has an exam today, final one tomorrow then she is free until her Moncton excursion rolls around. Rob has a couple of more days to finish his commitment, not much studying going on for preparation on his part.

Fireflies on the lawn as darkness comes on this past few days. That combined wiht lupins begining to make thier annual appearance suggest that summer will soon be here.

Final couple of weeks of this lobster season in commence, fellows hauling a little more often attempting to make up in the price. Hard thing too many lobsters on the market, but economics push you to get a few extra days on the water to help combat the financial shortfall by volume.


MONDAY, June 8/09

By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on June 08, 2009

Three mornings in a row with great weather, a little draft from the west,temp 12C. Nice till late tomorrow, then expect a few days of overcast and moisture. Enough to get the lawn ready for next weekend I suspect.

Yard planting and shrub transfer nearing completion for this year,into the maitenance mode. Got a few tomatoe and squash plants in the ground, more for the green than the produce. Any produce I gather is a definate bonous, seems to go well till the cruicial time before maturity then either frost or I kill the plant.

Final week for structured school, Emily has an exam today. Rob has an English "Assessment", a new term for me. The years effort or lack of it will soon be history.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:29 AM GMT on June 07, 2009

Fog, calm, temp 12C, forecaster is promising sun for today, continuing into mid week.

Rob elected to remain to participate in the Whitehead hospitality for another night. Will be on the afternoon ferry - not much info on how the paint ball scheme went, the weather was excellent.

Quite a bit of yard work completed yesterday, some bushes moved around, some eliminated. If the sun makes it through lawn requires attention, still waiting on the septic doctor to show up.

Lobster catch remains steay, this week in the $3.50/lb range. Wier building in Whale Cove on a couple of the wiers at least.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:10 AM GMT on June 06, 2009

Overcast, calm, 10C, a threat of showers this afteroon, then clearing for tomorrow, long range lots of damp weather headed our way. Good for the lawn and black flies.

Rob on Whitehead for the paintball wars, hope the weather holds for them. Quite a time for the group, lots of paintballs will be gone before the day is over.He took 1K rounds, figured he was being shortchanged was overuled.

Emily hard at getting her subjects studied for next week. Three exams and her year is decided where she will finsih the year. Rob still going along as if he has no scholastic worries - remains to be seen.

Lobster price holding at $3.50 this week, another three weeks, and all gear will be ashore till fall. Fall outlook is where all hands will be focused over the summer, a long time till mid-November.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on June 05, 2009

Thick fog, less than 1/2 mile visibility, calm, temp 10C, appears this what is instore for today, no sun till Sunday.

Rob off to Whitehead this weekend for a paintball tournament overnight and tomorrow. A large group of his peers, becoming an annual foray sponsored by the Whitehead Church group. He is ceertainly looking forward to the challenge for sure.

Complex nearing final completion of phase one, the Village Office should be operational by month's end. The push will now be have the ice componant for the arena completed ASAP.

Gardening activities nearing completion with a few plants remaining to accent those now in place - that is the current plan I am told.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on June 04, 2009

Partial overcast, calm, 9C, possible for showers later on today. Next few days appear on the good side of the weather ledger.

Fuel prices passed the $1/litre mark for the next week at least, can't imagine any decline will the regulators choice anytime soon.

Emily selected to participate in a month long French Culture program in July at the Universite de Moncton. There are two other students from here attending out of 150 selected province wide. The program is intense, must live on campus, no English speech allowed for the entire month. Will see how it goes, limiting her conversation to French only combined with no Nan for the extended period will be a challenge to say the least.

A few boats hauling traps infront of the house this morning. No idea of the catch, early to be this far up in the harbour from years past at least. Local meeting with Minister of Fisheries held last night, have no idea of what the results will be.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on June 03, 2009

Overcast, calm, 11C temp, expecting a rise in temp to high teens, possible to see the sun a little later. Weekend looks good for sun and temp.

Not much in the way of waterfowel, a few sea ducks off aways, mostly male. Brant may have all move along by the looks of things.

A couple of the larger boats have been sold, one to NFLD, and another to Novie. The fleet is getting smaller, while are harbours are getting larger with the new construction at Seal Cove and Ingalls Head.

The final items at the complex being addressed to bring it to the final completion stage. Will move the Village Office there by months end.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on June 02, 2009

Overcast, calm, 12C, threat of showers this afternoon. Cloudy and sun a little below norm temps for the remainder of the week.

Lobster fishery coming to crunch time in a big way, price is on decline big time. Reports price nearing the $3/lb level at the wharf, far below cost of production. Some are giving serious consideration to bringing gear home before the end of the season, cut your losses.

The few crab licenses not much market if any for them to chase in the coming weeks. All these factors combined with other seasonal/traditional, dulsing, winkles and clamming income sources on the decline a perfect storm of economic problems now in commence.

Rob back on deck, the remaining school days mostly in preparation for exams. The summer routine mode not far off.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on June 01, 2009

Bright sun, 8C, breeze 20-25KPH Westerly, rained overnight lots of puddles between the house and shore. Looking not too bad for the week, seem to have covered all thier bases, sun and cloud temps just a wee bit below normal.

The nice weather yesterday allowed quite a bit of the yardwork to be caught up. Donna has her window boxes out, just in time for the wind to give them a large stress factor. Pots will be online today. The lawn, around the house, clipped once again, no doubt have to revisit by weeks end.

Septic problem has surfaced, literally speaking, no smell or dirty water evident. The lawn over the drainage area soft, bog like, the water is not draining away. Nothing a few dollars will not fix, plus the lawn will be torn up.

Rob's hectic schedule caught up with him, his cold now has him confined to bed. Not a good time to be missing any school time.


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