By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on March 31, 2009

Snow, NW 25-30KPH, just below the freezing mark, similar conditions to remain till afternoon. Rain changed to wet snow yesterday after supper, a slight skiff evident this morning, sunny tomorrow then rain till the weekend.

Emily assures us the trip home no problem, a passenger attempting to intercept a youngster thrown around resulting in a posible broken collarbone. The youngser a small cut on the head.

The boat travelled on time and made all her trips, can't imagine too many optional folks, like Emily, would be travelling in those weather conditions.

Most of the Maritimes endured extreme weather conditions with lots of snow and power outages. Tomorrow is April 1st, that will certainly bring things in line weather wise.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on March 30, 2009

Lots of rain overnight, still coming down, NE 35-40KPH, to stay near that level for most of the day. Wintry 'mix' further inland, expect rain for us as temps to rise a bit as the day moves along.

Emily travelling today, or at least believe they went, weather dosen't bother her. Travelling with a friend to check out to see if St. John is still there, no ortho or other appointments for either party. An opportunity to get some cash into the economy.

Wpg. and folks in the Red River holding thier breath as the flood crest heads north towards them. Fargo still holding this morning will be days before any sense of relief will come there way.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on March 29, 2009

Another sign of change of season, thick fog, visibility less that half mile, calm, temp just on the plus side. Warmer temps the order of the day, but moisture for the next several days likely.

Emily babysitting last night, Rob home with a bunch of movies. A routine Saturday evening of late.

Didn't accomplish much in the woods attempting to skid logs. Still too much snow there, logs froze in, punched a tire not a fun morning. Did manage to get a few sticks split and piled to take down the pile in the yard.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:06 AM GMT on March 28, 2009

Partial cloud cover, calm again this morning, temp just on the plus side heading for the double digit mark this afternoon. Moisture well into the new week, should clear up the remnants of snow around, a good thing.

Rob out overnight, guitar in hand, heavy jamming the order of the day. It must soon be our turn to host one of these gatherings. In a few weeks they can take over the shed, with the door open would have a unique vista to play. Emily returned to the fold later on last evening, did advise a mini-hen gathering here next weekend, one must take thier turn.

More wildlife in the harbour this morning, tide well out, still can see lots of waterfowel moving around, also good to see.

Log skidding on mom's lot this morning, hope to get them all out to work on over the week, see how the ambition holds on.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on March 27, 2009

Mostly overcast, sunrise started with a great streak of red sky, gone now. Absolute calm, harbour one of those rare reflecting ponds mornings. Temp 1C to rise towards double digits, highs above freezing mark on the longrange the norm, rain starting on Monday for a few days.

Robins in abundance most mornings, with a few more geese in the fields. Brantm still no sign of them in the harbour soon should be making the shift.

One fellow gathering winkles on the beach, can't imagine too productive in this area. At least he dosen't have any other competitors for what is available.

Emily socializing after school, again if Rob has something on the go will no five minutes before he should be where he is going.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on March 26, 2009

Wind has finally let up, a slight draft from NE, lots of sun, -2C for temp. Remaining sunny with temps to rise on the plus side for the next several days.

Trip across to Blacks yestereday not bad at all, did find a few holes, nothing sustained. The return trip good, fair wind had started to drop during the afternoon. A number of vehicles and passengers travelling both trips.

A fairly quick turnaround Moncton, back to Blacks with an eye appointment in between.

First time in COSTCO since last fall. I don't do the shopping, however from what I recall to say the price increase since then was dramatic would be somewhat of an understatement. The store didn't appear overly busy this time around, in the past at mid-day hectic and line up for check out, just take your choice when we were ready to go.



By: GRANDMANAN, 8:57 AM GMT on March 25, 2009

Clear, temp -2C, still blowing hard, wind NE 25-35KPH, to keep it up till later on this afternoon. Third day of fairly high winds.

Travelling to Moncton this morning, Donna has elected to remain home. Just her dad and I for his eye appointment, will attempt to get home on the 5:30PM shouldn't be too much of a problem if he gets in when his appointment says he will. A stop at COSTCO about the spare time in the itinerary for today at least.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on March 24, 2009

Far from spring like this morning, northerly 30KPH, snow flurries, -2C. Harbour feather white, Ross Island shoreline a skiff of snow, wind to let up later on this afternoon.

I heard yesterday the Good Lord invented March to show non drinkers what a hangover was like, long and miserable. Certainly filling that role today, however warm and sunny for the end of the week.

Emily doing mid-terms this week, one has to wonder how they are going as not alot of home study seems to be required to prepare. The report card will bring things into line in the next little while. Same with Rob little homework, gets it done during school, such diligence to school work will also await Report Card results.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on March 23, 2009

Clear, a cold northerly breeze @ 25KPH, -5C temp makes it very cold for spring time. Clear but little rise in temps anticipated for the remainder of the day.

Wood splitter works well afte nearly a year being left alone. Did get a small start on stowing the wood another one of those things a little at a time, that way always have someting to do. Still have to get some of the hardwood out of the bush in North Head, next weekend should give that a good rub.

A few geese around, some flew infront of the house this morning, noticed some in the fields yesterday. The brant still hanging around the outer islands, none in the harbour as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on March 22, 2009

Slight overcast, temp -1C, a slight draft from the south. Possibility of rain later on, a nice looking sun at the moment with plus temps in the forecast once again.

Emily babysitting last night, had at least one other opportunity. She is pleased another ortho visit in the offing first week in April the extra cash will come in handy.

Rob returned yesterday in the afternoon, a night of bonding till dawn kept him pretty quiet last night. He had an opportunity to 'jam' but thought better of it and stayed put.

Nice day on the water yesterday, see some activity around the wharves as fellows setting and hauling a few. The price positive at the moment hearing $7.50, wait till a few shows up, that will be the test.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on March 21, 2009

It may be first day of spring on the calendar, spring like conditions not the case. Stiff Northerly breeze, 20-25KPH, -5C, do have a clear sky and a nice sunrise. Temp to make it over the plus side by this afternoon, one must be positive.

Both kids scattered around the neighbourhood overnight, another bonding/birthday session for Rob. Emily doing the same, haven't learned what this type of bonding is referred to as, in the nale world 'going to camp' says it all.

Will be a nice morning to manufacture the logs Rob and I skidded across the beaver dam a few weeks ago. Probably have enough stuff down, just a matter of getting it home and stowed for the season.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on March 20, 2009

Overcast, -5C, a breeze from north @ 20KPH, temp to struggle to get to plus side of temp, cool overnight, similar temps and clear for the weekend. More temparate weather in the long range.

Making progress for occupation at the complex. Bringing the final cleaning together this weekend. Plan is to have the BG Club moved in an ready to open when final inspection takes place.

Emily out overnight, if Rob has plans has not felt the need to share them as yet.

One boat in the harbour shucking scallops, good to see that they have more than they can keep up with when fishing. Imagine one of the boats that has been fishing 'up the Bay'.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on March 19, 2009

Slight draft from SW, overcast with a hint of more rain in the offing, temp 3C, overcast and showers for the remainder of the day.

Ther glacier infront of the house to the shore receded big time in the overnight drizzle. This is the longest time we have had ice since we built the house, a sign of an old fashioned winter I suppose.

Fishery news remains quiet, a few more traps moving off. The catch nothing to startling, price is good, but to no avail if there are none.

Fuel price in the $.86/litre range, the CAD coming in at $.81USD, a jump of three cents in the last couple of days.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on March 18, 2009

Red sky this morning, the beginnings of cloud clover underway. Nice temp just at the freezing mark, wind SW @ 10KPH. Looking for showers and a bit more wind as the day moves along.

The complex moving forward, the geo-thermal heat exchange finally in commence. Checked yesterday still getting the kinks out, however amazing what it is doing. Temp of the liquid coming into the building in the 100 degree range, once it starts out again around the freezing level. The heat exchange is obviously very efficent. No final date when the buiilding will be turned over to the village.

A few more migratory birds showing up in the mornings, the brooks running well so they would have a source of fresh water to get thier day started.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on March 17, 2009

Another cool morning, -8C, total calm, another red sky this morning behind Ross Island. Temp to get onto the plus side as the day moves along. Still looking for rain tomorrow.

The frost slowly relenting on the lawn, am able to retrieve some of the Xmas Decorations on a daily basis. The Santa remains frozen, and still greeting passersby, expect to see him on his back one of these days if he isn't released pretty soon.

A good number of ducks going past the house this morning, a larger group out in the harbour. The area is showing signs of life, have heard a report of geese, but not seen any as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on March 16, 2009

A cool -5C, with a breeze 10-15KPH from the north. A red sun beginning to emerge from behind Ross Island. Temp to rise above freezing then go do down again overnight, rain mid week.

Great temp pattern for the fellows gathering maple syrup. The sap has been flowing for the past couple of weeks, haven't heard what the volume has been like with these temps almost ideal to have the sap flow at max levels.

See a couple of brave souls at the skateboard park, still a small amount of ice to contend with, would make it interesting to stay on your board.

Still having problems getting the geo-thermal heating at the complex to kick in. The air in the line dosen't want to clear, just keep plugging away at it, this is the major outstanding issue prior to having the building turned over to the village.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on March 15, 2009

A little cloud cover, calm, temp already on the plus side at 2C. Looking for a good weather day with temps going towards double digits and sun.

The BBQ to be hauled out from under the debris piled on it over the winter. Steak on the menu today, hopefully I can remember how everything works.

More lobster fishing activity these past few days, nice weather to get the traps offshore makes a big difference. Have not heard what the price is doing these days.

A few waterfowel taking advantage of the nice morning, still not a lot of activity around the harbour.

Both kids under the roof last night, Rob had movies, Emily babysitting for a few hours.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on March 14, 2009

Mostly overcast, temp at the freezing mark to rise into high single digits with more sun. The wind 10-15KPH SSW, forecasting nice temps as we go towards the official date spring to arrive.

Tide pretty well out, no sign of waterfowel, no brant venturing this far into the harbour. A few robins showing up, but have had reports some stayed the winter.

Rob and cronies out overnight, at least four of them, camp mentality(male bonding) only in the finished basement of a friend. Believe once the group is gathered the basement door closed and various food items thrown down periodically to keep them there.

Emily chose to remain home with a few horror movies and her computer - a type of vegging I guess.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on March 13, 2009

Clear, finally a let up in the wind, a slight draft from NW. Temp a disappointing -9C, not expected to rise above the freezing mark for the next few days. However clear weather is the compromise.

A few clammers on the beach this morning, activity not as strong with this cold temps. Another sign of optimism spring is coming a few more traps hitting the water, far from a huge splash for another few weeks or so. Price not too bad, but no volume to contend with as yet.

See gas up another penny this week, now in the $.87/lutre range. The CAD coming in at $.78USD, been at that level for past couple of weeks.

Another weekend, Emily had to turn down an opportunity to babysit already engaged. Rob looks like some jamming in the offing, at least for tonight, not here as far as I know.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on March 12, 2009

A tinge of red in the sky this morning, strong westerly wind30-35KPH, -1C. Cool temps for the next few days, but will be offset somewhat by clear skies. Winter not giving up in a hurry or so it seems for the next little while.

Computer back on line, he made a house call, visited with Donna as he made it right, gone within the hour. Amazing when these fellows do things like that, my limited IT knowledge took me hours to get it to where he was required and unlimited hours of frustration leading up to his visit.

Multi-plex final inspection due on Monday, the geo-thermal and alarms to have been commissioned yesterday in the afternoon. The first phoase of the project nearing completion, now thr emphasis to get ice surface/arena completed over the summer. The new stimulus budget yet to be passed by the Senate before we will learn if our application to the federal government will carry us through. Certainly shovel ready.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:41 AM GMT on March 11, 2009

Lots of red sky showing where the cloud cover allows, temp 1C, a slight breeze making up from the south. A 'wintry mix' with strong southerlies anticipated for the remainder of the day. Cooler temps and sun coming in behind till the weekend. It is certainly March weather.

Rob back at school this morning, band practise tonight might be a factor in his recovery, however he is not complaining of any problems this morning.

The announcement of the new ferry made at the school yesterday. A large group both from the school and community in attendance. The shipbuilder president and members of the company and his family in attendance. Impressive and well recieved, cost amazing coming in at $65million USD, delivery date in 2011. The vessel will increase daily capacity by approx. 30% over current levels, combined with the summer second boat being the Grand Manan V will move daily capacity to over 1K cars moving per day.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:23 PM GMT on March 10, 2009

Almost spring like this morning, calm, bright sun, temp -2C, harbour like a mill pond. Things are changing for sure, the longer daylight hours makes quite a difference on ones outlook, after this past few months of a typical winter.

Home computer invaded with something beyond my limited IT to get rid of, AV360 has her shutdown to the degree can't get on the internet nor can ALIANT after an hour on the phone, furstrating for sure.

Premier coming to town this morning, a gathering at the school this afternoon announcing the construction of the new ferry and the ceremonical signing of the contract with the shipbuilder. A first for such an event, in previous acquistions of this type, albiet in 25 year increments the ferry just appeared.

Rob still down with the mess of some type, must be legit as he has never been out of school a couple of days in a row.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on March 09, 2009

A red sky behind Ross Island this morning, mackeral back sky starting to disapate as the sun comes up further. A nice temp lf -2C, a slight draft fron the NW. Temp to rise on the plus side for the next couple of days.

Rain yesterday in the morning took the snow down a long way, and a few squalls before dark helped in a big way. A fair amount of good old brown grass in evidence around the yard. Now if we can get some consistant warm temps might be able to rescue Santa off the lawn, along with various deer and snowmen.

School back in session today, Rob down with sour throat, no jacket on skateboard near zero temps probably a contributing factor. Emily had another evening of babysitting, assusres her grandmother the book she was supposed to be reading near completion.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:33 AM GMT on March 08, 2009

Raining, breeze from East @15-20KPH, temp 1C, expected to stay in that range and weather conditions for the remainder of the day. Sun and nice temps for the first part of the week.

Both kids home overnight, Rob did have a social engagement till 10PM. They will be back in school for the run to summer starting tomorrow. Rob and his group looking forward for the spring trip to Ottawa, is the remaining hihghlight for this scholastic year.

The extra hour of daylight will be appreciated, another sign that spring is coming. Still no brant in the harbour as yet, a number in the sound again yesterday.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:44 AM GMT on March 07, 2009

A great looking day so far sun is high, a little breeze from the west, temp already at 5C. This is the weather for today, then going to wet snow or rain for tonight and tomorrow, will enjoy what is going on now for as long as it is presented.

Emily made it home reconnected with her grandmother, then out overnight. The trip over did not bother her, but some were not as fortunate, gale force southerly makes for an unpleasant crossing if motion bothers you at all.

Fishery news remains quiet, believe a lttle scalloping when weather permits is the only game in town for the moment.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on March 06, 2009

Overcast, snow flurries coming to an end wind attempting to make it SE, will bring the rain and warmer temps. Currently slight breeze ESE 10-15KPH, expecting gale force as the day moves along. Fairly nice tomorrow then warm damp weather for a few days.

Emily returning to the fold this afternoon, must be enjoying her visit, when asked if she was ready to come home a simple 'nope' says it all.

Elders having birthdays this weekend, Donna's mom 88 today, mom 91 on Sunday. Will forgo the gathering this weekend due to weather, and possibly have a couple brothers around next weekend to make it more interesting.

The southern travellers will start returning to reality this next few days. The snow they left behind a week or so ago now even worse, not the result one looks for when attempting to get this stuff behind ya.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:44 AM GMT on March 05, 2009

Bright sun once again well up over Ross Island, a steady breeze NW @ 25KPH, temp a cool -7C expected to be rising to near 0 mark as they day moves along. Southerly wind tomorrow, much warmer temps.

Emily reportig in periodically to her grandmother, having a good time, no mention that home is where she would rather be for now. Today is a mall crawl on the agenda, no doubt a highlight, but some time at the pool and an opportunity to visit Tim's or McD's whenever the mood strikes is a novelty for them.

Rob didn't move too far yesterday, recharging batteries would suspect. Not much can accomplish outside even the fields have a crust of ice that will hold me up.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on March 04, 2009

A bright sun over Ross Island this morning, a hint of breeze from the NW, clear, -7C. Clear and cold for next couple of days then dramatic increase in temp by Friday, need something to get the ice out of the yard, treacherous to say the least.

Quite a sight looking across the harbour with the ice still on the trees on Ross Island. One of those unique snapshots that remain in the minds eye for a longtime. Dosen't appear much of the ice will drop from the trees today with no mild temps or wind to amount to anything.

Rob back from his adventure, believe he could be a ski/snowboard bum with very little effort. Informed he had four feet of air on one apparatus a good attempt - I guess - for his less than limited experiance.

Emily on her foray till Friday, uneventful trip, certainly the ferry a good crossing, was concerned about the highway, alright.

Complex still getting the loose ends togther, first inspection before turning over to the Village to take palce today. The geothermal heating system getting prepared for the shakedown, heady stuff for our community.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:56 AM GMT on March 03, 2009

Overcast, a slight draft from NW, temp -4C. Looking for similar conditions for the remainder of the day clearing for the next few days beginning overnight hopefully so.

Lots of ice on the trees this morning, needs to warm up with a gentle breeze to get the weight off them before they sucuumb to the weight on the branches.

Rob and his crew had a successful day on the slopes with only one casualty a borken collar bone early into the day, not Rob but his good buddy, so can't imagine he was very far from the action. The plan is to leave Sussex to be in Blacks for the 1:30 trip.

Emily off for a few days of R&R, leaving on the 11:30, as of this moment at least, have not got a report on the road conditions between here and Fredericton.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:44 AM GMT on March 02, 2009

Weather as forecast appears to be unfolding, a stiff northerly breeze continues at 20-25KPH, -5C, blowing snow or sleet going by the window. Looking for sustained freezing rain unless warm front pushes a little further north than currently being reported. Inland freezing rain and snow till tomorrow. Gale force winds in the forecast for today, interesting weather day.

Poley looking like it is on the freezing rain, snow line for the storm. Hope Rob and his group get thier day on the slopes all hands certainly were looking forward to the experiance, like indoor skating nothing akin to it in our part of the world.

Emily out overnight, weather permitting she plans on being on the road tomorrow for a few days with a friend of hers. These fellows seem to keep on the move, rather quiet in the shack last night for sure.

Southern travellers, as usual this time of year, got out of town at the proper time. Be great if things are on the good weather change over the next week - it could be the case.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:52 AM GMT on March 01, 2009

Overcast, a steady northerly breeze 20-25KPH, -6C wind chill is signifigant. Weather watches and warning plastered on the site for our area freezing rain, then inalnd lots of snow between now and tomorrow night. Tuesday sunny and mild.

Rob up early to make sure his grandpa was on deck to get him to the boat. I was unable to avoid his discreet rambling around since 0530. He is ceretainly looking forward to the adventure, appears as if they will be in Sussex by the time the weather takes its first change. As daylight comes on so does the NE wind, he at best is a reluctant sailor.

Emily has some bucks in her poke for a possible foray to the mainland during spring break, babysitting has been a steady cash flow for her.


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