By: GRANDMANAN, 11:12 AM GMT on August 31, 2008

Clear at daylight, beginning to show signs of clouding over, nice temp @ 17C, a breeze from the west 10-15KPH. Forecast is for Tshowers later on in the day.

Rob returned to the fold around suppertime, have not seen him as yet, little sleep put the man into nap mode as soon as he got a chance on the couch. Emily babysitting overnight seems to have gone well.

A number of tourists eviedent on this long weekend, needless to day they don't seem to have children with them.

Fishery news remains the same, very little going on in any of the areas. Quiet at the complex, workers taking the weekend off, last of the steel to be erected next week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:07 AM GMT on August 30, 2008

Total calm, bright with fog attempting to invade the harbour, a nice 16C for temp. Calling for showers as the day moves along, can do with out it.

Both children out overnight, went for visits and games, called to stay overnight. A last hurrah prior to the winter routine getting underway.

Quick trip to St. John at the Regional went well, we made the 1:30PM trip back, mother glad to be back, enjoyed the change in routine once we got underway.

Planted a couple of corscrew hazel shrubs, picked up on sale. Interesting shrub, will be interesting to see if we get any growth before the frost fetches them this year.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:14 AM GMT on August 29, 2008

Overcast, calm,15C, forecast is for showers today and overnight, clearing then more moisture for the next few days.

Quick visit to St. John this morning, mom requires an ultra sound on her leg. An unexpected sequence of events, if all goes well can get her back in her environment by mid-afternoon.

Rob getting the best out of the sk8boarding this past few days, more kids there this week than has been the case for most of the summer. Emily has babysitting lined up for the weekend, that is her thing at the moment she enjoys the kids,and they enjoy her a winning combination if yor are babysitting for sure.

Complex really coming together, the last of the steel erection to go ahead next week. It will be closed in shortly thereafter, then the finishing work can begin, construction on schedule. Still no concrete floor for the arena, a large omission at this time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on August 28, 2008

A nice fall like morning, seems cooler than the 15C we have, a steady breeze from the north, just enough to keep the flag fly out steady with no flapping. Clear, forecast for mid 20's as the day moves along.

The fellows that viewed the Mars Hill wind farm were impressed with the whole operation. There are residences near the farm, will not be the case here, have not learned of any downside in the operation for Grand Manan. The company is going to have an information session for island residents in mid-September.

Fishery news remains the same, quiet, no herring locally, overall a downer for a summer season. Summers have been down for sevral years but this one takes it to a new low for economics. The recent good weather has allowed the dulse crowd to gain some ground due to the poor weather previously.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on August 27, 2008

Slight cloud cover, draft from NW, cool this morning at 13C, seasonal temps. Looking for good weather for the next few days.

School/Ortho trip a success Emily had the ususal grand time at YoHo. Ferry busy going over, we made the last trip, not overly busy for sure. Outfitting this group for school an expensive undertaking, however have been told this should be good till Christmas - yeah right.

Rob ready to go to school now he has WEST 49 garb that is under wraps till school starts.I thought this was a female trait, but obviously not the case in this instance.

Be interesting to hear from those that made the wind farm trip. They would have had good weather, if our weather was any indication.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:16 AM GMT on August 26, 2008

Another morning clear, calm, cooler 11C. Anticipating a nice weather day, still saying the same thing for the rest of the week. The harbour oil like as daylight starts to make an appearance.

Travel day with the whole gang, orthodontist, school clothes and supplies the order of the day. Itinerary quite full, probably be late boat before we get back home.

Some members of Council flying as guests of FIRST WIND to thier wind farm near Presquile to have a show and tell about the wind farm. They are interested in having a public meeting here on the island(FIRST WIND) by mid September.

The complex moving along, with the roof going on the gym and arena areas. Still no benefactor to complete the arena, the window is closing on time line to be in a position to accomplish that during this stage of construction.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on August 25, 2008

Fog disapating this morning, a little westerly help, however total calm, 16C. Giving showers for the day, clearing overnight, with sunny weather rest of the week.

Last of the summer holidays for the kids, next Tuesday will be hard at it. Seems lots of the folks to the south of us are already in the school mode. Tomorrow a final trip to get the outfits, supplies and ortho visit in before the crowd starts.

In a couple of weeks we along with long time friends doing an excursion around the Gaspe, Quebec City, returning via New England. Looking forward to the trip, have driven by Quebec City many times we have never stopped to have a gander, till this time around.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on August 24, 2008

Fog is burnng off as the sun gains more power, the outline of Ross Island taking shape. Calm, a nice 16C expect to rise into mid 20's before the day is out.

Yardwork pretty well caught up for the moment. Due to the weather this has not been the norm for the past sevral weeks.

Emily having great weather, with lots of activities at YoHo Lake. Has reported in only one occasion she has been on the move since landing there. Will meet her in St.John on Tuesday for orthodontist visit, and school shopping.

Rob spending his time cramming at the sk8board park. The number of kids participating at the moment seem lower than the past few months.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:21 AM GMT on August 23, 2008

A little hazy after sunrise, now coming to the promised sun. A pleasant 16C to rise to mid-20's here, inland again hot in the 30's. A heavy dew, calm, the order of the morning.

Donnas' father second night upriver on his boat. He loves making the trip, his grandnephew riding shotgun, this is second annual for them. They will be returning either this evening or early tomorrow, Daniel has more time to work prior to going back to school.

Emily must be enjoying her excursion, no reports to Nan, she does have a pretty full few days. She will not be pleased to hear that she had four opportunities to babysit this weekend.

Rob working the park most of the day, busted yesterday no helmet. Donna more lenient than I, he still has his board with minor santions resulting from his actions - in my opinion.



By: GRANDMANAN, 2:53 PM GMT on August 22, 2008

A great weather morning, a couple in a row is easy to take. Calm, 16C shortly after daylight, mid twenties is the forecast with a nice few days still coming our way.

Tourist population seems strong for this far along in August. Some indications of slight change in that fewer travellers, but staying longer in one establishment.

Emily enjoying hot weather inland, will be off to a friend in Fredericton overnight. An opportunity to mall crawl as her peer group is want to do, a good experiance for her.

Rob has just the weekend to enjoy the pool as this is the last weekend for operation. Lifeguards preparing for return to higher learning.



By: GRANDMANAN, 1:39 PM GMT on August 21, 2008

Morning clear, calm, temp 15C. A welcome change, will take a bit of getting used to for sure. This is the weather forecast well into the weekend, looking great.

Brother and entourage made the trip yesterday, returning this morning to the lake. Emily pretty excited about the prospect of a few days vegging before the school year begins.

Lots of geese on the lawn shortly after daybreak, lots of honking when they took to the air, a harbinger of a change in the seasons in the offing.

Quiet locally - on the surface, however lots of travellers as ferry has been busy most of the week. Did see one whale blow off Swallowtail yesterday afternoon, the first that I have seen around the island this season.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 AM GMT on August 20, 2008

A cool fall like, clear morning, temp 10C, heavy dew, a slight draft from west, clear. Forecast is for good weather for the next number of days.

Senior man of siblings coming today, with his grandaughters, to visit mom, and return tomorrow with Emily for her annual visit at the lake. One of the highlights of Emily's year, wonder if she will be working more steady another season, PASSAGES.

Rob out overnight, has been busy at sk8board park and swimming pool. He is getting anxious to see what the new school year brings. Have already gone with the incentive, honours could mean a trip to Fenway Park next summer, quite a baseball fan these days.

Have not heard of any change in the fishery news, slow if not bleak.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:25 AM GMT on August 19, 2008

After a fairly good day yesterday, once more into fog. Is the forecast for today, however consecutive days of sun in the offing - it is reported. Visibility near zero, a slight SW draft, 16 humid degrees for temp.

Dulsers taking advantage of the full tides and upcoming sun. They have probably had to throw out as much as they have got to market this year.

Emily back and going on the computer, nothing I was able to do. A little hacking by one so gifted had her going within a half hour. A complicated process is all that I could find on the internet, beyond my limitations for sure.

Rob got the lawn from the house to the shore completed yesterday. Have no idea how long it took him to do it, but when Donna returned home he was doing turns in the yard on the mower, motorized vehicle no matter what is good to go.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on August 18, 2008

A dramatic change in weather conditions, for the moment, beautiful sunrise, total calm, cool at 9C. Temp to rise into low 20's as the day moves along. Varied weather conditions for the week.

A little activity on the beach this morning, full tides. I can see at least one fellow looking for wrinkles, and one or two on the bar clamming.

Fishery news nil this weekend, dosen't appear as if anything is going locally this summer.

Did manage to get the yardwork completed yesterday, long time in reaching that point.

Emily babysitting this morning, planning on her annual visit to her aunt and uncle at the lake this week. School in commence on 2nd Sep with an ortho appointment in between will prettty well take her summer to close.

She promptly forgot her password on her computer, still have not got in unlocked.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:14 AM GMT on August 17, 2008

The outline of the lighthouse on Ross Island visible, as the fog slowly retreats. Slight draft from WSW is attempting to move the fog away. Nice temp at 16C, weather could improve greatly or return to the damp foggy weather we have endured this past week or more.

Emily babysitting again this morning, also last night, had to turn down a couple of conflicting opportunities. She has now purchased a laptop, will work hard to get the account up again.

Mom out for an afternoon tour yesterday, she enjoyed the opportunity to get out. Says she is feeling well, however sugar levels still up and down.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:23 AM GMT on August 16, 2008

Another weather surprise, FOG, so thick can't make out the shore. Calm, 15C for temp, suggesting some clearing in order, however long way to go before that is reality from this seat at least.

Did manage to get some of the lawn down last evening, looks like a head with a half a haircut at the moment. Don't know when will be able to get at the rest, getting more than ankle high, unusual for August.

Donna's windowboxes don't lie the prolonged days of fog exposure. Other plants in the garden not responding as they would given at least a little bit of sun over a weekly period.

Emily overnighting in tent last night, cool and damp but a bunch of girls wouldn't notice. She has two babysitting jobs this weekend, working towards a laptop I am told.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on August 15, 2008

Fog just after daylight, quickly burning off with a slight breeze from the west assisting in the clearing. Nice temp 15C, looking good for the rest of the day, iffy for the tomorrow. Long range looks pretty good.

Beautiful full moon last night, rather disappointing to have thick fog earliar. Now twenty two geese on the lawn slowly making thier way toward the house, will have to put them in the air before they clean the grass off the lawn.

Fishery news remains quiet, tourist traffic appears slow, have been whales around, when the operators can get out to have a look. Report of a new calf in the Right Whale population.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on August 14, 2008

Imagine that fog this morning, 15C, total calm. The sun we were anticipating now in jeporday, U.S. fellow saying we have what we have, and Canadian sun for tomorrow.

Emily off babysitting this morning, three jobs within the next week. Helps her bank account, she might allow herself something speacil, if Nan dosen't come through, an interesting process.

OGAL points out possible benefits for decline in CAD and commodities. Lobster fisherman applauding the decline in diesel, at least $.20/litre this past three weeks or so, along with CAD. The combination, as it stands today, means an addiditonal 15% on the bottom line.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on August 13, 2008

A great sunrise, now hidden overcast, fog making its way into the harbour. Calm, 15C, forecaster still suggests some sun possible for the next few days.

The CAD continues to decline, $.93 to the USD this morning. As oil continues a gradual decline our dollar plays along.

Quite a bit rain overnight, the lawn by the sea wall now has a small pond. No geese this morning, a good thing. I had to get right next to them before they reluctanly moved onto the beach, honking the whole time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:32 AM GMT on August 12, 2008

Overcast,slight drizzle, threat of rain for today and tonight. Total calm, 14C temp, forecast improving for next few days sun and nice temps the order of the day.

Our Canadian Goose group now into at least a dozen, raising havoc with the lawn, nothing seems to deter them. Samson still enjoys watching them from the safet of the verandah, nary a bark from him.

Both kids home last night, Rob fortunate enough to play with the Pony League team. He had a good night with four hits in a losing cause.

The complex taking shape, progress can be seen everyday, the size of the building is impressive.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on August 11, 2008

Wooly again this morning,cool 13C, a slight draft from NE. Korecaster is sugguesting this will be the norm for the week.

Did manage to get the hayfield previously a lawn infront of the house mowed yesterday. Now requires a little raking to get the wet mounds picked up. Rob was assisting, however a call by a friend to go to Middle Dam for the afternoon took presedence. I am sure he will do the pick up today with no prompting.

Emily out overnight helping her friend prepare for a tent sleepover tonight and birthday celebration. Dosen't appear as if the weather is going to co-operate, can't imagine that will discourage that group.

Fishing news remains quiet, no wiers locally having any success to speak of, some old time consistant locations not dressed for action. The season is slipping away, with no amount captured as yet. Seiners working harder to get thier loads also - fish are scarce.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on August 10, 2008

Another dreary weather morning, fog descending on Ross Island, can make out the shoreline, lighthouse and the base of the trees. Calm, 15C, similar type weather for the next five days. Summer getting away with poor weather being the norm.

Emily babysitting again this morning till mid afternoon, Rob to play at the Youth Service in Seal Cove this morning. He has been wandering around making sure he is ready to go.

Certainly hard weather on the dulsing fraternity, a market for Nori gives some diversity, but still depends on the tide and weather to make it go.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:17 AM GMT on August 09, 2008

Drizzle, fog, calm, 15C, forecaster suggests sunny periods, skeptical at this moment. This is the weather till early in the new week.

Ten geese on the seawall, won't have to worry about mowing in that area. Samson enjoys watching them from the safety of the verandah.

The feel of a change in the seasons soon to begin quite obvious most mornings. Temp not bad however is a bit lower overnight than just a couple of weeks ago.

Size of the complex becoming more visual as more steel is aloft. A concrete floor for the arena still just a dream, certainly will limit the ability to maximize the use of that part of the project until floor installed.

Fishery remains quiet, no local herring news, a few boats netting and scalloping. Price still not great, fuel is going down, but so is the CAD, resulting in no drop but an increase in fuel this past week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on August 08, 2008

A couple of now fog days in a row, picture type sunrise lots of red sky. Now partial overcast, absolute calm, 13C to rise around 20C. Moisture not too far off, now giving more for the first of the week.

Emily hard at work early this morning, till early afternoon. She was up and at it 0500, to insure she would be ready for pickup.

Hear the geese honking over the house most days, getting stamina for upcoming flight to south I suppose. Hard to believe that type of observation getting into the conversation.

Looking towards Bugs part of the world continues to be hot by our standards, on a daily basis. Guess the fog is my druther out of the two conditions.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:26 AM GMT on August 07, 2008

Partial overcast a steady breeze from north at 10-15KPH, temp 13C. Temp to rise around 20C with a threat of moisture by evening. Weather has early indication of season change in the offing.

Dulsing fraternity got caught up a little yesterday, drying must have been marginal. Dosen't look great for them the next few days. Long range indicating that first of next week looking pretty fair.

Emily babysitting again today, Rob hard at the sk8boarding this past few days. His guitar continues to get a great workout most evenings.

Amazing to watch the steel go up on the complex, beams for the roof on the arena about all installed.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:28 AM GMT on August 06, 2008

The risk of sun has arrived, a beautiful morning, total calm, tide well up, not a ripple in the harbour. Is a bit cool at 11C. Weather respit shortlived with moisture in forecast for next few days.

The New Brunswick Day fireworks held last night, two day weather delay. A great show, and a perfect conditions to enjoy them. The last boat trip of the day was coming into the harbour during the display, would have been great to see them from that vantage point.

Complex construction in full swing, steel going up, more cement being poured. A well orchestrated logistical operation looking in from the outside.

CAD dropped a bit overnight now @ $.96 to the USD. Predictions indicate a gradual decline from par over the next few months.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on August 05, 2008

No fog this morning, a brisk NW breeze keeping it away. Temp 16C, possible sun sometime today, back to rain and showers rest of the week.

Steel going up yesterday, it appears these fellows have done this before. The northern end and walls of the arena section have the large steel erected. A visual is now possible of just how large this building is going to be.
With the exception of the school probably none other to compare on the island for size and complexity.

Emily babysitting for the day with three children to be responsible for. If all works out would have a positon for the remainder of the summer. A lot of responsibility and commitment, will see how her day goes.

Herring news, locally, still marginal at best. Nothing on the front of the island, a few on the back of the island. The season is beginning to wane with little production to date, compared to the past few seasons.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on August 04, 2008

At the minimum one has to admit the weather has been consistant, fog, damp, calm, nice morning temps in high teens for the past many days. Visibility does appear to be improving, but Tshowers and rain in forecast all week.

Too early to get any feedback on Festival attendance, was a busy spot on Saturday. A lot of work by the Rotarians, the Club needs some new members to help lighten the load of putting this event together. Volonteers, are had to come by no matter what event is planned.

Mother still in hospital, the sugar levels moving up and down. Appears to feel pretty well, dosen;t appear to be any lingering problems from the heart attack.

Steel supposed to start going in the air this morning. The site yard resembles a giant meccanno set, with steel laid everywhere.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:57 AM GMT on August 03, 2008

THICK fog this morning, less than 1/4mile visibility, calm, temp 16C. Long range indicates a risk of sun for Wed. then same old same old. Sun is getting to be a memory it seems.

Rob had a good day, didn't fare too well in sk8boarding competition, had lots of fun. The concert was his thing, a good crowd, lots of positive comments, ready to go at a moments notice.

More steel showing up on each trip it seems, the project yard getting full. A vast difference from a week ago, preparation for erection not much to see, once the steel goes up impressive.

Windmill representative had a good turnout from community visiting his info booth. Will be more information at public meeting next month.

Yard work just not getting done, however am able to dig some lawn up for more garden next year.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:15 AM GMT on August 02, 2008

Back to wooly, visibility approx. 1/2 mile, muggy, with temp of 17C. Long range indicates we best get used to the idea of moisture for the next several days.

Wind Farm reps here for the Festival, haven't spoken with them to see how much interest they have generated. Met informally with mayor and council members yesterday AM, all systems in full swing. Preparing for a public meeting in September to inform the community of where the project is and where it is going. Impressive to date.

Steel for the complex arriving, yard full of equipment, more crew arriving over the weekend. A sense of urgency beginning to set in to insure when the building is commissioned we are prepared to get the best bang right off the start. Still no concrete for the arena or ice making capabilities.

Rob quite excited given the opportunity to perform this evening, more than a little ham. Emily quiet this weekend, babysitting gigs possible next week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on August 01, 2008

Overcast, could clear, could rain will hav to wait and see. Temp 15C, a slight draft from the north, a direction we have not had for quite sometime.

Rotary Festival got underway last evening, Donna's dad received a NEW BRUNSWICK DAY AWARD, well deserved. The attendance appeared to be down for an opening evening, hopefully will pick up the next couple of days.

Windfarm people to meet with Council this morning, just an info session, also setting up a booth during the Festival for information purposes. They appear to be moving forward towards erection in 2009 green is good.

Emily busy babysitting this past few days, and over the weekend. She likes the idea school shopping not far off, with her own cash has more latitude on what she can buy.


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