By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on July 31, 2008

Quite a contrast in weather this morning from yesterday. This morning, cool, overcast, fog just entering the harbour. Yesterday a hot, sunshine, no wind for the whole day.

Rotary Festival this weekend, weather does not appear it will co-operate for the outdoor activities. The opening ceremonies this evening with a variety show to start things off.

Spoke with one of the B&B operators about the month of July, only eighteen beds for the month, enough for two nights. August looking a little more positive, gas prices and American economy definalty having an effect on the Toursist Industry all over the Maritimes.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on July 30, 2008

Different morning weather wise, beautiful sun, calm, temp a pleasant 17C, grass heavy dew this morning. Might get a nice few days out it for a change.

Rob had a good night at baseball, in a losing cause. He has mastered the use of the bat, did very well. He was pleased with his effort, looking forward to next year and a move up to Pony League.

Fishery remains quiet with not much apparently going on, no netting locally. Those few that are at it travelling quite a distance, and staying till they get a load.

Fuel prices change tonight, quite a drop last week at $.10/litre. Amazing how we can almost accept the new price of $1.31/litre as being alright.

Bugs having it warm in the Carolinas, almost perfect here so far this morning. Heat and humidity are not friends of mine.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on July 29, 2008

Back to the wooly stuff, barely make out the shore - very thick, temp a nice 17C, total calm. No sign that conditions are going to change today. Giving better weather for long weekend and Rotary Festival.

Wind farm people going to be here for the Festival, setting up an info booth. They are working diligently toward construction date in 2009.

Both kids under roof overnight, Emily has a buddy tonight. Rob has playoff game, weather permitting against the #1 team in the Little League. The end of the season for him an indication summer is moving, also purchased some school supplies yesterday.

Expecting steel for the complex by end of the week, with erection to commence on Monday, will be quite a change on site when that starts.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on July 28, 2008

Overcast, hazy, a little drizzle, similar type of weather for the day. Risk of TShowers, humidity will be high, seems to be what is in store for next coule of days or so.

Emily out overnight again, Rob gone with guitar to jam with another guitar - lucky household. They will drift back as the day moves along.

Appears at least one of the wiers in Whale Cove has some herring. Haven't heard for sure what the local news is, seiners are doing alright with a few wiers on the other shore getting a few.

Summer moving along, lights going on earliar in the evening, and the sun noticably shy appearing in the morning.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on July 27, 2008

Just a slight haze this morning, sun making its presence known, a cool 12C, absolute calm. Not a bad weather day in the offing, more moisture first of the week in the forecast.

Emily out overnight, to recipercate etiher tonight or tomorrow. Rob pretty quiet buddies travelling and sk8boarding seems to have dropped in priority, guitar and swimming pool current mainstays.

The lawn is quickly becoming a hayfield in some locations, especially over the septic field. May get a chance at it later on today, certainly not up to the standard the boss expects.

Don't appear to be many tourists about this weekend, weather certainly would keep people away for any outdoor activities.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:16 AM GMT on July 26, 2008

Fog, attempting to burn off, nice temp 18C. Calm expecting a nice sunny weekend, here it will have to change alot to make that reality.

Rob at birthday party last evening, his group now officially becoming teens. Rob one of the last to make it as he will wait till November.

Fishery news pretty quiet, not much in the way of groundfish around. Haven't heard of any locally giving it a shot, other than halibut longlining, with little success.

Lots moisture infront of the house, the water table now replenished. My guage showed five inches this past few days, a deluge in this part of the world.



By: GRANDMANAN, 5:00 PM GMT on July 25, 2008

Heavy rain this morning, calm, 18C, and unsettled weather weekend in the offing. Rained hard overnight, and continues into this afternoon.

Rob had a good evening, at baseball an in the park homerun, and when returned home an inviatation to participate in the upcoming Rotary Festival. He turned in a happy young man. He had an opportunity to pitch during the game, a first time, so realized it is as not as easy as once thought.

Emily has her funds ready to go into the bank, having taken some for clothes this past week left a hole that must be replaced ASAP.

First loads of the steel for the complex should be on site by this time next week. The cement work, less the floor to be completed this weekend, progress will be visual in a short time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:13 AM GMT on July 24, 2008

Wooly this morning, less than 1/2 mile visibility, calm, already 18C. Weather forecast all over the place for the next few days, not a bad weekend - so far.

Some rain and sheet lightning overnight, not much thunder, at least I didn't hear any.

Complex showing signs of life everyday, now the cement walls for the arena portion of the complex taking shape. Believe the first loads of steel for the building anticipated late next week, then things will begin to look great.

Mom not doing great yesterday, seems to take a positive run then fall back, diabetes still the main problem.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on July 23, 2008

Partial overcast, nice temp 17C, absolute calm, looking for a humid day with a possiblity of showers. The rain that was forecast this week has failed to appear so far.

Immediate family celebrated Donna's folks 66th Wedding Anniversary at McLAUGHLINS WHARF. Fine dining, great company, seafood superb, Emily enjoyed her scallops, Rob went with a standard pasta and chicken dish.

Complex starting to show signs of progress, now that the preliminary work is complete. Still no funds to finish the arena portion, with no real prospects that I am aware of.

Rob overnighting in a tent, they spent yesterday afternoon getting the place for habitation. Imagine a tired boy will ramble in sometime today.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on July 22, 2008

Overcast with a hint of drizzle, NE @10-15KPH, a warm 17C with a chance of showers as the day moves along. Thre remnants of CRISTOBEL passing to south of the Bay later on today.

The complex coming along in fine style, with footings and foundatin taking shape. Schedule for completion still on line, no further funding for completion of the arena in the pipeline as of this time.

Mom showed some improvement yesterday, once again wondering when she can go home. I would have to think further improvement required before that idea can be entertained.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:27 AM GMT on July 21, 2008

Foggy and damp this morning, appears a fair amount of rain overnight, still no puddles in the frontyardm ground able to hold it all. Calm with temp 16Cm looking for more rain before the day is over.

Emily still out, social last evening prevous evening babysitting. Not a good pool day in the offing, could have some teenagers under foot as the day moves along - they will be somewhere.

Some herring the back of the island, seiners have been doing well again, some groundfish a distance away, no price to speak of for them. The economic saga continues.

Mom seems to have slipped some over the twenty-four hours, still mobile but requires a lot more effort to get where she wants to be.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:53 AM GMT on July 20, 2008

Wooly this morning, calm, nice temp @16C, will need some assistance to get the fog out of here today. Moisture for most of next week, hopefully so as it is much needed.

Garden tour a great success, Donna now has more ideas of how to improve her acerage. Will require some digging, but no timetable, other than preparation for spring be done by freeze up, a doable plan am sure.

Emily out overnight on a babysitting gig. Rob spent the afternoon getting the lower lawn undercontrol, then an hour on ATV going around circles between the house and shore - he enjoyed it even with all the restrictions.

Mom only so so, did suffer some bruising when she fell, sore, and her sugar levels moving all over the place once again. Will see what the week brings.



By: GRANDMANAN, 3:51 PM GMT on July 19, 2008

Fog in the harbour, can't see Ross Island, but nice on shore. Calm, humid, temp 20C with a slight breeze from the south. Had a little moisture this morning, and more in the forecast next week.

Mom back in hospital yesterday morning, family still able to partake of the day in St. John, prior to nieces wedding last evening. A great venue, and time had by all.

Donna and her buddy off to the garden tour in St. Andrews this morning. Weather looked a little iffy this morning with fog and rain coming down from St.John, by the time the boat arrived almost perfect weather to take the tour for them.

Did have a few minutes with Tony aka plapman, from Manitoba first of the week. He and his wife made a quick visit to the island, his wife lots of connections to the island he has visited previous in the past few years have become more frequent.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on July 17, 2008

Clear, calm, warm at 17C, another nice day in the offing, similar type forecast as far out as one can see. Water will become an issue at this rate, lawn now dormant, not much lawn maintenance required.

Site down yesterday, some cyber problems, a real hot day with high humidity in North Head till the afternoon breeze. By afternoon an ideal weather day with unlimited visibility, one of those gawking out over the water days.

Emily off on a babysitting gig this morning for the day. She is glad to be adding to her bank account, still finds that more fun than spending it. Rob received funds from great grandparents for scholastic efforts, combined with sweet talking his nan is now mobile again on a new sk8board.

Local fishing mews remains bleak, no herring for the seiners or wiers. Netters nothing local, quite a few towards the Novie shore, don't believe any are being landed locally. Any fresh fish we have enjoyed have come from Novie so far this year.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on July 15, 2008

WOOLY, only description this morning, can't see the water a distance of less than three hundred feet. It is calm with a nice temp of 15C. May get some moisture before the day is over.

Emily out overnight, Rob has a buddy below decks, a bit of a routine underway now that summer has been in play for a few weeks.

Mom at home again, having a little problem with the pen for her insulin, mainly just something new I hope. Extra Mural and increased Home Support hours have been accepted with no resistance on her part.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:30 AM GMT on July 14, 2008

Rain, now starting to clear, what moisture we did receive much needed. A little breeze from east, but also letting up more, a warm 16C a little unsettled weather over next couple of days, could go sunny or overcast.

A great weekend gathering of the brothers, the patriarch, and most of all that area result of the various unions. Weather co-operated, food fantastic, a few hours of togetherness, then broke camp yesterday around noon, a great way to have it. Will be a return gathering this next weekend a niece being wed in St. John.

We made the 1:30 yesterday, just, not pushing it thinking that time of day should be fairly quiet for traffic. Seems practically a full load was thinking the same thing - before we got in the compound.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:26 AM GMT on July 12, 2008

A superb weather morning, bright sun, warm @17C, calm, harbour reflecting pond like nary a ripple on the water. A good weekend weatherwise in the offing.

Mom back in hospital this morning, the new insulin amounts not working for her. Low this morning 0330, did use her lifeline this time around. She was up and going within an hour or so, they will keep her for a couple of days to try and get it proper for her.

Off to family gathering, but will only stay overnight, probably long enough, weather co-operating very well.

Kids have been on the prowl for the past hour or so, cousins, a little drive, water, a great motivator to get them on the move.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:55 AM GMT on July 11, 2008

CLEAR a welcome change from the past sevral days, a slight draft from the west, temp a pleasant 15C, coffee on the verandah morning. Looking for the same type of weather for the weekend.

My side of the house gathering over the weekend at YoHo Lake. Four brothers now responsible for between 35-40 from 65-1yrs, will make a hell of crowd on the lake. Good weather can spread out, under a roof could be a little too intimate. A spanish theme for the main meal tomorrow evening, different for sure.

Mom home again, she more than pleased to be out of the hospital, and on her own. A little shaky at first as she has not had to regulate or administer her insulin for the past six weeks - will wait and see.

Kids busy, Rob has - for the moment - forgone sk8board for paintball. A group of his peers get together twice a week for an afternoon of the game. He is restricted in funds as a result he is pretty cautious with expending his ammo.

Emily socializing and babysitting, having a good summer now that the braces are old news.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on July 10, 2008

A little different this morning with the fog have a steady drizzle. Temp 14C, calm, still giving clearing for later on, must say can see further into the harbour than past few days.

The lawn is getting a nice drink as has been very dry, the Harbour Brook barely a sign of water. Have had some comments that well levels down for this time of year. Hard to think that is the case withe amount of snow and moisture we had over the winter and spring.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:59 AM GMT on July 09, 2008

WOOLY again this morning, humid, 17C, calm, not giving any change in weather conditions till tomorrow. This is getting a little long in the tooth.

North Head damned hot yesterday, with a little breeze, a vast contrast to here where it remained cool and fog for most of the day.

Fishery news pretty quiet, not any herring news that I have been made aware of, more wiers being dressed on the front of the island.

Tourist traffic following the annual pattern with more strangers wandering around each day. Did learn an interesting stat for ferry traffic last month. Vehicle passenger traffic practically the same as last year, however the commercial traffic increased by 73% over the same dates.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 AM GMT on July 08, 2008

Wooly again this morning, sun attempting to burn through,can see to the waterline this morning. Temp coming in at 16C to climb into mid 20's as the day moves along. Humdity makes it quite uncomfortable at times this past couple of days.

Village Council has voted in favour of the purchase of Dark Harbour Pond. The legal process to complete the sale will take a little while. However by fall should be in the hands of the community.

Emily has a friend overnight, braces seem to be no problem as of yesterday the irritation they were causing has let up.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on July 07, 2008

Wooly this morning, calm, 14C, last looked supposed to be sunny. It will take a wind change to clear it here, can barely see the beach at this time.

Bertha now classified as a hurricane, still long way to go before one knows if and where it will visit on land.

Did manage to get all the outstanding yard work caught up. Trouble is with this type of weather it comes back to unkempt status too fast. Checked the well water level starting to decline, but far from drought conditions as yet.

Window boxes starting to show thier stuff, a little more sun on the back of the house would help them along.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:26 AM GMT on July 06, 2008

Fog this morning, appears will burn off, 13C, calm, giving sun for the next few days.

Emily babysitting last evening, Rob out overnight, quiet around the ranch as a result.

Not much in the herring news, seiners getting some on the banks, wiers still quiet. A couple of boats have been netting, total catch unknown, price like everything in the industry marginal at best.

Managed to make progress in the yard, probably passes muster, for the most part, for afew days.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:18 AM GMT on July 05, 2008

Clear, calm, beverage on the verandah morning, 17C temp. Next sevral days looking not bad at all temp and weather wise.

Emily not having much discomfort from the braces, busy putting some bucks back into her account with babysitting duties. Has a bit of dilema likes to shop, but difficult to use her own funds.

Full tides lots of harbour bottom exposed this morning, no clamming in our area, a couple on the bar way off there.

Summer tourists arriving, lots of strangers with N.B.plates and the other Maritime Provinces. Price of fuel keeping travellers closer to home.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on July 04, 2008

CLEAR, calm, a nice 17C, looking pretty good for the weekend. Full tides on, bar well out this morning.

Emily now a part of the tin grin group. The apparatus has changed signifigantly in the past generation. Wires are obvious, but not nearly as large. A couple of years of regular visits to St. John in the offing, in two month increments.

Come home on late trip, lots of trucks, and a number of vehicles. The last trip popular with trucks, and getting more so with the residents. Nice to take your time when running around with two girls that have must stops to take in before heading home.

Garden Centres starting to let things go at reduced prices, espcially the trees and shrubs. We did not have room in the vehicle or the yard for any 'deals' this time around.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on July 04, 2008

CLEAR, calm, a nice 17C, looking pretty good for the weekend. Full tides on, bar well out this morning.

Emily now a part of the tin grin group. The apparatus has changed signifigantly in the past generation. Wires are obvious, but not nearly as large. A couple of years of regular visits to St. John in the offing, in two month increments.

Come home on late trip, lots of trucks, and a number of vehicles. The last trip popular with trucks, and getting more so with the residents. Nice to take your time when running around with two girls that have must stops to take in before heading home.

Garden Centres starting to let things go at reduced prices, espcially the trees and shrubs. We did not have room in the vehicle or the yard for any 'deals' this time around.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:29 AM GMT on July 03, 2008

Wooly again this morning, if possible thicker than it has been this past few days, a breeze from SW, 14C temp. Not a sign of clearing that they promised, summer on the Bermuda of the Maritimes.

Emily first vist - consultation - for orthodontist. Hope the guy dosen't have a condo in Florida, with increase in energy costs can't imagine we wouldn't have to underwrite his expense getting back and forth.

Rob returned to the fold yesterday, a bit weary, in a good way. Had a grand time with lots of boarding and watching boarding events due to the poor weather.

Village to enter in final paper pushing with Federal Govt to acquire Dark Harbour Pond. A definate asset for the community. Will be interesting to see how/who will develop this unique piece of real estate.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on July 02, 2008

Fog remains thick, can hardly see the beach, 14C, calm, supposed to clear with a threat of rain for the remainder of the week.

Rob still on the St. John River, they are staying an extra day in attempt to get a good day for kayaking, expect them home tonight.

Grandaugher, Emily, pretty well mended now, spent the afternoon at the pool, got some more burn. The Canada Day Celebrations seem well attended.

Cleared long enough yesterday to get the main part of the lawn under control. This weather brings it on in great style.

Mom out for a tour yesterday for a couple of hours. No problems, she is ready to go back home as soon as Dr. gives the OK.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:55 AM GMT on July 01, 2008

Another foogy one, visibility less than half mile. Calm temp 14C. 60% chance for rain. Looking to clear and warm up tomorrow and next few days look pretty good.

Weather for Rob has been poor, don't know if they will return this evening or wait till tomorrow. Emily still barking, Donna flirting with the symptons as the morning unfolds.

Mom doing well, diabetes yet to be brought under control. Will see if she wants to have a look around later today, yesterday it was an iffy proposition. She feels pretty secure in the hospital.

No yard work today, unless it dries awfully fast.


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