By: GRANDMANAN, 11:56 AM GMT on November 30, 2007

Partial overcast, still have the wind from the west at 20-25KPH, supposed to diminish as the day moves along, only to have gale force overnight. Temp 1C not much increase today as cold front in place for next few days.

Some of the boats toughed it out for part of the day yesterday, and that is the word for it. Might be able to get some of the day in today if the improvement in the forecast turns to be the fact. The season has been shortned by the heavy weather for sure, some of the boats hauling days down signifigantly from years past - not good.

Not much freezing in the woods taking place as we have warm weather and rain after a few days of cold temps. Can't walk in where I go to get a look due to a beaver dam backing the water across the trail for quite a distance. Dam has increased in size over the summer.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on November 29, 2007

Grey overcast morning, the wind has let up for the moment, from the south 10-15KPH, temp 1C, threat of snow or rain as the temp rises during the day. Wind forecast to increase as the day moves along.

The winds diminished yesterday PM, a lot of the off shore boats left to take advantage in the lull. They would be able to handle the trawls after dark, would have to imagine they put in a long night.

More baking underway this morning, Xmas Tree out of the box. The interior decorating will begin in earnest over the next few days.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on November 28, 2007

Clear, once again high winds from west @25-35KPH, cold 1C temp. Wind to gradually slack as the day moves along, then pick up tomorrow. Temp to fluctuate up and down for next day or so.

Hellish weather for the lobster fishery, Nova Scotia setting day has been cancelled till tomorrow at the the earliest. A long cancellation giving the set day was Monday.

Emily up and going this morning, apparently none the worse for wear.

Herring still around, see another of the wiers in Pettes Cove getting a suit of twine in hopes of gathering up a few. Market mostly for lobster bait at this time, CONNORS, if going at all, have a good inventory of product.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on November 27, 2007

Hazy with fog, brisk SW wind 25-30KPH, higher gusts for most of the day, temp 8C going for a high in double digits then dropping late this PM.

Another iffy day on the water, does not appear to be any respite over the next few days, only cooler temps along with the wind.

Emily down this morning, confined to barracks with flu like symptoms, just showed up overnight as she felt good going to bed.

Too early to get any reports from Novie on how the lobster catch is going in that part of the world.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:42 AM GMT on November 26, 2007

Overcast, brisk southerly 20-25KPH, 5C temp, a threat of rain as the day moves along. Temps to rise into double digits over next few days.

Be a difficult day on the water, full tides thrown in the mix will be nasty. The boats in SW Nova set today, will not be pleasant for them getting traps in the water. Forecast catch wise not promising in some of the areas. Fewer lobsters and poor price not a winning combination.

The Xmas baking getting underway with the butter being softned ready for 'scotch cookies' first to get knocked off the list.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:12 PM GMT on November 25, 2007

A gusty cool southerly breeze @25-35KPH, temp 2C, overcast, giving the possibility of snow or rain. A number of black ducks in the harbour, shoreline on Harts' Shore has a small coat of ice from overnight.

The Christmas Market, according to my reports, a success. Lots of goodies, people generous supporting the various organizations selling tickets, etc. Emilys' Grade 8 class sold lobster rolls, tickets in support of thier spring trip to Ottawa. Lobster Rolls a huge success with the donation of lobster and rolls, etc.,alot of work, substantial gains made on the pool of money required.

Majority of decorations on the outside done, when given power they all stayed on. I wouldn't want to describe the electrical path to the lights, but somehow they worked.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:16 PM GMT on November 24, 2007

Partial overcast, brisk breeze from NW @ 20-25KPH, a cool -3C making an occasional wind chill of -13C as the gust get bigger. This type of weather for the weekend with warmer start of the week then back to seasonable by mid week.

Rob had three of his cronies overnight to help celebrate his birthday. Lots of food, drink, movies, PS2 must have kept them busy did not see or hear from them all night. No sign of them yet this morning. Hopefully this will be how they party hardy in another few years.

Emily out overnight so she was saved from the male onslaught.

Xmas Market this morning said to be the largest held to date with over 90 tables participating. Donna and her shopping buddy fulfill another annual event by attending, then going to lunch. The Xmas Season is gathering steam.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:06 PM GMT on November 23, 2007

Overcast, a threat of moisture, wind SSW @15-20KPH, temp 5C. Temp to remain in this range and fall later on in the afternoon. A cool clear weekend in the offing.

Kids home today, parent teacher meetings. Report cards alright, but full of the refrain of 'could do better, with more effort'. Will work on getting an improvement on the the next report in a few months.

Haven't heard how the catch has been this past few days. The fellows have enjoyed a couple of decent days weather wise this past week. Good weather has been few in the opening days of the season. Nova Scotia sets next week, could be interesting on how they influence the market place.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:50 AM GMT on November 22, 2007

Nasty easterly this morning, rain, wind 20-25KPH, 6C temp to rise low double digits as the day moves along. Freezing rain and snow as you move inland.

A contrast with the comments from yesterday, complaints of snow on one end, then an outdoor THANKSGIVING Pagent from the other.

We had a nice day in Calais, not too busy in the stores. Did hear lots of people saying they were looking forward for Black Friday. At least one group one the boat yesterday going to Bangor to position themselves for tomorrow.

Gas $.88/litre CAD, locally $1.09/litre, CAD worth $.98 at the all important Wal-Mart. Donna assures me there were some great values, also she is almost completed the Xmas Shopping.

Lobster price coming in at $4.50 a drop of at least $.50/lb from the first week last year. The market seems pretty strong so hopefully might be able to hold the price at that level for awhile.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:18 AM GMT on November 21, 2007

Total calm for the first time in over a week, 2C, overcast. Majority of the day to remain similar with a change to southard this afternoon with winds and rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

The CAD has dropped back to near parity this morning with the USD at $1.01. We are off for a cross border foray in Calais just for the day. Our neighbours will be celebrating THANKSGIVING tomorrow. The shopping on the day after can be a little more crowded than I am interested in participating.

Overall catch said to be up some, the smaller boats doing well, bigger offshore boats down compared to last year at this time. Today the price will be revealed still hearing very low number majority coming in at $4.25/lb. The same being paid 15 years ago. As the fellow says what can you buy now at 1990 prices?

Report Cards on the agenda today, probably will be advised by cell phone prior to returning home of the poor marks. A plan to have the old people absorb the fact over a period of time before confrontation - will see.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on November 20, 2007

Easterly breeze 15-20KPH, partial overcast, temp a seasonable 2C. Forecast for breeze to shift to southerly as the day moves along with moisture in the offing over next couple of days.

Checked the woodlot area yesterday, lots of water, evident the beavers have been busy with the pond a lot larger than last spring. Can't get into the area until freeze up in fine style.

Rob now officially a preteen having his 12th birthday yesterday. He is having a group of his boarder fraternity over the weekend, probably Friday. He has indicated no presents just hard cash, has his mind on much needed accessories for boarding.

Emily doing well with her piano, is practising on her own without much prodding. Even my tin ear recoginizes the improvement she has made.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:37 AM GMT on November 19, 2007

Clear, brisk breeze from north @20-25KPH, temp 1C with a windchill of -4C. This is forecast till end of the week when will change to southerly influence and rain.

The wind is supposed to be less severe for the next few days, giving the fisheman a better day at the office. Lots of boats out yesterday, taking advantage in the positive change in weather conditions.

Time to get the decorating completed, more homes turning on each day. I have most of the lights looked after, will wait a few days before putting the animals in place.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:57 AM GMT on November 18, 2007

Clear, breeze 10-15KPH from the west, temp 1C, only a high of 2C in the forecast. Similar weather conditions for most of next week, at least give the fisherman a respit from the high winds.

Still no definative price for lobster, price statements $4-4.50, most at $4.25. These prices are marginal at best, no great enthusiasm evident in the fishery so far, due to weather and price. Most of the fleet out yesterday, however a signifigant number did not give it a shot for the reasons mentioned.

The catch is down overall, however some fellows numbers best ever and continue to be so. No rhyme or reason for the disparity, just having traps in the right spot has a lot to do with it.

Both children out overnight, pretty quiet around here when that happens.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:31 PM GMT on November 17, 2007

Another morning with high winds, 35-40KPH, from the west, temp 3C can be referred to as seasonable.

Very few fellows ventured out to check traps yesterday, high winds, seas combined wtih the unknown price made the prospect of a partial day of fishing not a viable financial option. Catch reports are spotty, some report slight decrease, however with weather conditions being as they are impossible to get a clear picture. Next week weather looking better from a wind perspective.

Emily babysitting last night, Rob at home with movies and his guitar.

Cold enough now to start getting the outdoor Xmas Decorations on the move. Wind will make it interesting to get some of the lights up in the bigger trees. A number of homes already lit up, more will come on stream as the month disappears closer to 'Christmas Month'.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on November 16, 2007

Nasty morning strong SE 30-35KPH, rain, 10C temp. This type of weather for most of the day, gradually clearing and getting cooler.

Trip over from mainland uneventful, but the Bay was getting a little angry. Had a good drive to Moncton with a stop in St. John. Donna's dad accompanied me, had a good time with a stop at PRINCESS AUTO and CANADIAN TIRE all in the same day.

Emily entered a MARITIME IDOL contest, made the cut to go to next round. She has been very quiet about it until the event. Her main critic, Rob advises she did 'alright' but not great. Eliminations continue over the next three weeks.

Did learn on the trip over that at least two fellows overboard on Tuesday. They were recovered with no long term harm done. Can see how they got overboard, how they were able to retrieve them difficult to imagine.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:20 AM GMT on November 15, 2007

Sitting here looking into the harbour, calm, slight breeze from south, warm @10C. Forecast is for gale force later on today and for tomorrow.

Yesterday's 'small craft advisory' on the mark. Lots of wind and resulting wave action all day. No problem getting the traps hauled, just walked a few extra steps keeping upright. Hauled traps all day, our catch was real good with a good average per trap at all locations. Still no idea on the price or what the overall catch for the area is like.

The man lost on Tuesday is from Beaver Harbour. Through his efforts he was able to get life preservers to his three crew members,get a mayday out before he attempted to leave the sinking boat - too late.

Giving wind for next several days, not a good start to the lobster season, typical.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:01 AM GMT on November 14, 2007

Overcast, calm, 1C, a high of only single digits in the forecast.

Setting Day difficult weather wise, one boat lost with a loss of the owner, two guys saved . Trajedy occurred just after 0700 near the Wolves. The poor weather come on suddenly, a vote to cancel the opening failed due to process would take longer than the opening hour allowed. Once one fellow left the wharf the die was cast. The bad weather never let up for the whole day, traps had to be set where they weren't destined for just to lighten the load in some cases. In our effort it required three trips to get the traps off, the boat was stable on each trip. Lots of crew to handle the gear, going slow, the conditons just made the day a bit uncomfortable, no incidents.

Today indeed for the remainder of the week wind in forecast. Today once again 'small craft advisory' in effect for the daylight hours so will see what happens today. Hopefully can get my lunch aboard this AM lost it overboard yesterday getting aboard the boat, not a good start.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:06 AM GMT on November 13, 2007

Light rain, temp 5C, southerly 15-20KPH. Small craft advisory in effect for the day.

Another day in the annual cycle of the community commences at 0700 with opening day of lobster fishing. The traffic going by enroute to the wharf steady. Will be joining them shortly.

The answers to the major questions will soon be answered -the size of the catch and what is the price. Have not heard of any definative price as yet, suppose the law of supply and demand will influence that to some degree. Did notice the CAD had dropped back to the $1.04 USD range this morning.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:14 AM GMT on November 12, 2007

A fall morning, clear, NW @ 10-15KPH, cool at -3C with only a high of 5C in the forecast as the day moves along.

Weather unsettled for the next few days 'small craft advisory' issued for tomorrow 'setting day'. No sustained wind prior gives less wind for today as the day unfolds.

Baiting and loading the boat with traps the order for today. Many boats have this chore completed, ready to go at 0700 tomorrow.

Rob is on wheels again, mobile yesterday afternoon, already sevral miles on the 'new board'. Those fellows are dedicated as the cold wind did not deter a large group of them up until dark.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:11 PM GMT on November 11, 2007

After suggesting we usually get a bye on snow cover for awhile, woke up this morning with ground snow white as they say.

Strong NW wind 35-40KPH, cool at -1C, mostly overcast. Forecaster has changed his mind and now looking for wind on setting day, along with signifigant breeze for most of the week. Typical lobster fishing weather, the U.S. guy giving more than the Canadian - at the moment.

Emily out overnight, Rob out for most of the evening, combined with a couple of movies did not see him once he got home.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:04 PM GMT on November 10, 2007

Overcast, cool with northerly breeze 30-35KPH, temp 3C. American forecaster has small craft advisory, Canadian calling for gale force by dark. Breezy for tomorrow, temps reflecting the time of year for sure.

Snow in the forecast for parts of the mainland, showers for us. Forecast for setting day pretty good, along with the first day of hauling. Great to be able to get a few nice days to get the season underway. I am going for a couple of days at the outset had to be reminded by the skipper that I did indeed go last year after setting day. I had convinced myself that my option was not picked up ater setting the traps, a mind fart of some proportion I suppose.

Both kids under the roof, with no extras last night, for a change. Believe there is some lobbying to get out tonight, or have a guest will see how the day unfolds.

Have started culling the Xmas Lights, already located sevral strings that should have been eliminated. The weather has been too nice to get it done, one must have frozen fingers to appreciate the excercise.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on November 09, 2007

A few clouds, calm, 3C temp. Gale warning issued for later on this weekend starting this evening from NE.

Girls returned last evening on scehdule, from all accounts the foray was successful. The drop in prices to reflect the change in currency value save us lots of money, I am told.

Traps and boats getting in final stages of preparation for Tuesday, hopefully the weather coming this way will have left the area in plenty of time to get the traps in the water without incident.

Kids glad to have nan back under the roof, dosen't generate the excitement her return did a few years ago. Interests are now a little more expanded I suppose.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:39 AM GMT on November 08, 2007

Clear, calm, 1C temp, slight overcast, overall a very nice morning looking across the harbour.

The shoppers begin their return this AM, departure from Moncton will put them in St. John about opening time. A very good day for travelling on land or sea, they plan on returning on the third trip this afternoon.

Wharves full of traps, always amazes how many will be going in the water on Tuesday. Still major concern on what the price might be, CAD was trading at $1.10+USD at one time yesterday, this morning dropped back to the $1.08 range.

A few waterfowel in evidence this morning, but generally quiet, geese have been travelling south high overhead for the past week or so.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:30 AM GMT on November 07, 2007

Windy nasty day most of yesterday well into the evening. This morning, calm, clear, tide high resulting in a nice reflection of the rising sun in the harbour. Temp 4C, looking for sun rest of the week.

Meeting for the community complex well attended considering the weather. No opposition that the complex much required, operating costs, enhancements - budget allowing - were the main components of the discussion. The architects feel that could go to tender by January providing final drawings approved forthwith.

Shopping duo had no problem with the weather conditions, will continue again today. Some of the time to be wasted getting groceries I understand.

CAD continues to rise, trading near $1.10USD this morning. Good for cross border shopping, having a great negative effect on the future all important lobster price.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:45 AM GMT on November 06, 2007

Struggle between overcast and sunrise over Ross Island, overcast is winning the battle at the moment. Breeze coming up with the sun from SE @ 35-30kph, 6C temp. Possibility of showers as the day moves along.

Girls hit the ground running, with a full couple of days remaining. Prices are reflecting the change in the CAD, in a effort to reduce the cross-border shopping for the upcoming season. CAD reaching for $1.08USD this morning, price of fuel on the increase in Calais a jump of $.14/U.S. gallon within the past week. Amazing how quick the pumps reflect increase on the world stage, but when goes the other way the product has to clear the supply lines before the reduction is felt.

Rob has his 12th birthday mid month, a good thing as his board give up the ghost. He has been going through board withdrawal ever since as a few of the days have been good temps for the park.

Public meeting tonight to have a showing of the concept of the proposed sports/B&G Club/community centre placed before the community. If all goes well should be open this time next season.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:24 AM GMT on November 05, 2007

A few hours makes quite a difference when Mother Nature is involved. This AM, calm, clear with the sun peeking up over Ross Island, temp 0c.Anticipating clear and cool weather for the next few days.

Girls underway this morning a great looking morning to travel on the water. They have a game plan, with lots of time to implement. Once on the mainland they are not concerned about the weather, they return when weather permits.

CAD remains high, weekend reports indicates that can go higher over the next few weeks. Gas did not get to $1.18/litre last adjustment $1.05/litre, diesel fuel at the $1.15/litre range. Boat fuel exempt from road tax around $.75/litre - easy to understand that fuel is now a major expense on the water or wherever diesel engine is involved.

Haloween loot fast disappearing, hard to fathom how it can be consumed so rapidly. Emily not so bad, Rob at whenever he thinks he can get away with it.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:03 PM GMT on November 04, 2007

Overcast, broken clouds in some instances, high westerly wind 55-60KPH, 5C temp. Wind to continue at these levels till later on today, light winds by tomorrow. However forecast for gale force SE for Tuesday - season definatly changed to winter mode.

Our wind guage max'd at 94KPH around midnight, had been consistant at 70-75KPH for a few hours. The trees that had leaves survived expected they would have come down, with extra pressure of the high wind. Did shorten the flag by one stripe, never have had the occur over the past fifteen years.

Tide on the risr, swell going up on Ross Island a fair distance, glad the wind is from the west for our shoreline. Reports of power outages in Nova Scotia and mainland New Brunswick fairly wide spread.

Emily out overnight, Rob had movies and PS2 for his entertainment.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:35 AM GMT on November 03, 2007

Overcast, harbour feather white, with a steady 25-30KPH breeze from NE, temp 7C, with the breeze a wind chill factor of -2C.

A look at the forecast reveals NOEL remains on schedule to visit overnight. Wind and rain warnings in effect till early Sunday AM. His path appears to be heading 'uo the Bay', that being the case we will have the best he has to offer in the way of weather.

Rob has an overnight guest, no movement from any of them as yet. A combination of games and movies usually means they are still prowling long after this frame is ironing out the bed.

Weather more like lobster season is drawing nigh, the temp will be the next to reflect the season opening I suspect.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:50 AM GMT on November 02, 2007

Clear,slight draft from WSW, temp 5C. Daylight coming later in the morning, will change this weekend, will bring dark shortly after supper.

NOEL paying a visit late tomorrow, track has moved such that will be coming up the Bay with lots of rain and wind. Forecast would indicate that moving fairly rapidly, appears possible that 48 hours of disturbance of some level this way comes.

CAD remains high, paper reporting the most recent high has not been matched in past one hundred years. Gas prices on the rise, heard last night an increase of $.15/litre today - will wait to see. The difference between last weeks price and Calais past week at $.17/litre.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:01 AM GMT on November 01, 2007

Different this morning gazing out the window, warm at 14C with a 15-20KPH breeze from south. Overcast with the attempt of clearing underway, however forecast is for moisture as the day moves along.

Halloween loot is the only descriptor that applies, literally bags full. They wandered the Harbour, and would say all households very generous. Rob did get hit by an apple from a vehicle, some idiots idea of a good time. Never understood what makes such actions on Halloween exempt from good sense, not likely to occur tonight in the same location.

See some traps making thier way to the wharf in Seal Cove and North Head, soon will be full of traps in anticipation of the opening day.


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