By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on May 31, 2007

Overcasst, slight draft from NNE, temp 12C. Calling for damp days as far out as we can see. Temps to be cool with highs in the mid-teens for each day.

Rumour has it that sk8board park to arrive today and be set up ready to go by the weekend. Lots of anticipation in the crowd for the event to occur. Too bad, if indeed this is the weekend, that the weather is not going to co-operate. Doubt if a little damp weather will make a great difference in the use of the facility.

Fishing news remains about the same, with a few herring around, and lobsters slowly beginning to make an appearance, at least in some areas.

Yard is taking shape, but weather will hold up some of the effort, also a couple days visit with brother in the offing.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:34 AM GMT on May 30, 2007

Clear, calm, 13C, another nice morning. Looking for a little dampness in the area for a few hours, then back to the nice weather.

Rob had his first game last evening, a loss. The boys felt they had it by showing up - a little humble pie is usually a good thing. It appears as if they had right attitude, enjoying the game with no excuses for the loss other than the TIGERS played better.

Just a few brant around yesterday, one big raft in the harbour. I would say they have moved along to the north for nesting. Other waterfowel must be nesting, only see the odd pair of ducks infront of the house.

The CAD continues to rise over $.93 this morning, quite a jump these past few days.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:36 AM GMT on May 29, 2007

Clear, a fairly brisk breeze from west, a nice morning temp of 14C. Looking for a nice couple of days, with some unsettled weather towards end of the week.

Dollar still high, around the $.92 range compared to the USD. No relief in the gas prices, the new price comes out on Thursday, best can hope for is to maintain current price.

School starting to wind down the order for today the student body cleaning the ditches on the island. The village will donate funds to the school for the effort, a win for the village and the school.

A rockweed harvester briefly lost in the fog yesterday. Don't know if Search & Rescue or local located him. Weather conditions on the southern end of the island thick fog with a breeze from SW, northern part of the island clear with just a slight haze.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:35 AM GMT on May 28, 2007

Overcast, showers overnight, rain in forecast for this morning. Wind SE enough to move the flag, temp 9C - no coffee on the verandah for next couple of days it would appear.

Rob went with a buddy to baseball practise last evening. Returned home with a uniform, playing first base, and a great enthusiasm for the American pastime. First game tomorrow evening, weather permiting. Guess know what I will be doing a couple of nights a week for the next couple of months.

Lobster season ends in another month, just a slight indication that they are beginning to move. A few herring in the wiers at North Head. Wier construction well underway, both on front and back of the island. No word on groundfish, other than see some halibut steals offered last week.

Productive weekend on yard front, dahlia beds started, lawn mowed, no mulch moved as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:01 AM GMT on May 27, 2007

Another coffee/tea start on the verandah, will be the last for next few days as wet weather enroute. Clear, calm, 14C. Forecast is very nice for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday a great weather day, hot by our standards, for anytime of the year. Temp hovered near 30C well into the evening no breeze. Yard work was the benafactor of the good weather, it now in commence.

The riding mower come home from the doctor, Robs' buddies away for the day. He volounteered to mow, on the riding of course, spent a couple of hours at it. He did a good job, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Have not seen Emily since Thrusday evening, returning to the fold this morning to get her chores caught up.

Marinated chicken, and pork loin made to mimic ribs on the BBQ menu today. Allie has given lots of info will attempt the smoker soon.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:06 AM GMT on May 26, 2007

A first for this season, coffee and tea on the verandah. Calm, temp 12C, clear buy hazy across the harbour. Expected into the mid 20's before the day is out.

Donna deciding if safe to plant her window boxes, the long range gives no indication of frost out as far as can see. So will no doubt get at it this next few days, have a load of mulch to move around also. The pickup is rounded up with three cubic feet of the stuff. Unlike OGAL, there is no landscaper coming in to plant or move this stuff around, unless I qualify for the title.

Bugs can relate to cost of fuel, left over $100 to fill the truck yesterday. Our price is $1.14/litre, a quick calculation brings that to around $4.35USD for an American gallon. It would appear you folks are closing the gap especially as our dollar stays high - highest has been in over 30 years.

Received four nice lobster after getting home last evening. Now cooked, and deciding when to get at them, Emily still out for today. Will wait and see when she returns as to best prepare them. Sure appreciate having a treat from the briny expecially lobster.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:22 AM GMT on May 25, 2007

Hazy this morning, sun coming up over the northern end of Ross Island a giant red orb. Absolute calm a draft from east, not enough to pick up the flag, temp 8C. Looking for a hot muggy day for this part of the world in mid 20's.

Canadian Dollar remains high coming in at$.92 USD this morning. Some analyists suggesting parity by fall. Not a good thing if selling products to the U.S. market, a further hit for lobster price as our dollar increases in value.

Off to St. John for a quick trip, will bring a load of mulch home as gardens getting ready for the finishing touches. Planting should start this weekend by look of the forecast.

Another weekend, Emily away for at least tonight, no word on Robs' plans, just bring donoughts when I come home. Sk8board park rumoured to be enroute for next week, "boy are we pumped" is the thoughts of boarders.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:43 PM GMT on May 24, 2007

Initial entry off into cyber space again this morning, a breeze from SW 10-15KPH, temp 9C expected to rise high teens along the coast, hot and humid inland for next couple of days.

Beautiful day on the water yesterday, lobsters not as plentiful as I guy would like. Did manage to make it worthwhile by the end of the day. Lots of sun and calm all day, flocks of gannets in the morning in abundance. Much better conditions than last time down around the ledges in December.

Frost overnight, but lawn will require some attention once it dries out today. Still wary of putting the annuals outside, but being hardned by being placed outside for the day.



By: GRANDMANAN, 8:08 AM GMT on May 23, 2007

Clear, absolute calm, a cool 0c temp, expected to rise to mid teens as the day moves along. Cool temps until the full moon next week it appears.

Almost forgot there are two 4:30's on the clock. Off for day of lobster fishing with friend and his son. Time to dip thier buoys, and require an extra hand to make things go smoother. Looks to be great day for it, spring fishing usually much better conditions than the winter fishery.

Girls returned lots of plants have found a new home. They were advsied to hold off putting them in until after the full moon. As a result they are greeting people in the back entry, they would have had a hard night last night on the verandah for sure.

Hope to bring home a couple of lobsters - if I hold up my end - for a possible surf n' turf BBQ effort on the weekend. Doubt if they last that long as Emily will have Donna build a chowder and it will be gone.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:29 AM GMT on May 22, 2007

SUNSHINE, a draft from the north, temp 7C, anticipating getting into midteens by this afternoon. This type of weather until end of the week.

Girls able to concentrate on the flower shopping yesterday as the stores closed for the holiday. Appears they will have sufficent time to make the tour today before they return home.

Brant are forming up to travel. Appeared to be thousands of them in flight yesterday around the harbour. They set down infront of the house, and quite a din when they were all talking.

The lawn will require attention in the next day or so, can almost hearing it growing in this sunshine.

Children back to school, this holiday behind them means the next one is the long summer hiatus. They are looking forward the summer for sure.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on May 21, 2007

A change in the weather this morning, just now overcast no rain or drizzle, a slight draft from NW not enough to send flag out straight. Temp 5C, expected to stagger into the low double digits before the day is over.

Donna and her mate off on the sleepover, good travelling weather. Expect that it will be better has the day moves along, sun in the forecast for tomorrow until at least weeks end.

One thing about the moisture it has brought out the leaves, and the lawns are a golf course green right now. They will require some attention once they dry to allow a power mower on them.

Long weekend for the children, no sk8board weather as yet so the year has been pretty quiet in that regard.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:06 AM GMT on May 20, 2007

Weather is still the same, foggy, drizzle, visibility to less than mid harbour. No wind for a change, temp 7C, overnight the first in sevral days that no fire required in the stove.

Burned more wood this past two and half months than previous four. Taking quite a bite out of the supply for next season. Still better than electric heat both for comfort and cost.

Girls travelling tomorrow, I would say come hell or high water. Time to get it done, even if the weather dosen't want to co-operate. It is looking better by mid-week, about the time they return with thier bounty.

Both kids below decks last night, for a change. Rob and his guitar getting louder as his confidence with the instrument increases.

Some of the fleet at work yesterday, would have been hard to follow a string of traps with the fog being so thick.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:31 AM GMT on May 19, 2007

Weather remains consistant, dismal, fog and drizzle today. Temp 8C, breeze from north 15-20KPH. Expecting same type of weather until mid week.

Brant must be in the lee this morning, have not been up this way for the last couple of days. High tide finds them up in the harbour where they get less of a rake from the northerly wind.

Emily out overnight, expect will be away most of the day. Not much one can do outside, so a little company makes the day go better for the pair of them. Rob quite content to jam and have the PS2 to himself last night, a good thing for all concerned.

Donna and her garden centre buddy still waiting for a weather change prior to setting date to travel. Nothing would get a good start with these temps and all the rain.

Transfer of smolt appears to have been slowed, due to weather conditions. Lobster market not great, how quick it changes.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:13 AM GMT on May 18, 2007

Damp day again, rather wet, wind from north at 25-30KPH, would guess looking at the flag, showers already this AM, looking for rain. Temp 4C with not a great improvement anticipated with a high of 8C in the forecast. This type of weather well into next week.

Needless to say the outside work has come to a halt, however the lawn is looking good as a result of the moisture.

Kids have an extra longweekend off today, and Monday. We have one extra body under the roof last night. Entertaining to say the least piano at one end, guitar at the other before the movies kicked in.

See some traps infront of the house, rather early would suspect for any amount of lobsters to be this far inshore.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:50 AM GMT on May 17, 2007

Heavy winds from north, at least 45-55KPH, the flag remians straight out, a cool 3C, showers. As the morning moves along getting a little brighter, this type of weather till next week.

So far have avoided the snow, just a little inland not the case. Around Fredericton brother advises most of yesterday winter like snowstorm. Snow damp but managed to have an inch on the ground by suppertime.

Lots of water infront of the house appears as the drainage ditch must have been plugged with rockweed from the high tide overnight.

Weather will prevent any further transfer of fish for a few days. The lobster fleet will be tied up till this passes, fishing days are now numbered any days lost cannot be made up.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on May 16, 2007

A farmers rain this morning, light straight down, calm, absolutly no air movement, temp a mild 8C. Calling for continued rain with a drop in temp along with gusty winds by this afternoon.

A visit to eye doctor reveals both children require specs. Rob will have to wear his full time, Emily in school for the board and reading. Can imagine what that will be like trying to keep up with them. Robs are shatterproof, now that he can see properly hard to say what tricks he will learn off the ramps.

Lots of smolt going in with delivery taking place seven days a week. The water temp reported to be somewhat low for the time of year. A few of the sites have there number of fish, and have started the process of getting them growing.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on May 15, 2007

Overcast, southerly @ 10-15KPH,temp 7C, to rise again into the mid teens. Rain expected by tonight for the rest of the week. A disappointing notation for tomorrow, rain mixed with wet SNOW. Along with that forecast is wind from NE with gusts to 40KPH, not spring like for certain.

Brant still in great numbers this morning, milling around as the tide comes up over the rockweed they seem to enjoy feeding on.

Lawn around the house has been mowed, the front towards the shore just coming on still wet just below the surface. The grass is native saltwater grass, and come along slowly until the conditions are what it is looking for.

Kids discussing the end of school days for this year topic of discussion on a daily basis. Emily angling for a cellphone in the worst way, going to be a difficult sell for her. Rob holding his cards close to the vest, he realizes his average will dictate what he feels he is able to hold out for.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on May 14, 2007

Calm, clear with a draft from the west, temp 7C, expected to be in the mid teens by afternoon. Brilliant sunrise this morning, daylight coming early in the swamp these days.

Brant still on patrol, but not as many this morning as past few days. Can't tell if they have started moving north yet or not.

Lots of wier work underway, a few of the seiners have been out looking. Reports of bodies of herring on the Banks, still a lot of lobster gear to contend with in that area. Lobster news about the same, some indication they are crawling, still not a universal observation by no means.

Lawn needs to be clipped today, as moist weather for most of the week coming our way.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:14 AM GMT on May 13, 2007

Partial overcast, calm, what movement there is from the south,temp 7C. Looking for mid teens for temp as the day moves along.

Lots of birds on the water this morning, mostly brant, they will be forming up to move further north within the next couple of weeks. They are vocal when they gather.

Emily enjoyed her babysitting job, the best part was the pay of course. Not one to spend enjoys piling it up, her brother on the otherhand likes to keep money in circulation. Rob out overnight once again, don't know how he would make out, pretty tired from Friday night, lack of sleep.

Mothers Day gathering, our moms will be here for a BBQ. Have taken ALLIE's advice and marinated the steaks overnight. Did some of the preparation last night in an attempt to take some of the duties off of Donna, probably not much relief in the end of things.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:16 AM GMT on May 12, 2007

Clear, a breeze from NW 10-15KPH, just enough to keep flag out straight. Temp a nice 10C only expected to get into mid-teens by this afternoon.

Both children on the road, last seen them at breakfest yesterday. Imagine they will be back by noon, Emily has a commitment for babysitting this PM. Rob will need to pick up his boarding gear with weather like this they will be gathering I am sure.

Yard preparation in full commence, sevral loads of soil added, along with sevral barrow loads of weeds removed. Still too cool in the evenings to allow annuals to go in, but May long weekend is next, the traditonal time for planting. Hopefully Mother Nature is on side to allow the planting to go ahead.

A raft of brant infront of the house talking up a storm, sounds almost like purring. To a bird facing into the wind, and appear stationary.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on May 11, 2007

Fog, visibility less than 1/2 mile, hint of a breeze from SSW. Temp a cool 6C, expected to rise to low teens with a possible shower before the day if over.

Only a slight indication that the lobster are beginning to move. A piece in the paper telling about the high prices of a few weeks ago to the boat, $15/1b, cost the consumer in a white tablecloth restaurant over $50 for the same lobster.

Both attended the 'spring fling', typical social gathering. Both groups in respective corners, boys in the back away from the action and not near the dance floor. Girls close to the floor in the off chance an opportunity to dance come along. A grand time had by all, according to the conversation the chauffeur heard, I did not seem to be in the vehicle it just went along on its own.

Donna and her old buddy going to hit the road next week for a sleepover and tour of garden centres. We should have the beds ready for their return.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on May 10, 2007

Thick fog greeted one this morning, calm with a slight draft trying to make up from the south. Temp a cool 6C, supposed to rise into 20's again today. Yesterday fine day with mild temps and little breeze.

Green finally beginning to show on the lawns in good shape. The trees giving a strong indication that the leaves are getting ready to show themselves. Donna hard at the flower gardens getting them ready with some of the perennials finding thier new home. If rain holds off she may get them ready before has to hold up for a day or so.

Emily attending first social event of the spring at the school, 'spring fling'. The event is grades 6-8, semi-formal from 7-9PM. Rob not interested, if jeans not acceptable as dress code guesses he will pass.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on May 09, 2007

Clear, with a bit of haze, calm, temp 7C, expected to climb to mid-teens today. Lots of wind yesterday kept it cool all day.

The cleaning up of the gardens getting on the short half now, lots of casualties making room for new recruits. It is looking much better with the winter remains cleaned up. Nice morning to get some more of the bullwork completed.

Should be a grand day on the water, still no reports of a dramatic increase in the catch. Just that 'some' of the strings looked promising.

Fair amount of waterfowel infront of the house at daylight, but now have moved off to other areas in the harbur.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on May 08, 2007

Hazy this morning, brisk southerly winds 25-30KPH, 6C temp. Looking for high temps in mid 20's before the day is out. Gusting winds in the 60KPH range as the day progresses. That will certainly dry things out in a hurry.

Smolt arriving big time, with sevral sites taking fish each day. With the number of fish to go in locally will take a few weeks to have them all in the water.

Still quiet on the local fishing front, hopefully with the warmer temps the lobster will start to show up also. Don't imagine much off shore activity today as the wind continues to pickup.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on May 07, 2007

Slight haze, slight draft from SW, poosibly 10KPH, temp 9C. Looking for a high of 20C before the day is done. Good temps for the rest of the week. Will get some of the yard work completed for sure.

Kids returned by late afternoon. Emily had a bonous went to 'camp' for dinner and part of the afternoon. Lots of BBQ for her, hotdogs and hamburgers. Rob stayed in the trailer overnight with two others, lots of conversation and sk8board tapes, hard to beat.

Weir construction well underway for the upcoming season. A couple of them have temporary twine on them in Whale and Pettes Coves. Push is on for smolt entry as most of the sites in the North Head area ready to accept them. The water temp and weather is finally beginning to co-operate to make the process alot better for all concerned.

CAD remains $.90 to the USD, energy prices still the same this morning.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:04 AM GMT on May 06, 2007

Clear, 6C temp, slight breeze 10-15KPH from NNW, looking for a nice day with temps rising into double digits. Long range looks encouraging for clear weather and spring like temps, bring it on.

Dorm cleared out last night, both kids sleeping around the neighbourhood. Emily had an opportunity to babysit for a couple of hours, then off to her sleepover. Rob pretty well gone since yesterday afternoon. Two of his friends have dirt bikes, he was the pit man, at least that was all he was cleared for, no riding.

Freshet still in evidence on certain time of the tide, very obvious from North Head, haven't heard if the river has started to recede or not.

A few scallops showing up from up The Bay, must get some for the freezer, great on the BBQ or the smoker. Haven't attempted the smoker as yet, but the BBQ slowly coming into use.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:15 AM GMT on May 05, 2007

A picture like sunrise, now becoming cloudy, with a threat of showers in the forecast. Guage still not giving me the wind speed, will have to crawl up and have a look, then say yep it's not working. Temp a nice 9C, westerly enough to keep the flag out straight without interruption, 15-20KPH. Looking for very warm temps next week well into the 20's even along the coast.

House full with children reciprocating on sleepovers. Movies for each group combined with computer and PS2 makes for an effective entertainment evening, no input from old folks required.

Yard work to commence in ernest, have been so advised by the head grounds person. No doubt can get at it today without any problems, unless the moisture shows up.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on May 04, 2007

Clear, a brisk westerly breeze,(guage still on the fritz), temp 8C supposed to rise to double digit before the day is done. Starting on Sunday looking for warm temps with mid-week first time in the 20's for local temps, something to look forward to for sure.

Kids off school today, looks as if good weather for outdoor activities for them. A few kids in the yard last night on the 'boards', now roller blades also popular for the less accomplished on the board. I notice the bladers also attempt most of the jumps the boarders do. Rob on his back once, with a hurt expression both embarassment and pain I suspect.

Will get a good start at the yard this weekend, and must locate the dahlia bulbs, the well drained bed can accept them now. Have been advised sevral changes in location of perenials, and shrubs in the offing.

Fishing news still pretty quiet, with the lobster catch best described as being 'spotty'. A few signs they may be starting to crawl.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on May 03, 2007

A clear morning, a slight breeze from west @10-15KPH, temp 9C. Windows open already to take advantage of spring air.

Gas price to go up today, notice CAD up around $.91 USD, highest it has been for quite sometime. Last weekend gas in Calais was $3.07 USD for U.S.gallon, a marked increase over the past few weeks. No relief anticipated in the near future.

The freshet(phonetic) has hit, can see it on the high water around North Head. When it hits in an area where guys hauling traps it is enough to run the buoys under even in the shoal water.

Have not seen any whales around North Head since before the nor'easter of a couple of weeks ago.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on May 02, 2007

Overcast, cool at 5C, draft from SSW, looking for this type of conditions for the day. Possibly getting into double digits if we are lucky for a temp.

The girls had a good trip yesterday, more of a surveilance trip, as other duties got in the way. The plan is in place just watch the weather and calendar, then go for it.

The school countdown for summer vacation underway the few weeks are being converted to number of days remaining. Emily has a couple of weeks booked at her aunts on the mainland, Rob relying on the sk8board park being in operation.

Getting a small amount of work done in the yard, but rain keeping one in the house, plus the temps not the best.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:36 AM GMT on May 01, 2007

Overcast, deciding if it will clear or not, temp a cool 5C, a slight draft from the west. Not giving any warm temps this week, with a possible improvement by the weekend.

Donna and her buddy off to St. John for the day, somewhat impromptu, but well received. The weather for travellig is ideal not a ripple on the water and none forecast. A precursor to the garden centre foray in two or three weeks.

Most of the fleet at work yesterday, but have no idea of how the catch looked. Monitoring the radio didn't sound as if it was overly productive.


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