By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on October 31, 2006

What a difference a few hours can make. Total calm, beautiful sunrise over the harbour at high tide. Temp 3C. Ducks close to shore, the sun comes up almost direct across from the house these mornings and will travel further down Ross Island over the next few weeks.

Have not learned of any damage, but the aquaculture sites could not be evaluated until today. The sites on the southern end of the island must have had a hard three days. Some of the older people have said they cannot remember the water being so rough.

Kids are gearing up for tonight, are travelling with friends so will be staying home for the first time since they have been Halloweening. I can stand that.

Rob likes his guitar, advised me last night he has figured out how to play Thunderstruck by AC-DC. I can't argue as it is not Willie NELSON. Not impressed with his choice of music, but if it motivates him to learn/play guitar will go with the flow.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:27 AM GMT on October 30, 2006

Overcast, still blowing SW @35-40KPH, forcasting no let up for another 24 hours, temp 6C with wind much colder.

Guage only had a high of 80KPH over past 48 hours. However the Bay can only be described as awesome, checked out southern end of the island yesterday near high water. Seas were moving mountains, and lots of them.Outer Wood Island had seas going where I had not seen them go before. Lots of sight seers, at Southern Head couldn't take a picture as the wind would not allow me to stand still, could literally lean into it and not fall down.

The ferry made its' first run and returned yesterday, must have been quite a trip coming across the channel.

Kids looking forward to Halloween, but after the dance the excitement level has waned somewhat. They have thier routes planned, and who they will be travelling with.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on October 29, 2006

Partial overcast, blowing hard from south 45-50KPH, guage recorded a high gust of 80KPH. The wind blew hard all night looking around the yard any trees that had a leaf are now naked. Temp still good at 9C. The wind forecasting to remain high until Tuesday morning.

Waves running up on Ross Island as the wind drives them into the harbour. This amount of wind for this length of time could have an effect on the inshore lobsters. They move off into deeper water to avoid the turbulance. Still a couple of weeks to go before the fellas find out what it is going to be like.

Rob out for the night, and had a great afternoon with the skateboarding fraternity. Approx 30-35 kids in attendance, with no problems getting along, they just happy to have a place they could practise inside.

Some of the aquaculture sites will be vulnerable to this wind, especially such sustained. The operators would be unable to get to them should anything happen on the site.



By: GRANDMANAN, 3:13 PM GMT on October 28, 2006

Overcast, breezing fromSE @ 35kph the wind is picking up all the time, temp 7C, but with this amount of wind seems much colder.

Had a good trip over yesterday, but did not tary this morning, and made the first trip home. The water was just beginning to show whitecaps, but once the tide changes the next trip will be a little more rough for sure.

Donna and Cynthia made a blitz of St. John, as a result WE saved much money from the sales they were able to take advantage of.

Rob had a good evening skateboarding, and not as sore this time around. He goes for the afternoon, Emily out overnight, and have not made contact so far today.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:24 AM GMT on October 27, 2006

Overcast, 0c temp, draft from NW at present time. Forecasting gales from SE tomorrow afternoon and into Sunday.

We are on the boat this morning, but won't tary too long in the morning. Gale force winds to arrive in the PM, Donna would not travel, and if it is as high as forecast no ferry will either.

Jury selection for the drug house burning in July takes place tomorrow, with trial date set for first week in Novemember. A number of locals received summons, can't imagine being asked to serve on this jury. I received one, but with my former career they quickly excused me from showing up.

Kids dance a success, Emily's disco diva went over well, but her peer group required an explanation as to what she represented. Rob went as a farmer complete with bib overalls, strawhat, and due to social occasion a green bowtie. Skateboarding again for him this weekend and he is ceertainly looking forward to his group having at it.



By: GRANDMANAN, 3:58 PM GMT on October 26, 2006

Trouble with computer this AM, but up and going at the moment.

Temp 9C, farily strong NW @30-35KPH, and overcast. Keeps threatning to shower, but holding off for the moment. Still giving fairly good breeze late Sat. afternoon, and for a few days thereafter. Donna will get home just before the real stuff strikes, we hope.

Kids Halloween Dance this evening, Rob is making noises that he is going to attend, will wait and see.

Fishing world quiet all emphasis on deer hunting and getting the final prepartations for the lobster season completed.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on October 25, 2006

Overcast, temp 7C, a draft from NNW, barely enough to move the flag around. Still forcasting wind for the next couple of days, however giving good for Donna's travelling days.

Have not heard of any deer being taken as yet, but ones have spoken with 'saw lots' or 'shot at one', but season is just begun.

Public meeting this evening to showcase the proposed sports complex, Boys & Girls Club. The proposal is generating lots of interest. Have not heard any dissention dealing with the nessectiy of such a building, just how to pay and maintain the complex once in place.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on October 24, 2006

Showers, slight NE breeze, temp 9C. No sun until Friday, but temps remain very good for this time of year.

Plan on visiting brother on the weekend, and Donna already inquiring about the weather. Looks good to get off, but marginal for coming home on Saturday. As long as she gets to the mainland on the planned trip the return can happen at anytime. The winter travelling season is in commence.

Kids had yesterday off, and made the best of it. Rob able to skateboard, and Emily off to Laney's for the day.

Fishing news quiet, with deer season opening majority of the guys at 'camp', and possibly a little hunting thrown in.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:25 AM GMT on October 23, 2006

Not a breath of wind at daylight,a sunrise over the harbour to file in the minds eye, temp 7C. Long range still looking for moisture the next few days.

Yard work pretty well completed with the window boxes now naked, most of pots cleaned up, and dahlia bulbs below deck until spring.

Rob still lame from marathon skateboard evening could not get on his board yesterday at all, barely able to bike. He is hoping his body lets him get at it today, as there is no school, development day for teachers. Emily returned last evening, and as usual had a good time. I don't know how as when asked what they did 'oh nothing'.

Report from Ottawa indicates that Betty may be released from hospital this week. No improvement in her status, but stable.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:11 AM GMT on October 22, 2006

Clear, temp 5C, Westerly breeze 5-10KPH. Forecasting rain tonight, and as far out as longrange shows. Temps still remaing great for this time of year.

Emily out overnight, reciprocal agreement I would assume. Rob had a great evening, he along with seven others of the skateboarding fraternity set up on the cement at the Curling Club. Inside, lights, jumps, supervision(one mother took the iniative to arrange the evening) they went flat out for the three hours. An indication that if facilites and alternatives are provided for youth, role models, good choices will be develop.

Deer hunting opens on Monday, another sign that 'lobster season' is just around the corner.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on October 21, 2006

Overcast, windy at35-35KPH from SW, wind is increasing as daylight arrives, temp still good at 9C. Giving wind for next twenty four hours and damp conditions to go with it.

Emily had friend overnight, they let Rob pick out a scary movie as part of the entertainment. He succeeded pretty well some screaming and closed eyes while it was on, no visits to the old people for protection - one must save face.

Emily and Rob now 'jamming' with guitar and piano. Rob knows a few chords to contribute, but they had a great time getting into the 'zone'.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:50 AM GMT on October 20, 2006

Overcast, temp 8C, southerly 10KPH. Forecasting moisture and wind from south over the weekend. Temps remaining high for this time of year.

The boat on the morning trip, and five thirty, packed. Left on vehicle on the evening trip, but another trip, a good thing.The fourth trip on Saturday to be started, as I understand, this weekend. A longtime getting this level of service for the community.

Public meeting next week about construction of a community centre combining an arena, Boys&Girls Club, and other facilities in one complex. I feel it is a nessecary iniative in the community effort to give our children an option in lifestyle choices.

Betty still hospitalized, and no change in her condition.



By: GRANDMANAN, 9:19 AM GMT on October 19, 2006

Overcast, temp 10C, calm. Very mild temps and continuing in the forecast. Had a fire after supper, and had to open the house to get some relief from the heat. A lot of southerly in forecast for tomorrow.

A trip to St. John today, with Shauna doing some of her shopping for Xmas, while I am meeting. She dosen't get there often, and never with her children, something new for her.

MISTRESS tied up for this season, and emphasis, full court press, on the upcoming lobster season. Now speculation with commence on quantity, weather, and most important price for opening day.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on October 18, 2006

Rain, temp 10C, SE @ 15-20KPH, looking for rain all day and into the evening. No clear weather until Sunday, no bad temps or breeze to look for, which is positive.

MISTRESS has been successful last couple of nights, not having to go far, and set before sunset. The bait trucks going by last evening shortly after dark. This will probably be the last week of fishing, as the fellows have lobster gear to prepare, the season is getting closer.

Rob having trouble not socializing(talking) in school. A note sent home, his new skateboard on probation, but not on the shelf as yet. Nice to have a little presuader to get his attention, that he will pay attention to.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on October 17, 2006

Calm, 4Ctemp, another eye catching sunrise over Ross Island. A good weather day in the offing with clouds overnight with moisture entroute for a couple of days. The sea smoke through the sunrise quite something to behold, can't capture on my camera as require a time delay to do so.

A fairly good frost overnight, so the last of the dahlias will come out over the next couple of days.

An anniversary of sorts, FORTY YEARS ago on this date took the oath as a member of RCMP. Left on my own from Fredericton to drive to Regina, quite an undertaking as up until that time had not ranged more than a hundred miles from my own bunk. Soon learned this is a huge country, and Montreal does exist.

Lobster bait still being landed, but must be getting close to the end of the season, for this time around.



By: GRANDMANAN, 3:32 PM GMT on October 16, 2006

Unable to get on this morning, had a great sunrise, calm with temp of 6C at sunrise. Still very nice, temp rising to 12C with a draft from the east. Cloudy weather with possiblity of showers in the offing in the next couple of days.

Betty's family down with the flu, but have reports from the hospital that her condition is remaining the same with no improvement.

More lobster bait landed this morning, and fellows putting the fresh baited pockets in the freezer waiting for opening day, four weeks from tomorrow.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:19 AM GMT on October 15, 2006

Calm, great sunrise this AM, temp getting down with more consistency @ 6C with a high of 12C, frost warning for most nights on the longrange.

Rob's best friend broke yesterday, his skateboard, he come home with the two sections in hand. He was not in tears, but very close. Able to get him going within the hour, with a board that no one else has. That was supposed to be his birthday present next month, but couldn't go that long without proper gear. He is out overnight with one of the skateboard fraternity.

Quiet on the fishing news front, one can only hope that this type of weather continues.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:21 AM GMT on October 14, 2006

Mostly cloudy, frost overnight, but not too severe. Calm, harbour like a lake with reflection from Ross Island. Temp 4C, weather to improve as the week moves along with sun.

Time to get the dahlias out of the ground and dried out for storage in the basement. Seems they just went in the ground.

Christmas shopping discussions underway, no great requests from children. A possible indication that they are not lacking for things they 'gotta have'.

No word on how Betty is making out.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on October 13, 2006

Wooly this morning, but starting to clear with wind having a little westerly in direction. Can see halfway across the harbour.

Temp a mild 13C slight breeze 10KPH SSW. forecast is for sunny periods over next couple of days, but lots of moisture on long range.

Water temp still high, would be nice if these conditions last for at least another month to get the traps set.

Fuel price locally at $.93/litre, in the $.89 range on the mainland. Haven't heard what is price on U.S.,but getting indications time for a trip to investigate.

Emily has served a detention, for all things talking in class. Seems hard to believe this is the first time for that offence, at least the way she goes on around here.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on October 12, 2006

Nasty morning, NE @ 45KPH, rain, temp is good @13C. Looking this to carry on for next twenty four hours at this intentsity before letting up for a day or so.

Have had the fire going at night, but not required during the day. This is an indication that temps are good for this time of year, and good on the woodpile for later on.

This weather will keep the MISTRESS from getting the last of the quota, but should straighten out before the 15th, date current quota closes. Any fish caught after that date comes off next years allocation, not a good thing, when quota not announced till late spring.

No word on how Betty is doing her son-in-law has not forwarded update from Ottawa.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on October 11, 2006

Mostly overcast, but sun peeking up over Ross Island, temp 11C, breeze from ne @ 35-40KPH, forcasting gales overnight, and tomorrow AM. First blow of the fall if it transpires as forecast. The temps are good, but the wind reminds one that lobster season is not far away.

Rob and buddies forming a band, they have a drummer, Rob taking guitar lessons, no girls, the buddy that started lessons with him is the singer, with final members contribution not identified. Working on a name for the group at this moment.

On way home from meeting last night noticed huge cruise ship making way down the Bay out of Saint John. She was quite a bit offshore, but impressive. Looked like a village floating by all lit up. QE2 in this weekend, and to make one more visit before the end of October.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on October 10, 2006

Clear, indication of cloud cover not too far away, mild at 10C, northerly draft 10-15KPH. Rain in the forecast as the day/week moves along.

Children returned home well after supper, Emily scored another Thanksgiving meal, Rob pizza - how could you beat it?

Rob gives his new guitar a shot this PM, after the teacher tunes it. He is up for the lessons and appears to look forward to them. Emily settling into the piano once again, and doing well.

Betty rallying a small amount, but still very ill. Is awake for part of the visits this past couple of days, but heart far from efficent at this time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on October 09, 2006

Hazy, a sultry 11C temp, calm. The forecast of great weather for the week changing to damp starting as early as this evening. However can keep these temps as long as mother nature allows.

Kids out for the night last night, come together late in the afternoon. Once the gathering broke up they hit the road, returned only for overnight duds and gone.

Did get the stove done and chimney swept so are good to go. The stove appears to burn more efficent, but do require more gaskets when I get on the mainland. The sizes I require not available here at local hardware.

Fishing news pretty quiet, all hands preparing for 14 NOV.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:19 AM GMT on October 08, 2006

Clear, not a ripple in the harbour, temp 7C going to improve as the day moves along. Long range is for similar weather for next week. Will take it for sure.

Will play chimneysweep this morning, and the stove will be ready to go for the winter season. A lot of creosote build up in the stovepipe leading outside, but the chimney looks good.

Thanksgiving/Birthday gathering for dinner, Donna's dad 85 tomorrow. He had a great hunt, with no problems over the week. He enjoyed the grandnephews company, and opportunity to pass his love of the experiance along.

The frost of the other morning certainly a killer as most of the flowers show the results already. Dahlias soon to be gathered, and put below decks for the winter.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:15 AM GMT on October 07, 2006

Not a breathe of wind, clear, temp 6C. Had our first frost overnight, suspect the dahlias will start getting ready for winter rest. The remainder of the garden has been shutting down over past few weeks.

Donna getting pies ready for tomorrow's Thanksgiving gathering, and also her fathers 85th birthday. First one since we returned home that Ivan and Betty have not been at the table.

Will complete the potato harvest, and the stove this weekend as gives above average temps next few days. The chimney has to be swept, and some gaskets on the stove replaced.

MISTRESS will no doubt finish her season next week, with a small amount of quota left to finish off the local bait market.

Soon time to do the Saturday tour with children, and probably take some snaps on a day like this, will see.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on October 06, 2006

Clear, calm, temp 6C with a high of 11C for the day. Frost warning on the mainland, but dosen't appear as if we have had a touch as yet. Forecast for the Thanksgiving Weekend in the 20C range, and good for the long range.

Rob now has a guitar, and walked around most of the evening with it strung over his shoulder. We can't tune it so the sqawks coming out of his efforts are unique to say the least. Emily thinks she will take up the drums to back up Rob's guitar playing, along with the piano.

Betty not doing well, blood pressure very low, and sleeping most of the time. Appears to be losing ground a little bit at a time.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on October 05, 2006

Overcast, heavy rain overnight, wind high at 55 KPH near daylight, and now 35-35KPH from the north, temp 9C. Clearing as the day moves along, and still a nice weekend for the holiday weather wise.

Meeting today with officials Dept. Transportation to give the Transportation Commission an update on the status of the new ferry. The target is having the vessel online by late 2009. The new Provincial
Government has promised to fast track the project as much as possible. To get to this stage has been a fairly intense process of at least eight years, and to a lesser degree before that, by sevral volunteer community members.

Hunters have returned to real world, preliminary indications that there are lots of stories to be told about the week, we will call it oral history.

Lots of bait being put up. some of the fellows have enough, with hopes of more being available just prior to 'setting day'.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 AM GMT on October 04, 2006

Partial overcast, harbour millpond like, temp 10C. Forecast looking great for the rest of the week with good temps and sunshine.

Hunters to return possibly today, they have had some great days for the duck hunt, complete with rain, wind and gorgeous sunshine. They will sail the boat down to the marina today, so whether or not Donna's dad makes it home tonight remains to be determined. A marvelous day to be on the river as the foilage must be at the peak of colours for this year.

MISTRESS landing more bait yesterday from around SEELYS Cove. Has been awhile since fish caught in that area, in shallow water, approx. 14 fathom, but good bottom. Nice looking bait material, not feedy and good size.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on October 03, 2006

Clear, cool @8C, slight draft from SW. Possibility of rain this PM, most likly overnight. Rain for tomorrow, but nice a weekend in the forecast.

Betty has rallied sufficent to be sprung from ICU, but still far from out of the woods. Lots of fluid problems, and congestive heart failure once again.

Music lessons once again on the good side. Rob's buddy has dropped the guitar, but he wishes to continue. Teacher told him if he does well will teach him some heavy rock to keep his interest. Rob striving for that, and have an inexpensive guitar on order.

Herring/bait news pretty quiet due to weather conditions last couple of nights. Still quite a demand for bait to be filled.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:35 AM GMT on October 02, 2006

Overcast, rain overnight and will continue for the next day or so, temp 11C, 20-24KPH from NE. A fair amount of wind overnight with a high gust of 45KPH. Looking to be damp for most of the week, and some wind. Fall conditions in play.

Enthusiasm for Emily's piano seems to be waning this weekend, but too much social activity may be the conflicting issued. Rob eager to get at guitar lesson, and have ordered a learner instrument for him to see how that goes.

Seiners able to fish inside the 'line' as of 1st Oct., and some herring caught over the weekend. With weather conditions as they are doubt if any caught last night.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:08 AM GMT on October 01, 2006

Clear, calm, temp 4C. Remains to be seen if we had frost overnight, must have been close if we avoided it. Sea smoke on the harbour as the sun come up, quickly disapaited as the sun gathered strength.

Most of the lawn work got cuaght up yesterday, and would think that will be the last time for this season.Some of the flowers are still doing alright, but must wait for the frost story to be revealed as to whether or not they are done.

Forcasting some rain and wind from Issac, but the center is well of the to the east as he passes by.

The hunters are ready for the season opening in the morning, but could be tough with rain. They are quite a distance inland so might be lucky.


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