By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on May 31, 2006

Overcast, calm, temp 10C. A ris of damp weather later on today, and over the next few days.

Kids getting ready for summer routine, not much going on this next couple of weeks. Rob has already in the grade six mindset - he at least in his mind - has been successful this year. Emily is wherever the preteen goes at this time of her life.

A few herring showing up on the Nova Scotia shore, and today the lobster season closes over there. This allows the seiners a better opportunity as there will be no conflict of gear.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:38 AM GMT on May 30, 2006

Hazy, 12Ctemp, NE @ 15KPH, forcasting cloud and showers as the day progresses.

Mom did well yesterday, and Dr. says for her age she is going very well. She was glad to get back to her own digs as 12-14hrs with no nap a long stretch for her.

Made a little run over to Calais yesterday AM, border crossing not bad in the morning. Gas around $3 gallon USD. Our price currently $1.15/litre CAD, in Calais was $.87, a signifigant swing.

Memorial Day in U.S. our Rememberance Day on Nov.11. The world situation certainly gives one pause to reflect on the sacrifices the young members of the Armed Services and thier families make every day.


By: GRANDMANAN, 9:08 AM GMT on May 29, 2006

Hazy, draft from SW, temp 11C. Possibility of rain late this afternoon, but great weather in the forecast.

Rob had a great trip, but wasn't long getting in the bunk. Will have to get the gory details later on tonight. Emily very late getting home, 2220 HRS. The boat got tide nipped, and had to wait until it floated. We were a little concerned, but certainly not her. They had a clam bake and lobster feed along with the adventure of egging, not anything to be concerned about at all. All cell phones and such had been turned off for some reason.

Taking mother to Dr.'s appointment today, so will get a chance to look around for the afternoon. Brother going to look after mom, and show her around the old spots she used to visit when she lived there.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 AM GMT on May 28, 2006

Morning fog, visibility approx. 1/2 mile, should burn off pretty soon. Temp 10C, calm forecast rain tomorow but aretty good weather week overall.

Emily should get a good day for gulls egging, and that is on for late this AM. Rob has the day in the campground before returning home this evening, he also should have a good day. The black flies may be a consideration , this type of weather will bring them on near the river.

Lots of yardwork done yesterday, and will get at some more today. Need the riding mower to get the lawn front of the undercontrol, but still too damp for another day or so.

Betty and Pat along with Donna's folks for dinner today. Betty leaving this week, next dinner gathering smaller once again.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:13 AM GMT on May 27, 2006

Very wooly this AM visibility now improving to at least a mile, temp 10C, calm. Good weekend weather wise in the offing.

Rob wandering the house since 0430HRS to insure he didn't miss his ride. Has some cash, going to WEST 49 to check out skateboard stuff, Monstor Trucks tonight, life is good.

If weather is good tomorrow Emily has been invited to go to one of the outer islands gulls egging. It appears that it will be a good day, and opportunity to continue the spring event. Ivan has taken them in the past, and always a great time.

More "strangers from away" showing up all the time, lots of birdwatchers for the spring migration. Term I believe his ecotourism, participants are first batch of boomers. The group older referred to as 'elder hostel' in the borchures.

A local once observed that this place referred to as "as away" must be huge. As far as he could tell anybody not from Grand Manan lived there.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:34 AM GMT on May 26, 2006

Overcast, draft from SW, temp 10C, chance of showers in the forecast. Same type of weather for the weekend, holding up the planting but sure great for the damned lawn mowing.

Listening to VHF at work heard a boat sunk off Nova Scotia, all hands accounted for. Have been unable to learn any of the circumstances, the weather was good so that should not have been an instigator.

Hanging baskets and pots being planted, and the local Garden Centre seeing Donna at least once a day, this will continue for a few weeks. She does a great job getting the gardens just right, there is a term for her addiction.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on May 25, 2006

Partly cloudy, calm, temp 10C. Forecasting more damp weather for the weekend with showers with warmer dry next week.

A few herring showing up on the Nova Scotia side, but not many as yet. There have been a few trips to Connors from the wiers. Large herring almost like sea herring. Unusual to see them at this time of year.

Rob getting up earliar as MONSTER TRUCKS approach. Another couple of days and he is underway.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on May 24, 2006

Partly cloudy, calm, harbour oily calm for the moment, temp 10C. Forecast remains the same for the next few days.

Donna got a start on the yard, and spent quite abit of time moving shrubs around after supper. Shrubs like furniture must be moved around for best effect. One thing about it the transfer is usually easy as the root systems don't have a long time to get established. They seem to travel well, and for the most part don't miss a beat.

Children back in school today for the last few weeks. Those will consist of field trips, and fun days. Will be interesting to see how they make out, Emily does well except for science which is marginal right now. Rob does well, but can't get a handle on how much effort he is putting into it to achieve his marks.

Lobsters have dropped off again, and time is going by. The season closes on 29 JUN until 2nd Tuesday in November, a long time between paydays. The Canadian Dollar is still strong which has an impact on price. The only positive right now is that salmon prices remain good, and look as if they will hold for the rest of the year.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on May 23, 2006

Partly cloudy, slight draft from NW, temp at 8C. Forecast to clear as the week goes on, but temps remaining below zero.

Donna has the spring cleaning caught up, and what remains has been relegated to fall. That means the outside is now the target, weather permitting. We have already replaced two trees, and moved sevral shrubs, just a start I am sure.

Smoker has been pork, and beef todate. The beef turned out not too bad the second day. Will have to return to the brining for tenderness, but too a lesser degree than have been so far.

Children both out overnight, Emily has slept here one night since Thursday, and then she had a buddy. Rob left yesterday at noon on his bike to visit a friend. Hadn't been intouch by supper, and when contacted he was staying there overnight. Quiet last evening around here, not a bad thing at least once in awhile.

Lobster catch in SW Nova down substantially in some locales. With the price of bait and fuel not good, and some of the fellows bringing thier gear home early, not making espenses let alone a payday.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on May 22, 2006

Overcast, southerly @10-15KPH, temp 9C. Still giving showers for today, up until Thursday. A nice weather day yesterday with the same type of forecast, but appears they have it correct today.

Smoker still not correct, require brining to some degree, will cut back on quantity of salt, and give it a try. The meat was tasty, but tough. Thje BBQ vegetables were very good, so by the next few attempts might get the smoker and BBQ to work together.

Holiday today, and Emily still gone around the neighbourhood. Picked her up last evening, by the time we got home another invite waiting for her. Rob has been trouting twice so far, and gone for the day. He has had no luck fishing, but managed to fall in the brook chasing tadpoles. That being the case the day was a success.

Hurricane forecast to be announced today, and dosen't sound good for the upcoming season.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:57 AM GMT on May 21, 2006

Showers, calm, temp 9C. Can see across the harbour to Ross Island, but fog attempting to come up the harbour. Harbour calm, in contrast to the feather white it has been for past sevral days.

Ferry back on the run, and doing well. Quite often after a major refit seems as if there are problems - none reported.

Rain stayed away yesterday, and allowed the yard work to get done. What little remains can be accomplished between showers today.

Attempting smoker again, but no brining of the meat prior to cooking. Also will use regualr BBQ to get the vegetables cooked. At least have enough experiance with BBQ to have the veggies done on time and correct.

Donna has her dining room set up, and has told everybody where her grandmother sat when they had tea. Also found a tablecloth made by her aunt that died very young from TB. Needless to say she is enjoying the acquisiton.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:54 AM GMT on May 20, 2006

Hazy,southerly @10-15KPH, temp 12C. Calling for more showers by this evening.

Victoria Day Weekend, first holiday of summer season, has quite a few 'away' setting up cottages, campers for the summer. Yesterday not a good day to get started blew like hell, and rained almost sideways at spells. Rob glad to see his camper got underway for next weekend.

Yard is getting away once again, lots of moisture, good temps make the lawn become a hayfield. The front of the house to the shore is almost underwater, and requires some mowing, it will be a few days before that takes place.

Donna has been given the dining room suite from Ivans' so have to pick that up. Mixed emotions of course, Betty moving in two weeks, Donna remembers her first cup of tea with her favourite person, Gram, at the table. Set used only for speacil occasions, set up in diningroom not the kitchen, old, well maintained along with a china cabinet complete with Lou's dishes.

Kids on the go so will do the Sat. bonding soon. This means a trip to the Dollar Store, and once that is complete they go wherever they want to go.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on May 19, 2006

FOGGY cannot see the beach from the window, slight draft from SE, temp 8C. Rain in the forecast later on today.

The GRAND MANAN V returned home from Newfoundland last night, and is now on the run. It has been an interesting six weeks in her absence. Many missed trips due to weather, and lack of capacity has meant delays in travel for many residents.

Our work on the replacement ferry is creeping along, typical government bureauarcy. Money allocated for design work in current budget, vessel to be 95M in length, four lane for vehicles, capacity for 88 cars(approx. increase of 50%), lots of power and reduncancy built in. Operative word money allocated, but not gone to tender as yet.

Rob counting the days to MONSTER TRUCK, continues to be on best behaviour. Does not want to jepordize his trip. Donna spoke with Emily's teacher at store last night.


By: GRANDMANAN, 9:25 PM GMT on May 18, 2006

The entry I posted this morning went to cyberspace never to be seen.

The forecast was for moisture, but turned to be a fair day. Foggy on some parts of the island, slight SW breeze, and temps in mid teens.

The lawn requires attention once again, but too mosit to get through with the mower. Still forcasting damp weather for the weekend.

Kids are all over the neighbourhood as the daylight stays long, and the weather improves. Rob skateboarding, and Emily cruising on her bike.

Lobster scarce last day or so after signs of things moving to the better.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 AM GMT on May 17, 2006

Overcast, foggy @ daylight, strong breeze from SW @40-50 KPH, temp 9C. Calling for showers all day and the long range for the next ten days. If the summer is going to be hot and dry no indication at this time.

Lobsters moving a little more all the time, and the price is holding pretty well, demand is moderate. We don't have many crates on inventory for any length of time. No herring news as yet, but should be picking up within the next couple of weeks. The CONNORS boats have been out looking, but no body of fish reported as yet.

Monster trucks are discussed regularly these days. Also WEST 49 have a sale on skateboards - if I wasn't aware, and was interested. Rob refining his subtle skills of asking, but not asking.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on May 16, 2006

Steady RAIN, draft from NE, 9c TEMP. The rain is the remnants of the mess people in norhern New England have had to endure this past few days. Forecast to be a wet week overall.

Long range for the area is above normal temps, and below average precipation. Certainly today not an indication of that, but will wait and see.

Smoker still needs further sea trials, pork loin chops too much brine, too much smoke, too long. Some resembled hockey pucks and tasted like kippers, not the effect I was going for. The vegetables turned out well so this one occasion when the kids ate them to fill up, and danced around the meat offering. Going to marinate instead of brine next attempt.

Some of the annual dance of shrubs got underway last evening. This one needs to moved over here and this one there type of thing. One of those "good idea dear" scenarios. It would appear there are many more that require the same treatment.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:27 AM GMT on May 15, 2006

Clear, CALM for the first time in at least a week. The flag dosen't indicate any movement from any direction. Temp 10C with a high in mid twenties "a bit lower along the Fundy Coast".

The flooding in northern New England is not too far from here as far as the crow flies, but no indication of foul weather in the Bay. Moisture expected starting tomorrow for the remainder of the week.

Weekend productive around the yard with the lawn caughtup, some bulbs in the ground, and just about finished the wood. The wood, in year past, has always been chopped, and stowed by this time. The level of ambition or calls on free time lengthning the process. Will go with the lack of time.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on May 14, 2006

Clear, still NE @ 15KPH, temp 6C but expected to get into high teens before the end of the day.

Moon hidden in the clouds over the harbour, and no wind made for one of those rare pictures for the minds eye, I don't have the knowledge for time lapse photos. Suppose could confer with Emily to see how it is done.

Yesterday got quite abit of yard work completed, and will go at it again this AM


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on May 13, 2006

SUNSHINE this AM, breezy still form NE @ a steady 15KPH,temp expected to get into high teens by this PM. Current 9C.

Daylight coming early bedroom facing east, and at 0530 no problem seeing across the harbour. Tide on the ebb, and see a couple of fellows clamming already.

Heard back from Emily's group on the crossing yesterday. Two of them were seasick, but the rest chowed down and visited with no problem. As Emily said she was a good sailor, and had no problem.

Lobster catch starting to increase, but this week the weather has been ba cutting down on the fishing days. Demand has been fair as Mothers Day approaches will see after this week. The season is getting short as they have to be on the bank on the 29th June.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on May 12, 2006

Drizzle, northerly @10=15KPH, temp 8C. Supposed to clear up as the day goes along, and about time.

The weather has been suspect for the kids to go on the rally. The phone call just come in, and trip is on. Emily is pleased - no supervision from old people. She has funds to eat until tomorrow night, will be interesting see how well she makes out or come home hungry.

Rob made out alright yesterday he has been invited to the MONSTER TRUCKS at the end of the month, with a weekend at the cottage. His blue eyes still big as saucers, and also made arrangements for summer camp in August, will have lots to hold over him to insure he is well behaved.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on May 11, 2006

Showers, northerly @ 15-20KPH, temp 9C a dreary weather day again. Expected to improve over the next couple of days to real nice temps and sunshine.

Wind a factor for tomorrow as Emily supposed to head to Moncton with youth group for a rally overnight. She of course assures me that weather shouldn't bother her as she has never been seasick. Of course she has not travelled in rough weather, a fact that seems to allude her at the moment.

Some smolt going in the water around Deer Island, but still unusually slow. The harvesting of salmon in high gear around here as ISA becoming a big concern in the fish.

Photos still a fumble, but have posted a few without the help of my mentor. Nice to feel that one is almost on the self confident level of a 12 yr. old female.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on May 10, 2006

Overcast, drizzle, and little foggy at daylight, breeze still from north @20-25KPH, temp cool at 8C. Needed a fire last evening to keep the dampness under control. Nice to have the option from electric heat, getting expensive to say the least.

Donna busy doing the painting now that the floors are done. She dosen't care for things undone so just stand back and move things when asked. Must say she as usual is doing a great job, just glad that I don't have the required skills to paint - correctly.

Having fun with photos, but there are some out in cyberspace somewhere, as they aren't accounted for once clicked.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on May 09, 2006

Clear, 9Ctemp with a high in the midteens forecast. A bit of breeze from NE @ 15-20 KPH, and a bit of moisture anticipated later on today for a couple of days.

Finally getting some photos on the site. With some friendly advice from fellow bloggers, and Emily. Last evening attempting to follow directions, and she asked what I was attempting. Well Pop lets try this, and of course it worked first time. Nothing like something dealing with electronics to reinforce the notion that I really have limited ability and knowledge to a 12 yr. old, and a grandaughter. Will find more photos as I see I have placed a couple on at least twice, but may seek her advice to see where I am going wrong.

A few herring showing up on the Nova Scotia shore, but mixed in size, and no amount. Still a bit early, and what little was caught quickly sold for lobster bait.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:29 AM GMT on May 08, 2006

Clear, calm, cool @4Ctemp, expected to rise to mid teens as the day moves along.

Donna returned on time, and is hard at it this morning reclaiming her empire. Will require abit, and I am blaming the tradespeople for the bulk of the disturbance. Am not certain this is being taken as factual, but so far is working to some degree.

I have attempted to get picures on this site, but with my limited knowledge of the medium have had no success. The site says I have three on file, but cannot retrieve them. Any further attempts have not been able to get that far.

Quite a lot of yardwork accomplished yesterday more dahlias in the ground, and another bed prepared once it dries up some more. Lawn will need another mow by the end of the week.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:42 AM GMT on May 07, 2006

Gorgeous this AM, calm, clear, temp 9C. Tide is on the flood,as it gets higher the sea ducks, brant, etc. get closer to the shore. Gives a pretty good weather forecast for next few days.

Lupins are starting to show along the ride side, and in the fields. They will be in bloom fairly soon, another sign that summer is fast approaching.

Got some dahlias in, but the main bed is still a little to damp. Did manage to get the ground turned over so that is a start.

Donna returns today, says she needs the rest coming home. However she hasn't seen the house. Two floors have been tiled in her absence, and general use has resulted in the general appearance of the home definatly up to her standard.

Trying the smoker on chicken today. A trial run on hamburger yesterday was interesting. Like the end result, but do have to be patient, and the spices in the book are a little warm for the northern pallet. Trial and error, but definatly fun.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:58 AM GMT on May 06, 2006

Fog, totally calm, can't see the beach, approx. 250'. Temp 8C, and expect to rise and clear as day moves along.

Donna returns tomorrow, but has one more brother to visit, and forturnatly for her he lives on U.S. border. They have to visit Calais for the afternoon, and possibly a little in the morning before catching the afternoon trip. She will be able to put her house back together, and wash her clothes before the garden centre tour takes place.

Will plant some dahlias at mom's, and hopefully here today and tomorrow. If I get some in here it will be the first time prior to early June, previous always been saturated in the dahlia bed.

Rob out overnight, Emily and I will no doubt 'bond' this AM, i.e. local shopping, before she disappears to a friends house.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on May 05, 2006

Fog, visibility approx.1/4 mile, but should burn off as the day goes along. Temp 9C with a slight draft from SW. Giving moisture for the weekend, but no great amount.

Rob finally got a haircut, first since last summer, the skateboarding fraternity not cool to have short hair. However he will be the exception, quite a trauma, but an ice cream softned the blow. The barber asked why he was getting it cut, and he said for his mother, a future smooth talker for sure. Nan will not recognize him when she returns from the foray on the mainland.

Lawn mowed for the first time this season, what little pleasure there is in mowing a lawn is now done - first of the season. Mowing will become a chore from now on, have attempted to bribe the children to rake as they have no school today, will wait and see. Funds aren't a requirement as all thier needs are met without it, wonder how that happens?


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:36 AM GMT on May 04, 2006

Overcast, warm @9C with expected high in teens, with a chance of showers. Wind northerly @20KPH. Anticipate rain and mild temps for the next couple of days.

Yard work building all the time, but did manage to get the tree in the ground. However the lawn is certainly getting to be something to behold. Possibly will get a chance tomorrow before it showers again.

Dulse harvest most in any April for one of the major buyers, 20K lbs. That quantity is historically during the summer/warmer months. Indicative of the type of winter we enjoyed?

The dollar broke the 90 cent barrier yesterday, first time been that high since '78.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on May 03, 2006

Overcast, breezy @20-25 northerly, temp 5C but expected to rise as the day goes along. Forecast is for similar weather for next couple of days. O well we needed the moisture that is for sure.

Lawn getting to be knee high, and will be a workout once I can get at it. The spring planting can start, and have the hole dug for the new tree, but still sits in the pot. Donna away so I can indulge my ADD in these matters.

Children doing well in her absence, I guess a sign of growing up or maturity I suppose. Letting her have a life without them in it every minute is a step forward for all concerned.

Fishing news negative, and as the Canadian Dollars continues to rise in value further cuts into the bottom line. The vast majority of our product goes direct to Boston. A couple of years ago we could recoup our margin the exchange, for cry from that today.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:31 AM GMT on May 02, 2006

Nasty weather day, NE@40-45kph, rain expected to change to showers later on today. The rain guage advises 1.9cm fell overnight.

Checked on Betty yesterday, health OK, but moving day getting closer. She is not shy in letting me know the move is going to be hard to take. I understand her position. This is the longest residence she has had in her 78 yrs. Her first husband was military, and they moved regularly, but she was young and moving was an adventure.

Aquaculture industry still the unknown, price is good a this time. However no smolt going in the water that I am aware of, and the environmental clock is ticking to allow this to be done efficently.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:31 AM GMT on May 01, 2006

Overcast, NNE @25-30kph,temp 6C, but with this amount of wind the windchill will have an effect to the negative for sure.

The lawn needs to be mowed, but giving rain for the rest of the week, and this could present a challenge by the time am able to get at it.

When asked if Emily missed me over the weekend she didn't know, but the same question about her Nannie was without hesitation in the positive.

Ferry terminal at Blacks Harbour taking shape in fine style. Is to be completed by Sep.06, and now if we can get another ferry will be good to go for along time.

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