By: GRANDMANAN, 7:33 PM GMT on April 30, 2006

A gorgeous day, temp 15C and a draft of wind from the east.

Caught the 1330HRS ferry, and had a good nap on the way home. The drive down was a little long, as the body kept telling me that I can't indulge and get away with at all. The fellowship was great, and the brothers all in fine fettle to say the least. Donna remains on the mainland for a week, and with all they have planned it will take that long to get it all in.

Tide now up, and sevral hundred brant within close proximity to the shoreline infront of the house. Can hear them with no problem.


By: GRANDMANAN, 8:42 PM GMT on April 29, 2006

Moncton is clear, but cool, no wind to report as quite aways inlnad so not the same influence as living a few feet from the Bay of Fundy.

Getting ready to do the BBQ thing the other three brothers are heavy into golf game, so see where the cooking falls. The girls talking about mother and others not in attendance so the deck sounds good for me.

Helped the economy with a few purchases, but Donna still around for anther week so am sure she will help as much as she can.

Get some white wine and head for the deck.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:34 AM GMT on April 28, 2006

Clear, cool @3Ctemp, slight draft from NW @10KPH. A good day for a trip to the mainland.

Tide out, and counted seven clammers at daylight, and more moving onto the flats. Lots of dulse going by past few days, and perwinkles being harvested as full tides are on. Dulse harvest early this year due to warm winter.

Getting on 1530HRS. ferry to head for Moncton. Donna didn't figure I had enough time to get all the shopping done tomorrow that needs to be done. Taking the truck as taking furniture, and an opportunity to return with gardening supplies. I am returning on Sunday, but she is visiting around the country for a week or so. The sisters-in-law take advantage of her seamstress, and decorating abilities. Takes the pressure off this place decorating the brothers, they enjoy her company but the turmoil for redecorating is another issue.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:27 AM GMT on April 27, 2006

Slight overcast, calm, 6Ctemp. Low tide, and harbour like a mill pond.

Can see at least six clammers on the bar since daylight. Have no idea of what amount they are getting, but the only place that is open is from infront of the house to Oxhead. That many clamming gives an indication of the state of the local economy, not good.

Plans on the brothers gathering in Moncton this weekend,fist since last summer. There are four of us, and is always a great gathering between beverages, lies and catching up on family news over the winter. The nights aren't as long as they once were, but still as enjoyable.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:31 AM GMT on April 26, 2006

Clear, calm, 3C, a very good morning with the sun coming in the window over Ross Island brighter and earliar every morning.

The water birds not in great abundance this morning, but lots of brant in the middle of the harbour. The ducks have paired, and geese still on the lawn most mornings.

Water system, tank & pump, give up the ghost, and being replaced today. The pump did well being second hand given to us when the house built in '92. The pressure tank was not designed to service this size a family when installed, and the family was not anticipated at that time.

Good day on the water yesterday, a bit of breeze late in the day, and appears same today.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 AM GMT on April 25, 2006

Overcast, calm, hazy with visibility over a mile, fog and rain overnight. This type of weather for next couple of days.

Quiet in the fishing world, but weather is allowing the fellows to get at it this week. The lobsters are spotty, but catch is improving. Average is now over a pound per trap, far from great but on the upward swing.

Fuel still rising, now $1.25/litre(CAD),in USD equates to approx. $5.35 per U.S. gallon in USD. The biggest portion of the price is tax at 45%. Is having an impact, especially with the indication that not much if any reduction to be expected in the price.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:33 AM GMT on April 24, 2006

Overcast, northeast @15-20KPH, 5Ctemp. Forecasting rain for the week, but no amount of wind.

Got some of the yard work cleaned up yesterday, and just intime. Need soil, and mulch then be ready for planting. The temp has to improve some, but slowly getting there.

The lobster fisherman didn't have much work last week due to weather. Those that did get out on the weekend having a little more success. The traps are scattered in some cases due to the extreme and sustained weather and waves.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:04 AM GMT on April 23, 2006

Clear, not a breath of wind, temp 7C and rising to the midteens as the day moves along. Tide high, and lots of birds going back and forth on the water infront of the house. Can hear the brant socializing, must be deciding what church to hit this AM.

Did not achieve much at our place yesterday. Betty getting prepared to move to Ottawa, and cleaning out thier house. Two huge truckloads of stuff from previous generations removed from the attic to the dump. At least with a basement it is easiar to get at than the attic. The stuff is equally as valuable in both locations.

Will get at things here this morning with repairs to the wheelbarrow given top the list I am told.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:28 AM GMT on April 22, 2006

Clear, calm, 5Ctemp, and good for the weekend FINALY some good outdoor weather.

Brant were noisy last night just at dark, and attempted to take a picture. However children had taken the digital, and the batteries were rundown, maybe next time.

Will get at the yardwork, or so I have been advised. Still have some work to be done on the woodpile, but getting that caught up now. Good excercise, and nice to see the pile grow. This weather will'make good wood'.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:35 AM GMT on April 21, 2006

Clear, high northeast breeze around 45-55KPH, COLD at 0C with windchill -8C. SUPPOSED to warm as the day and weekend progresses.

A fair number of Brant near the shoreline this AM, bobbing up and down in the wave action. Amazing how they are able to remain in the same spot against the wind and wave action.

Report from crossing with the children, not good. Many of them seasick, and frightned. I don't know what the trip home last evening would be like as wind was strong in the late afternoon.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:46 AM GMT on April 20, 2006

Clear, northerly at 15-20KPH, 5C temp. Expected to see some sunshine during the day, and wind going down.

We kept Emily from going on the drama trip, the wind was gale force, and the small ferry did go. I watched her go by Whale Cove, head into it, the water was going completely over her most of the time. Emily was disappointed, but understood the rationale. She and one other were the only ones that didn't make the trip.

Price of gas moving upward everyday. Yesterday $1.25 per litre, converts to approx. $4.90 per gallon in U.S. funds. Still no respite insight only further increases. Fuel prices getting to be major concern in the fishing industry. Fuel surcharge on trucking is now at @20%. A major expense that will be passed along to the consumer.

Weekend looking good to finally breakout the outdoor cooking equipment.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 AM GMT on April 19, 2006

Overcast, cool 4C temp, high winds @ 40KPH gusts to 650KPH, windchill @ -5C. Forecast for wind to remain for next 24-36 hours. A little unusual for this time of year to persist this long.

Ferry did not make final run yesterday, and doubtful if it will make regualr schedule today. The little one on now whilst the regualr ferry in refit mode.

Emily's drama appearance is in doubt. If ferry runs will no doubt keep her home. Hell of a trip, and with no relief for the trip home tomorrow not a good experiance for her. Will wait and see what the school decides, and with any luck they will be the heavy in calling off the trip.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:36 AM GMT on April 18, 2006

Overcast, occasional drizzle, strong northerly wind at 35-40KPH, 5C temp, but seems much cooler outside in the breeze.

Emily - weather permitting - off to mainland tomorrow for a drama festival in St. John. She is looking forward to that, but also the chance to get some fast food is appealing.

Rob has yanked three teeth out last 24 hours. Although tooth fairy has retired he still expects a bit of cash, and he reinvests by buying lunch at school.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on April 17, 2006

Drizzle, cool @ 3C, 15-20KPH from NE. Similar weather forecast for the rest of the week. Donna will not have an opportunity to move in the garden. She had the same problem last season lots to do, and little time to get it done.

Easter dinner went well, but Betty unable to attend due to cold coming on. Her daughter and husband represented her very well. Group had good fellowship, but we were aware we were missing one of the patriarchs of the family.

No school today so kids will be underfoot to help Nan with whatever she is up to. Boredom seems to overtake them in a hurry most days.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:13 AM GMT on April 16, 2006

Foggy, clearing a bit with visibility about one mile, calm, temp 7C.

The kids got up, but quite reluctant to participate in Peter Cottontail, now wish to have more sleep than candy.

First gathering of the older group for a meal without Ivan, as Emily said nothing remains the same. She is wearing Uncle Ivan's outfit to church this morning. Rob on the otherhand will be content with jeans and a clean shirt.

Weather improving, but still have not attempted the smoker as yet. Donna is all in favour of my desire to get there, it takes the pressure off her for the weekend preparation of meals.

Garden center taking shape with trees and shrubs arriving almost daily. Still have to locate a replacement for the tree we lost last fall, probable another Linden or a Mountain Ash.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:17 AM GMT on April 15, 2006

Clear, calm draft from east, 7C temp. Rain still forecast by this afternoon, and with easterly influence a strong possibility.

Weather permitted quite a bit of yard clean up to be completed yesterday. Most of the gardens have the winter crud removed and looks well groomed ready for the next season. Daffodils finally in bloom, the animals have left them alone long enough for them to get ahead.

Robs' camp experiance went well, other than it was real cold, no heat. They stayed out all night, can't imagine they got any rest. He is still in the bunk catching up, Emily still not returned, the birthday party, for her, has extended to another night. This party carries on like a Ukranian Wedding, for days.

Have been advised there are things I can get at outside before the rain arrives. Have some trees to transplant, and with rain coming a good time to get it in the ground.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on April 14, 2006

Fog, calm, 8Ctemp, visibility approx. one mile. Drizzle and rain for the weekend, and cooler temps next week. Still have the fire in the evening to take the chill out for overnight.

Kids overnighting,Emily mini hen gathering(birthday), Rob gone to 'camp' with his buddy. Camp in trees behind the house, but pretty cool last night so will be interesting to know if they stayed or hit for the house.

Not a weekend to get much yard work done as it is too damp. But have lots to work on getting the basement cleaned up - according to Donna. The basement is full of 'stuff', and have no place to transfer it, but all too valuable to sell or just get rid of. Things like furniture that is good,but dosen't fit in the current decorating theme,etc.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on April 13, 2006

Slight overcast, 7Ctemp, calm with a slight draft from SW. Rain later in the day with warm temps.

Children have long weekend with Easter Holiday, but going to be damp most of the weekend so will see how that plays out. Emily already out one night with sleepover so can imagine that will have to be returned in kind sometime before the weekend is over.

Still quiet on the fishery end of things, but aquaculture has issues that continue to cause concern for local economy, and health of the overall industry.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:32 AM GMT on April 12, 2006

Clear, calm, 5C temp with a high of 16C inland and "cooler along the Fundy coast". This usually means that we are 5 degrees cooler than the inland temp.

Harbour mill pond calm at daylight. A number of birds along with a crane at the waters edge moving around. Gulls very active yesterday PM, in the harbour, don't know what type of feed was available but obviously some type of water creature, too early for the small herring to show up.

A few more of the fellows talking about longlining pretty quick, in an effort to augment fishing income at the moment. Some activity with wier prepartion, with stakes arriving and being sharpened ready for driving.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on April 11, 2006

Clear, calm, 4C temp, warming to 15C by this afternoon. The rise in temp will bring the grass along in a hurry, already notice the dreaded dandelion making its' presence known.

Donna had a successful shopping trip, albiet a little short. The ferry was late leaving, and was behind all day. They enjoyed the trip, and have already made plans for the next foray, that will be for plants. The trip will be a couple of nights in duration.

Fishing news still bleak. lobsters starting to crawl, but the price is still going down. Not a good thing with the price of fuel & bait being what it is.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:39 AM GMT on April 10, 2006

Clear, draft from NW, calm, warming up to 12C before the day is over.

Donna and Patsy have a great day to travel. The attack has been planned sort of a mini shock & awe approach to the shopping experiance as they have to be back on the 5:30PM ferry. Now that the weather had improved they will be travelling quite frequently I am sure. Good for them to have a little R&R, and the money we save makes the trip worthwhile - O sure.

Some yard work started yesterday, and found why the daffodils are stunted. On close examination obvious deer have snacks on the new tops. Lots of brant infront of the house this AM, but tide out far enough so that couldn't hear them in the bedroom.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:10 AM GMT on April 09, 2006

Slight overcast, 0C temp, calm. Temp to rise 10C and sunny as the day progresses.

Kids active outside with good skateboarding and biking weather. Rob has not questioned the duration of his non computer time as yet - still biding his time, which is a good thing.

Got to get used to terms defining grilling and BBQ. I have a smoker(BBQ - if I am correct). A concept not common in this part of the world, some research on the internet, and about ready to give it a go. We of course smoke all types of fish, but not ribs.

Not much activity in the harbour, must all be getting ready for church.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:58 AM GMT on April 08, 2006

Overcast, draft of wind fron SW, 5C temp. Possibility of rain showers this AM, but clearing in the afternoon.

Too damp to get any of the yard work, other than the woodpile, underway. Spring daffodils, tulips, etc. starting to make an appearance, no flowers as yet.

Lots of birds in the harbour this AM, and more coming each day. The geese were on the seawall all day. When you entered the yard they honked to beat the band, lettign you know they were about.

Rob has had some of the restrictions lifted, he can get out of the yard, and has wheels again. The date he can be at the computer still to be determined. His cohart in crime has the same sentence, they are close friends and just a few doors down the road if they were separated for the weekend would be undue punishment for the rest of us. They would be moaning wondering what the other guy was up to, etc.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on April 07, 2006

Overcast, slight draft from the west, 5C temp. Weather starting to turn springlike over the next few days.

Lots of birds in the harbour this morning. We now have two pairs of Canada Geese feeding on the lawn most days, they will be nesting shortly. Some go across the harbour to Ross Island for this activity.

Donna & Patsy leaving on Monday for a power shopping trip in St. John - even though the small ferry is on the run. The big one leaves today for Newfoundland and refit will be gone for seven weeks.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on April 06, 2006

Showers mixed with rain - miserable weather, temp 0C, NW @ 30-35KPH. Little let up expected for the next day or so.

Donna has been trying to get a good day to hit WALMART since Tuesday, but no luck. A combination of poor driving conditions and sailing makes the trip too much of a challenge. Next week the big boat goes to NFLD for a seven week refit, and that is a concern due to the less traffic the replacement handles. Hopefully she has an opportunity to relieve cabin fever soon.

I hope this is the last of the winter like conditions we have to put up with, but can be interesting over the next few weeks.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on April 05, 2006

Clearing, sourtherly @25-35KPH, says temp 4C, but alot cooler than that with the breeze.

Rob busted again, MSN using inappropiate language. Grounded no wheels,and certainly no computer time for sevral days. No MSN for as far as I can see at the moment. At ten years it seems he has a problem learning or conforming to the house rules on occasion. I suppose some peer pressure to respond in kind, but he knows better and this is no excuse.

Aquaculture industry still regrouping, but a picture of the players is starting to become obvious. Lot of turmoil over past couple of years but now time to move forward.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 AM GMT on April 04, 2006

Partial overcast, easterly 25KPH, giving gale force winds till this evening. 5C temp and cooler weather after the breeze passes for a few days.

Donna's trip to the mainland in jepordy as wind still to some degree in the morning. Neither of the girls are very good sailors, but if the wind is too let up for the return trip they can endure quite abit to help the economy.

Fishing news still very quiet, and getting to be of some concern of what the future holds.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:32 AM GMT on April 03, 2006

Clear, strong NW @ 30-35kph, 5C temp expected to rise to 12-14 before the day is done.

Lots of activity in the harbour yesterday with lots of birds, brant, gulls, ducks, geese and a hawk hunting along the seawall. Spring must be getting here in a hurry, a pair of the geese spent the afternoon on the lawn, but near the seawall not too far towards the house.

Emily realized one of lifes' lessons last night, come crying to her nanny saying everthing is changing. In her 12 years she has not lost a person as close as Ivan. She now fully realizes they can no longer exchange hugs - a life lesson learned on the road to what turns into something called maturity, hopefully her lessons can be extened.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:53 AM GMT on April 01, 2006

Overcast,SW @ 15-20kph, 5C temp. Looking for a little rain over the weekend. Hard to believe that we are in need of it already. Lots of grass fires, and require a permit to burn as of today. No major house damage, but many close calls.

Will start spreading the lime on the lawn to take advantage of the coming showers. Being this close to the salt water required to 'sweeten' the ground at least once a year.

Donna and her buddy hitting Wal-Mart mid week. Almost too much time as the list of gottas is growing by the moment.

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