By: GRANDMANAN, 12:16 PM GMT on December 31, 2005

Overcast, NW 20-25KPH, -9C temp windchill at -20c. A dramataic change in temp yesterday hit 10C and rain. Today vapour on the harbour.

Will take a turn around the woodlot today, and get ready for harvest. Next week temps look like more seasonable, and will allow a freeze of the heath. A little snow, but not enough for the kids to try out thier Xmas loot. Skating a possibility and will scout some of the ponds with them this AM.

Donna has most of the menu prepared for tonight, stuffed pork tenderloin, stuffed with sausage and sweet potato. We have both declared tomorrow to get with the program, and lose some weight. I have no doubt she will hold to it, me on the otherhand remains to see how much will power I can muster.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:39 AM GMT on December 30, 2005

Calm, THICK FOG, 7Ctemp. Supposed to change to northerly later on today, and a little cooler. The open winter that was forcast is holding to prediction. Not much change expected in the next week.

Rob out at a buddies overnight so the MP3 player and contents taken to share the music. How I don't know as it is a one person piece of technology.

Tomorrow night Patsy & Tony over for the festivities. Have a dinner, and a libation, then attempt to stay awake long enough to usher in the New Year.



By: GRANDMANAN, 2:12 AM GMT on December 30, 2005

Must not have posted my entry this AM. Has been a warm,overcasst day. Temp 9C now, and raining to beat hell with SE wind at 40KPH.

Some of the fellows got out to traps, but had to return by noon as it was too nasty to work. Lobster catch still down, and not likly to turn around for awhile as the weather refuses to settle down.

Kids enjoying time off, and have been busy downloading songs on MP3 Players. I screen them prior to allowing the transfer - Willie NELSON it ain't.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:37 AM GMT on December 28, 2005

Clear, calm, -6C. Appears as if fellows will get a day in on the water today. Supposed to change to southerly, and breeze a little as the day goes on.

Plan on getting in the woods this weekend to start getting the wood down. Still unable to get four wheeler in there, but should be able to get some down on the ground, and when it freezes get it out.

Kids havinga good time off of school, and have been with friends all the time. Haven't had to entertain them at all. Would hope they get to use some of the winter things prior to getting back to school. Weekend supposed to stiffen up again.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on December 27, 2005

Overcast, 35-45NW, -3Ctemp. A skiff of snow fell overnight, and no rain as previously forcast. Temp inthe forcast lower than previous with rain for Friday.

Don't believe there is enough snow to slide, but with new gear might be giving it a try. Rob is still catching up on his sleep so will be a little while before he sees the snow that has fallen.

Watched the boat go by the lighthouse yesterday PM, glad to be on land watching her progress. Didn't put the bow under, but sure throwing the spray back over her. The bulb on the bow was a long distance from the water on occasion. Alas no camera - no pictures.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:28 PM GMT on December 26, 2005

Overcast, 25-30NE, 5Ctemp. Hardly like the season, and giving good plus temps for the rest of the week. No school the kids will be hard pressed to occupy themselves for a couple of weeks in this type of weather.

Inshore lobsters about done, and lots of traps being landed this past week. Scalloping starts 2nd Tuesday in January. The price is good so quite a few giving that a shot for awhile. The price of fuel makes any marginal attempts not worth the effort/expense.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:21 AM GMT on December 25, 2005

Overcast, calm, 2C temp.

The old fellow made the trip once again. The children did well, and showed up when told it was appropiate - 0600. They had been roaming for some time prior.

Lots of winter activity things, snowboard, skates,etc, but no snow or ice, and not looking as if there will be any for quite awhile. Rob does have a new BMX is waiting for daylight to give that a go along with his new WEST 49 attire. They are both well dressed in cool clothes with each getting at least three new hoodies, nice they have colours other than black.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:32 PM GMT on December 24, 2005

Overcast, calm, 3Ctemp. Rained overnight. Hard on the outdoor ice, and sliding equipment that old fellow is dropping here tonight.

Those travelling to the mainland to be with family have a good day to travel, and a number got away yesterday.

Rob running around the yard till after 9:00PM trying to ease the jitters. Awake this AM at 0600 wishing the next 24 hours would disappear. I have a couple of things to get accomplished, and then the die will be cast for the old fellow to fly in.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on December 23, 2005

Overcast, SW@20-25KPH, 1cTEMP with windchill -6C.

Last day of school for the season. Rob staying home, but Emily going for the social aspect I am sure. They are hovering around the tree first thing in the morning as gifts appear overnight from various relatives. Rob digs right in, but Emily is now too sophisticated to show such enthusiasim. This soon wanes when Rob does his squeezing and speculating.

Not looking like much of a weather weekend for the old fellow, but am fairly certain he can come thrugh.

Now have chainsaws tuned, and ready to go. Possibly next week will start the lumberjack thing.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:41 AM GMT on December 22, 2005

Clear, NNW@ 15KPH, -7C temp, windchill at -12C. Looking like seasonal temps for the next couple of days, but going in double digits early next week. Still looks as if a green Xmas.

Children having a little more problems getting to sleep each night, but still manageable.

Spent last couple of days with Ivan in St. John. Business and doctors. Got the last of the shopping completed, and not bad getting around the stores. However I had a mission and probably didn't really notice the confusion around me.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:20 AM GMT on December 20, 2005

Clear, calm, -10C temp. Appears the weather forcast will be correct for the next few days. Hopefully a little snow for the weekend would be in order.

On fisherman wharf across the harbour a Xmas Tree set up yesterday. A very nice addition to the night reflections towards the house.

A notice on the community channel that the skating rink is in operation and to try it out. Rob has new skates but the old fellow has to to drop them off Saturday night will see if he can squeeze itno his old pair if the need to skate takes over. School in until 23rd. - lots of fellowship not much learning.

Off to St. John overnight with Ivan and will finish up what little remains undone.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:33 AM GMT on December 19, 2005

Calm, overcast, -4C temp. Longrange giving chance of snowfulurres and weeks end. However wind is Sw unlikly we will have anything but rain.

Church concert went according to plan, and as they have since they started. A good time, and enjoyed it very much. The children enjoyed participating espcecially as they were Mary & Jospeh and no speaking part.

Sea urchins although not abundant are of good quality, and will be for this week at least. Tony hopes to get some of his traps home before the scalloping starts, but that is not until early January.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:20 PM GMT on December 18, 2005

Clear, SE 10-15KPH, -4Ctemp. Not a bad looking day, and giving the same for the longrange.

Was in the woods yesterday, can't get around the beavers have so much water backed up on the woodlot, and nothing frozen. All the roads have used in the past underwater by quite bit so will have to get new roads. Not many windfalls to deal with, and this is a good thing.

Looks as if Santa will have to do without any snow to get around this area next week.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:19 PM GMT on December 17, 2005

Clear, -4C temp, westeryly @20-25KPH. Snow gone a victim of the rain we had overnight. Giving clear and cold for Xmas week. Dosen't look as if the old fellow will have much snow for his trip.

Kids are getting more into the season as the big day approaches. Lots of wandering, plinking on keyboard, aimless conversation. Ask them about it, and they are certain Santa does not exist, so no big deal. Interesting transition, thought process, underway one of the many steps we trudge leaving our youth a memory.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on December 16, 2005

Calm, red sky this AM, -9Ctemp. Slight indication of ice making out from the shore of the harbour. Looking for a mess weather wise over the next 36 hours. Winds starting NE the shifting SE gales.

Report of Brant a few days ago in the Passage, approx. 100. Very early for them to be in the area, historically late January before the first arrive. Not many geese around as they have headed for warmer climes.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:36 AM GMT on December 14, 2005

Overcast, -8C, NW @ 15-20, windchill recorded at -23C overnight. Certainly good weather for the old fellow's arrival.

Had vapour yesterday until the snow started in the afternoon. Not enough snow down for snowboarding, but soon will be if the small amounts forcast over next few days materialize.

Christmas baking nearing completion, and will distribute over the weekend. Rob is starting to get fidgetty as the day come closer. He is pretty well convinced that Santa is a myth, but has that last lingering doubt that misbehaviour will not go unnoticied by the old fellow.

Finally have the lights working for two nights in a row, but can tell the breakers involved are at the maximum capacity.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:37 AM GMT on December 13, 2005

Overcast, -7Ctemp, NW 10-15KPH. Small craft advisory till this evening. Northerly wind for the rest of the week. A little snow overnight, but not enough for the kids to have any fun.

Kids having trouble getting proper wardrobe due to decrease in temp. The winter jackets that are on inventory are not cool enough to past muster, not a matter of being practical.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:29 AM GMT on December 12, 2005

Overcast, calm, -3Ctemp. Not a ripple in the harbour, an uncommon occurrence at this time of year, and especially this past month or so.

Still having a challenge to get me lights to remain on. Haven't got the locad distributed to enough outlets, but will work on it during dinner hour.

Sea egging starts tomorrow, but don't know how many of the boats are giving it a shot right away. Still getting a good price for lobsters, and they never had many fishing days as yet.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:09 PM GMT on December 11, 2005

Showers, SW10-15KPH, 3Ctemp. Blew pretty good overnight, quite a run going ashore on Ross Island this morning. Tide are full.

Returned to the fold on middle boat yesterday. A successful trip as the Xmas shopping is completed. There was a enough snow while we were away that Rob got to try his snowboarding skills once again. Rained overnight, so that will have to be put on the shelf for a few more days.

Donna has enough paint to keep her busy through January, and then some. No decision on floor for the entry or bathroom yet. She is waiting for a further inspiration I suppose.



By: GRANDMANAN, 10:08 AM GMT on December 09, 2005

Overecast, calm, -9C. Travelling this AM. Appears as if a weather event is just a few hours away, but Donna will be on terra firma once again by then.

Forcast is for gale force sw, and can't determine whether will be snow or rain here. Going through quickly so will be planning on returning to the fort tomorrow PM.

Still no chainsaw, but wouldn't be at it this weekend at any rate. Will put the pressure on next week to get at least one of them in good working order.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:38 AM GMT on December 08, 2005

Clear, NW 15-20KPH, -7C temp. unable to get windchill as wind guage refuses to guage once again. Only hope the old fellow has me on his list for a new and improved version.

Looks as if will be able to travel tomorrow, and return on Saturday. A snow event headed our direction from the west, but not here until Sunday. Plan on getting back to our own nest by Satuday night last boat.

Lobster catch still all over the map, but price holdng pretty well.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:31 AM GMT on December 07, 2005

Clear, -7C temp, Westerly10-15KPH. None of the high winds or snow flurries forecast have arrived. Appears from this view that the fellows may have got to chase the elusive lobster again today. Albiet a little more seasonal temperature wise.

Drove around last night, and some good Xmas decorations evident. Probably get to Seal Cove this evening to check that out.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:30 AM GMT on December 06, 2005

Draft NW, -2c, OVERCAST. Calling for snow flurries today, and missing the storm coming up the eastern seaboard. It is moving off to the east at Cape Cod as we speak.

A fair weather day for the fisherman. The few that tried it yesterday pretty well give it up quickly. Just a few hardy souls tried to get the day in.

Chainsaws have been delivered for fine tuning so within the next couple of weeks will get at that.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:32 AM GMT on December 05, 2005

Overcast, -3C temp,WSW @15KPH. As the sun comes along the wind speed is going up all the time.

Taking th chainsaws to be overhauled today, and if this weather stays will be able to get around on the woodlot with no problem. Hopefully the ground will freeze before any snow cover.

Rob looked out and noticed a skiff of snow in the darkness, and allowed soon be able to snowboard Pop. I advised can hardly wait.

Forcasting wind all week, with a break on the weekend. So will wait and see if we can get the mainland trip in then.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:20 PM GMT on December 04, 2005

Clear, SW10-15KPH, -2Ctemp.

Lots of wind yesterday again, and those fellows that attempted to work pretty soon returned home. Imagine some of them reluctantly giving it a shot today.

Price for lobster holding pretty well around $6 range. This helps with the loss of fishing days, and the lobsters not moving in stormy weather. REports from Nova Scotia indicate catch up and down depending on location, and quality of lobster the same scenario.

Will keep an eye on the weather, and expect to get away to finish the shopping routine by next weekend. The house is decorated both inside and out, and looks grand.



By: GRANDMANAN, 12:32 PM GMT on December 03, 2005

Slight overcast, winds SW 15-20KPH, TEMP -2C. Supposed to clear as the wind goes around NW, and temps be more seasonal.

Next week as far as one can see looks fairly brerzy also, but will attempt to hit the weekend for an overnighter. Donna still lots to do on this end, and by then a diversion at the mall might be the thing she needs.

Don't know if fit to get out today or not. The fellows have lost a number of weather days, and go whenever weather permits.

Possibly wander into the woods this PM to look the woodlot over. Weather getting a little cooler might be able to get the 4wheeler in and start getting next years wood in the yeard.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:37 AM GMT on December 02, 2005

Rain, SE20-25KPH, 5C temp. Rained and blew hard all night.

Cancelled trip to St. Stephen due to the high wind, and forcast for high winds tomorrow. Will wait and see what transpires. Donna still has a few days before panic sets in about finishing up her Xmas shopping.

Boston station calling for a possible nor'easter next week, so we will be subject to that should it appear.

Lots of travel cancelled because of the weather, and fisherman having a hell of time getting a few fishing days put together.



By: GRANDMANAN, 11:44 AM GMT on December 01, 2005

Overcast, 7C temp, 10-15KPH easterly. Looking for more weather event over next 24 hours. Lots of rain, and wind.

Expected to travel to brothers for gathering tomorrow, but if the weather is delayed a few hours will not take the trip. Not bad getting ashore, but the return trip is a problem at this moment. Donna would be anticipating the return trip, and not be good time for her.

Kids to the big smoke yesterday - in similar weather forcast - not a problem. They had a good time, but were ready to vacate the mall after having dinner at A&W. Not great shoppers or intrigued with all the things they saw or felt they had to have.

Rob spent his birthday money on a real pro skateboard from WEST 49. Once that purcahse was complete no need to be anywhere but home.

Will watch the weather and see if we make it for turkey dinner tomorrow night.


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