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16th anniversary of the 1996 Lake Huron Cyclone.

By: FunnelVortex, 7:56 PM GMT on September 14, 2013

16 years ago, today, the most strange storm the Great Lakes have ever seen in the modern satellite era peaked in intensity.

It formed from an occluded cold core low which stalled over a warm Lake Huron. It eventually became warm secluded and took on tropical characteristics, the cyclone was arguably subtropical in a sense.

It had a pressure of 993 millibars and a max wind speed of 73 MPH. It also had convective bands of showers and T-storms often associated with tropical cyclones.

It was dubbed "hurricane Huron" despite not being fully tropical and not having the windspeeds needed to be called a hurricane. But nonetheless, it was the closest thing the lakes have ever seen to a tropical cyclone.

Great Lakes Cyclone Anniversary


Please, guys,

By: FunnelVortex, 9:40 PM GMT on September 11, 2013

Please, stop debating and bickering over why Grothar left.

I know you all want him back, but please. As far as we know he still visits and lurks here, although he doesn't participate, he still SEES the things you post about his departure.

Please stop. The poor guy needs to be left alone. If know you really want him back, you are killing any slim chance of him doing so by doing what you have been doing.

So if you really want any slim chance of him returning, stop acting like you are by spreading lies and disinformation.

Lies and disinformation is probably why he even left, we need to pull the blog together as a whole.

Just leave Gro alone, and focus on weather, and don't spread lies/disinformation and stop causing flame wars!

Wunderground Blog Grothar


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