2013 Birds

By: Feather3, 6:04 AM GMT on January 02, 2013

Welcome, finally, to a new blog for the birds... birds of all kinds, in their natural habitat.... all over the world. :)

2012, goodbye, hello to 2013!

Tiger has an enlarged Heart

By: Feather3, 4:32 PM GMT on August 25, 2011

If any of you are of a mind to, please say a prayer for my Tiger. He is a Bengal cat and is suffering from symptoms of an enlarged heart. A Lasix treatment at the vet seemed to help (albeit, briefly) and he ate a bit of food when he came home. Not much, but some. In the middle of the night he left my bed and was huddled beneath my bed. Later, he came out and could barely meow. He has an appt at the vet soon and is trying to scratch his way out of the carrier, but I ...


SILVER, the horse....

By: Feather3, 1:44 AM GMT on November 06, 2010

UPDATE: Not many knew that Silver had to be sold to save him from slaughter by a vengeful ex.... he ended up in Wyoming and is coming home as I write this. I am so excited! Silver is Coming Home! November 11, 2016

Request: Please pray tonight for my daughter and her horse Silver; they need all the prayers they can get... Silver had a very high fever today and blood tests came back positive for anemia. There are several possible factors; one is really bad,...

Road Trip 2009

By: Feather3, 3:03 AM GMT on November 20, 2009

Well, where to start. I left here early on the morning of November 6th, beating sunrise by a few minutes as I left Mendocino County and entered Sonoma Co. on highway One. Heading south down Highway One is tremulous in the best of times. That morning, it was raining. Over the mountains along the Sonoma coast highway, there was also heavy fog. Have you ever noticed while driving that route, that there are gates at the tops of the mountains? Gates that will be *closed*...

Glass Beach - A Sea Glass Lover's Paradise

By: Feather3, 1:39 AM GMT on August 16, 2009

A new book available through Blurb.com, featuring 89 photos, the majority of which are mine and can be seen here at WU, this book will explain the history of Glass Beach much better than I have attempted to do in the brief captions and responses to comments, below my photos here. WU and a few other websites are mentioned.FeatherTesting new widget provided by Blurb:Glass Beach ~ A Sea Glass Lover's Paradise Lisa D Walker by Lisa D Walker

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