Perfect Fall weather

By: Equipoize, 3:39 PM GMT on October 31, 2012

Not all the weather in the Antelope Valley of southern California is just wind. It just seems that way sometimes. Last night, we had the most perfect weather for a carriage drive. My husband Jack and I had been hired to provide a one hour long ride on and Around Lancaster Blvd. The moon was full, the weather mild and it made the whole experience memorable. Especially in the face of the suffering of family and friends on the east coast, it is good to remember ho...

Fall weather

Wind, Wind - Go AWAY

By: Equipoize, 12:25 PM GMT on June 02, 2011

This Spring's never ending wind is really starting to wear on me. I try to be tough, but somehow the joy of going out and being subjected to 10 hours of dermabrasion is getting old. It is like spending the day being beaten by pillows. At the end, you have gotten half as much done but you are twice as tired. The horses are all pretty adjusted to it. In fact the youngsters are becoming pretty bullet proof. A tumbleweed can fly by and elicites barely a twitch of ...

Free Bird!

By: Equipoize, 5:31 AM GMT on April 14, 2011

Today, I was just blown away. Not figuratively - LITERALLY!!! We had winds at 35 mph with gusts over the advisory level. I tried to be good and go work horses, and I actually managed to teach one lesson. But the most significant thing that happened today was that someone's pet cockatiel blew in, and managed to grab hold of our pine tree! There he sat, swinging on the branch - chirping out his version of FREE BIRD!Well, his little life would be in jeapordy if he...

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