Letters from Home (7) (The Empty Nest, The Full Heart)

By: EarlB , 5:04 PM GMT on April 22, 2012

My dear Zoe,

It is a perfect day to write letters: it is raining. That isn't a bad thing,
it has been a dry April to this point, I was beginning to doubt if we would
have any May flowers without the April showers! And , to be sure, I do enjoy
writing to you, rain or sun!

Have you ever noticed how questions that you may have only thought of
get answered? Only yesterday, I was wondering about the fox population
on the farm, how I hadn't seen any foxes since last year.

Then, this morning, I was looking out across the field scanning for the
turkeys and deer that have been so common lately. There, dancing it's
prance and pounce routine was a beautiful (if wet) red fox! I uttered
a quick "thanks" to whomever watches over me so well, and continued to
watch. It was obvious that the fox had something wider than it's muzzle
in his mouth as it was field-dressing the catch.

I saw the fox give a glance over it's left shoulder which drew my eyes
in the same direction. Behind the now nervous looking fox were two adult
Canada geese, moving toward the fox. Then a story began forming in my
mind. One that changed my happiness to see a fox into sadness to imagine
that the fox had found the nest of a pair of resident geese, and was
dining on the youngest family member!

The fox came from the field and through the front yard still carrying
the unrecognizable catch and then slipped into the woods as the geese
wandered about in the field. I thought again of the fox, and of the
possibility that several kits would have a meal thanks to the hunting
skill of their parent.

A couple of hours later I walked the field looking for nest, feathers,
fur, whatever I could find to fill in the blanks in my story, but found
only a few goose droppings. Proving my feeble finding skills, the goose's
skill at camouflage, and the fox's abilities to see through the goose's

We are so lucky to have been put on this beautiful ark bobbing around in
this sea of wonder. Though many would've wanted to disrupt the cascade
of events this morning, though hunters that I know would've shot the fox
on sight acting as "stewards", I am just happy to be a part of the "sea" of
plants, animals and time we call life.

I'm happy to have you on this ark with me, happy sailing to us all!


Uncle Roy

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