Between the Waters


By: EarlB, 12:42 AM GMT on March 30, 2013

A time-dusty family photo
Reveals in camera-stunned stares
Their fears,
Their desires,
Their anxieties,
Their hopes.

They, here in a foreign land,
Travelled with a dream
From countries unknown now
To a country unknown to them then...
Except for that dream rising.

Three generations:
Great, Grand and Parent,
I too, rise, am re-born from this photo
Along with them,
Beginnings are what I see,
Unsure, frightening, but begun.

Šťastné Velikonoce from Bohemia
Linksmų Velykų from Lithuania
Happy Easter from me.

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What Matters

By: EarlB, 1:57 AM GMT on March 17, 2013

As I drove on a familiar road
I remembered when
There were no homes,
When there were no lights,
When farm, fox and forest
Ran on to nearly the horizon,
Or, at least as far as you could see.

When it becomes their time,
The next generation will remember
When there were only houses here,
Snug with their lawns,
Safe under their lights,
But then aware of some same change
As I feel now.

Through it all,
Through all the changes
To the surface,
And to those on the surface,
The earth was always there,
Always the same
As it withstands our changes.

It's like putting on a new shirt,
This once-a-generation
Re-decoration of our place.
What we do doesn't really change a thing,
In time and on earth
We live the lives of annoying gnats
Of little real consequence.

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By: EarlB, 1:38 PM GMT on March 02, 2013

Sky and spirit:
The color
Is running
Through my veins
After rain, rain, rain.

Too cold,
Too windy,
Too wet.

Is the color of
The Hunger Moon,
But the clouds
Stayed home afraid
For one black night.

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