Between the Waters

Winter Storm Coming

By: EarlB, 12:48 PM GMT on January 21, 2011

Winter storm breezes
Rattled the remaining leaves
On the cold-foretelling oaks,
The sound like sleet on windows.

The rain started.
But only a few miles and a few degrees
Separate water
And ice.

Winter storm breezes
Rattle the remaining leaves, leaving
An ice coat slippped on to windward
As sleet hisses onto windows.

Updated: 1:23 PM GMT on January 29, 2011


When the Tree Comes Down

By: EarlB, 12:42 AM GMT on January 07, 2011

How sad, as a child, to wake one morning and find the
Christmas tree, ornaments, lights all gone. That
object of awe last night, this morning, just a memory.
Imagine that hurt, that sadness, not to have been a part of
the farewell ritual.

This morning, I, the child that I am, woke to experience
the same feeling of loss and grief when I looked outside
in the early dim light at the brown-green lawn, which
yesterday was cloaked white with snow.

The Christmas day's gift of snow was forecast for us,
but just that forecast was a surprise, rain is a much more
common Christmas occurrence for us. The snow couldn't have
been more appropriately timed: it was the perfect present!
And, I suppose, that like the typical gift, the snow's charm
had faded to an afterthought as just a few days passed,
as the novelty became ennui, and for some, annoyance.

Let's hope that there will always be the children who cry
when the tree disappears and when the snow melts.

Updated: 1:20 PM GMT on January 07, 2011


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