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Pennsylvania's Biggest Tornado Outbreak

By: Doppler22, 5:18 PM GMT on June 10, 2013

Hello everyone. This is a quick summary of the largest tornado outbreak in PA history.

On May 31st, 1985, a string of deadly tornadoes slams into Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario. About 88 people were killed and over 1,000 were injured. It did a total of $450 million dollars in damage.

There were 23 tornadoes in total; nine of which killed people. Pennsylvania was hardest hit, with 21 of the 23 tornadoes going through the state killing 65 and doing $300 million in damage. The 65 deaths from this outbreak equal the total amount of tornado deaths from the past 50 years before the outbreak. The strongest tornado started in Ohio before roaring into PA. While in Pennsylvania it morphed into a dangerous F5 tornado that barreled into the town of Wheatland, PA killing 18 and injuring around 310 people.

Some of the tornadoes:

Mesopotamia, OH F-3 0 killed 30 injured
Wheatland, PA F-5 18 killed 310 injured
Albion, PA F-4 12 killed 82 injured
Dorset, OH F-2 0 killed 15 injured
Linesville, PA F-2 1 killed 0 injured
Middleton, OH F-2 0 killed 20 injured
Big Beaver, PA F-3 9 killed 120 injured
Atlantic, PA F-4 16 killed 125 injured
Saegertown, PA F-3 0 killed ? injured
Centerville, PA F-3 2 killed 10 injured
Corry, PA F-4 0 killed 17 injured
Thompson Run, PA F-10 killed 0 injured
Emlenton, PA F-0 0 killed 0 injured
Big Bend, PA F-2 0 killed 2 injured
Tionesta, PA F-4 7 killed 30 injured
Tidioute, PA F-3 0 killed 8 injured
Kane, PA F-4 4 killed 40 injured
Lamont, PA F-2 0 killed ? injured
Busti, NY F-3 0 killed 10 injured
Penn Run, PA F-0 0 killed 0 injured
Moshannon St. Forrest F-4 0 killed 1 injured
Watsontown, PA F-4 6 killed 60 injured
Hollenback Twp, PA F-1 16 killed 0 injured


F-5 Wheatland, PA Tornado

Wheatland Tornado Damage

Source: NOAA/ State College NWS

Updated: 5:24 PM GMT on June 10, 2013


Updated Hurricane Alert Level

By: Doppler22, 1:53 AM GMT on June 06, 2013

I am updating my Hurricane Threat Level. If you don't know what the Levels mean, look at my past entry.

I have now put ALL of Northern Florida under Level Green. I also have put the coast of Georgia under Level Green. The Carolinas and the Northeast remains at Level Blue until Andrea makes her way up the coast.


My own Hurricane Alert System

By: Doppler22, 8:20 PM GMT on June 05, 2013

For the fun of it I am going to use my own personal Tropical Alert System for this season. (I know this may be similar to others and I don't mean to copy this is just because I feel like it :p)

Blue- All Clear

Green: A possible tropical System/weak tropical storm may affect the area

Yellow: A strong Tropical Storm/Category one Hurricane may affect the area, plans need to be looked over and may need to be put in place

Orange: A Category 2-3 Hurricane may affect the area, plans need to be put into place

Red: A Strong Category 4-5 Hurricane may affect the area and plans need to be put into place

As of right now, I have put The West Coast of Florida from Tampa/St. Petersburg area to the Apalachicola area under a Green Alert

Updated: 8:27 PM GMT on June 05, 2013


Pennsylvania Hurricane Prepardness

By: Doppler22, 2:23 AM GMT on June 02, 2013

I know that Pennsylvania does not come to mind to most when you think of a hurricane. However, PA can get some nasty weather related to hurricanes. Hurricane Sandy (2012) killed 15 people in the state and Hurricane Isabel (2003)killed 2 people and 160 million dollars of damage was done to the state. In my opinion, PA has a very good program to deal with hurricanes.

The major cities of Philadelphia and Harrisburg have detailed evacuation plans for low lying areas in case of a flooding event. In Hurricane Sandy, the mayor of Philly ordered a mandatory evacuation for low lying areas of Philly and that probably saved some lives. Other then the big cities, each county has their own plan.

Most counties have a hotline set up during a weather emergency that are broadcast very often by the local news for that region of PA. There are also several shelters that open for the homeless and the people who want to leave their homes. All nuclear power facilities also have detailed plans to keep everyone safe in the event of a hurricane. Hurricane Irene/TS Lee tested that plan and it worked.

The governor of PA periodically has up-to-date announcements on the local news with weather charts and lots of visuals so that all resident know what to do. He also coordinates with FEMA and the Federal Gov. and he more then likely will declare a State of Emergency and deploy the National Guard to help in areas that need it the most.

Overall, I think PA is quite prepared for hurricanes and the biggest danger that kills the most from hurricanes in PA are falling trees. So, don't stand under some trees when a hurricane comes :)

Photos of PA Hurricanes
Isabel (2003)

Irene (2011)

Agnes (1972)


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