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My Tornado constitution theory

By: CloudWatcher8, 4:20 AM GMT on May 26, 2013

A Tornado funnel is constituted of water falling from the clouds. A Tornado is a high-density wind-shaped cloud falling to earth.

A Tornado's funnel is shaped by the circular flowing air under the cloud.

Rainwater from the cloud falls into this circular turning, rising air, and that air concentrates the falling water into what we see: the circular funnel shaped cloud.

From the middle of that funnel drops the tornado 'tube'. The winds have shaped that mass of rainwater into a point and that leading point drops to earth.

When that concentrated mass of water hits the ground, it hits like a ton of bricks smashing everything.

Where you see the on-ground track of the storm where it crossed open land, a mud trail is left from the impact of this water hitting with its mass and velocity. It's similar to what you can see from the effect of using a pressure washer on bare ground.


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