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Cold front approaching Hawaii, expected to bring wet weather

By: Civicane49, 11:17 AM GMT on January 27, 2013

Calm, dry weather should end for some of the main Hawaiian Islands later today as the cold front will creep in and move down the island chain, bringing the threat for locally heavy rain and thunderstorms. Satellite imagery shows a cold front associated with a robust storm system located northwest of Hawaii. The approaching front should reach the islands of Niihau and Kauai by the next several hours. In fact, the radar data depicts areas of moderate to heavy rain located just less than hundred miles west of Niihau. The band of moisture will move eastward and reach these islands by later in the morning. The cold front is forecast to reach Oahu by the evening and reach the Maui County by early tomorrow. Heavy rain is expected for Oahu from early Sunday evening through Monday night. The Maui County should expect heavy rain from early Monday morning through the evening. By the time the front reaches the Big Island, however, it will likely fall apart. Nevertheless, the Big Island should still receive some moisture from that front. The front could also bring light snow to the summits. The timing of this whole event is expected to be adjusted as the event progresses. Typical trade wind pattern is forecast to return by Tuesday when the front finally reaches out of the islands. However, the remains of that front would bring some lingering showers mainly on the windward side of the islands.

Figure 1. Morning infrared satellite image of Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean as of 1:00 am HST. Image credit: Mauna Kea Weather Center (MKWC).

Since the cold front will bring the chance for heavy rain and thunderstorms to some of the Hawaiian Islands, flash flood watch will be in effect for the islands of Niihau, Kauai, and Oahu from Sunday morning through Monday afternoon. Thunderstorms result in increasing rain rate, leading to flash floods. Please heed the warnings and monitor the latest forecasts. If flash flood warnings are issued, be prepared to take quick actions.


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