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Atlantic to Quiet

By: ChasMV, 10:59 AM GMT on August 31, 2013

I am new to Weather Underground I am not a Meteorologist but have spent a great deal of time watching Atlantic Hurricanes because I am a Surfer on the East Coast and Hurricane swells are when we get classic surf thats got some power behind it.
Many times I have noticed when the Pacific has been very active with storms the Atlantic becomes much quieter, all that rising air has to come down somewhere and this year it seems to be sinking over the Atlantic. In years past I have watched the tropical Pac. go quiet soon to be followed by action in the Atlantic like someone turned a switch, most Surfers on the East Coast are hoping that switch gets flipped soon, don't get me wrong I do not want a Hurricane onshore but just to sit out in the Atlantic for the Fall, heres hoping ChasMV.



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