A Snowless Winter

By: Buckey2745 , 1:45 PM GMT on February 05, 2012

Here we are, the 5th day of February. We're in our final month of meteorological winter. And so far for the winter season? 3.5" of snow.

This is unheard of. A winter with this little snow is something we haven't seen here in Central Ohio in a very long time. A couple weeks ago the NWS in Wilmington posted a report about the least snowiest winters on record. I found it to be very interesting, especially considering we haven't seen a single digit season snowfall total since the mid 90's. The rankings put this winter 6th all time, because some how Columbus has recorded over 6" of snow. I have no clue how, though.

So I took the rankings and plugged in our snow totals. Here's where this winter ranks for us:

1 1918-1919 3.2
2 2011-2012 3.5
3 1996-1997 4.7
4 1941-1942 4.9
5 1931-1932 5.2
6 1949-1950 6.3
7 1934-1935 7.8
8 1945-1946 9.9
9 1997-1998 10.0
10 2001-2002 10.1

Chances are we won't stay in second place by the time winter is over... or will we?

While February doesn't mark the end of the snow, it's becoming less and less likely that we catch up on snow totals.

February is the driest month of the year
Average temps start out at 38° and end the month around 45°
The CPC has us pegged for above average temps and above average precipitation. Meaning? More rain

So many factors will be working against us, and adding a bunch of snow on to our totals seem pretty unlikely.

The being said, I still point to February 2010, our snowiest on record, as an example that snow storms can still hit near the end of the season. The likelyhood with this weather pattern? Slim.

This could go down as one of the most boring winters in recent memory.

Season Stats:
Winter Weather Advisories- 3
Winter Storm Warnings- 1
Ice Storm Warnings- 0
Blizzard Warnings- 0
Freezing Rain Advisories- 0
Winter Storm Watches- 0
Wind Chill Advisories- 0
Wind Chill Warnings- 0
Blowing Snow Advisory- 0

Snowfall Totals:
November: 0" (Predicted: 0")
December: 0" (Predicted: 0")
January: 3.5" (Predicted: 4")
February: 0" (Predicted: 0")
Season: 3.5"

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