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By: Bogon , 9:59 PM GMT on August 01, 2014

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University of Wisconsin - Madison
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Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS (MIMIC)
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NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
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GFS 168 hour Forecast
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Michael Ventrice, Ph. D.
TRMM rain rates (shaded) overlaid with 200 hPa Velocity Potential Anomalies
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 positive anomalies (convergence) are warm-colored contours.

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178. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
4:09 AM GMT on November 15, 2014
Bogon has created a new entry.
177. Bogon
9:45 PM GMT on November 14, 2014
Yeah, Ylee, over on Intellicast there's a temperature map that I follow fondly. The contrast between, say, Greensboro and Knoxville is noteworthy. It has been like that for a couple of days now.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our coldest day of this spell. Saturday's minimum temperature is forecast to be near 20° (-6 C).

Here on this blog I notice the Western Atlantic GIF animation has painted the United States in shades of cool blue. That's a new thing. :o∫
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176. Ylee
9:04 PM GMT on November 14, 2014
The only thing positive around here is currently the temperature, which is +1C! I'm positive it's cold!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
175. Bogon
6:57 PM GMT on November 14, 2014
Our weather is anything but tropical right now. I want to update the blog header soon, but that will have to wait until I get a suitable block of time. Right now I've got a weekend shopping list.

The Appalachians are doing a good job of holding the worst of the polar vortex at bay. It's way colder and icier on the other side.

So far, anyhow. I'm trying to think positive. :o)
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174. masshysteria
6:45 PM GMT on November 14, 2014
Hi Bogon!

In response to your earlier post on my blog site, it appears that we were indeed fortunate not to have the forecasted inch or two snowfall descend on us overnight. It is a quite chilly around here (currently 41) but surprisingly some of the Southern states have seemingly been more affected by this (polar vortex?) than us. So relieved no appreciable snowfall or blizzards are yet in sight, as we're anxiously waiting for our snowblower to be fixed for what's sure to come. Darn friction wheel in the gear shaft wore itself out from previous years.

I've been a bit captivated by the recent coverage of the Rosetta space probe's comet landing myself. It was quite the feat catching up to it at such great speeds and landing without perishing. Unfortunately, the landing spot seems in a precarious crater-like area, with little leverage to anchor, and too shadowy for its solar panels to derive enough sunlight for needed battery power. Still, hope the ESA can somehow remotely move it a bit to a better spot so to derive enough information sought and to have made it all worth while.
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173. Bogon
3:17 AM GMT on November 13, 2014
We've been spoiled by NASA, Ylee. Other coverage suggests there may have been a problem with the system that was supposed to secure the lander to the comet's surface.

WU reports our high temperature today was 74° after a morning low of 45°. It's currently 58°. We will not see another warm sunny day like this until... further notice. Tomorrow's high will be less than the current temperature. For most of the next week daily highs will be closer to today's low.
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172. Ylee
1:47 AM GMT on November 13, 2014
Let me say i was not impressed by ESA's coverage. I was asleep during the actual landing, but when I tried to see the replay, all I saw was the control room and talking heads. I want video, dangit!
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171. Bogon
5:18 PM GMT on November 12, 2014
Philae has landed.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
170. Bogon
3:58 AM GMT on November 12, 2014
Congratulations! I've always been one of those guys desperately pawing through the leftovers on Christmas Eve.

My fundamental problem is that I never know what to get.

There's no problem when I buy things for myself. I decide what I want, I find out where to get it, and Bob's your uncle.

Presents for other people are idealized generic things. Where do you shop for those? It helps immensely, if you can ask the prospective recipient, "What do you want for Christmas?", and you get some sort of relevant, intelligible reply. It also helps if the desired thing is a marketable (or easily constructable by hand) concrete object. Vague or ephemeral things like "world peace" are hard to deliver.

One year I bought a Christmas present in August. I'm not sure whether, by the time Christmas rolled around, I still remembered that I had it.

I suppose I could shop now for Wife. I won't know who the To Be Named person is until after Thanksgiving.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
169. Ylee
3:24 AM GMT on November 12, 2014
Me, I forego the rush, and buy online, for the most part! :' ) Our list is almost completed!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
168. Bogon
3:13 AM GMT on November 12, 2014
Yay! Let's all go out and catch pneumonia!

Ah, yes, the annual mall crawl. Can't wait. XoP

Thanks for the reminder, though, Ylee. The number of shopping days is dropping drastically, I'm sure. And I have yet to purchase present number one.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that I'm down to one single person for whom I really, seriously need to find a gift. That would be my wife. My side of the family has dwindled to the point that I no longer feel any pressing obligation; Wife's family is so large that buying a meaningful gift for everyone is impractical. They usually institute an arrangement whereby each member draws a name from a hat. The named person thereby becomes your officially designated giftee. So I'll need something special for Wife and something under a specified dollar amount for an in-law yet to be named.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
167. Ylee
2:30 AM GMT on November 12, 2014
The warmth of Autumn's left for awhile, replaced by cold, wind, and misty drizzles. Feels like prime Christmas shopping weather!
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166. Bogon
2:17 AM GMT on November 12, 2014
Despite the foregoing tune, autumn does not last forever. Today I noticed that we seem to be passing the peak here. Still lots of color — all the deciduous trees are engaged now. Early adopters, many of them among the most strikingly colorful, have gone bare. The remainder, mostly oaks, birch etc. (and by 'etc.' I mean "trees that I can't name") are relatively somber in hue. Each day is different. Autumn's brevity surely contributes to our perception of its piquancy.

There is a loose swirl forming offshore. It has been getting its act together for a couple of days now. Though it is clear and dry here, It's raining down east. That swirl is an incipient nor'easter.

This morning I opened WUndermap and clicked on the ECMWF model. I wanted to see if this nor'easter would spin up like ex-Nuri did last week. The short answer is no, not even. Looks like it will stay out to sea, and it won't explosively deepen. Maybe just under a thousand millibars according to the model, and that will be way up by Newfoundland.

What I didn't expect was a much more likely swirl forming south of Greenland. The model was set to display winds. An innocuous little low spinning eastward from Canada taps into cold flow (likely katabatic) off of Greenland, I noticed it because it had big swatches of red in it, which meant winds like forty or fifty knots. (I'm writing this from memory. Take those numbers with a grain of salt.) In a day or two that storm will be bumping into Ireland. (With a proper 3D global projection you can see that Greenland, Iceland and Ireland are not so far apart.)

Anyway, what I'm getting at here, is that this whole blog is set up to watch the tropics. There is surely a lot of interesting weather in the high arctic (and antarctic), where it doesn't show up on the satellites. Now I want a way to watch that stuff. After all, as winter approaches, that's where the nasty storms will originate. I would love to hook you up for Arctic Terror 2014/15, but polar views equivalent to these tropical products simply don't exist.
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165. Bogon
3:49 PM GMT on November 11, 2014
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
164. Bogon
3:30 PM GMT on November 11, 2014
'Nother sunny morning here in the Dry Slot. For the last month or so we have been basking in the sweet zone between the 5400 and 5700 thickness lines on the model map. At the moment that zone seems broad and accommodating. Nuri and the polar vortex are about to put the squeeze on.

It was 12° in Denver this morning. Overnight the 5400 line reached north Texas. That's about as far south as it's going to get. Over the next several days the chill will spread east.

By the weekend it will arrive here. It won't get much colder than weather we have seen already this fall. The difference is that, this time, it's going to hang around for a week or so. Time to break out the wool socks!
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163. ycd0108
1:03 AM GMT on November 10, 2014
If you can't find Nuri I have no chance Bogon:
If it doesn't bother me I won't bother it. Did bookmark the "Worldview" though.
We now have a warning for "Outflow winds" from a cold high pressure on the mainland.
Some mention of freezing temperatures for the next few days.
Religion and war:
Seems that they go hand in hand alright. I'm not if favor of either but if I were to start one or the other I would make sure I used both.
" Is the difference in the faith or in the believer? Aye, there's the rub."
My guess is:
"Tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are."
If I had been exposed to any "Gung Ho" stuff as a young man I would likely have been a warrior - lucky for me I needed corrective glasses at around 14 'cause otherwise my goal was to fly aircraft for the military and I did not care whose:
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
162. Bogon
6:06 PM GMT on November 09, 2014
Yeah, ycd, "wafting". That's the ticket. :oD

Yesterday's weather models seemed to agree that ex-Nuri is just going to sit and spin until it runs down. The worst is over, except that the waves may keep building for a while, the longer the wind blows.

Since yesterday I spent some time browsing NASA's MODIS site(s) with a goal in mind to find a picture like the one on Jeff Master's blog. No joy. I learned that Near Real Time® data are available in less than three hours, but I never did find a picture of ex-Nuri. The niftiest tool I found was called Worldview. Alas, it has the same problem as all the other satellite solutions. The Bering Sea is way up in the corner, and it is split across the 180th meridian. There is an arctic polar view, but that picture is raggedy, and the Bering Sea comes out upside down. Bo(

Mostly I spent a lot of time clicking from page to page, all of which extolled the wondrousness of the database and all the ways you can map and colorize it etc. You can download imagery in strips identified by the time of day the satellite traversed some part of the globe. I suppose that, if you found out about the orbits of Terra and Aqua, you could match date-time to geography. My interest was purely geographic. Didn't care diddly about the time, as long as it was relatively recent. Therefore, being the lazy bum that I am, I was effectively stymied.

There are various ways to access the database directly. For me it would be, like, a six month project to figure out any one of them. By then Nuri will be long forgotten.

So, anyway, I don't plan to write another sermon this Sunday morning. It's more like true confession time.

I've been thinking about last week's random emission (comment 134), ycd, and I think I understand your reaction. Most wars are fought for political or economic reasons. Sometimes it's a feud, like the Hatfields and McCoys, the Yorks and the Lancasters, or the Israelis and Palestinians. Sometimes it's for bragging rights. Rarely is it primarily about religion. Religion was surely a major factor in, for example, the Crusades. The two sides were divided and defined by their faiths, but the point of contention was arguably political: who would run the town of Jerusalem?

I really don't know enough about history, sociology, psychology etc. to say how much a person's religious faith affects his propensity to engage in war. Warfare is widespread across time and space. Eastern Asia is widely acknowledged to have produced some outstanding warriors, some of whom (e. g. the kung fu guys) are also referred to as 'monks' or 'priests', which suggests a religious affiliation. Of course, the restrained, professional, one-on-one style of conflict popularly associated with kung fu guys has little in common with what we are accustomed to think of as war nowadays, where hundreds of thousands of people line up on either side and proceed to blast each other apart wholesale.

On the other hand, the notion of 'pacifist' usually has an implied religious component. Is the difference in the faith or in the believer? Aye, there's the rub.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
161. ycd0108
2:46 PM GMT on November 09, 2014
I see what you mean Bogon: west
Appears that most of ex-Nuri is wafting north for now and that's OK with me.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
160. Bogon
5:00 PM GMT on November 08, 2014
Gotta say that I am experiencing frustration in trying to link good imagery of ex-Nuri here. When it comes to satellite coverage, the Bering Sea falls through the cracks. The storm stubbornly sits between the northeastern limit of MTSAT and the northwestern edge of GOES-West. The MODIS satellites, Terra and Aqua, apparently need lots of processing before their product is ready for prime time. NASA has a current "image of the day" of Nuri, but it was taken four days ago, back when Nuri was a typhoon. has some nice pictures up. Obviously they have more budget allocated to this project than I do. $o)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
159. Bogon
3:36 PM GMT on November 08, 2014
It's about 40° on Shemya, and the wind has been blowing steady 50-60 mph all night (my time). Ex-Nuri has officially claimed the title of meanest storm ever recorded in the Bering Sea. It's still sitting there, winding up into an ever tighter spiral.

Meanwhile I see 15° lurking up by Lake Superior. The jet stream over North Dakota is screaming 140 mph, and it's pointed southeast.

I'm pleased to report that the weather is okay here — for the time being. At 10:00 am it is already warmer than Shemya. Prospects for comparatively balmy weather continue through Veteran's Day. On Thursday conditions take a nose dive.

beell, I hope that you got a good night's sleep, so that now you can bare your smile with a will rather than bearing it with a wince.
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158. Bogon
3:05 AM GMT on November 08, 2014
Google Earth shows a runway and some kind of air station on the island, beell. Earlier today I was idly wondering just how badly an airman would have to screw up to earn an assignment out there.

I was joking about the 'lonely robot', because the automatic observations are flagged with a dollar sign and the notice, "SOME DATA ABOVE MAY BE INACCURATE!!!"$" is an indication the sensor requires maintenance."

If the sensor needs maintenance now, in what shape will the gizmo be by the time Nuri gets done with it?

I would love to be there. What's the use of extreme weather if you can't experience it once in awhile. Extreme weather in an extreme setting would be icing on the cake!

Not me! I'm getting too old for that stuff. And I want to live where the pizza man delivers.

Add: I found a standard NWS three-day weather history page for Shemya here.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
157. beell
12:44 AM GMT on November 08, 2014
Evening, Bogon.
Wow, I just flew in from work and man is my grin-and-bear-it smile tired...

"Of course, if I were a peripatetic Weather Service roboticist, I probably wouldn't choose today to visit Shemya."

I would love to be there. What's the use of extreme weather if you can't experience it once in awhile. Extreme weather in an extreme setting would be icing on the cake!

From the 19Z Obs.

Temperature: 5.0°C ( 41°F)
Pressure (altimeter): 28.38 inches Hg ( 961.1 mb) [Sea level pressure: 961.1 mb]
Winds: from the SE (130 degrees) at 70 MPH (61 knots; 31.4 m/s) gusting to 97 MPH (84 knots; 43.2 m/s)
Visibility: 2.50 miles ( 4.02 km)
Ceiling: 1100 feet AGL
Clouds: broken clouds at 1100 feet AGL, overcast cloud deck at 1400 feet AGL
Weather: BR (mist)

84 knot gusts and mist. Obviously an automated observation.

Image Credit: Lucas Payne Photography

From what I have read, Shemaya is populated to a certain extent.
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156. Bogon
12:04 AM GMT on November 08, 2014
Nuri Notes:
You can click either picture (comment 154) to get NOAA's flash animation. The animation shows the full extent of the storm, which is in two parts, yin-yang style. The yellow clouds across the top are one part, and the cool green lobe sweeping underneath is the other. On the bottom picture the yellow clouds are edging into the picture from the bottom left. Check out the size of the storm compared to Alaska! Sheesh!

The latest observation from Shemya has forty knot winds gusting to fifty-six.
The models say ex-Nuri could be hanging around for days.

ycd, all I could see from here was a wispy tendril on the East Pacific MIMIC animation. Hard to believe that could do so much damage. My advice would be to leave the trees over your house, as long as they're healthy. If you cut them, the terrorists win. :o)
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155. ycd0108
9:41 PM GMT on November 07, 2014
The wind yesterday was one of the worst events here for downed limbs and trees - power was out for a good many rural customers on the south Iland.
We went over to check the big fir that came down over the pond here taking two smaller poplars with it and stripping the limbs off a number of other trees. Got an email just now from a young fit neighbour who wants to clean up the mess tomorrow. I do have a small Husqvarna saw but I'm not sure how to drop a 2' diameter 100' trunk off a 10' diameter root ball safely. Like: where will the root want to go if you cut the trunk off it and where will the trunk want go go when you cut the root ball off. Unfortunately the person on the chainsaw will have to watch both events more or less at the same time.
Maybe we will just Hire "Buckin' Billy Ray" - he's already been squished a few times..
So Nuri is still out there eh.
Guess this is not the time to start falling the big trees that were swaying over my house and parking when I got home yesterday.
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154. Bogon
3:03 PM GMT on November 07, 2014
We can see ex-Nuri about to move off the top of this image...

...and onto this one.

Here again, with the weather satellites in equatorial orbit, high latitudes are sorta blurry.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
153. Bogon
1:35 PM GMT on November 07, 2014
Weather is pretty much all about the ripples, Ylee. We're talking about unusually big ripples here. One of the bloggers at Accuweather characterized the baroclinic version of Nuri as possibly "the most intense storm on Earth this year".

Thanks for that map, beell. You know I love a good map! The Mercator-style WUndermap gets weird at high latitudes.

Initially the storm track cleaves closer to the Russian shore. Unfortunately we don't hear much from that side of the dateline. Not even abandoned robots crying, "Help me! Help me!" The poor sad automated station in Shemya reports thirty knot winds this morning, but it might be a tad unhinged after sitting out there by itself so long.

Of course, if I were a peripatetic Weather Service roboticist, I probably wouldn't choose today to visit Shemya.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
152. beell
11:56 AM GMT on November 07, 2014
I see the random blob was dropped by the NHC. I would agree, with at least a broad trough anchored over the eastern half of the US, a persistent baroclinic boundary will remain in the same general area. More random non-tropical blobs.

FWIW, for the ex-Nuri watchers:

Past 6 hourly METAR obs from:
Shemya, (Eareckson Air Station) PASY
Adak Naval Air Station, PADK
Dutch Harbor, (Madsen Airport) PADU
some of these obs may be automated w/no QC

METAR - Meteorological Aviation Report
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
151. Ylee
10:31 AM GMT on November 07, 2014
Ripples in the weather continuum.... :' )
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
150. Bogon
10:08 AM GMT on November 07, 2014
ycd, I won't pretend to understand your weather patterns. You're living at the latitude of the northern jet stream, and it looks like one storm after another zipping off the Pacific. You might be getting a little Pineapple Express action, too.

I don't think Nuri has reached you yet. The story I heard is that Nuri will be going up into the Bering Sea. It will become a very powerful storm capable of distorting the jet stream. Downstream of that disturbance a wave of cold air will roll into the plains states next week. A day or two after that the cold will arrive here on the east coast.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
149. ycd0108
3:25 AM GMT on November 07, 2014
Not sure whether this is the affects of Nuri but we had some noticeable winds today. Nuri is what - 37 N, 151 W and I'm somewhat NE of that but the mess on the roads was obvious today:
power out on some traffic lights and tree limbs covering both lanes off the highway. Near home there was a young feller sweeping the limbs of the road and I stopped a couple of times to pull branches to the ditch. Electric power was out when I got parked.
Back up now but I don't trust it 'cause the wind is still sighing out there.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
148. Bogon
3:06 PM GMT on November 06, 2014
Sorta rainish here this morning, beell, though the front seems to have got hung up crossing the Appalachians. We have 50% chances split between drizzle and "partly sunny" through this evening. I was actually hoping for a rainy day. Looks like this could be the last chance for a while.

For the last couple of days the National Hurricane Center has posted a yellow X for random blobulism out by Hispañola. I think it's probably the same front that was anchored over Nicaragua last week. There is visible cyclonic turning at the base of it, but the circulation is not tightly closed. The blobs are training up toward Bermuda. No other land areas appear to be at immediate risk.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
147. beell
11:40 AM GMT on November 06, 2014
That is a great webcam link. I bookmarked it after you dropped it at my place the other day. A view of Texas weather every 5 minutes since 2012! I look forward to its return.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
146. Bogon
2:32 AM GMT on November 06, 2014
Thanks for the update, beell. On the radar map the rain looked widespread and moderate, a slow soaker type of storm of the kind designed to do the most good. I expect that inch or two of rise in Texas' Highland Lakes may keep going for a while until all the precincts report in.

You are my best source of information at the moment. The Lake Travis webcam is either off-line, or somebody put a bag over it to keep the rain out.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
145. beell
1:54 AM GMT on November 06, 2014
Evening, Bogon

We survived the "imperfect storm". The Highland Lakes drainage basins picked up 1-2 plus" of rain over the last 24 hours. Lake Travis and Buchanan jumped up a couple inches. Probably enough to make up for releases and evaporation over the past week.

LCRA Hydromet

The ECMWF seems to have been the model of choice with a consistent showing of a less progressive mid-level system and most of the rain of a post-frontal overunning type (the correct term for the persnickity would be isentropic upglide). The mid level system was too far off to the west resulting in only modest to weak upglide over the frontal boundary. Not much convective rain due to a lack of instability. Still may see an inch or so over tonight and tomorrow closer to the coast.

Me? On the east side of Harris County, about .18". Most of the county averaged .50-1".
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
144. Bogon
4:49 AM GMT on November 05, 2014
UK. tonight I heard that more money was spent on campaigning in North Carolina than in any other state. Kansas is number two.

A dubious distinction, indeed. Ylee, if only all that money had been spent on chickens, or pizza or a long list of better things, it might actually have done somebody some good.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
143. Ylee
12:42 PM GMT on November 04, 2014
I agree with you, UK, the money spent on campaigns this year could've bought a lot of chickens! ;' )
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
142. insideuk
12:29 PM GMT on November 04, 2014
UK news coverage of the mid terms has been centered on Raleigh, North Carolina.

I looked for you.

I've been shown a few of those negative ads, and heard locals say how sick to the back teeth they are of it all. But the most striking info concerned how much is being spent on the campaign trail now that the spending limits are out the window.

Did you know that the combined campaign costs of all parties in the last British general election amounted to only A THIRD of what has been spent in North Carolina for this mid term?

UK population = 64 million
NC population = 9.8 million

Given your ballot day review at the old folks home maybe they should have increased the budget and stretched to cover reading glasses and hearing aids?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
141. Bogon
11:50 AM GMT on November 04, 2014
Well, today is election day. If you haven't voted, go vote.

Wife and I cast our ballots last week. Wife practically dragged me to the early voting place, which was in an old folks' home this year. The lady who greeted us couldn't hear what we said and couldn't read her computer screen, which made the check in process more interesting than usual. What saved us was that she had had a lot of practice already.

Tonight we get to find out who won.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
140. Bogon
10:32 AM GMT on November 04, 2014
Each trail at the park is marked with colored blazes, Ylee, a different color for each trail. I uploaded a picture of one of the blue blazes last week. This time the markers were yellow.

I'm no great woodsman, but I was able to follow the trail easily enough just by watching the ground beneath my feet. The fallen leaves were disturbed where people have been walking. In some places the ground is beginning to erode from foot traffic or overzealous trail maintenance. Signs and blazes are helpful where the trail forks, but that doesn't happen often. A good sense of direction is the best aid, because it works when there are no signs.

Somebody created cairns (also called "rock ducks"). I'm not sure why. Maybe the rock piles predate the colored blazes, or maybe somebody just likes stacking rocks. Where I took the Goblin photo, there were three stacks in a row on one side of the trail spaced about ten feet apart. I tried to line up a photo of all three, but I couldn't make it work. I picked one that I thought had the best personality.

Google Earth is responsible for pointing me toward Eden. I never though much about where those power lines originated until last night. On Google Earth you can follow cleared transmission line easements as easily as a road. Easier even, because they're perfectly straight. If you ever wondered where your electricity comes from, that's a good way to find out.

On their web site Duke Energy says they have been phasing out coal-fired plants in North Carolina. There was a problem with the old facility near Eden a couple of years ago. A lot of coal ash washed into Dan River. Duke Energy had to clean up the mess. Skyepony blogged about the spill.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
139. Ylee
3:09 AM GMT on November 04, 2014
I like the trail goblin photo! I'm assuming that you didn't balance the rocks?

Interesting that Duke energy has new non-coal burning plants now. Natural gas, I presume? Coal remains a central political issue here, with both senatorial candidates here jockying for the most pro coal position. Every bit of the electricity produced here is from coal, and due to EPA regs, have caused some plants to shut down, and others to add pollution reducing equipment, resulting in our electric rates to spike by 70% in the past five years. I'm all for tring to keep the air clean, but I know a lot of people who are now struggling more because their utility costs are now eating up 20-25% of their monthly budget.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
138. Bogon
12:57 AM GMT on November 04, 2014
Went up to Shallow Ford Park again this afternoon to walk the other long trail. Four pictures are up. I'm never sure if I've chosen the best ones. Oh, angst! :o}
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
137. Bogon
1:45 PM GMT on November 03, 2014
Are you sure it's thinking about religion that makes you dizzy, ycd? Could it be that you drank too much coffee after dinner?

Anyway, it's hard to carry on a dialog if your head is spinning.

At 6:54 am EST the thermometer at the county airport recorded 31° F. The ten-day strip chart here on WU alleges that at 7:15 the local temperature dipped to 29°. Wife and I looked out the window for frost, but we didn't see any. Since the time change it is already daylight when we get up. Maybe our yard melted under the blinding Donzerly Light..

According to the National Weather Service, minimum temperatures won't flirt with the freezing mark again until at least the weekend. On Wednesday if will be a balmy 72°. Maybe I will lug some plants back outside.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
136. ycd0108
6:20 AM GMT on November 03, 2014
Well I'm back and that thar religion stuff makes my head spin:
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
135. ycd0108
6:02 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
Even with the extra hour you must be off the pulpit by now.
"Break Fast" announcement just came from the main floor.
I gotta put some thought time into #134 before I comment anyway but I'll be back.
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134. Bogon
3:58 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
I doubt if Mars' multitasking posed much of a problem for his followers. If you're waging war, you probably don't have much time for plowing (and vice versa). Feast or famine, so to speak. The dichotomy offers few opportunities for conflict of the logical/metaphysical kind.

Kali also has a long list of occupations, attributes, alter egos and manifestations, not all of which are consistent with death and destruction. Presumably her worshipers find something about her to like. The surprising thing is, most Hindus are peaceful, despite having such a bloodthirsty exemplar prominently portrayed in their pantheon. Moreover, Hinduism begat Buddhism, another peaceful philosophy.

It's hard to judge how much difference a religion makes in the demeanor of its believers. We don't have a control case for statistical analysis. We can observe that, in eastern Asia you have billions of people living cheek by jowl, and for the most part (especially measured in man-hours) they manage it peacefully. Those are the areas covered by Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism etc. There is currently high tension between India and Pakistan, where one of the parties is primarily Islamic.

Islam is one of the monotheistic faiths born in the Middle East, where people like to pound on the Book and emit scornful, intolerant noises about their neighbors. The neighbors are liable to get tired of hearing those noises. Such behavior doesn't make for a pretty picture or a promising future. In my opinion it doesn't reflect well on that group of faiths.

Okay, enough comparative religion. I guess that's my sermon for this Sunday morning.
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133. ycd0108
3:07 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
Agreed Bogon - I probably thought the same thing as Chavez.
Here is another GOD o 'War:
Mars. Wiki says He was also overseeing agriculture.
Busy guy
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132. Bogon
2:42 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
So, ycd, you were serious about the slinky leopard look? Aaugh! Too much information! XoD

Although I admit it doesn't look too bad on America Ferrera. I wonder what Caesar Chavez thought?

As for counting atrocities, I suppose it does depend on (one's perception of) the god.
Take Kali, for example.
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131. Bogon
2:19 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
No, Ylee, not quite. There must have been some residual cloud cover. It's clear now, as the high pressure behind the cold front moves in. The weather man is betting on tonight with a predicted low in the upper twenties.

Yesterday I brought the last of the houseplants inside. Another autumnal chore was to clean up a little humidifier we use in the bedroom in winter. On really cold days the heated air inside the house can get dry enough to cause a sore throat, if you spend the night snoring in it. Adding moisture to the air also helps with the aforementioned plants.
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130. ycd0108
2:07 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
I can't find any label on this gown and a Google of "Slinky Union Leopard" brings up America Ferrarra wearing much the same cloth over quite a different body. Daughter#1 found this thing in a Thrift store and gave it to Tloml who never wore it so I tried it on and I look good!
(Certainly much better than I look without a dressing gown.)
"How many atrocities can you commit in the name of God?"
Apparently there is no limit. Maybe it depends on which God one chooses.
The Book I try to follow was supposedly written by Lao Tzu:
"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."
Lao Tzu

Read more at u.html#As53i0IwypuyrgFr.99
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129. Ylee
1:32 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
Get any frost this morning?
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128. Bogon
12:48 PM GMT on November 02, 2014
Ha, ha! ycd, would that be a slinky leopard union suit? You know, I hear that more and more divorces and firings are motivated by evidence that people leave on-line in places like Facebook.

As for that question, I consider it far from settled. As you say, it could do us all good to reflect on such things.

Here's another question for ya. How many atrocities can you commit in the name of God? I'm thinking that any Deity who is worth a Damn is going to keep a Tally. At some point (One? Twenty-seven?) He is going to decide that you are no longer righteous nor civilized nor worthy. If He is on the Ball, it shouldn't take long for Him to make up His Mind. I'm pretty sure it says something about that in the Book.
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