A day in the life of the winter blog...

By: Zachary Labe , 1:42 AM GMT on November 17, 2009

Good afternoon!!! This is just a fun blog that I thought would cause a few laughs during this boring weather pattern dominated by widespread North America ridging with +1-2SD 1000-500mb heights. Even up to the Hudson Bay in Canada there are areas with no snow cover, which is very unusual this time of year. But as mentioned in the last blog, a pattern change is coming, so until then here is an off-topic blog. Keep in mind no hard feelings about the blog, all for fun. Everyone here is part of a wonderful community and I appreciate each and every comment. I think all of us can take a joke about ourself. By the way this idea was from a post on easternwx forums I saw one day while browsing. Anyways so here it is.... "The day in the life of Blizzard92's blog; the day before a big winterstorm during December." I am only posting this blog for a day or so, as everyone knows I like to keep things on topic. I will probably repost my November research blog on Wednesday until I make a new blog towards the weekend.

5:30am- Blizzard92 checks the computer models including 0z GFS and 0z ECWMF and shorter range models reporting: "I am not feeling good about this storm."

6:00am- 6z GFS reports in with a return to the winter storm, Blizzard92 morning confidence is restored.

6:15am- Sullivanweather, who never sleeps, reports in with some scientific explanation of the synoptic setup

6:30am- Mason803 reports in with a much colder low than the rest of us in the Lower Susquehanna Valley

9:00am- Sports center begins from 9-10am between palmyrapunshiment and TheRasberryPatch

10:00am- 12z NAM out and 12z GFS loading; snowlover2010 reports how much QPF is printed out for Lancaster, 1inch

10:02am- Blizzard92 reports that Lancaster may see some mixing and Harrisburg has a much better chance at all snow especially north of the turnpike

10:05am- HeavySnow suffers snowless depression with all mixing and rain towards Washington DC.

10:30am- Shipweather reports in with a new winter storm warning issued for all of the northern and central parts of Mt. Holly CWA

10:45am- Palmyrapunishment and Blizzard92 complain how State College never issues warnings adequately.

10:46am- State College issues Winter weather advisory for all of their CWA

10:48am- Complaints on State College NWS begin and recollections of them upgrading to warnings during all major storms, Blizzard92 recalls major ice of December 2007

11:00am- Stan999 reports in with 5inches of snow with blizzard conditions while the rest of us suffer with virga

11:30am- Virga continues; weathergeek5 reports how "the other site" has canceled winter

11:32am- Palmyrapunishment recollects how he was nearly banned from Crapuweather a few times

11:45am- Upweatherdog reports some random future snowstorm that may affect upper Michigan

12:00pm- TheDawnAwakening recalls the blizzard of 2005 on Cape Cod and asks Blizzard92 for potential on ocean effect snow

1:00pm- Blizzard92 is first to report seeing snow fall with already a coating

1:01pm- TheRasberryPatch reports dry conditions

1:30pm- Sports center round two begins between Palmyrapunishment and TheRasberryPatch with TheDawnAwakening talking about the celtics

1:45pm- Blizzards post "New blog posted in 1hr"

2:00pm- ECMWF is out and Blizzard92 reports it does not look good

2:10pm- Palmyrapunshiment starts his snowforpalymra donation blog

2:11pm- Blizzard92 reports "Lower Susquehanna; land where storms die"

2:12pm- SilverShipsofAndilar cancels winter

2:13pm- TheRasberryPatch posts how after years of observation it seems the jet stream troughs always shift east after December

3:00pm- Blog still not posted

3:10pm- Snowlover2010 asks how much snow for Lancaster

3:11pm- Stan999 reports 11inches of snow, only flurries now in the Lower Susquehanna Valley

3:12pm- Sullivanweather reports perfect temperatures in his region with 2inches of snow

3:13pm- Blizzard92 announces his forecast may bust, but chooses words carefully to cover himself

4:00pm- Snowlover2010 asks why the NWS zone forecast went from 4-8inches to 2-4inches; Blizzard92 replies it must be an error

4:01pm- NWS fixes error forecast, back up to 4-8inches

4:30pm- hurigo greets everyone and gets off in a tangent conversation with TheRasberryPatch about charcoal grills and Baltimore seafood being the best

6:00pm- Snow falling over much of Northern Middle Atlantic except in Washington DC with HeavySnow in continuous snowless depression

6:05pm- Palmyrapunishment reports worst commute conditions ever with I-81 at a crawl with PennDot in hiding; "Penndot hate blog" begins for next hour

700pm- TheDawnawakening reports ocean effect snow looks to be a good bet on Cape Cod tomorrow meanwhile everyone is focused on the current snow

7:30pm- Snowlover2010 asks Blizzard92 if school will be canceled

7:45pm- Blizzard92 remarks how the forecast looks great after all

7:46pm- TheRasberryPatch finds an error in Blizzard92's forecast snow map and reports it

8:00pm- Blizzard92 reports heaviest snow he has ever seen with already 5inches, everyone else in lower susquehanna valley has 2.5inches

8:30pm- Onoweather announces State College has now issued winter storm warning

9:00pm- Lull in storm begins and SilverShipsofAndilar cancels winter again asking for a big snowstorm one of these days

9:01pm- Blizzard92 forecasts major ice storm for second round

10:00pm- A drizzle freezing rain occurs and no major ice storm

10:20pm- Sullivanweather reports some scientific synopsis hardly anyone understands about why the second round busts

10:21pm- OriginalLT reports in a current Connecticut observation

10:30pm- weathergeek5 reports "the other site" believes the moisture is riding up the coast for a surprise snow event

10:32pm- Snowlover2010 asks how much for Lancaster

10:33pm- Blizzard92 reports they are a bunch of idiots and it is not going to happen

10:45pm- Pittsburghnurse reports terrible road conditions in Pittsburgh

11:00pm- Penndot jokes begin agian

2:00am- Sullivanweather, who never sleeps, reports on a long range 0z ECMWF storm

6:00am- Blizzard92 checks morning models and replies that things look cold in the long range

6:30am- Everyone reports snow totals with Blizzard92 being unusually high with his total

6:31am- Lawtonlooker replies he only received 4inches while Blizzard92 only 10mi north reports 6.5inches

8:00am- Blizzard92 thanks everyone for posting and says what a great community WU is

9:00am- New blog posted with wxgeek723 being first to comment saying what an amazingly long blog it is

9:10am- A new person stops to say hello and says what a great blog this is

9:11am- Blizzard92 continues to say thanks for stopping by and feel free to stop in anytime; scares the person away

9:15am- Upweatherdog reports a possible long range snowstorm for the Great Lakes and his winter forecast looks great

9:16am- Blizzard92 reports he does not like to look at the long range

9:17am- TheRasberryPatch reports on bitter cold out in Southbend, Indiana near relatives

9:18am- Blizzard92 reports on a 384hr possible snowstorm

9:30am- Palmyrapunishment says we are do for a big one

The cycle begins again....

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Very very "cute". and very accurate. I thought you might say for me, OriginalLT checked in and said he heard crickets chirping during the snow storm! And by the way, up untill last night I still did hear a couple. Nice idea Blizz.
Member Since: January 31, 2009 Posts: 0 Comments: 8012
RaspberryPatch ~ My favs always were the livers, dredged in flour, salt and pepper and fried. As a matter of fact, you could get plates of them in restaurants, or buy them in bulk in the grocery. Maybe we don't see them so often now because of cholesterol concerns. I've not really thought about it - but they were good!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Way funny Blizz and so accurate. btw - its my wife's parents that live out there. haha

its been awhile since i mentioned much about the astronomical pattern. now is a great time to be lookin up in the sky at night as long as it is clear, not like we have had that very often lately.

shoreacres - the only time i had gizzards or chicken hearts and liver was my father would sometimes cook them up with broth for his dresseing and then chop them into the dressng for the bird. I was also at a butchers shop getting some chicken hearts for my dog to cook for him and there were 3 women (mom and 2 daughters in their 30's) and they mentioned their mom would fry up the hearts and they would fight over who got the most.
Member Since: January 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
Quoting synthman19872003:
Yeah, either way...

I tried reversing it too, something like "hurrizards", but that sounds like a disease or something LOL!


Sounds like a new kind of reptile.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I was thinking that too, shore.
Member Since: May 18, 2006 Posts: 52 Comments: 4045
What I have to know is, do your NWS sorts hang out at the IHOP, too? We always know where to find ours ;-)

synthman ~ "hurrizards" sounds like that part of the chicken you fry up with the livers.
My grandma always was trying to get us to eat those gizzards!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
The QPF didn't conjoin with the NAO leaving the PNO out for the season. I think something has to be done about that at 16Z or earlier before the NWS issues a thing. Send in the rookie. He'll know what to do.
Member Since: October 14, 2006 Posts: 1 Comments: 639
Yeah, either way...

I tried reversing it too, something like "hurrizards", but that sounds like a disease or something LOL!
Member Since: May 18, 2006 Posts: 52 Comments: 4045
"Blizzarcanes" sounds better :)
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Shoreacres, guess you can call them "blizzicanes" ;)
Member Since: May 18, 2006 Posts: 52 Comments: 4045
This is just hilarious. The only thing missing is something you wouldn't have known about....

(various times) shoreacres tiptoes in and out, congratulating herself on being warm and thinking, "These blizzards are their hurricanes!"
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hope it doesn't ice more than it snows. Seems like we usually have equal chances for both though. I like ice to a certain extent, but I like snow even better, it's just more fun =)

Ice storms like this though are a REAL headache:

Member Since: May 18, 2006 Posts: 52 Comments: 4045
synthman19872003- Hopefully this year will not be full of ice storms towards the southern Middle Atlantic, but it seems every year North Carolina is pounded with severe freezing rain.
Member Since: December 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15246
Yep, sounds likely for my area ;)
Member Since: May 18, 2006 Posts: 52 Comments: 4045
upweatherdog- Thanks!

synthman19872003- Thanks! How about lets add an icestorm in the mix for you.
Member Since: December 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15246
This is fun blizz! :)

... and synthman19872003 is cussing at the Appalachians for blocking clippers systems LOL, but is hoping for the next big GOM storm to arrive very soon =)
Member Since: May 18, 2006 Posts: 52 Comments: 4045
Great post Blizzard!

6:00pm the next day- UPweatherdog complains of sunny weather and that all snowstorms split around him.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
weathergeek5- Haha, we are so predictable.
Member Since: December 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15246
oooooooooo this is chilling because it is so accurate.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

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