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Belmont, CA Area Weather - Feb. 24, 2013

By: BelmontJeff, 6:19 PM GMT on February 24, 2013

After a surprise overnight shower yielding 0.02", the remainder of Saturday was clear and mild, with temps topping out around 60° under full sun. This shower was probably the month's final rainfall, which has, thus far, totaled 0.57". Combined with January's 0.35", our 2013 total is a very dry 0.92", only 8.6% of the 30-year Normal of 10.66" for these combined months.

Looking further back in the current Water Year (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013), we are faring better - now being up to 12.60" here in Belmont. However, we are still only at 63% of the Normal of 19.96" (as of the end of February).

What will March 2013 bring? The month's Normal precipitation is 3.63", which gives a running Water Year total of 23.59". We have a long way to go to catch that amount. In the meantime, get out and enjoy the clear, mild weather. Last Friday morning, I took advantage and visited Pillar Point/Maverick's Beach. Awesome day to be out and about.

Mid-February Wrap-Up - Belmont, CA

By: BelmontJeff, 3:09 PM GMT on February 18, 2013

2013 has gotten off to a very dry beginning. As of the morning of Feb. 18, here in Belmont we have only received a total of 0.60" of rain (0.35" in January and 0.25", so far, in February), far below the normal (but following a wet December). After unseasonably warm weather over this past weekend, on Tuesday a storm dropping down from Alaska will bring colder temperatures and some rain and low-level snows (down to about 2000 feet) to the Bay Area. This won't bring heavy rain (Per NWS: "Most areas are forecast to receive between a tenth and a half inch") but anything will benefit us right now. There will even be a chance of thunderstorms with small hail. After lingering showers end Tuesday evening, dry weather will return, with only a small chance of showers towards the latter part of the week.


January 2013 - Belmont, CA

By: BelmontJeff, 3:18 PM GMT on February 01, 2013

180°!!! That's the direction that precipitation took this month compared to last month. After receiving a total of 6.47" and 15 days with measureable rain in Dec. 2012, January 2013 totaled only 0.35" and 7 days of measureable rain (three were only 0.01" and one 0.02"). This month's total was only 6.5% of the 30-year normal of 5.41" for January, whereas December was 136% of the 4.74" normal. As would be expected with such dry weather, many clear days were a result.

Temps: Avg Maxs for the first half of the month were typical for this time of year but Avg Mins were chilly, averaging 40.9° over the first 16 days, with many frosty mornings, especially at protected, lower elevations. The later half of the month saw warming, with Mins averaging 46.7° from the 17th-31st.

There was unusually little fog or wind this month. Only 8 days of Fog occurred (none were less than 1/4 mile). The highest wind gust was only 13 MPH from the NW on the 28th (only 7 days averaged greater than 1.0 MPH (with just 2 of these between the 1st and 25th).

Monthly Wrap-Up

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