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Happy Birthday JP!

By: Beachfoxx, 4:18 AM GMT on May 28, 2008

Whooo Hooo!! Someone else likes to promote PEACE!!

NEW YORK -- Who says eating ice cream in bed can't bring about world peace?
Dairy delight maker Ben & Jerry's and The Lennon Estate are expected to introduce a new ice cream flavor Tuesday called "Imagine Whirled Peace" -- while re-enacting the "Peace Bed-Ins" staged by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969.
The couple organized the week-long bed-ins to preach about world peace, conducting interviews with reporters.
Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ben & Jerry's co-founder Jerry Greenfield are expected to reprise the roles. Efforts for spreading world peace and ice cream will most likely be announced.
The new flavor is a caramel and sweet cream whirl of chocolate-covered peace signs and toffee pieces.

Humpback whale thrills Destin crowd (with PHOTOS)
Divers on tour boat got close-up look at 35-foot animal during Saturday's sighting
May 26, 2008 - 2:33PM
Wendy Victora, Florida Freedom Newspapers

DESTIN – Divers aboard the Sea Cobra on Saturday got a close-up look at the breaching humpback whale that was sighted about a mile off of Crystal Beach.

“We got word that it was out in the Gulf,” said Steve Powell, manager of ScubaTech, which ran the dive excursion. “They spent the next hour and a half just tracking along with it.

“Everybody was thrilled,” he added.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the whale was about 35 to 40 feet long, traveling east between the East Pass and Henderson Beach.

The whale did not appear to be in poor health, according to FWC officers.

“That’s kind of like a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience,” Powell said.

 

Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico

1. Atlantic Spotted Dolphin - Stenella frontalis
2. Blainville's Beaked Whale - Mesoplodon densirostris
3. Blue Whale - Balaenoptera musculus
4. Bottlenose Dolphin - Tursiops truncatus
5. Bryde's Whale - Balaenoptera edeni
6. Clymene Dolphin - Stenella clymene
7. Cuvier's Beaked Whale - Ziphius cavirostris
8. Dwarf Sperm Whale - Kogia simus
9. False Killer Whale - Pseudorca crassidens
10. Fin Whale - Balaenoptera physalus
11. Fraser's Dolphin - Lagenodelphis hosei
12. Gervais' Beaked Whale - Mesoplodon europaeus
13. Humpback Whale - Megaptera novaeangliae
14. Killer Whale - Orcinus orca
15. Melon-headed Whale - Peponocephala electra
16. Minke Whale - Balaenoptera acutorostrata
17. Northern Right Whale - Eubalaena glacialis
18. Pantropical Spotted Dolphin - Stenella attenuata
19. Pygmy Killer Whale - Feresa attenuata
20. Pygmy Sperm Whale - Kogia breviceps
21. Risso's Dolphin - Grampus griseus
22. Rough-toothed Dolphin - Steno bredanensis
23. Sei Whale - Balaenoptera borealis
24. Short-finned Pilot Whale - Globicephala macrorhynchus
25. Sowerby's Beaked Whale - Mesoplodon bidens
26. Sperm Whale - Physeter macrocephalus
27. Spinner Dolphin (Long-snouted) - Stenella longirostris
28. Striped Dolphin - Stenella coeruleoalba
29. West Indian Manatee - Trichechus manatus

Source of information: Carwardine, Mark. Eyewitness Handbook Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises.. 1995.
Leatherwood, Stephen and Randall R. Reeves. The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins. 1983.
Wynne, Kate and Malia Schwartz. A Guide To Marine Mammals & Turtles of the U.S. Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico. 1999.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

Reader Comments

Not meaning to make this a political blog... but this was so cute!

This is a good story you can tell even your youngest child and they will know the difference between a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican:

I remember the time that Catherine, one of my daughter Shannon's friends when she was little, told me that she wanted to be President one day. Both of her parents are liberal Democrats and were standing there with us - and I asked Catherine, "If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?"

Catherine replied, "I would give houses to all the homeless people."

"Wow, what a worthy goal you have there, Catherine."

I told her, "You don't have to wait until you are President to do that, you can come over to my house and clean up all the dog poop in the back yard and I will pay you $5. Then we can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $5 to use for a new house."

Catherine, who was about 4, thought that over for a second, while her mom looked at me, and Catherine replied, "Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and clean up the dog poop and you can pay him the $5."

Welcome to the Republican Party, Catherine!
Peace Ice Cream

You gotta check out the cool (ha, ha) Peace Symbol on the site!
where's the cake...???

The old bumper sticker actually was "Imagine Whirled Peas", but I suppose that wouldn't do so well for ice cream!
Who needs cake??? That Ice Cream is bound to satisfy all sweet tooth cravings! LOL

Going to have to go buy me a pint when its in the stores!

And if we want Cake... there's a place in Destin that makes Choc. Cake w/ Choc. Icing just like my Grandmother used to!
My blog gave me brain freezeeeeeeeeee

Hey Shore!

Yep, I remember those! LOL I have always loved the creative PEACE symbols, slogans, etc... that you see posted on bumpers, windows, where-ever!
Did you see the great PEACE symbol on the Web-site! Loved it!!


I want some of that Ice Cream.... Now!!!


Brain Freeze! - Haven't we been there before! LOL
Wow Vort....

A video about Global Warming and Global Cooling!
Explained by Ice Cream!

The new flavor is a caramel and sweet cream whirl of chocolate-covered peace signs and toffee pieces.

Oh, I am sooo there.. bed-in? ok I can get into that too:)


I am so LMAO, you are soooo funny!

PEACE & A Bed-In

Ahhhh, Life is Good!
We are well. Hope you are too. Ivan, Mo and friends.
All's good Ivan...

We've got Peace Ice Cream!
and Vort has posted the perfect video explaining both
Global warming
Global cooling!

World's problems solved!

Is that John I hear screaming???

Why yes,

I think it is....
RichTeas -

He's probably rolling over in his....

Question for you. Are you named Rich or are you a Rich Tease???
Just Kidding... I am in a silly mood this evening. Too much work!
I scream
You scream
We all scream
Whirled Peace!


Its the brain freeze! I swear it is!
Is someone passing out free ice cream?
No Emmy,

But it is official...

Peace Ice Cream!

Some people could use scoop fulls of it LOL


Lucky man!

Peace to you!
Beachfoxx, I'm afraid 'whirled' peace is what we have now in the world.
People say "the war is over" and then keep on fighting for years.

Whirled Peace is right?!?!
Whirled Peace
Brain Freeze.... leads us to
the state of the economy!
And PEACE to you also Beach...
And Emmy
And Outrocket, shoreacres, mobal, and all the rest....
to all a good night!

Need to go...
Night everyone... Have a PEACEFUL night!
got any waffle cones left? lol
Nah rich took em all LOL
Hey Ally!

Waffle cone??? Now why didn't I think of that???
((((((((((((((ALLY)))))))))))) thanks for the beautiful magnet thank you so much girl I LOVE IT.
Yeas, shore. Old PacNW the bumper sticker I remember was 'Visualize Whirled Peas.' Wonder why didn't they just call the ice cream "...World Peace?"

Thought at the time it was gross, john and Yoko's bed-ins. 'Course now we've got Viagra commercials on TV, so what the hay.
Have a great weekend,

Agree, those bed-ins! LOL

Looking at our crazy world today... those times seem so innocent!
(Pounding foosteps approach........)










(Pounding footsteps recede, amidst gagging sounds at the thought of more Spam....)
Drugs seized include a variety of pills and caplets, from antidepressants to
cholesterol medication.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cefuroxime axetil. Pravastatin. Diclofenac sodium. Topomax. Cymbalta.

The words may be hard for local school students to spell.

Unfortunately, say local law enforcement officials, they're not that hard to

Those tongue-twisters are the brand names or generic equivalents of some of
the prescription drugs the Caldwell County Sheriff's Department has
recovered in the local school district this year.

Cefuroxime axetil is an antibiotic. Pravastatin is a cholesterol medication.
Diclofenac sodium is an anti-inflammatory drug. Cymbalta treats depression.
Strattera is a treatment for ADHD.

Those drugs and the others recovered are evidence of a "silent epidemic"
threatening the community's youth, Sheriff Stan Hudson said Wednesday.

While U.S. teenagers' use of marijuana is declining, their abuse of
prescription drugs is holding steady or in some cases increasing, he said.

The sheriff cited a report released by the Office of National Drug Control
Policy (ONDCP) suggesting that on any given day, 2,500 children between the
ages of 12 and 17 will abuse a prescription painkiller for the first time.

One in five teens has abused prescription pain medication, the sheriff said.

But other medications are also being abused, he noted.

"A lot of the medicines, students just think it's going to have an effect,"
Hudson said.

"They don't really know what they're taking; it's a status type thing. They
don't realize it could cause them some physical harm in the future."

Many children are lured into using prescription drugs because they perceive
them to be safer than so-called "street drugs," he added.

About a third of teens believe there's "nothing wrong" with using other
people's prescriptions, he said, citing the same ONDCP data.

A third also said they thought prescription painkillers had fewer side
effects than street drugs.

The teens also told researchers that prescription drugs were easy to get; 62
percent said they could get powerful painkillers at home, and 52 percent
said the drugs were "available everywhere."

"People just aren't aware that they need to be careful, and so they leave
prescriptions in the medicine cabinet, and they don't think anything about
it," Hudson said.

In the past two school years, four local students have been charged with
trafficking in prescription drugs, said Deputy Brock Thomas, the county's
school resource officer.

Last year, two middle school students were charged. This year, charges were
filed against a high school student and a student at the Butler Area Youth
Development Center.

Parents and guardians can help fight the problem.

The sheriff's department and the Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force have begun a
campaign to safely dispose of unused medications.

Unused or leftover medication should not be poured down a sink or drain,
because of environmental concerns.

Medications should also never be put in the trash where someone could
retrieve them, said the sheriff.

Citizens can bring their unused medications to the sheriff's office in the
courthouse, where they can deposit them in a secure container for proper

Citizens who are unable to drive can contact the office at (270) 365-2088
and make arrangements to have their medications picked up by the sheriff or
a deputy.

Hudson also asked parents to "let your teen know where you stand.

"When you talk about drugs and alcohol, include prescription drugs in the
conversation. Set clear rules for teens about all drug use, including not
sharing medicine and always following the medical provider's advice and

Parents should safeguard all drugs at home by monitoring quantities and
controlling access.

Others whose homes children visit should keep prescription medications out
of childrens' reach, rather than in the medicine cabinet, he said.

The sheriff's office also continues to offer free at-home drug test kits to
parents concerned that their children may be using drugs.

A shipment of between 30 and 40 kits is expected to arrive next week, he

Hudson cautioned that the test kits may return false positive results.

If a test returns positive, the sheriff recommended parents contact their
family physician or the Caldwell County Hospital.

The hospital is partnering with the sheriff's department to provide
secondary testing at a cost of $25.

The test may also be billable to insurance.

"We do not expect or require any information as to the results of the test,"
Hudson said. "We are only offering the test to families as a tool to help
parents face the challenges of raising children in today's society.

"We want to partner with parents to help deter children from using drugs,
and if we are unable to prevent the drug use, we want to stop the drug
problem as early in the childrens' lives as possible.


LMAO and doing the Pre Hurri Dance!
Got Unused Meds?

South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

Got unused medication? Bring it to Broward sheriff's deputies today

Collection aims to curb abuse by youth


South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 31, 2008

If a teen is thinking about trying drugs for the first time, chances are he or she willhead straight for a parent's medicine cabinet.

The scenario is a persistent problem, local authorities say, forcing them to try something new.

Broward sheriff's deputies are asking residents to bring all their unused prescription and over-the-counter medications to deputies stationed at one of several parks today, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The deputies will give $5 gift cards to Walgreens, Wal-Mart and CVS in exchange for unwanted medications, which authorities say will be incinerated.

The deputies, working with the United Way of Broward County's Commission on Substance Abuse, are particularly interested in collecting prescription pain killers, such as oxycodone and methadone, and anti-anxiety pills, such as alprazolam, better known by the brand name Xanax.

Such drugs have been linked to a growing number of overdose deaths in Broward. Local emergency rooms are also noticing an increase in the number of patients misusing or abusing the drugs, researchers have found.

"Over the past couple years, it's become a growing problem for youths," said Dr. Joel Kaufman, a commission member. "This is part of us trying to develop a strategic plan and a comprehensive approach," he said of today's event.

Jim Hall analyzes drug abuse statistics for the commission. He has found that drug users in Broward are increasingly mixing cocaine with prescription drugs, with fatal consequences.

In 2006, the latest year for which statistics are available, more than 120 people died after combining cocaine with prescription drugs, according to research by Hall, who is director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Substance Abuse at Nova Southeastern University, in Davie.

Authorities say prescription drug abuse is fueled in part by the misconception that prescription medications are inherently safe. The reality is that such drugs can be as deadly as cocaine and heroin sold on street corners, according to state reports.

In 2006, oxycodone and methadone each were linked to one fatal overdose of a person under 18 in Broward. That same year, cocaine was linked to two overdoses in the same age group in Broward, the figures show.

The drug overdose figures for Broward increase with the 18 to 25 and 26 to 34 age groups, peaking among 35- to 50-year-olds. Researchers say that's because most people who die from overdoses do so after years of abuse; someone who dies from an overdose in their early 20s likely began abusing drugs as a teen.

Sofia Santana can be reached at svsantana@sun-sentinel. com or 954-356-4631.

Copyright © 2008, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Shuttle Launch Saturday from Atlantic Beach east of Jax,..Binocular Cam view while in ankle to knee deep breakers,..

Twas a Fine day for the Ride to Orbit and a Fantastic wunderground weekend!!

Thanks Pat! and Art!

I am exhausted... may drop in on ya'll a bit later!

Hi Foxx,

Just a little fly by to say HI! Hope you are enjoying your week!

Take care,

How's it going???
SL & Gams,

Whoooo, Is there more than one way to say "Its been a LONG Week! and its only Tues!

How can it be???

I live in one of the best vacation spots in the USA....

But I NEED a Vacation!
Good Morning {{Foxx}}!
Must see how things went the other day.
36. palmettobug53 12:47 PM EDT on June 01, 2008
(Pounding foosteps approach........)










(Pounding footsteps recede, amidst gagging sounds at the thought of more Spam....)

Wow. I just saw this and could read everything as if it was written normal. Yawn. I'm tired so how is everyone?


I can relate!!! LOL
BUG said it all so perfectly!


It went well... and today brought even more good news! I sure hope you guys can be here!

Hugs to all!!!!
51. OGal
Mornin Fox, have needed to stop by your blog and tell you that our CAC netted (sp) $150 thousand dollars on the Gala. Three Dog Night was a huge hit. They were the largest cost just about everything else was donated. The air-condtitioned tent worked very well. It turned out not to be a windy night. This event was held in front of the new University of Central Florida stadium. I am sure your event will be great too. Keep me posted.

Yep, son is home this weekend to celebrate his birthday, Father's Day, and our anniversary. He is flying the rest of the month and this is the only time he can be home so we are celebrating everything.

Hope all is well at your house. How are the baby puppies??

Wow! That is awesome!!!
How many people did the tent accomodate???
Three Dog Night - "Joy to the World" (Jeremiah was a Bulldog) LOL
Give me a call when you have some time to talk.

Geez, Father's Day??? This weekend?? Someone tell me it ain't so!
Billy Bowlegs is today I see...When I lived in FWB(78-86), We did the boat parade, all "pirated up" and one year a bunch of roller skated in the parade...ahhh memories. Have a Wonderful day!
Hey Blu,

Its today... I think I will stay home or on the bayou...

Its not what it used to be!

Now its a mass of boats, often w/ drunk operators,
water cannons, and lots of crazies!

We said we would not go again...
After having props catch our anchor line,
watching boats crashing into other boats,
rescuing a drunk girl swimming by...

I'd rather stay home & stay safe!!


But like you I have lots of fond memories!

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