Comments on A documentary on spraying aerosols to modify the weather

By: BDAwx, 1:43 AM GMT on September 20, 2012

For context. On a recent blog post by Dr. Jeff Masters, a wunderground member made a comment about waking up to chemtrails in the morning, and sarcastically added how it was a delight to be inhaling more aluminum. They later posted a link to a youtube video of a documentary that would "open you eyes to this conspiracy". After watching it, I had a lengthy list of questions and contentions with this documentary, in terms of its scientific content and the feasibility o...

Updated: 4:45 PM GMT on September 20, 2012

Weather Update

By: BDAwx, 8:16 PM GMT on August 01, 2012

Serious long-term drought continues to worsen in Bermuda, but allows for nice Cup Match holiday weather. This decent weather is compliments of the Bermuda side of the Bermuda-Azores High pressure system. It is expected to remain pleasant for at least the next three days.Invest 99L in the central Atlantic is organizing today, I think the odds are in its favor in terms of it becoming a tropical depression and eventually the next named storm in the Atlantic. Interests ...

Updated: 8:19 PM GMT on August 01, 2012

Gales quickly develop along a pressure gradient this evening

By: BDAwx, 12:16 AM GMT on November 06, 2011

The airport's most recent observation of 30kts gusting to 48kts shows near gale force winds affecting Bermuda. The unusual direction of the winds, Northeast, is due to their origin - they are from pressure gradient between a low pressure to the south and southwest, while a high pressure exits to the North.Higher winds are expected later tonight and they could be accompanied with showers and potentially even thunderstorms. Huge amounts of accumulations aren't expecte...

Keepig a Close eye on tropical Storm Maria

By: BDAwx, 7:25 PM GMT on September 11, 2011

Tropical Storm Maria's forecast track has Bermuda in it. As a hurricane, Maria is expected to make its closest approach on Wednesday night and thursday morning. An update will be made Monday, when tropical cyclone advisories might be necessary.

A Decent Cold Front in July?

By: BDAwx, 12:50 AM GMT on July 15, 2011

A decent cold front for July passed this evening bringing light, scattered showers mainly to the northern half of the island (Sandys, Pembroke, northern Devonshire, Hamilton, northern Smith's, and St. George's). I doubt more than 1/3 of an inch was recorded anywhere. Bermuda is still in an extreme drought. The cold front's effect may have a pleasant facade, but when you look deeper at it, this may have been more bad than good. Although we get a break from 100F heat ...

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