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Only Fools & Newcomers...

By: AutumnWinters, 9:56 PM GMT on November 16, 2012

After weeks of abnormally warm temperatures, mid-October finally brought us a 36-hour dose of typical snowy-cold-Montana autumn weather.

Here at Mossy Rock House, we measured nearly 8" of snow. This was then followed by two weeks of alternating cold rain, and "Little Baker's" snows.

The Snowstorm That Wasn't:

Last week our first blast of arctic air from Canada arrived. Additionally, the first major snow-storm of the season was forecast.

In anticipation of THE Snowstorm, folks were scurrying-about frantically readying their vehicles, property, and themselves... like squirrels who had suddenly realized they had spent way too much time enjoying the fruits of summer, but not nearly enough time storing them.

As anyone who has lived in NW Montana for any length of time can, and probably will tell you (we Montanans are an opinionated lot after all!) -- "Only fools and newcomers actually believe weather forecasters"-- (thank you to my coffee-house pal, “Snort", for those words of wisdom).

True enough... the dreaded Blizzard, forecasted and forewarned about for at least a week prior, went south, literally, giving folks southeast of the Divide a surprise dumping of over a foot of “our" snow, while we got a measly total of 3" at most.

Once again, the Wx-gremlins prevailed... the joke was on us.

But at least our vehicles have their winter tires on now, our gardens are mulched and wrapped-up against the frigid wind and frost-heave, and unlike those foolish squirrels, we are ready for the next snowstorm...the one that is going to hit us, undoubtedly, sooner than later.



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