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On the topic of religion and its relation to Science

By: Astrometeor , 6:29 PM GMT on March 21, 2013

So, today on the blog there was a minor discussion in to whether or not God is fake. This comment from one of the more outspoken bloggers, Neapolitan, started it:

Of course, we create fictions to help us forget about that ephemeral existence. We tell ourselves that we have dominion over all; we invent gods to explain our existence, and then we invent comforting afterlives that give us the comforting power of immortality. We tell ourselves that we've been here forever, so we'll be here forever.

To which allahgore responded with, "Prove that GOD is fake."

SPLbeater came back with a rather inadequate reply: " Wasting your time...all he will do is use more faulty evolution crap. Cant prove nothin :D "

From there I gave a little insight into how I perceive this whole notion of religion: "First, I am a Christian.

My take on all of this is quite simple, religion was invented by humans to describe the world around them and explain why certain events happen. Basically an early science, albeit one that does not stand up to today's standards.

Now that we have a better understanding of what goes on, and have thus disproven the idea of gods multiple times through the laws of physics, some people just can't let go of religion, it is a good story and has lessons to be learned from it, it just isn't real. "

From there the discussion continued with Neapolitan and another pointing out that the topic of disproving such a theory is moot and impossible because:

But first came allahgore's reply to what I said:"Prove that GOD is fake. Just you saying it, is not proof."

^On that, I would like to say that I did not say that GOD was fake, I said that the laws of physics that we know to be true and that govern this world have proven that such a being can not possibly be true or we would have proof by now plus the fact that it is impossible scientifically speaking goes ahead and throws any chance of God existing out the window.

Religion is a story, meant to explain the natural wonders of the world. The story that we have today is not the same story that was passed down for hundreds of years by the Jews until a monk wrote it all down an collected it together in the 3rd or 4th centuries AD. No doubt there may be some huge changes in it. To prove this is easy and simple, just gather a bunch of people in a room and say something into one person's ear and tell them to pass it along. By the time the last person hears it, the two lines will be nowhere near the same in substance.

Here is Nea's response to allahgore: "I can't do that, not anymore than you can prove that Zeus or Suijin or Thor or Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny are fake. That's Logic 101: no one can prove a negative. "

Another blogger's response to this: "Logical fallacy. The burden of proof relies on the one making the claim. A logical way of thinking helps in understanding natural phenomena such as weather. "

Then allahgore comes back with a response to Nea and the above blogger's statements.
"If you can't prove it then why even say it? as much as you beat on people asking them to prove things, YOU of ALL people should be willing and able to back-up what you say. end of rant. "

"scroll down and see who made the first claim. hint: was not me."

And finally, my final response to this short discussion:"What Wilson said, a logical fallacy in effect. You can't prove that God exists for that matter. I could go all hyperbolic and say that I believe in unicorns and leprechauns, but that doesn't make them real."

I would rather know that what I believe in is real, rather than putting false hopes into things that do not exist."

I really do not see why some people are so stubborn. The story is a great story for one to believe in, it has great lessons, the main gist of the story just isn't true. I don't want everyone to go atheist, that is not my point, I just am pointing out the ill-based logic behind all religions and their foundational roots. I definitely do not want people going and joining hate groups, such as the atheist group up in Wisconsin whom clearly doesn't understand the Constitution.

One more thing before I publish this blog, the following two statements are directed either at me or are coming from me:

The first, from RTSplayer: "Can you elaborate on your justification of how you can simultaneously be a Christian while not believing in the existence of God, since the basic tenet of the Christian faith is that Jesus was Christ and the Son of God?

How can you believe in the Son of God if you do not believe a God exists?

I find that you are either a liar, or you don't know what you're saying... "

And followed with my response: "Paradoxical is it not? I do know what I am saying, I think.

I believe in what the Bible teaches us and the lessons for humans inside of it. Also I look forward to heaven since currently I have yet to find a strong enough reason or explanation to what happens after death. Therefore, I would like to suppose that I am a Christian in how a real Christian should be modeled, using what the Bible teaches us and applying it to my daily life as best I can. Believing in god and Jesus Christ, in my opinion, is not how/what a Christian should act/do.

That is what I believe.

P.S. I have no idea how to express my beliefs, the above was my best shot at it."

Feel free to discuss this in the comment section, I will gladly reply to all questions and concerns.

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My whole beef with this is that religion was an early science, now that we know better, religion has diminished in importance and very possible can be laid to rest.
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