McNamara's Case THE END

By: Alleyoops, 4:43 PM GMT on February 16, 2008

Now I know many love watching TV programs like CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds etc so I thought I would put up a blog where anyone can participate in the storyline... I will proceed to introduce you to the main characters of the story and give you a little insight into where the story will take us...I will also post rules for those who wish to participate...yes we must have some rules...

The Setting: A small town in Maine in mid winter. Recent snowstorm has left l0 inches of snow and more is on the way.

The circumstances: the body a female subject has been found in a old logging cabin in the woods by a group of hikers. Our hero, a 20 yr veteran of the force, is on his way with a deputy to the site where state law enforcement has set up a perimeter around the cabin...because of jurisdiction, our hero who is well known for solving the most gruesome of crimes is called in as head investigator...

Three Main Characters:

John McNamara....20 yr veteran of the state police, prior to that had worked criminal investigations for the Boston Police dept as a detective with a senior partner who taught him everything he needed to know to be a great criminalist. Before joining the police force, he spent 3 yrs fighting the Viet Cong. He is a lonely man who has turned to the bottle since his wife died.

Commander Dale Stevenson....McNamara’s boss.... 59 yrs old, head of the homicide investigations within the state. A no nonsense position held by appointment from the commissioner of the state. Mean tempered but efficient, has political aspirations and would like to see this case give him the leverage into politics...

Jonathon Roberts....recently executed for the gruesome deaths of 7 women across the New England states and Florida. Extradited to the State of Florida after McNamara’s successful capture 2 yrs prior in Maine for a homicide committed there by him....He maintained his innocence right up to the time of execution. A case that still haunts McNamara to this day.

Unknown individual....a copy cat murderer or the original....

Rules of the game:

l. you can take one of these characters and build on them, the circumstances they are facing etc during this investigation...if you were that person what would you be doing, who would you be talking to etc etc

2. You can add characters to the storyline as long as they follow with investigative procedure

3. Keep it clean, free from profanity. Be smart, think ahead and plan what you are going to do next. Include roadblocks in the investigation as you would in a real police investigation...most of all have Fun....

4. PLEASE NOTE: All entries that do not relate to the story at hand will be removed...

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