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Hello Again!

By: AETHOMAS, 10:59 PM GMT on August 06, 2013

Hello everyone! How are you doing?
I haven't been on for a while because I have been enjoying my summer. Cake decorating, Skywarn spotting...all that jazz. lol

To start off, I have done quite a bit of SKYWARN spotting this summer. A couple of weeks ago, I got to call the NWS because of a funnel cloud 1 mile N of my location, and the last two days have been really hectic.

Day 1:

about 3:30-4:00pm a thunderstorm came through my area, and needless to say, it was a THUNDERSTORM!! Lots and lots of lightning, and rain. The rain was coming down really hard, you couldn't really see much of anything. In about 15-30 min. the rain filled up our pool, to the point of overflowing it!!! The rain flooded our street too, and I called the NWS.

Day 2:

Same thing happened like the day before, only it was about 1:30pm. I almost got zapped by lightning because I was stupid... NEVER try going outside where it is WET during a strong electrical storm... O_O Rain was pouring from the sky, and I was ankle deep in the MIDDLE of the street... :O Pool overflowed again, and we had to "empty it" ;)

Well, that's what the summer's been so far. I don't have much longer for summer because school is starting soon.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP.

~ Iris :)


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Welcome to the Weekly Blog Of Good Laughs! :-) One New blog Minimum every Week! :D


All right guys, you all need a laugh once in a while, so this is the place to get it! Hangout, Laugh and Have a Good Time!! :-)

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