Privacy Policy

The Weather Underground's official privacy policy is as follows:

  1. The only cookies stored on our user's machines are used to store their list of favorite cities, their preferences for metric vs. english, and their timezone for displaying times correctly.
  2. We do not track the preference cookies that users place on their machines.
  3. In the future we may wish to place a cookie that is used solely for the purpose of being able to count how many unique users we have actively using our site. These statistics will be used only to quote how many unique users and average page views we have.
  4. All information acquired for online sales through the Weather Underground store is used only for our internal billing purposes and will not be made available to any outside party.
  5. The weather underground will never make available any personal information that we acquire from a user such as name or place of residence.
  6. Our advertising is targeted on content interest alone.
  7. All email accounts used to contact us are kept private except in matters of criminal investigation and will not be resold to any outside party for use of spam or any other such nonsense.
  8. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our website. These third-party advertising companies employ cookie and 1x1 pixel .gif technology to measure and improve the effectiveness of ads for their clients. To do so, these companies may use anonymous information about your visits to our Web site and other Web sites. This information can include: date/time of banner ad shown, the banner ad that was shown, their cookie, the IP address. This information can also be used for online preference marketing purposes.
  9. Information gathered via the Weather Underground's "Wunder Question" may be shared with the public as statistical results. We will not make anyone's individual answers to these polls publicly known.

If you want to prevent a third-party advertiser from setting and/or reading cookies on your computer, currently you may either visit each ad network's web site individually and opt out or visit the NAI gateway opt-out site to opt-out of all network advertising cookies. Click here for the NAI gateway opt-out site. This site will also allow you to review the third-party advertising companies' privacy policies.