Step by step directions to add a weather sticker:

  1. In the searchbox at the top of this page, type your zipcode, or the city that you are looking for.

  2. On the city forecast page, click add this sticker to your homepage. If the city isn't in the US, then it will say add a wundergraphic to your homepage.

  3. Follow the instructions at the top of the page, if you want the banner in metric, choose that link at the top of the page. When you select a banner click on it and copy the html code to your page.

Common Problems

  1. Where do I paste the html?
    You don't have your own homepage on the internet, therefore there is no place to paste the conditions. Solution: set our page as your homepage in the browser. In Netscape 4.0 go to the preferences, then navigator, then click make this my homepage make sure the browser was on the page you want to make your homepage.

  2. I keep getting Premature End of Tag Error in Netscape
    1. go to the edit menu
    2. select 'html source'
    3. Save the source
    4. Netscape should reload the page with the graphic on it.
    Use the 'insert' 'image' dialog and fill out each field one by one.

  3. The sticker doesn't update!
    Make sure your web editor didn't copy the image back up to your server. We keep the images updated on our server, so you need to make sure that the image tag points to the full URL from our server.

  4. The time on the gizmos are wrong
    If you have #3 correct, and the time still is wrong here are some possible problems. We have your city in the wrong time zone. Please let us know about this. The other possibility is that the image has been cached. The time only updates the first time that the image is loaded on your page. Also, remember only the gizmos have current time. The rest of the stickers show the observed time.

  5. I am using a webtv
    I want to put this on my Email, not homepage!
    Here are the quick directions:
    1. In the searchbox at the top of this page, type your zipcode, or the city that you are looking for.
    2. click on Add this sticker to your homepage
    3. choose the banner you want and click on it.
    4. copy the lines of html carefully, uppercase and spacing is important.
    5. edit your signature on your webtv email, make sure to put the sticker between the / and \ tags if they are there already. Otherwise add some tags.

  6. I want a digital gizmo for my city, but I don't live in the US.
    We don't currently have time zone data for places outside the US, so we can' t create the image with your local time on it.