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Issued: 6:00 AM CDT Oct. 27, 2016 – National Weather Service

... Continuing fall severe weather awareness week for the arklatex...

Today's topic is lightning safety...

There are an estimated 25 million cloud to ground lightning flashes
each year. While lightning can be fascinating to watch... it is also
dangerous. Most lightning caused deaths occur during the Spring and
Summer months when the frequency of thunderstorms and outdoor
activities peak.

By definition... all thunderstorms produce lightning. During a
thunderstorm... each flash of cloud to ground lightning is a
potential killer. Although some victims are struck directly by the
main lightning stroke... most are affected indirectly when lightning
strikes nearby objects... and the electrical current moves through
the ground. Because these indirect strikes are weaker in
intensity... most victims survive... though often with painful and
lifelong effects. While most people take some protective action
during a thunderstorm... many unknowingly still leave themselves

Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the base of a
thunderstorm... which is about the distance from a storm that you are
able to hear its thunder. If you can hear thunder... then you are
close enough to be struck by lightning.

Remember to follow this rule... when thunder roars... go indoors.
Following this simple rule will help prevent you from being struck
by lightning.

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