Weather for Winston Salem NC US

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Winston, Australia 0 75.4 °F Scattered Clouds 94% 29.98 in Calm 8:17 AM AEST
Winston, Florida 0 62.2 °F Heavy Rain 90% 29.67 in (Rising) West at 9.0 mph 5:13 PM EST
Winston, Georgia 0 68 °F Mostly Cloudy 100% 29.86 in (Steady) East at 5 mph 5:15 PM EST
Winston, Illinois 0 72.3 °F Clear 48% 29.53 in (Falling) SSW at 10.0 mph 4:07 PM CST
Winston, Kentucky 0 67.3 °F Scattered Clouds 78% 29.85 in (Rising) Calm 5:07 PM EST
Winston, Liberia 0 84 °F Overcast 48% 29.80 in SE at 7 mph 6:00 PM GMT
Winston, Mississippi 1Dense Fog Advisory 66 °F Scattered Clouds 68% 29.78 in (Falling) WNW at 5 mph 3:45 PM CST
Winston, Missouri 1Special Weather Statement 76 °F Clear 24% 29.62 in (Steady) WSW at 5 mph 3:53 PM CST
Winston, Montana 0 39.1 °F Mostly Cloudy 48% 29.96 in (Rising) North at 5.6 mph 3:17 PM MST
Winston, New Mexico 1High Wind Advisory 76 °F Clear 18% 29.71 in (Falling) SW at 10 mph 2:53 PM MST
Winston, Oregon 1Winter Weather Statement 1Flood Warning 44.1 °F Overcast 69% 30.20 in (Falling) Calm 2:17 PM PST
Winston, Texas 1Fire Weather Advisory 85 °F Clear 19% 29.82 in (Steady) WSW at 8 mph 3:55 PM CST
Winston, United Kingdom 1A spell of heavy rain will affect Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and parts of northern England during Wednesday night and Thursday morning, falling as snow over some of the higher ground.This has the potential to lead to some travel disruption and localised flooding.The warning has been updated to extend the area into parts of southern Scotland and northern England.> 39.7 °F Partly Cloudy 65% 29.56 in Calm 10:17 PM GMT
Winston, Virginia 0 60.5 °F Clear 73% 29.92 in (Steady) SW at 3.0 mph 5:16 PM EST
Winston, Washington 0 40.9 °F Partly Cloudy 78% 30.17 in (Steady) NNW at 5.0 mph 2:16 PM PST

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Tornado Watch Tornado Watch
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Severe Thunderstorm Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch
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