Dixon, CA

8:42 AM PDT on April 27, 2017 (GMT -0700)
2.5 mi ENE of Dixon, Ca | | Change Station
Active Advisory: Areal Flood Advisory Active Notice: Areal Flood Advisory

Elev 50 ft 38.46 °N, 121.79 °W | Updated 1 minute ago

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
58.3 °F
Feels Like 58.3 °F
Wind Variable Wind from NNW
Gusts 4.9 mph

High -- | Low -- °F
--% Chance of Precip.
High -- | Low -- °F
Precip. -- in
Pressure 30.05 in
Visibility 10.0 miles
Clouds Clear
Dew Point 51 °F
Humidity 76%
Rainfall 0.00 in
Snow Depth Not available.
6:14 AM 7:55 PM
New Moon, 2% visible
METAR KEDU 271530Z AUTO 34006KT 10SM CLR 14/12 A3005 RMK AO1
Pressure 30.05 in
Visibility 10.0 miles
Clouds Clear
Dew Point 51 °F
Humidity 76%
Rainfall 0.00 in
Snow Depth Not available.
6:14 AM 7:55 PM
New Moon, 2% visible
METAR KEDU 271530Z AUTO 34006KT 10SM CLR 14/12 A3005 RMK AO1

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Watches & Warnings

Areal Flood Advisory
Issued: 3:07 PM PDT Apr. 26, 2017 – National Weather Service

The National Weather Service in Reno has issued a

* flood advisory for...
a dam floodgate release in...
Placer County in central California...
Nevada County in northern California...
southern Washoe County in western Nevada...

* until 245 PM PDT Tuesday

* water management officials have increased the flow out of Lake
Tahoe on the afternoon of April 26th. The increase in flow will
lead to minor flooding along the Truckee River from the Lake Tahoe
dam to Truckee and abnormally high flows along the river through
Reno and Sparks. These high flows will likely continue into early

* Impacts... minor flooding will cover sections of the Truckee-Tahoe
bike path along Highway 89 as well as portions of the path through
the Reno-Sparks area. Some backyards, basements and campgrounds
along the river near Highway 89 may be inundated by the high
flows. Campgrounds in the area are closed.

* These high flows will continue for an indefinite amount of time as
officials manage the water in the Truckee Reservoir system in
anticipation of higher snowmelt flows in may and June. Officials are
constantly monitoring the high flows and flood impacts.

* This will be the highest flow on the Truckee River from the Lake
Tahoe dam to Bear Creek at Alpine Meadows since February 1999.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

The river is powerful, fast and cold. Please stay clear for safety.
Any unanticipated increase in flows could lead to flooding in areas
near the river.

Lat... Lon 3939 12010 3938 12005 3943 12004 3944 12002
      3944 12000 3952 12000 3952 11989 3954 11980
      3952 11970 3950 11970 3951 11980 3949 11990
      3950 11997 3944 11998 3942 12000 3936 12002
      3936 12009 3933 12013 3931 12018 3918 12019
      3916 12014 3915 12016 3917 12020 3930 12022
      3933 12020 3935 12014


553 PM PDT sun Apr 23 2017

... The flood advisory for snowmelt remains in effect until 945 am PDT
Thursday for Placer County...

* increased releases from Lake Tahoe will continue for a prolonged
period of time. This is being done to make room for future
snowmelt from a near record snowpack in the Tahoe basin.

* Minor flooding is expected along sections of the Truckee River
between Lake Tahoe and squaw creek. Below squaw creek... flows on
the river will be even higher due to snowmelt runoff from local
tributaries. This may cause some very minor flooding near the
river just above the city of Truckee as well.

* Locations impacted include the bike path and other low lying areas
from Lake Tahoe to just below squaw creek.

* This will be the highest flow experienced on this section of the
Truckee River since the Summer of 2006. Any changes to, or around,
the river channel since 2006 may result in unanticipated impacts.

* These flows will result in very powerful, fast, and cold
conditions that will be very hazardous. Keep people, pets, and
property clear for safety.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

Stay away or be swept away. River banks and culverts can become
unstable and unsafe. The cold temperatures of
the water will result in rapid onset of hypothermia.

Lat... Lon 3921 12019 3919 12019 3917 12017 3917 12014
      3916 12014 3915 12016 3917 12020 3921 12021