Winter Storm Walda

Storm Summary

Winter Storm Walda is set to bring strong winds and heavy snow to the Great Basin, Rockies and High Plains through Tuesday, while severe weather develops in the Great Plains. Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Watches and Warnings continue for much of these regions in anticipation of significant snow totals, strong and gusty winds, and hazardous travel conditions.

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Snow Totals
Significant snowfall totals from 04/08/2013 to 04/10/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Amount Location
30.00 in. Deadwood, SD
28.2 in. Rapid City Airport, SD
22.4 in. Downtown Rapid City, SD
21.0 in. Lander, WY
20.0 in. Hereford, SD
20.0 in. Hermosa, SD
18.0 in. Boulder, CO
18.0 in. Indian Creek, WY
18.0 in. Creighton, SD
17.9 in. Eldorado Springs, CO
17.0 in. Gordon, NE
16.5 in. Orodell, CO
16.0 in. Pine Ridge, SD
16.0 in. Belle Four, SD
15.1 in. Greeley, CO
15.0 in. St. Lawrence, WY
14.2 in. Wrenshall, MN
14.0 in. Townsend Creek, WY
12.7 in. Duluth, MN
12.7 in. Holyoke, MN
12.0 in. Casper Mountain, WY
12.0 in. Chadron, NE
12.0 in. Larsen Creek, WY
12.0 in. Herbster, MN
12.0 in. Jeffrey City, WY
11.6 in. Thermopolis, WY
11.5 in. Granite Falls, MN
11.0 in. Hobbs Park, WY
11.0 in. Hams Fork, WY
11.0 in. Ken Caryl, CO
10.5 in. Montevideo, MN
10.50 in. Bird Island, MN
10.50 in. Milroy, MN
10.1 in. Riverton, WY
10.0 in. Brule, WI
10.0 in. Snider Basin, WY
10.0 in. Grand Marais, MN
10.0 in. Hansen Sawmill, WY
10.0 in. Cold Springs, WY
10.0 in. Red Mountain Pass, CO
10.0 in. Hudson, WY
10.0 in. Willow Creek, WY
9.9 in. Washburn, MN
9.3 in. Jamestown, CO
9.0 in. Owl Creek, WY
9.0 in. Middle Powder, WY
9.0 in. Madison, SD
9.0 in. Ainsworth, NE
9.0 in. Deer Park, WY
8.8 in. Two Harbors, MN
8.3 in. Darwin, MN
8.0 in. Lance Creek, WY
8.0 in. Cloud Park Reservoir, WY
8.0 in. Gillette, WY
8.0 in. Sauk Rapids, MN
8.0 in. Alliance, NE
8.0 in. Triple Peak, WY
8.0 in. Lusk, WY
8.0 in. Soldier Park, WY
8.0 in. South Pass, WY
7.5 in. Rapid CIty, SD
7.5 in. Hayes, SD
7.20 in. Chippewa, MN
7.0 in. Burroughs Creek, WY
6.6 in. Denver Airport, CO
6.5 in. Upton, WY
6.0 in. Wood, WY
6.0 in. Lakewood, CO
6.0 in. Lingle, WY
6.0 in. Molar Pass, CO
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Wind Gusts
Highest Recorded Wind Gusts from 04/08/2013 to 04/10/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Gust Location
76 mph Kearney, NE
74 mph Holdrege Airport, NE
69 mph Mount Abrams, CO
68 mph Hoehne, CO
67 mph Blende, CO
65 mph Duluth, MN Pier 20
64 mph Cortez, CO
63 mph Fountain, CO
63 mph Silverton, CO
61 mph Campo, CO
59 mph Peterson, CO
59 mph Falcon, CO
58 mph Lamar, CO
57 mph Swamp Angel, CO
54 mph St. Louis, MN
53 mph Sidney, NE
52 mph Lexington Airport, NE
50 mph Lodgepole, NE
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