Winter Storm Zeus

Storm Summary

Winter Storm Zeus will deliver even more snow to the regions above into Tuesday, which will be followed by the potential for record cold temperatures.

Snow Accumulation

Total Accumulated Snowfall for Zeus.

Snowfall Forecast

Forecast Snowfall for Zeus.


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Storm Coverage

Snowfall Webcams

Snow Totals
Significant snowfall totals from 04/22/2013 to 04/23/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Amount Location
14.6 in. Breckenridge, CO
12.0 in. Black Hawk, CO
12.0 in. Stratton, CO
11.7 in. Lead, SD
11.3 in. Nederland, CO
11.2 in. Duluth Heights, MN
11.0 in. Clam Lake, WI
10.5 in. Burlington, CO
10.0 in. Poplar, WI
10.0 in. Pinecliff, CO
10.0 in. Piedmont Heights, MN
10.0 in. Georgetown, CO
9.8 in. Wind Cave, SD
9.3 in. Ironwood, MI
9.2 in. Goodland, KS
9.0 in. Sawyer, MN
9.0 in. Boulder, CO
8.8 in. Duluth, MN
8.8 in. Maple, WI
8.7 in. Rockland, MI
8.7 in. Genesee, CO
8.5 in. Wakefield, MI
8.4 in. Washburn, WI
8.3 in. Ashland, WI
8.3 in. Hot Springs, SD
8.0 in. White Pine, MI
8.0 in. Two Harbors, MN
8.0 in. Ree Heights, SD
8.0 in. Mantowish Waters, WI
7.9 in. Carlton, MN
7.5 in. Proctor, MN
7.2 in. Estes Park, CO
7.0 in. Ontonagon, MI
6.8 in. Houghton, MN
6.5 in. Clear Lake, WI
6.50 in. Northfield, MN
6.3 in. Calumet, MI
6.0 in. Onamia, MN
6.0 in. Colby, KS
6.0 in. Burton, NE
5.8 in. Prior Lake, MN
5.8 in. Fairmont, MN
5.0 in. ONeill, NE
5.0 in. Valentine, NE
4.3 in. Chanhassen, MN
3.50 in. Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, MN
More Data
Wind Gusts
Highest Recorded Wind Gusts from 04/22/2013 to 04/23/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Gust Location
59 mph Two Buttes, CO
59 mph La Junta, CO
50 mph Medicine Lodge, KS
45 mph Wichita, KS