Winter Storm Gandolf

Storm Summary

A very cold low pressure system will move over the West over the next few days, bringing heavy snow and very cold temperatures. Higher elevations of the West could see up to 3 feet of snow, while also dipping to -20 degrees for the next several mornings

Snow Accumulation

Total Accumulated Snowfall for Gandolf.


Radar Loop for Gandolf. (About Radar)

Snowfall Forecast

Forecast Snowfall for Gandolf.


Satellite Loop for Gandolf. (About Satellite)

Storm Coverage

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Snowfall Webcams

Snow Totals
Significant snowfall totals from 01/10/2013 to 01/11/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Amount Location
22.0 in. Elk Ridge, UT
19.0 in. East Millcreek, UT
18.0 in. North Salt Lake, UT
18.0 in. East Layton, UT
18.0 in. Upper Millcreek, UT
18.0 in. Centerville, UT
15.0 in. Hogeland, MT
14.0 in. Twin Bridges, CA
14.0 in. Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort, CA
13.2 in. Salt Lake City, UT
12.0 in. Powder Mountain, UT
12.0 in. Sula, MT
11.0 in. Snowbird, UT
11.0 in. Brighton Crest, UT
10.3 in. Kyburz, CA
10.0 in. Kirkwood Ski Area
9.0 in. Mount Rose Ski Area, NV
9.0 in. Northstar Ski Area, CA
7.0 in. Homewood, CA
7.0 in. Squaw Valley, CA
6.8 in. Anaconda, MT
6.0 in. Incline Village, NV
6.0 in. Mammoth Lakes, CA
5.0 in. Dinsmore, CA
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Wind Gusts
Highest Recorded Wind Gusts from 01/10/2013 to 01/11/2013. (Source: NWS Public Information Statements)
Gust Location
95 mph Ogden Peak, UT
71 mph Spearfish, SD
68 mph Huerfano, CO
65 mph Julian, CA
64 mph Parleys Canyon at Quarry, UT
63 mph Central Wasatch Peaks, UT
62 mph Pueblo, CO
61 mph Olympus Hills, US
60 mph Upper Cedar Mtn, UT
59 mph El Paso, CO
55 mph 10 NW Palm Springs, CA
46 mph Bountiful Bench, UT
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