Weather Stations in NC, United States

Station ID Neighborhood City Station Type Site
KNCPRINC1   Princeton  Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCABERD7 Lower Aberdeen  Aberdeen  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCADVAN4 bixby  Advance  davis vantage pro 2   
KNCADVAN5 Twin Lakes  Advance  MK-III-RTI-LR 
KNCADVAN6 Indian Hills  Advance  Accu-Link   
KNCADVAN9 Hidden Creek  Advance  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCADVAN8 Sandpit Rd, Happy Bottom, Yadkin River  Advance  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
INCADVAN2 COVINGTON CREEK  Advance  Davis Weather Vantage Pro2   
KNCADVAN7 Advance  Advance  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCALBEM3 NW Albemarle  Albemarle  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCALBEM2 Endy Community  Albemarle  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCALEXA2 Northern Horizons  Alexander  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCALEXA3 Lone Pine Road  Alexander  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCANGIE3 Millstone Ridge  Angier  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCANGIE4 Kirk Adams Road  Angier  Netatmo   
KNCAPEX46 Lynnhaven  Apex  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCAPEX20 Scotts Mill  Apex  Ambient Weather WS-1080   
KNCAPEX43 Cameron Park  Apex  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCAPEX39 Villages of Apex  Apex  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCAPEX45 Salem Village  Apex  other   
KNCAPEX32 Amherst  Apex  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCAPEX21 BVSC  APEX  Davis Vantage VUE   
KNCAPEX33 Cameron Park  Apex  AcuRite Weather Center   
KNCAPEX22 Abbington  Apex  Ambient Weather WS-2080   
KNCAPEX31 Surrey Meadows  APEX     
KNCAPEX35 Buckingham  Apex  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCAPEX41 Fernwood  Apex  Netatmo   
KNCAPEX47 Amherst  Apex  Netatmo   
KNCAPEX53 Merion  Apex  other   
KNCAPEX27 Buckwheat Farm  Apex  Davis Vantage Pro2Plus 
KNCAPEX19 Ivory Hills  Apex  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCAPEX34 Fair Oaks  Apex  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCAPEX40 Charleston Village  Apex  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCAPEX23 Brighton Forest  Apex  Ambient Weather WS-2080   
KNCAPEX37 Crosswinds Boating Center Break Water  Apex  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCAPEX49 Valley View Farm  Apex  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCAPEX38 Bella Casa  Apex  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCARAPA3 Janeiro  Arapahoe  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCARCHD2   Archdale     
KNCARDEN11 Royal Pines  Arden  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCARDEN6 Ashley Woods  Arden  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCARDEN4 Avery Creek  Arden  WX-200   
KNCARDEN8 Drakes Meadow  Arden  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASH46 Bear Branch  Ash  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCASHEB13 North Asheboro  Asheboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCASHEV50 BermudaSandDr  Asheville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASHEV13 Merrill's Cove  Asheville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCASHEV37 Grove Park  Asheville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASHEV49 Webb Cove Area  Asheville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASHEV29 Riceville/Shope Cr.  Asheville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASHEV48 Upper East End - Beaucatcher  Asheville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV10 Woodland Hills  Asheville  other   
KNCASHEV31 Sand Hill  Asheville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASHEV30 Woodfin--MESA  Asheville  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV22 MSD  Asheville     
KNCASHEV7 Sunset Mountain  Asheville  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCASHEV20 Sherwood Heights  Asheville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV40 South Asheville-Ballentree  Asheville  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV32 BDED  Asheville     
KNCASHEV41 Grove Cove Drive  Asheville  Netatmo   
KNCASHEV44 Cokesbury Lane  Asheville  Netatmo   
KNCASHEV43 One University Heights  Asheville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV24 Mount Carmel Acres  Asheville  Ambient Weather WS-2080 & Raspberry Pi   
KNCASHEV34 Huntington Chase (Haw Creek)  Asheville  other 
KNCASHEV33 Asheville Middle School  Asheville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCASHEV46 West Asheville  Asheville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KNCASHEV39 Wildcat Cliffs on Town Mountain  Asheville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV14 Reynolds Mountain West  Asheville  Oregon Scientific WMR968   
KNCATLAN5  Atlantic Beach  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCATLAN8 High Cotton Beach House - Atlantic Beach  Atlantic Beach  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCATLAN1 Out on the dock @ Old Causeway  Atlantic Beach  Weather Monitor II 
KNCAUROR2 S.W.Snowden Elementary School  Aurora  Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus 
KNCAVON4 Avon Ocean  Avon  Weatherflow   
KNCAVON5 Avon Sound  Avon  Weatherflow   
KNCAVON7 Askins Creek  Avon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCAVON2 Avon, NC  Avon  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCAYDEN3 Sunrise Park  Ayden  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBAHAM2 Forested area near Lake Michie  Bahama  WS-1090   
KNCBAKER4 Bakersville  Bakersville  Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100   
KNCBAKER1 Buladean  Bakersville  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCBALDH2 West Beach  Bald Head Island  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCBALDH3 South Beach  Bald Head Island  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCBANNE7 Elk Valley  Banner Elk  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCBANNE8 Sugar Mountain  Banner Elk  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCBANNE9 Lees-McRae - Bobcat Hill  Banner Elk  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCBANNE11 Mountain master peace  Banner Elk  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCBANNE15 Miners Ridge Trail  Banner Elk  Netatmo   
KNCBANNE17 Elk River Parkway  Banner Elk  Netatmo   
KNCBANNE19 Spice Branch at Grandfather  Banner Elk  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBANNE13 Grandfather View Estates  Banner Elk  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCBATH4 Gaylords Bay  Bath  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCBEARC2 Jourdan Acres  Bear Creek  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCBEAUF4 Six Flags over Merrell's Pool  Beaufort  WMR 100   
KNCBEAUF5 Bell Creek  Beaufort     
KNCBEAUF8 Ward Creek dock  Beaufort  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCBEECH20 Beech Mountain, NC  Beech Mountain  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCBEECH4 Creek Ridge  Beech Mountain  Rainwise MK-III, WU Special   
KNCBEECH3 Fox Run  Beech Mountain  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCBEECH19 Mariah North  Beech Mountain  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCBEECH14 Charter Hills  Beech Mountain  Tycon Power Systems ProWeatherStation   
KNCBEECH12 Courtside Lane  Beech Mountain  Netatmo   
KNCBEECH15 Pinnacle Ridge Road  Beech Mountain  Netatmo   
KNCBEECH17 Misty Mountain Hop  Beech Mountain  Netatmo   
KNCBEECH11 Carol & Toby - Buckeye Lake Rec  Beech Mountain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBEECH10 Emerald Mountain  Beech Mountain  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCBELEW2 belews creek backyard bees  Belews Creek  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBELHA3 Belhaven - Schooner Point  Belhaven  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCBELMO10 Lake Pointe Drive  Belmont  Netatmo   
KNCBELMO7 Wade Hampton Circle  Belmont  Netatmo   
KNCBELMO8 Wade Hampton Circle  Belmont  Netatmo   
KNCBELMO5 South Belmont  Belmont  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBENSO3 JGFarms  Benson  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBENSO2 McGee's Crossroads  Benson  Vantage Pro 2 
KNCBERMU2 Bermuda Run  Bermuda Run  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCBESSE5 Edgewood Road Gastonia NC  Bessemer City  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCBEULA2 Serenity Funeral Home, Beulaville NC  Beulaville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCBLACK15 Carolina Haven  Black Mountain  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCBLACK7   Black Mountain  1-wire 
KNCBLACK9 High Rock Acres  Black Mountain  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCBLACK18 Burgin Ridge  Black Mountain  Netatmo   
KNCBLACK20 Settings Boulevard  Black Mountain  Netatmo   
KNCBLACK3 Black Mountain Digital Media  Black Mountain  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCBLACK10 Middle Mountain, Black Mountain, NC  Black Mountain  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCBLACK14 Grey rock Valley  Black Mountain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBLACK13 Lakey Gap Heights  Black Mountain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBLACK12 Laurel Ridge  Black Mountain  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCBLOWI6 Boone Fork/Blowing Rock  Blowing Rock  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCBLOWI12 Misty Mountain  Blowing Rock  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCBLOWI3 Green Hill, Blowing Rock  Blowing Rock  Davis   
KNCBLOWI4 Raven Hill  Blowing Rock  Oregon WMR100N   
KNCBLOWI9 Coffey Gap  Blowing Rock  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCBLOWI10 Saddle Springs  Blowing Rock  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCBLOWI14 Fair Acres Lane  Blowing Rock  Netatmo   
KNCBLOWI16 Green Hill Circle  Blowing Rock  Netatmo   
KNCBLOWI7 Sorrento  Blowing Rock     
KNCBOLIV6 Gilbert Rd  Bolivia  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCSOUTH2 Bobs Appliance Repair  Bolivia  Vantage Pro 2 
KNCBOLIV8 Winding River Plantation  Bolivia  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBOONE18 Sedona Summit @ BRMC  Boone  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCBOONE23 Crystal Mtn  Boone  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBOONE4 Rich Mt. Community  Boone  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCBOONE8   Boone     
KNCBOONE24 Indian Paintbrush Drive  Boone  Netatmo   
KNCBOONE21 Poplar Hill Drive / Cardinal Ln Boone  Boone  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCBOONE29 Tater Hill  Boone  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCBOONE30 Sky Valley Zip Tours  Boone  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KNCBOONE26 Brown's Chapel  Boone  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBOONV7 Wolfe - Reece & Lynch, Inc.  Boonville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCBOONV8 Starmount  Boonville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCBOONV9 North Oak Ridge Community  Boonville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBOSTI5 Big Rock Road  Bostic  Netatmo   
KNCBRASS2 Elevation 1780  Brasstown  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCBREVA4 Near Cedar Mountain  Brevard  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCBREVA19 Sylvan Heights  Brevard  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCBREVA10 Connestee Fire Walnut Hollow Station  Brevard  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCBREVA9 Connestee Fire Main Station  Brevard  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCBREVA5 Brevard Fire Department  Brevard  Vantage Vue 
KNCBREVA7 Barclay Road Weather  Brevard  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCBREVA18 Camp Illahee  Brevard  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KNCBREVA16 Slick Rock Road  Brevard  Netatmo   
KNCBREVA12 Rockhouse on Cathey's Creek  Brevard  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCBREVA13 Carolina Point - A Young Life Camp  Brevard  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCBREVA20 Sylvan Heights  Brevard  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBROWN2 Osceola/NE Guilford  Browns Summit  Davis Vantage VUE 
KNCBRYSO8 Glory Mountain NC  Bryson City  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCBRYSO4 Buckner Branch  Bryson City     
KNCBRYSO6 BRYSON  Bryson City     
KNCBRYSO7 Clingmans Dome - GSMNP  Bryson City     
KNCBURGA1 Edgewood Community  Burgaw  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCBURGA3 St. Helena  Burgaw  Davis vantage pro 2 
KNCBURLI7 Burlington  Burlington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCBURLI11 Union Ridge Road  Burlington  Netatmo   
KNCBURNS11 Pensacola, 5.9 mi. SSW of Burnsville, S side of Blue Knob  Burnsville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCBURNS6 Winter Star Environmental  Burnsville  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCBURNS14 South Toe Elementary School  Burnsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCBURNS18 Busick  Burnsville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCBURNS19 Nudale,N.C.  Burnsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCBURNS12 Seven Mile Ridge  Burnsville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless) 
KNCBURNS1 Mountain Air  Burnsville  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCBURNS13 Mt Mitchell 2006 location  Burnsville     
KNCBURNS15 Highway 197  Burnsville  Netatmo   
KNCBURNS5 BobKat Lodge on Possum Trot Mountain  Burnsville  La Crosse WS2310   
KNCBURNS8 Christopher Koch  Burnsville  Oregon Scientific WMR200A 
KNCBUXTO2   Buxton  Vantage Pro   
KNCBUXTO3 Buxton  Buxton  Weatherflow   
KNCBUXTO4 Hatteras High  Buxton  Weatherflow   
KNCCALAB4 Calabash  Calabash  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCAMER3 Mire Branch  Cameron  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCANDL10 Upper Hominy  Candler  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCANDL7 Samuel Lane  Candler  Netatmo   
KNCCANDL8 Israel Road  Candler  Netatmo   
KNCCANDL5 White Rock Branch Cove  Candler  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCCANDL1 Enka  Candler  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCANDO3 Candor FRO  Candor     
KNCCANTO9 Buzzard's Roost  Canton  Vantage Pro 2 
KNCCANTO12 Haywood Secure Storage 7066 Old Clyde Road Canton, NC 28716  Canton  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCANTO13 Rockyface  Canton  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCANTO3 Up in the mountains  Canton  La Crosse 2317   
KNCCANTO10 FRYPAN  Canton     
KNCCANTO7 Canton, NC  Canton  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCANTO8 Cruso  Canton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCAROL11 Forest By The Sea  Carolina Beach  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCCAROL14 Matt @Otter Creek  Carolina Beach  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCCARRB2 Carrboro Elementary  Carrboro  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCARY21 Silverton Subdivision  Cary  WMR200A   
KNCCARY7 Wessex  Cary  VantagePro2   
KNCCARY58 Lochside  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCARY16 Preston Forest  Cary  WMR100   
KNCCARY54 Landsdowne  Cary  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCCARY50 Devereaux  Cary  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCARY57 Carolina Preserve  Cary  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCARY32 Hearthstone Farms  Cary  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCCARY49 Ridgepath  Cary  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCARY45 Pine Valley  Cary  LaCrosse WS-2813U-IT   
KNCCARY40 Harmony Subdivision II  Cary  Acu-rite Pro Weather Center 10055   
KNCCARY8 Apex Community Park  Cary     
KNCCARY17 Reserve  Cary  vantage pro 2   
KNCCARY12 Preston Village  Cary  La Crosse 3610   
KNCCARY55 Greenwood Circle  Cary  other   
KNCCARY56 Bennington Woods Apartments  Cary  Netatmo   
KNCCARY59 Battery at High House  Cary  Netatmo   
KNCCARY61 Kildaire Farm Road  Cary  Netatmo   
KNCCARY63 Dublin Woods  Cary  Netatmo   
KNCCARY65 Nimrodlaan  Cary  Netatmo   
KNCCARY69 Blackhawk  Cary  Netatmo   
KNCCARY72 North Cary Hills  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCARY38 Twin Lakes  Cary  Acurite   
KNCCARY47 Cary Park  Cary     
KNCCARY53 Copperleaf  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless) 
KNCCARY34 Ivy Meadows  Cary     
KNCCARY51 Wellington Park  Cary  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCARY60 Pirates Cove  Cary  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCARY62 Royal Oaks  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KNCCARY67 The Reserve  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCARY68 Preston Village  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCARY10 Cary Park  Cary  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCCARY71 Bond Park Greenway  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCCARY73 Silvergrove  Cary  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCASHI10 Toxaway Concrete Hunter Rd  Cashiers  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCCASHI7 Wild Ridge  Cashiers  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCCASHI5 Trillium Ridge  Cashiers  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCCASTA3 Rich Farms Inc  Castalia  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCASTA2   Castalia  Davis Weather Monitor II 
KNCCASTL5 CASTLE H  Castle Hayne     
KNCCASWE2 Caswell Dunes  Caswell Beach  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCASWE3 The Arboretum - Caswell Beach  Caswell Beach  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCATAW2 Catawba, NC  Catawba  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCATAW3 Murrays Mill Road  Catawba  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCEDAR3 McDade  Cedar Grove  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCCEDAR2 Crystal Shores  Cedar Point  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCCEDAR4 Marsh Harbor  Cedar Point  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCCHAPE47 Briar Chapel  Chapel Hill  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCCHAPE8 Edwards Pond  Chapel Hill  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCHAPE51 Laurel Hills  Chapel Hill  other   
KNCCHAPE44 TCH Academy  Chapel Hill  other 
KNCCHAPE41 Amy Lane  Chapel Hill  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCHAPE25 NC Botanical Garden  Chapel Hill  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCCHAPE18 Briar Chapel  Chapel Hill  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCCHAPE15 Stoneycreek Neighborhood  Chapel Hill  Davis Vantage   
KNCCHAPE17 Cosgrove Hill  Chapel Hill  Vantage Vue   
KNCCHAPE50 Stony Hill Farms  Chapel Hill  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHAPE28 Tenney Circle  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE30 Burning Tree Drive  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE31 Hunter's Ridge Road  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE33 Shady Lawn Road  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE34 Windy Ridge Road  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE36 Westminster Drive  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE37 Bendenkamp  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE42 Alta Springs  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE48 Hotelling Court  Chapel Hill  Netatmo   
KNCCHAPE23 Cane Creek View  Chapel Hill  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHAPE24 Cane Creek View-2  Chapel Hill  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHAPE29 Windy Hill Neighborhood  Chapel Hill  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCHAPE20 Smith Middle School  Chapel Hill     
KNCCHAPE46 Lake Forest  Chapel Hill  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCCHAPE13   Chapel Hill  Davis Vantae Pro 2   
KNCCHARL12 Prosperity Road area  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCHARL42 Houston Hills Neighborhood  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCCHARL26 Bridgehampton  Charlotte  Davis VantagePro2 Plus w/ Day Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield 
KNCCHARL61 Dilworth-Latta Park  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCHARL98 Harrington Woods  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHARL87 SoCltColRea  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHARL43 Cloisters  Charlotte     
KNCCHARL69 Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories  Charlotte  Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCHARL80 The Settlements and Withrow Downs  Charlotte  WS2300   
KNCCHARL141 charlotte  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL70 Yorkmount  Charlotte  WMR968   
KNCCHARL54 Charlotte Country Day School  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCHARL81 Riverpointe  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-2080A   
KNCCHARL51 Walnut Creek  Charlotte  Lacrosse WS-2812 
KNCCHARL11 Bradfield Farms  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCCHARL108 Park Rd Shopping Ctr (Ashbrook)  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL101 Freedom Park  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL102 Prosperity Church Road  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL103 Myers Park  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL105 Lawton Road  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL106 Highland Creek  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL109 Lenox Pointe Drive  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL110 Davis Lake - Eastfield  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL111 Third Ward  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL112 Highland Creek  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL113 Providence Crossing  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL114 Elrond Drive  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL115 Beverly Woods  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL117 Madison Park  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL119 Providence Plantation  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL121 Hembstead  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL122 Steele Creek  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL124 Third Ward  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL128 Dilworth  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL130 Dixie - Berryhill  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL135 Provincetowne  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL139 Wedgewood  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL143 College Downs  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL149 Olde Providence South  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL151 Providence Plantation  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL153 Highland Creek  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL159 Provincetowne  Charlotte  Netatmo   
KNCCHARL95 GARINGER  Charlotte     
KNCCHARL97 Montclaire  Charlotte     
KNCCHARL71 Roney SouthPark Mountainbrook  Charlotte  WS-2080   
KNCCHARL138 Davis Lake - Harris Glen  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL161 Carmel CC Greens and Grounds  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCCHARL25 Providence Springs  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCHARL147 Farmington  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHARL107 allen hills  Charlotte  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCCHARL142 Reavencrest  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHARL163 Belgate  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCCHARL62 Mallard Ridge  Charlotte  ws2080   
KNCCHARL145 Weston Woods  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL83 Innisfree  Charlotte  Ambient WS-2080   
KNCCHARL67 Sardis View Lane  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCHARL127 Cotswold  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL89 Inverness at Piper Glen  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHARL77 Madison Park  Charlotte  Ambient WS-2080   
KNCCHARL99 Mountainbrook  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHARL158 Mallard Glen  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCCHARL157 Provincetowne (Snapfinger)  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL156 Teversham  Charlotte  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL155 Motiva Paw Creek  Charlotte  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCCHARL17 Hunting Creek 28262  Charlotte  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHERR8 Cross Creek  Cherryville     
KNCCHERR9 lake front Moss Lake  Cherryville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCHINA3 Joe's Weather Garage  China Grove  Oregon Scientific WMR968 
KNCCHINQ3 Fountaintown  Chinquapin  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCCHOCO2 Blounts Creek  Chocowinity  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCCLARE2 Balls Creek-Ramsey  Claremont  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCCLARE4 SouthBridge  Claremont  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCLAYT13 Neuse River Basin  Clayton  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCCLAYT5 Riverwood Athletic Club PWS  Clayton  Oregon Scientific RMS600A 
KNCCLAYT7 Stallings Station  Clayton  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCLAYT1 Flowers  Clayton  Davis Vantage Pro II Plus 
KNCCLAYT14 Landmark  Clayton  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCLAYT10 Neuse Ridge Drive  Clayton  Netatmo   
KNCCLAYT15 Winston Pointe Drive  Clayton  Netatmo   
KNCCLAYT17 Flowers  Clayton  Netatmo   
KNCCLAYT8 Walden  Clayton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCLAYT11 Pineville West  Clayton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCCLEMM2 New Meadowbrook  Clemmons  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCCLIFF1 Hills of Cliffside  Cliffside  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCLYDE6 Haywood Secure Storage - Jones Farm - West Jones Cove Road  Clyde  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KNCCLYDE15 East Clyde  Clyde  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCLYDE13 Claude Brown Drive  Clyde  Netatmo   
KNCCLYDE10 Hurricane Ridge  Clyde  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCLYDE3 Rugged Cross Ridge  Clyde  Ultimeter 2100 
KNCCOLER2 Nowell Farm Road  Colerain  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCCOLUM9 Riverneck  Columbia  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KNCCOLUM8 Alligator Brdg.  Columbia  Weatherflow   
KNCCOLUM10 Squirrel Valley Observatory  Columbus  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCCOLUM4 Rest a Bit Farm, Greenfields  Columbus  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCCOLUM7 Narrows Court  Columbus  Netatmo   
KNCCONCO23 International Business Park - OAC  Concord  Davis Vantage Vue® (Wireless))   
KNCCONCO11 Greystone  Concord  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCCONCO30 Zemosa Acres  Concord  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCCONCO24 Rimer Community  Concord  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCONCO28 Leighton Drive Southwest  Concord  Netatmo   
KNCCONCO36 Palaside Drive Northeast  Concord  Netatmo   
KNCCONCO25 Foxrun  Concord  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCCONCO33 Asheford Green  Concord  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCCONCO34 St Andrews  Concord  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCONCO18 Pinecliff Acres  Concord  Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCKINGS3 WR4AY  Connellys Springs  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCCONOV6 Cambridge Place Townhomes-Thornburg Drive, Conover  Conover  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCONOV7 Rock Barn  Conover  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCCONWA4 Conway - 35S  Conway  Davis Vantage Pro   
KNCCONWA2 Ashley's Grove  Conway  Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless   
KNCCORAP2 GPKandSon  Corapeake  Davis Vantage VUE 
KNCCORAP4 Desert Road, Corapeake, NC  Corapeake  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCCORAP5 Corapeake, NC  Corapeake  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCCORNE17 Beautiful Downtown Cornelius  Cornelius  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCCORNE10 McAlpine Properties  Cornelius  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCCORNE20 Antiquity  Cornelius  Netatmo Weather Station   
KNCCORNE11 Sterling Pointe, Cornelius  Cornelius  Davis Vantage Vue� (Wireless))   
KNCCORNE14 Peninsula  Cornelius  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCCORNE15 Suunto Lane  Cornelius  Netatmo   
KNCCORNE21 Market Street  Cornelius  Netatmo   
KNCCOROL6 Ocean Sands  Corolla  Vantage Pro2   
KNCCOROL12 North Swan Beach - Corolla, NC  Corolla  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCCOROL11 Swan Beach  Corolla  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCCREST4 Rock Creek Rd.  Creston  Solar Pro WS 1090   
KNCCROUS3 Crouse  Crouse  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCCULLO5 Tilley Creek Road  Cullowhee  Vantage Vue   
KNCCULLO7 Cullowhee  Cullowhee  Vantage Vue 
KNCDALLA2 Mayberry road  Dallas  other   
KNCDANBU2 Hanging Rock State Park Visitor Center  Danbury  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCDAVID5 Carnegie Overlook Boulevard  Davidson  Netatmo   
KNCDAVID6 Davidson Ridge Lane  Davidson  Netatmo   
KNCDAVID9 Bailey Springs - J-Dopp2  Davidson  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDAVID4 Summers Walk  Davidson  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDAVID10 Hudson Place  Davidson  other   
KNCDAVIS3 Davis Shore  Davis  Vantage Vue   
KNCDAVIS2 Core Sound's 2 West Shore Heel of Rock Jetty  Davis  Davis VanVue   
KNCDELCO2 Delco Burger Hut  Delco  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCDOBSO3 Fisher Park  Dobson  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCDUCK5 Sandy Ridge  Duck  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCDUNN4 C and L Farms  Dunn  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDUNN5 Crownview Ln  Dunn  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA52 510sRus@ Pinedale Dr  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCDURHA51 Heritage Heights  Durham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA20 Westglen  Durham     
KNCDURHA47 Duke Forest  Durham  RainWise MK-III 
KNCDURHA49 Swann's Mill  Durham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA26 Chancellors Ridge  Durham  Ambient Weather WS-1080   
KNCDURHA80 Falls Lake  Durham  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCDURHA42 Country Lane Estates  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCDURHA16 Lakewood  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCDURHA78 Fairfield  Durham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA59 Fitzford Court  Durham  RainWise MK-III   
KNCDURHA61 Fairfield-Sturbridge  Durham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA56 Durham Armory  Durham     
KNCDURHA57 Rockwood  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA64 South LaSalle Street  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA65 Glenview Lane  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA67 North Garrett Road  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA68 Tuscaloosa -Lakewood  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA70 Rue du Lieutenant Chabal  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA73 Crooked Creek Lane  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA76 North Garrett Road  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA82 North Garrett Road  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA85 Arrowhead  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA87 Bon Air Avenue  Durham  Netatmo   
KNCDURHA50 Merck  Durham  RainWise MK-III-LR   
KNCDURHA14 NE Durham County, (DW)  Durham  Davis VantagePro 
KNCDURHA72 Lake Park  Durham  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCDURHA44 Trinity Park  Durham     
KNCDURHA63 Brightleaf Glen  Durham  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCDURHA81 Ravenstone  Durham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA62 Everwood  Durham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCDURHA39 North Durham  Durham     
KNCDURHA29 Calander Estates  Durham  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCDURHA41 Northern Durham County  Durham  other   
KNCDURHA43 G.W. Hill Demonstration Forest  Durham     
KNCEASTB9 Hidden Creek  East Bend  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCEASTB4 forbush  East Bend  davis vue   
KNCEASTB7 Bloomtown Road  East Bend  Netatmo   
KNCEASTB10 Shoals  East Bend  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMADIS1 Foothills Weather  Eastern Stokes Cty  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCEDEN5 Eden [Jerry Taylor)  Eden  Radio Shack Professional   
KNCEDEN7 Indian Hills  Eden  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHENDE12 Pace Farm  Edneyville  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCEFLAN1 Governors Grove  Efland  Davis Instruments - Vantage Pro2 
KNCEFLAN5 rural  Efland  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCEFLAN3 Beech Creek Ridge  Efland  Davis Vantage Pro 2 (fan aspirated)   
KNCELIZA7 Northeast Landing  Elizabeth City  other   
KNCELIZA5 Old Desert Rd.  Elizabeth City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCELIZA4 Forest Park  Elizabeth City  RainWise MK-III-LR   
KNCELIZA6 Cape Owen Manor  Elizabethtown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCELKPA2 Russ Norris  Elk Park  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCELKIN1 The Day Family of Pleasant Hill  Elkin  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCELKIN3 West Main Street  Elkin  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCELMCI2   Elm City     
KNCELON4 Timberline Trail  Elon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCELON5 Brownstone Road  Elon  Netatmo   
KNCELON6 Apple Street  Elon  Netatmo   
KNCEMERA15 Sound Side MM 17  Emerald Isle  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCEMERA13  Emerald Isle  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCEMERA9 Oceanfront  Emerald Isle  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCGRIFT2 W. Seaview Drive  Emerald Isle  Vantage Pro 2   
KNCEMERA18 SplendidSecrets  Emerald Isle  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCEMERA20 Sound Side MM13  Emerald Isle  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCEMERA17 Lands End  Emerald Isle  RainWise MK-III 
KNCENNIC2 High Country Lights  Ennice  Davis Vantage pro2 
KNCENNIC3 edmonds  Ennice     
KNCERWIN2 40 bee farm road erwin nc  Erwin  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFAIRV13 raindance lane fairview  Fairview  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCFAIRV7 Central Fairview  Fairview  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCFARMV2 Northridge  Farmville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCFAYET21 Tobermory (N.W. Bladen County)  Fayetteville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFAYET24 Methodist University  Fayetteville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCFAYET30 Scott Mills  Fayetteville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFAYET13 Gates Four  Fayetteville  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCFAYET22 W OWEN SCH  Fayetteville     
KNCFAYET26 Longview Drive  Fayetteville  Netatmo   
KNCFAYET19 Wallace Pond  Fayetteville  Ambient Weather WS-2080   
KNCFAYET25 Montclair  Fayetteville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFAYET31 Cottonade  Fayetteville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCFAYET20 Mounted on a pole in our back yard. Clear around it for 60ft.  Fayetteville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCFAYET29 Scott's Mill North  Fayetteville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCFERGU2 Darby  Ferguson  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCFERGU3 Gold Run Road  Ferguson  Netatmo   
KNCFLATR3 Ridgeview  Flat Rock  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCFLATR1 Next to Carl Sandburg Historic Site  Flat Rock  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCFLATR2 Kenmure Weather  Flat Rock  Texas Weather Instruments WRL-32   
KNCFLEET6 Trojan Horse  Fleetwood  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCFLEET7 Spruce Knoll Estates  Fleetwood  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFLETC8 Riverbirch  Fletcher  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCFLETC13 Portobello Road  Fletcher  Netatmo   
KNCFLETC11 Addison Creek  Fletcher  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCFLETC12 SouthChase  Fletcher  Acu-Rite Five in One   
KNCFLETC6 Hooper's Creek  Fletcher  Rainwise Mark III   
KNCFORES2 Forest City-Dunbar Elementary  Forest City  Davis Vantage Pro II 
KNCFOURO2 Moore Farm  Four Oaks  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCFOXFI2 Sweet Spot Farm  Foxfire  Acurite Professional 5 in 1   
KNCFOXFI1 Forest Lake Dr  Foxfire Village  Davis Vantage Pro II   
KNCFRANK2 Walnut Grove  Franklin  Texas Weather Instruments WS8000   
KNCFRANK18 Nantahala Woodland Lodge  Franklin   
KNCFRANK25 Rainbow Falls  Franklin  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCFRANK11 Burningtown Township-WB4GUD  Franklin  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KNCFRANK29 Rainbow Mountain  Franklin  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCFRANK27 Hidden Acres  Franklin  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCFRANK24 Cricket Lane  Franklin  Netatmo   
KNCFRANK20 Timber Crest  Franklin  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCFRANK26 Piney Grove  Franklin  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCFRANK1 Iotla Valley  Franklin  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCFRANK12 Whitfield Chase Subdivision  Franklinton  Davis Vantage PRO   
KNCFRANK28 Franklinton Park  Franklinton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFRANK3 Wilton  Franklinton  Davis Vantage Pro II 
KNCFRANK22 FRANKLTN  Franklinton     
KNCFRISC4 Brigands Bay  Frisco  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCFRISC3 Frisco Woods  Frisco  Weatherflow   
KNCFUQUA30 Kipling  Fuquay Varina  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCFUQUA25 Whitehurst  Fuquay Varina  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFUQUA28 Vintage Acres  Fuquay Varina  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCFUQUA27 Duncan's Ridge  Fuquay Varina  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFUQUA16 Bentcreek  Fuquay Varina  VP2 and Meteohub   
KNCFUQUA29 High Grove Estates  Fuquay Varina  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCFUQUA1 Northwest Fuquay  Fuquay Varina  Vantage Pro 2   
KNCFUQUA20 Ballentine  Fuquay Varina  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCFUQUA23 FUQUAY  Fuquay Varina     
KNCFUQUA15 Tram Rd  Fuquay Varina  other   
KNCFUQUA26 Flemming Fields  Fuquay Varina  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCFUQUA19 Kitto Vegetable Garden  Fuquay Varina  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCFUQUA31 Northeast Fuquay  Fuquay Varina  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCFUQUA11 Marcom Place  Fuquay-Varina  PWS 
KNCGARNE11 Garner Turner Farms  Garner  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCGARNE4 Forest Landing  Garner     
KNCGARNE8 Tunbridge  Garner  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCGARNE9 Dunhaven  Garner  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGARNE3 Twisted Oaks  Garner  Ambiant Weather WS-2080   
KNCGARNE10 Heather Hills  Garner  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGASTO9 Roanoke Rapids Lake  Gaston  Ambient Weather WS-2080   
KNCGASTO15 Ragan Woods  Gastonia  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGASTO12 Brookside ES  Gastonia  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCGASTO18 Crowders Creek  Gastonia  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGASTO5 Cramerton  Gastonia  Davis Vantage Pro 2 - APRS   
KNCGASTO8 Springwood  Gastonia  La Crosse 2308 
KNCGATES3 Gates County EOC  Gatesville  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCGERMA3 Covington Road  Germanton  Netatmo   
KNCGERTO3 Rabbit Run Creekside  Gerton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCGLENV3 Bee Tree  Glenville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCGLENV4 Headwater Drive  Glenville  Netatmo   
KNCGLOUC2 Whitehurst Creek  Gloucester  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCGOLDS16 Downtown Goldsboro  Goldsboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCGOLDS12 Northcreek and Canterbury Village  Goldsboro  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCGOLDS11 Walnut Creek  Goldsboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGOLDS10 Goldsboro  Goldsboro  Vantage Pro2   
KNCGRAHA1 Central Alamance County  Graham  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCGRAND2 OBX-Jack's Place  Grandy  other   
KNCGRANI2   Granite Falls  Davis   
KNCGREEN60 Green Mountain Estates  Green Mountain  RainWise MK-III   
KNCGREEN35 Bur Mil Park  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCGREEN65 NC Weather Happens  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCGREEN37 Ridgewood  Greensboro  Oregon Scientific WMR200 
KNCGREEN52 Guilford Elementary School  Greensboro     
KNCGREEN22 Meadowood  Greensboro  Vantage Pro2   
KNCGREEN15 Southern Guilford County  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless   
KNCGREEN13 SW Greensboro  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCGREEN44 Northern Elementary School  Greensboro  Vantage Vue   
KNCGREEN42 Jay`s Weather Station  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCGREEN2 Bell Orchard Drive  Greensboro  Peet Bros. 
KNCGREEN62 MENDNHAL  Greensboro     
KNCGREEN67 Cotswold Ave  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN69 Northern Shores  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN70 South Spring Street  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN76 Battlefield  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN77 Fox Tail Court  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN78 Martin Luther King Junior Drive  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN83 Friendly Acres  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN89 Harbor View Lane  Greensboro  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN80 Hamilton Forest  Greensboro  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCGREEN86 Lucas Park Drive  Greensboro  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCGREEN88 Sunrise Acres  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCGREEN64 Cardinal Vista  Greensboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGREEN75 Vandalia Rd & Holden Rd  Greensboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCGREEN51 Crestwood  Greenville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCGREEN47 Richard Martins Weather  Greenville  Ambient Weather WS-1090 
KNCGREEN85 Brittany Ridge  Greenville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGREEN61 Simpson  Greenville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCGREEN63 PITTAGCT  Greenville     
KNCGREEN74 Medical District  Greenville  Netatmo   
KNCGREEN72 Prudoe Bay  Greenville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCGREEN27 Woodmoor - WD6GBV  Greenville  Oregon Scientific 968 
KNCGREEN50 Lake Ellsworth (  Greenville  Vantage Vue 
KNCGREEN53 Velvet Elvis Weather (Bedford)  Greenville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCGREEN59 ECU Main Campus  Greenville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCGRIME3 Porters Ridge Drive  Grimesland  Netatmo   
KNCHAMLE2 Boyd Lake Rd.  Hamlet  La Crosse Wired or wireless   
KNCHAMLE3 Deer Run  Hamlet  Personal   
KNCHAMPS10 South Hampstead  Hampstead  WEATHERWISE   
KNCHAMPS13 Belvedere Plantation - Tatum  Hampstead  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHAMPS9 Castle Bay  Hampstead     
KNCHAMPT1 Cycle Community  Hamptonville  vantage pro 
KNCHARKE2 Cape Pointe Marina  Harkers Island  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHARRI2 Orchard Park  Harrisburg  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCHARRI9 Harrisburg Park  Harrisburg  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHARRI4 Rocky River Crossing  Harrisburg  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHARRI6 CNTY LIN  Harrisburg     
KNCHATTE3 SANDBAGGAS  Hatteras  other   
KNCHAVEL5 Mitchell Creek  Havelock  Ambient Weather WS-1090   
KNCHAVEL6 Jefferson Drive  Havelock  Netatmo   
KNCHAYES10 Elf School Road  Hayesville  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCHAYES18 Peckerwood  Hayesville  other   
KNCHAYES19 Peckerwood2  Hayesville  other   
KNCHAYES20 Peckerwood3  Hayesville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCHAYES22 Peckerwood4  Hayesville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCHENDE47 Epsom/Rocky Ford, NC  Henderson  RainWise MK-III   
KNCHENDE11 Gillburg  Henderson  Davis VP2 6153 
KNCHENDE26 Cokesbury/Axtell  Henderson  Davis Advantage Pro2 w/WeatherlinkIP 
KNCHENDE30 North Ridge Road  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCHENDE18 IndianBend-Etowah  Hendersonville  Vantage Pro2   
KNCHENDE57 IndianBend-Etowah  Hendersonville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHENDE32 Little Bearwallow MOUNTAIN  Hendersonville  Davis Weather Vue   
KNCHENDE52 Willow Creek  Hendersonville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHENDE7 Walnut Cove  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCHENDE51 big wllow  Hendersonville  RainWise AgroMET 
KNCHENDE16 Maplewood Ct off Hwy 191 in City  Hendersonville  LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station 
KNCHENDE41 Flatrock  Hendersonville  WS2310   
KNCHENDE48 Sugarloaf  Hendersonville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCHENDE43 Love Mountain  Hendersonville  Acu-rite   
KNCHENDE50 Dana  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCHENDE49 Johnson Field Airport  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KNCHENDE54 Lewis Creek Farm  Hendersonville  Rainwise MK-III SP   
KNCHENDE21 Camp Ton-A-Wandah  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCHENDE56 Hendersonville CC  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCHENDE42 TempleCastle - Highway 191  HENDERSONVILLE     
KNCHENDE28 Carriage Park  Hendersonville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCHENDE29 In the Woods  Hendersonville  Davis 6152 VP2 wireless   
KNCHENDE55 Guice Mountain (Rt 191)  Hendersonville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHENRI6 Windward Shores  Henrico  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHENRI7 LKG-WindyPointe  Henrico  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHERTF2 Albemarle Plantation Marina  Hertford  Davis ISS vantage pro2 
KNCHERTF6 Heritage Shores Plantation  Hertford  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCHERTF3 Holiday Island Road  Hertford  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCHERTF5 Deep Creek Shores  Hertford  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCHICKO18 River Run Circle  Hickory  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHICKO23 16th Street Northeast  Hickory  Netatmo   
KNCHICKO15 15th Street South East  Hickory  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCHICKO21 St. Stephens Park  Hickory  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCHIGHP16 Southwest School  High Point  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCHIGHP14 Deep River Community  High Point  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCHIGHP17 Carol Bay  High Point  RainWise MK-III   
KNCHIGHP18 Winter Garden  High Point  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCHIGHP19 Whitestone  High Point  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCHIGHP12 Between the Lakes  High Point  acurite 5-1   
KNCHIGHL1 TheWrightPlace Hwy. 64 E  Highlands  WMR-918 
KNCHIGHL6 JKF Highlands Falls  Highlands  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCHIGHL16 Wildcat Cliffs  Highlands  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCHIGHL12 Sagee Mtn  Highlands  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCHIGHL11 Old Walhalla Road  Highlands  Netatmo   
KNCHIGHL13 Little Creek Road  Highlands  Netatmo   
KNCHIGHL15 Whiteside Mountain  Highlands  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHIGHL10 Little Scaly Mountain  Highlands  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHILDE4 Hildebran's Weather Station  Hildebran  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCHILLS9 Churton Grove  Hillsborough  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCHILLS11 WS1001BMC  Hillsborough  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHILLS2 Cascades  Hillsborough  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCHILLS10 LittleRiverView  Hillsborough  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCHILLS12 Lawrence Road  Hillsborough  Netatmo   
KNCHILLS14 Marklyn Place  Hillsborough  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCHILLS4 Hillsborough Forest - Cedar Grove  Hillsborough  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCHOLDE5 Holden Beach  Holden Beach  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCHOLLY14 Crosswoods  Holly Ridge  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCHOLLY13 Little Beaver Dam  Holly Springs  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCHOLLY29 Holly Park  Holly Springs  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCHOLLY1 Raleigh Street Area  Holly Springs  Peet bro ultimeter 2000 
KNCHOLLY21 Twin Lake  Holly Springs  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHOLLY2 Main St Holly Springs  Holly Springs  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCHOLLY19 Cobble Ridge  Holly Springs  Davis 6250 
KNCHOLLY27 Holly Pointe  Holly Springs  Netatmo   
KNCHOLLY26 Avocet  Holly Springs  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCHOPEM4 Hope Mills Lake  Hope Mills  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCHOTSP2 sunswept farm  Hot Springs  other   
KNCHUBER5 Bear Creek  Hubert  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCHUDSO3 Cedar Valley Rd  Hudson  wmr100   
KNCHUNTE5 NorthStone  Huntersville  Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus 
KNCHUNTE12 Mcauley Road  Huntersville  davis vantage pro2   
KNCHUNTE15 Cambridge Grove  Huntersville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHUNTE19 Boren Street  Huntersville  Netatmo   
KNCHUNTE25 Island Drive  Huntersville  Netatmo   
KNCHUNTE22 Greenfarms  Huntersville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCHUNTE18 Stillwell  Huntersville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCHUNTE17 Wynfield Creek  Huntersville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHUNTS1 Near Yadkin River  Huntsville  Davis Vantage Pro   
KNCINDIA12 Oceanfront Court  Indian Beach  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCINDIA13 Holly Park Villas  Indian Trail  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCINDIA5 Scotts House @ Bent Creek  Indian Trail  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCINDIA10 Bonterra  Indian Trail  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCINDIA21 5804 bareoot ln  Indian Trail  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 1600 Series 
KNCJACKS9 Half Moon / McArthur  Jacksonville  Ultimeter 2100   
KNCJACKS12 Jacksonville-Northwoods Park  Jacksonville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCJACKS13 Haws Run  Jacksonville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCJACKS14 Carolina Plantations  Jacksonville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCJARVI2 North River Shores - Soundfront  Jarvisburg  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCJEFFE2 Jefferson Landing  Jefferson  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCKANNA7 SE Enochville  Kannapolis  Vantage Vue Pro   
KNCKANNA12 Kannapolis South  Kannapolis  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCKENLY3 Rogerson Farms  Kenly  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCKERNE9 Breyerton Subdivision  Kernersville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCKERNE12 Deer Path  Kernersville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCKERNE8 Off Hastings Hill Rd.  Kernersville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCKERNE13 Colfax  Kernersville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCKERNE10 Sheppards Run Drive  Kernersville  Netatmo   
KNCKERNE14 Kensington Village  Kernersville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKILLD16 Andrus Construction Colington Harbor  Kill Devil Hills  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCKILLD14 Cliffs of Colington  Kill Devil Hills  other   
KNCKILLD6 Cavalier  Kill Devil Hills  other 
KNCKILLD2 Sound Side  Kill Devil Hills  Weather Wizzard   
KNCKILLD5 Island Waterfront  Kill Devil Hills  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCKILLD13 Collington Harbor  Kill Devil Hills  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCKILLD23 The Village at Nags Head  Kill Devil Hills  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCKILLD22 Ocean Acres  Kill Devil Hills  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKING7 King  King  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKINGS6 SonRidge Farm  Kings Mountain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKINGS4 Greyfield  Kings Mountain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKINNA2 Waves  Kinnakeet  Weatherflow   
KNCKINNA3 REAL Slick  Kinnakeet  Weatherflow   
KNCKINNA4 KHK Resort  Kinnakeet  Weatherflow   
KNCKINST2 Westbrooke II  Kinston  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCKINST3 Falling Creek  Kinston  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKITTY8 Southern Shores,NC  Kitty Hawk  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCKITTY6 Martin's Point  Kitty Hawk  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCKITTY10 Danny Lane  Kitty Hawk  Netatmo   
KNCKITTY11 SONY GIRL @ SEASCAPE  Kitty Hawk  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCKNIGH6 Castle Farm  Knightdale  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCKNIGH5 Covington Cross  Knightdale  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCKNIGH9 Cottonwood  Knightdale  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKNIGH4 Sandy Trail/Carriage Manor  Knightdale  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCKNIGH2 Mingo Creek  Knightdale  Ambient Weather   
KNCKNIGH10 Woodberry at Planter's Walk  Knightdale  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKNIGH7 Hidden Spring Farm  Knightdale  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCKNIGH8 Planters Walk  Knightdale  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCKNOTT1 Near Cason Point  Knotts Island  OS WMR100NA 
KNCKNOTT2 Stillwater Landing  Knotts Island  Vantage Vue   
KNCKUREB2 Darlings By The Sea  Kure Beach   
KNCLAGRA2  La Grange  Davis VP2 
KNCLAGRA3 Hadley Acres  La Grange  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCLAGRA9 Walnutpointe  La Grange  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLAKEL3 Pamlico Sound  Lake Landing  Weatherflow   
KNCLAKEL2 Paw Paw Preserve  Lake Lure  DAVIS   
KNCLAKEN2 Edith Lane Terrell  Lake Norman Of Catawba  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCLAKET8 Lake Toxaway  Lake Toxaway  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCLAKET2 Rocky Mountain  Lake Toxaway  Oregon Scientific WMR968 
KNCLAKET6 Rocky Mountain 2  Lake Toxaway  Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCLAKET7 SHReserve  Lake Toxaway  Davis Vantage 2 
KNCLANDI2 Landis, NC  Landis  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCLANDI4 Landis Storm Chasers  Landis  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLANSI3 Lansing, NC  Lansing  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCLAURE7 Laurel Springs  Laurel Springs  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCLAURE4 Laurel Springs  Laurel Springs  Davis VantagePro 2   
KNCLAURE10 Laurel Springs  Laurel Springs  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCLAURE6 Antioch Road  Laurel Springs  Netatmo   
KNCLAURE1 rural  Laurel Springs  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCLAWND2 Stagecoach  Lawndale  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLAWSO2 The Poore Farm  Lawsonville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCLAWSO3 Lawsonville NC Hart Rd.  Lawsonville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCLEICE4 Hayes Cove  Leicester  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCLEICE6 Leicester, NC  Leicester  RainWise MK-III-LR   
KNCLELAN6 Brunswick Forest  Leland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLELAN7 Hunters Ridge  Leland  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCLELAN8 Willow Woods / Leland  Leland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLELAN5 eastbrook estates  Leland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLENOI3 Highland Ave  Lenoir  Ambient WS-2080 
KNCLENOI6 STM-Whitnel  Lenoir  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless) 
KNCLENOI12 Patterson  Lenoir  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCLENOI13 Zacks Fork Road  Lenoir  Netatmo   
KNCLENOI10 Blue Creek Rd  Lenoir  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLEWIS2 Western Forsyth County  Lewisville  Davis Vantage Pro2 with /FARS 
KNCLEWIS5 Lewisville Trails  Lewisville  other   
KNCLEWIS6 Runnymede  Lewisville  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCLEXIN18 Silver Ridge  Lexington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLEXIN6 Southmont (Buddle Creek) HRL  Lexington  Weatherwise Professional solar   
KNCLEXIN19 Beckner Street  Lexington  Netatmo   
KNCLEXIN21 Carl Snider Road  Lexington  Netatmo   
KNCLEXIN17 High Rock Lake @ Hwy 8  Lexington  other   
KNCLEXIN7 JKS Incorporated  Lexington  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCLILLI4 Harnett Co  Lillington  OS WMR968 
KNCLINCO10 Howard's Creek-Shoal Rd  Lincolnton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLINCO3 S. Central Lincoln Co near High Shoals  Lincolnton  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCLINCO13 Lincolnton  Lincolnton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCLINCO11 CROUSE  Lincolnton     
KNCLINCO12 Southpaw Farm  Lincolnton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSPRUC4 View Looking North  Little Switzerland  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Cabled)   
KNCLITTL10 North Shore Acres  Littleton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLITTL15 Eaton's Ferry Estates  Littleton  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCLITTL14 Mill Creek  Littleton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLITTL12 Pine Tree Road  Littleton  Netatmo   
KNCLITTL6 Lake Gaston  Littleton  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCLOUIS4 Huntsburg and Royal  Louisburg  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCLOUIS5 Huntsburg  Louisburg  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLUMBE6 Rozier Church  Lumberton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCLUMBE2 Fayetteville Road  Lumberton  Davis Vantage Pro   
KNCMAGGI7 Cook-mnts Valley Vista  Maggie Valley  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMAGGI5 The Thundering Herd  Maggie Valley  Vantage Pro 2 
KNCMAIDE5 Maiden  Maiden  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCMAIDE6 Marydel  Maiden  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCMANTE7 Yacht Doc, Inc  Manteo  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCMANTE9 Manteo (N)  Manteo  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCMANTE8 UNC Coastal Studies Institute  Manteo  other   
KNCMARIO7 Ridge Road  Marion  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCMARSH16 Wolf Laurel Golf Maintenance  Mars Hill  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCMARSH17 McDaris Loop Drive  Mars Hill  Netatmo   
KNCMARSH11 Windrush Ridge-Mars Hill, NC  Mars Hill  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCMARSH14 Crooked Creek Rd.  Mars Hill  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCMARSH13 Long Run Farm  Marshville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMARVI2 Oakbrook  Marvin  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus w/ Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield 
KNCMARVI4 Tyndale Court  Marvin  Netatmo   
KNCMATTH21 Kerry Greens  Matthews  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMATTH20 St. Clair Subdivision  Matthews  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCMATTH19 PROVIDENCE WOODS  Matthews  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCMATTH5 Union Road  Matthews  Oregon Scientific WMR-968   
KNCMATTH18 Partridge Lane  Matthews  Netatmo   
KNCMATTH22 Red Barn  Matthews  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMATTH17 Savannah Hills  Matthews  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMATTH12 Stevens MIll  Matthews  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCMAYOD2 Mayodan Residential  Mayodan  other   
KNCMCGRA2 CANE CREEK CHURCH ROAD  McGrady  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMEBAN13 ARK Research  Mebane  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCMEBAN15 Sandy Lane  Mebane  Netatmo   
KNCMEBAN12 Cedar Pointe  Mebane  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCHILLS3 Country Highlands  Mebane  WMR-968   
KNCMEBAN16 Fieldview  Mebane  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMEBAN14 Hawfields  Mebane  other   
KNCMEBAN5 Forest Ridge  Mebane  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCMIDLA2 Thief River Farm  Midland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMIDLA3 Bost Creek  Midland  other   
KNCMILLS5 Mill Spring Agricultural Center  Mill Spring  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCMILLS7 Moore Rd near TIEC  Mill Spring  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMILLE2 Millers Creek  Millers Creek  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCMILLE3 Crestview Estates  Millers Creek  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCMILLS3 Niki's High Vista Weather  Mills River  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCMINTH5 Clear Creek  Mint Hill     
KNCMINTH3 OSGP # 16  Mint Hill  Ambient Weather 2080   
KNCMINTH7 Fairington Oaks  Mint Hill  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMINTH4  Mint Hill  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus w/ 24-Hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield 
KNCMINTH8 Thompson Rd @ Stevens Creek  Mint Hill  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCMINTH10 Chislehurst Road  Mint Hill  Netatmo   
KNCMINTH6 Windemere  Mint Hill  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCMOCKS9 Ijames Church-Sheffield  Mocksville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCMOCKS7 Clarksville  Mocksville  other   
KNCMOCKS12 Northbrook  Mocksville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMONCU2 Old Chestnut Crossing  Moncure  Vantage Vue Davis Instruments 
KNCMONRO2 Alton  Monroe  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCMONRO12 West Green Street  Monroe  Netatmo   
KNCMONRO10 1.5 ML W of New Salem  Monroe  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCMONTR2 Mountain Cove Road  Montreat  Netatmo   
KNCMOORE25 Pinnacle Shores  Mooresville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMOORE11 Lake Norman (Woodland Heights)  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCMOORE24 Sherwood Forest  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCMOORE13 Diamondhead  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCMOORE32 Pinnacle Shores Drive  Mooresville  Netatmo   
KNCMOORE38 Webbed Foot Road  Mooresville  Netatmo   
KNCMOORE34 SE Mooresville  Mooresville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMOORE18 Lake Norman - Mallard Head  Mooresville  AcuRite   
KNCMOORE28 Lake Norman  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCMOORE15 Norman Woods / Stutts Rd.  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Pro   
KNCMOORE23 Mooresville Home Search  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCMOORE22 Joey's Lawn Care  Mooresville  Acu*Rite   
KNCMOORE30 Coddle Creek  Mooresville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCMOORE31 Autumn Grove  Mooresville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMORAV1 Western Wilkes County  Moravian Falls  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCMOREH10 MoreheadCityWeather.Com  Morehead City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMOREH6 MoreheadCityWeather.Com  Morehead City  Acurite 01050 
KNCMOREH13 NC STATE PORTS  Morehead City  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCMOREH15 Blair Farms  Morehead City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMOREH7 Leeloo Station - Fisher St  Morehead City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMORGA9 Petche Gap  Morganton  Ambient Weather WS-1080 
KNCMORGA11 Burkemont  Morganton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMORGA12 Salem Community  Morganton  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCMORGA15 East Shores, Lake James  Morganton  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCMORRI5 Burdens Creek  Morrisville     
KNCMORRI6 Triple Oak - Near Road  Morrisville     
KNCMORRI7 Umstead  Morrisville  Netatmo   
KNCMORRI8 Clos de la Chapelle Saint-Ann  Morrisville  Netatmo   
KNCMORRI10 Town Hall Drive  Morrisville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMORVE2 Cason Old Field  Morven  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMOUNT10 KD4J  Mount Airy  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCTOAST2 North Surry High School  Mount Airy     
KNCMOUNT12 Blue Hollow Road  Mount Airy  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCMOUNT17 Mount Airy, NC (Cynthia Drive)  Mount Airy  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCMOUNT16 Indian Grove Church Rd  Mount Airy  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMOUNT11 Runnymeade  Mount Holly  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCMOUNT20 Rhyne Springs Road  Mount Holly  Netatmo   
KNCMOUNT15 Scotts Store  Mount Olive  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCMOUNT7 Kiser Home  Mount Ulla  Acurite 5in1 1025   
KNCMOYOC1   Moyock  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCMOYOC3 Tulls Bay Estates  Moyock  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCREDBR2 N2UYB  Mt Airy  Acu-Rite Professional Weather Center   
KNCMOUNT1 Mt. Airy, NC  Mt Airy  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCMTPLE2 62NR West Airport  Mt Pleasant  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCMTGIL3 Mt. Gilead  Mt. Gilead  Vantage Pro II   
KNCMURFR3 Murfreesboro  Murfreesboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMURPH19 Downtown  Murphy  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCMURPH4 Tarheel  Murphy  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMURPH15 Beaver Dam Gap  Murphy  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMURPH2 Tuesday's of Murphy  Murphy  WS1080   
KNCMURPH23 Stump Water  Murphy  Netatmo   
KNCMURPH22 Nana's Holler  Murphy  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCMURPH12 Misty Meadow Farm  Murphy  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCMURPH20 Shoal Creek  Murphy  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCMURPH21 Vineyard Creek Estates  Murphy  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCNAGSH4 South Ridge  Nags Head  Davis   
KNCNAGSH5 ObxLiveSurf  Nags Head  Davis 
KNCNAGSH10 Oregon Inlet  Nags Head  Weatherflow   
KNCNAGSH8 Oregon Inlet CG  Nags Head  Weatherflow   
KNCNAGSH9 Jennettes Pier  Nags Head  Weatherflow   
KNCNAGSH11 Nags Head Water Plant  Nags Head  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCNAGSH7 Nags Head Town Hall  Nags Head  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCNASHV3 Westgate  Nashville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNASHV5 Nashville - Birchwood  Nashville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCNASHV4 Graveyard's Place  Nashville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNASHV6 Grave's Place  Nashville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCNEBO5 Seventeen Eighty, LKJ  Nebo  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCNEBO4 Grandview Peaks  Nebo  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNEWBE11 The Lakes At Antioch  New Bern  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCNEWBE21 Upper Broad Creek  New Bern  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCNEWBE13 Faifield Harbour  New Bern  Ambient Weather   
KNCNEWBE19 Fairfield Harbour  New Bern  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCNEWBE18 New Bern, Trent Woods NC  New Bern  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCNEWBE1 New Bern, Neuse River  New Bern  Rainwise MK 3 
KNCNEWBE23 Marina Drive  New Bern  Netatmo   
KNCNEWBE27 Wingate Drive  New Bern  Netatmo   
KNCNEWBE16 Carolina Colours - Waterleaf  New Bern  Tycon Power Systems ProWeatherStation   
KNCNEWHI2 Furry Lawn Ornaments Farm  New Hill  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCNEWLO4 Uwharrie Point  New London  Vantage Pro2   
KNCNEWLO5 Heron Bay Drive  New London  Netatmo   
KNCNEWLO2 Rolling Hills  New London  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCNEWLA11 Newland, NC  Newland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNEWLA3 Gingercake Acres/Jonas Ridge  Newland  Davis Weather Wizard III 
KNCNEWLA7 Sugarvista  Newland  other   
KNCNEWLA4 GlenView  Newland     
KNCNEWLA12 Elk Park Highway  Newland  Netatmo   
KNCNEWLA14 Windridge Road  Newland  Netatmo   
KNCNEWPO13 Sea Gate  Newport  Davis Weather Monitor II   
KNCNEWPO12 Southpark  Newport     
KNCNEWPO20 Bogue Sound (Channel Marker 19)  Newport  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNEWPO17 Pine Ridge Acres  Newport  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCNEWPO19 Sound View  Newport  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNEWPO15 East Mouth of Broad Creek  Newport  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCNEWPO3 East Prong of Broad Creek  Newport  Davis wireless Weather Envoy 
KNCNEWTO3 Blue Ridge Foothills - N1PD  Newton  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCNEWTO5 North Newton  Newton  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCNEWTO6 Catawba County Government Center  Newton  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNORTH10 Dillard  North Carolina  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNORTH23 Hominy Creek, Luther  North Carolina  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNORTH14 Busbee Mountain  North Carolina  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCNORTH13 Garren Creek  North Carolina  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCNORTH21 Mirlo Beach  North Carolina  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCNORTH22 Forest City  North Carolina  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCNORTH18 Lowland  North Carolina  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCNORTH20 Ocean Club  North Topsail Beach  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCNORTH19 ashe island estates  North Topsail Beach  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCNORTH15 On SPEEDWAY RD near Windy Gap  North Wilkesboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCNORTH17 Bill's Backyard  North Wilkesboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCOAKIS7 Oak Island  Oak Island  Weatherflow   
KNCOAKIS11 Oak Island, NC  Oak Island  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCOAKIS6 West End Oak Island  Oak Island  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCOAKIS5 Oak Island - Marsh Hen  Oak Island  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCOAKRI6 Old Mill Area  Oak Ridge  Acu-Link   
KNCOAKRI5 Billet Place  Oak Ridge  Ambient Weather WS-2080   
KNCOCEAN5 Brick Landing  Ocean Isle Beach  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCOCEAN14 Sunset Ridge  Ocean Isle Beach  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCOCEAN13 Scotland Street OIB  Ocean Isle Beach  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCOCRAC6 Sunset Dr  Ocracoke  Netatmo Weather Station   
KNCOCRAC2 The Ocracoke Harbor Inn/Silver Lake  Ocracoke  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCOCRAC3 Ocracoke  Ocracoke  Weatherflow   
KNCOCRAC4 Sunset Drive  Ocracoke  Netatmo   
KNCOLDFO5 Painters Greenhouse  Old Fort  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless) 
KNCOLDFO3 Appalachian Lawn  Old Fort  WS-1080   
KNCOLDFO4 Creston  Old Fort  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCORIEN4 Oriental/Greens Creek, NC  Oriental     
KNCORIEN6 Ashton  Oriental  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCORIEN7 WatersEdge  Oriental  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCORIEN5 Oriental, NC  Oriental  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCOTTO5 Top of Blueberry Hill  Otto  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless) 
KNCOTTO1 Otto-Behind Fire Station  Otto  VantagePro2 
KNCOTTO10 Coweeta Lab Road  Otto  Netatmo   
KNCOTTO7 Coweeta Lake Community  Otto  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCOTWAY2 Wards Creek  Otway  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCOXFOR3 Oak Hill  Oxford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCOXFOR4 Berea - Shelton Hills  Oxford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCPEACH2 White Rock Dairy  Peachland  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCPFAFF10 River Ridge Road  Pfafftown  Netatmo   
KNCPFAFF8 Bashavia  Pfafftown  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCPILOT3 Pilot Mountain  Pilot Mountain  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCPILOT2 Near Golf Course Road  Pilot Mountain  Peet Ultimeter 2100 
KNCPINEH7 Saint Andrews Drive  Pinehurst  Netatmo   
KNCPINET2 Crisp  Pinetops  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCPINEV2 Cardinal Woods  Pineville  Weather Monitor II   
KNCPINNA3 Brims Grove Community  Pinnacle  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCPINNA2 Pinnacle  Pinnacle  Ambient Weather WS-1090   
KNCPINNA4 Pinnacle  Pinnacle  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCPISGA8 Williamson Creek  Pisgah Forest  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCPISGA6 Scarlett Drive  Pisgah Forest  Netatmo   
KNCPISGA1 Little River  Pisgah Forest  LaCrosse WS-2310 
KNCPISGA4 Pisgah Center Self Storage  Pisgah Forest  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCPISGA2   Pisgah Forest  Dallas One Wire 
KNCPITTS1 Jordan Lake  Pittsboro  Davis Vantage Pro Plus 
INCPITTS2 Log Barn Rd  Pittsboro  Davis Vantage VUE   
KNCPITTS2 Robeson Cr @ Jordan Lake  Pittsboro  La Crosse Wireless   
KNCPITTS6 Henrys Ridge  Pittsboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCPITTS17 Forest Glen  Pittsboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCPITTS11 River Road Pittsboro  Pittsboro  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCPITTS14 PITTSBRO  Pittsboro     
KNCPITTS16 Fearrington Post  Pittsboro  Netatmo   
KNCPITTS9 Windy Hill Alpaca Farm  Pittsboro  WS-1090 
KNCPITTS15 Cedar Grove  Pittsboro  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCPLEAS3 SouthSide  Pleasant Garden  Davis Vantage PRO2   
KNCPLEAS4 Fentress  Pleasant Garden  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCPOINT4 The Compound  Point Harbor     
KNCPOLKV1  Polkville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCPURLE3 NW Wilkes County NC  Purlear  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KNCPURLE2 Job's Cabin Township  Purlear  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCPURLE1 Phillips Gap  Purlear  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCPURLE4 Summit Ridge  Purlear  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCRAEFO13 Timberland Area Western Hoke Co  Raeford  other   
KNCRAEFO14 Cameron Woods, Raeford. NC  Raeford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCRAEFO11 Downtown Raeford  Raeford  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCRALEI11 NW Wake Co  Raleigh  Davis Weather Monitor II 
KNCRALEI125 Edgewater  Raleigh  Netatmo Weather Station   
KNCRALEI48 SW Raleigh-Nuttree Place  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCRALEI159 Kings Ridge  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI3 North Raleigh (Falls Lake)  Raleigh  RainWise WS-2000   
KNCRALEI18 Swiftbrook Cir.  Raleigh  Oregon Scientific WMR-968 
KNCRALEI39 Hedingham  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Vue   
ISQLQJPJ2 WestWind  raleigh  davis vue 
KNCRALEI55 Village at Westgate  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI28 Meryton  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCRALEI10 Will-O-Dean Acres  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCRALEI29 Henley Subdivision  Raleigh  Vantage Pro 
KNCRALEI166 Crimson  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI27 Westborough  Raleigh  WS-2080   
KNCRALEI118 White Oak Forest  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI109 River Chase  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI134 Fernwood  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI130 Umstead  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI75 Victoria Park  Raleigh  Oregon Scientific   
KNCRALEI104 Baybridge Park  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI98 The Weather Vortex  Raleigh  Pro Weather Station   
KNCRALEI154 Blalock's Glen  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI71 Colonial Heights  Raleigh  other   
KNCRALEI14 Winchester - NE Raleigh  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCRALEI110 Heatherstone  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI100 Southbriar Creek  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI162 Oak Park  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI123 Five Points - The Circle  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI116 Salem's Eastgate WX  Raleigh  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCRALEI83 Ridgebrook Bluffs  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCRALEI87 Carlyle at Falls Lake  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCRALEI164 North Ridge  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI113 Millbrook NCore  Raleigh     
KNCRALEI120 Five Points East  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI122 Downtown  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI126 North Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI127 Eagle Ridge  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI131 North Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI132 Brookwood  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI135 The Gates At Ethans Glen  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI136 Turner Downs  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI137 Northeast Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI144 Northeast Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI148 Lassiter Farms  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI150 Northwest Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI152 Southwest Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI157 Bedford At Falls River  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI160 Windsor Place Townhomes  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI167 North Raleigh  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI171 Eagle Mountain  Raleigh  Netatmo   
KNCRALEI165 Wakefield Plantation  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI97 Ashworth - Eden Park  RALEIGH  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCRALEI114 North Hills  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI58 Harrington Grove  Raleigh  PWS 
KNCRALEI89 Leesville Hollow  Raleigh     
KNCRALEI121 Greystone, Windsor Woods  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KNCRALEI169 Roney - Turner Meadow Dr. (South Raleigh)  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI108 Raleigh Downtown  Raleigh  RainWise MK-III-LR 
KNCRALEI117 Wood Valley  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI111 Whitehart  Raleigh  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCRALEI102 Lake Johnson Harbour  Raleigh  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCRALEI78 The Place @ Harrington Grove  Raleigh  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCRALEI80 Dominion Park  Raleigh     
KNCRALEI36 Stormwater Services - office  Raleigh  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCRAMSE2 Coleridge  Ramseur  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCRAMSE3 Black dog run  Ramseur  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCRANDL3 Windsor Park  Randleman  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCREIDS16 CHERRYGR  Reidsville     
KNCREIDS13 Close to downtown  Reidsville  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless) 
KNCREIDS15 Freeway Drive Area  Reidsville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless) 
KNCCONOV4 Riverbend Park  Riverbend Park, Conover  Davis Vantage Pro Plus 
KNCROANO4 Roanoke Rapids Lake  Roanoke Rapids  Davis vantage Pro 2   
KNCROBBI6 East Buffalo  Robbinsville  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCROBBI5 JOANBOLD  Robbinsville     
KNCROBBI3 Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap  Robbinsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KNCROCKW3 Southern Rowan  Rockwell  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCROCKY16 City Lake -- Rocky Mount  Rocky Mount  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCROCKY4 Martineer  Rocky Mount  Or. Sci WMR-918 Wireless   
KNCROCKY13 Oak Level, NC  Rocky Mount  other   
KNCROCKY12 Whitehall / High Meadows  Rocky Mount  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCROSEB2 Rebel City, NC.  Roseboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCROSMA3 PARI Optical Ridge  Rosman  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCROSMA4 PARI Building 1  Rosman  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCROSMA2   Rosman  Vantage Pro 2   
KNCROSMA5 Rosman Fire Rescue  Rosman  Davis Vantage VUE 
KNCROUGE5 Rougemont  Rougemont  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCROXBO6 Fishermans Point at Mayo Lake  Roxboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCROXBO4 John Allen Road  Roxboro  Netatmo   
KNCRURAL1 Forsyth County  Rural Hall  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCRUTHE4 Green Hill  Rutherfordton  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCSALEM2 Lakewood High School  Salemburg  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSALIS20 AB3C  Salisbury  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCSALIS27 RockGrove  Salisbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCSALIS8 Ellis-Franklin Fire District  Salisbury  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSALIS14   Salisbury     
KNCSALIS7 Granite Quarry  Salisbury  La Crosse 
KNCSALIS17 High Rock Lake - Anchor Downs  Salisbury  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCSALIS23 Autumnlight Drive  Salisbury  Netatmo   
KNCSALIS21 Salisbury  Salisbury  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCSALIS18 Performance Technology Park  Salisbury  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCSALUD4 Staton Ridge  Saluda     
KNCSALUD6 green river township  Saluda  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCSANFO10 Gress Weather Station  Sanford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSANFO8 Falling Waters (Cumberland Rd)  Sanford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCSANFO11 Blackstone  Sanford     
KNCSANFO12 Persimmon Hill  Sanford  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCSANFO7 Reserve at Carthage Colonies  Sanford  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSAPPH4 LBM Industries Whitewater Rd  Sapphire  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCSAPPH5 Emerald Ridge Road  Sapphire  Netatmo   
KNCSAPPH7 Burlingame  Sapphire  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCMEBAN7 Duchy Airpark  Saxapahaw  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSCALY2 Pines Road  Scaly Mountain  Netatmo   
KNCSCALY3 Scaly Mountain Slopes  Scaly Mountain  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSEVEN3 7 Lks N  Seven Lakes  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCSEVEN6 Firetree Lane  Seven Lakes  Netatmo   
KNCSHALL4 Shallotte Point  Shallotte  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCSHELB12 Maw's  Shelby  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSHELB11 North Shelby  Shelby  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCSHERR2 Sherrills Ford, NC  Sherrills Ford  WA1080PC   
KNCSHERR3 Sherwood Shores  Sherrills Ford  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KNCSILER8 Huckleberry Trail Farm  Siler City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCSILER6 Bogieland Ranch Victory Lane  Siler City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSMITH6 Laurelwood Subdivision, near pond  Smithfield  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCSMITH4 Brogden  Smithfield  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSMITH5 Walkers Ridge  Smithfield  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless) 
KNCSMITH9 Nester House  Smithfield  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCSMITH8 JOHNSTON  Smithfield     
KNCSMITH1 Cleveland School  Smithfield  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KXTINCSN2 Chadwick Shores  Sneads Ferry  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSNOWC2 Bass Mountain Road  Snow Camp  Netatmo   
KNCPITTS5   Sortova Farm, Pittsboro  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCSOUTH16 Arapahoe, NC  South Arapahoe  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCSOUTH27 HuntWx - Downtown Southern Pines  Southern Pines  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSOUTH25 Talamore Drive  Southern Pines  Netatmo   
KNCSOUTH24 SandHurst South  Southern Pines  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCSOUTH23 Downtown Southern Pines  Southern Pines  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCSOUTH21 The O'Neal School  Southern Pines  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCSOUTH1 Cape Fear Pilots Station  Southport  Ultimeter 2100 
KNCSOUTH20 St James - Members Club  Southport  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSOUTH28 St James Plantation  Southport  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KNCSPART11 BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY/DOUGHTON PARK  Sparta  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCSPART10 stone ridge  Sparta  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCSPART12 3 Creeks, Sparta 2.8 NE  Sparta  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCSPRIN4 Rigby's Folly  Spring Hope  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCSPRUC6 Crabtree  Spruce Pine  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSTJAM1 Mariners Way  St. James  Davis Monitor II   
KNCSTPAU2 Saint Pauls  St. Pauls  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCSTALL3 Stonewood  Stallings  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCMATTH13 Fairfield Plantation  Stallings  other   
KNCSTANL7 Upper Spencer Mountain Road  Stanley  Netatmo   
KNCSTANL6 Rhyne Street  Stanley  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCSTAR4 Little River Valley  Star  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSTATE17 Golden Road Vineyards  State Road  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCSTATE18 Moore Estate Vineyards  State Road  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCSTATE7 Crestview Acres  Statesville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCSTATE15 Brookmeade - Statesville Country Club  Statesville  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSTATE13 Cool Springs  Statesville  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCSTATE12 Amity Hill Road  Statesville  WS-1080   
KNCSTATE23 Statesville  Statesville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSTATE19 Gleneagles Road West  Statesville  Netatmo   
KNCSTATE21 Fulton Drive  Statesville  Netatmo   
KNCSTEDM1 Big Creek  Stedman  Davis Vantage Vue 6250   
KNCSTOKE5 Hilton Rd. Stokesdale  Stokesdale  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCSTOKE3 Penns Grove Road  Stokesdale  Netatmo   
KNCSTONE3 Homestead  Stoneville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSTONE2 The White House  Stoneville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCSTUMP2 Stumpy Point Tower  Stumpy Point  Weatherflow   
KNCSUMME5 Summerfield  Summerfield   
KNCSUMME3 Stable Ridge Subdivision  Summerfield  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCSUMME10 BETHANY  Summerfield     
KNCSUMME12 Toscana Trace  Summerfield  Netatmo   
KNCSUMME8 Summerfield Elementary  Summerfield  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCSUMME13 Polo Farms  Summerfield  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless) 
KNCSUMME14 Pecan Trace  Summerfield  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCSUNSE2 Wyndfall At Sandpiper Bay  Sunset Beach  Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2 
KNCBOLIV2 River Run Plantation  Sunset Harbor  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCSUPPL3 Seashore Estates  Supply  Weather Wise   
KNCSURFC10 Sears Landing  Surf City  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSURFC8 Turtle Cove, Surf City, NC  Surf City  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCSWANN11 Long Branch Road  Swannanoa  Netatmo   
KNCSWANS5 Swansboro  Swansboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCSWANS4 Deer island  Swansboro  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCSYLVA6 Court House Hill  Sylva  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCTARBO2 Edgecombe-Martin County EMC  Tarboro  Davis 6153 Vantage Pro2 
KNCTAYLO3 Taylorsville Liledoun  Taylorsville     
KNCTAYLO4 Barrett Mt  Taylorsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCTHOMA10 Breckenridge  Thomasville  La Crosse C   
KNCTHOMA12 Blackwood Forest  Thomasville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCTHOMA14 Hunting Ridge  Thomasville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCTHURM2 Jones von Drehle Vineyards  Thurmond  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCTOBAC1 Northwestern Forsyth County  Tobaccoville  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCTOBAC3 The Meadows  Tobaccoville  WMR-968 
KNCTODD4 Willett Miller Road  Todd  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCTODD5 Long Hope  Todd  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCTODD10 Todd Creek Crossing  Todd  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCTODD9 Stonebridge  Todd  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCTODD6 New River Valley  Todd  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCTOPSA4 Boryk Canal  Topsail Beach  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCTOPSA5 Marker 3, Sound Side  Topsail Beach  Davis-Vantage Pro2   
KNCTOPSA3 Topsail Beach Fire Dept  Topsail Beach  davis vantagepro   
KNCTOPTO3 Nantahala Dam Rd  Topton  Ambient Weather WS-2090 (Wireless)   
KNCTOPTO4 Aquone, NC  Topton  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCTOPTO2 Noon Day Sun Ridge  Topton  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCTOWNS2 Princeton Forest Drive  Township Of Taylorsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCTRAPH3 Traphill  Traphill  Davis Vantage Pro   
KNCTRINI3 Jackson Creek  Trinity  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCTRINI4 Finch Acres  Trinity  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCTROUT2 State Park Rd  Troutman  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCTROY1 2 mi NW of Troy  Troy  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCTRYON4 Tryon, NC  Tryon  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCTRYON2   Tryon  WMR100   
KNCTRYON5 Carolina Drive  Tryon  Netatmo   
KNCTUCKA2 Neddy Mountain Road  Tuckasegee  Netatmo   
KNCTUCKA4 Canada  Tuckasegee  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCTUCKA3 Magic Rock  Tuckasegee  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCUNION2 Campobello Drive  Unionville  Netatmo   
KNCVALDE1  Valdese  La Crosse WS-2310 
KNCVALLE2 Valle Crucis  Valle Crucis   
KNCVASS2 Eastwind Farm  Vass  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCVIENN2 Echo Hill  Vienna  WS-1090 
KNCVILAS2 Linville Creek Wx  Vilas  VP2 
KNCVILAS3 Cloudrise Lane  Vilas  Netatmo   
KNCWADE3 (KN4ZZ) Four Points  Wade  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWADE2 WADE  Wade     
KNCWAKEF18 Crescent Ridge  WAKE FOREST  La Crosse WS2814   
KNCWAKEF5   Wake Forest  Oregon Scinentific WMR100A   
KNCWAKEF15 Woodlief Village  Wake Forest  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCROLES1 East 98  Wake Forest  WMR968   
KNCWAKEF21 New Forest  Wake Forest  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCWAKEF11 The Preserve at Smith Creek  Wake Forest  Davis VantageVue   
KNCWAKEF8 Crescent Ridge  Wake Forest  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCRALEI2 Stonegate  Wake Forest  Vantage Vue 
KNCWAKEF12 Ghoston Rd.  Wake Forest  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCWAKEF33 Flaherty Farms  Wake Forest  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled) 
KNCWAKEF25 Gables At Town Hall Commons  Wake Forest  Netatmo   
KNCWAKEF27 Heritage  Wake Forest  Netatmo   
KNCWAKEF29 Caveness Farms Avenue  Wake Forest  Netatmo   
KNCWAKEF19 Heritage S. Marshall Farm  Wake Forest  Acurite   
KNCWAKEF2 Brassfield Township  Wake Forest  Davis Pro 2   
KNCWAKEF1 Waterfall Plantation  Wake Forest  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCWAKEF28 Bud Morris  Wake Forest  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWALKE3 KK4RDM North Davis Road  Walkertown  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWALLA2 River Landing  Wallace  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCWARRE1 Cameron Ridge Road  Warrensville  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCWASHI3 Swan Point  Washington  Rainwise MK-IIIRTI-LR   
KNCWAVES2 Wimble Shores  Waves  RainWise MkIII   
KNCWAXHA26 Waxhaw - Riverbank  Waxhaw  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAXHA8 Weddington Chase - Marvin, NC  Waxhaw  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAXHA22 Beechwood - Marvin NC  Waxhaw  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAXHA28 Hastings Road  Waxhaw  Netatmo   
KNCWAXHA30 Potter Road  Waxhaw  Netatmo   
KNCWAXHA27 Hollister  Waxhaw  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCWAXHA24 Gragson Estate  Waxhaw  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCWAYNE11 Utah Mountain Rockface  Waynesville  Davis Vue 6250 
KNCWAYNE27 Crystal Tree  Waynesville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAYNE30 Historic Oak (Stone Gate)  Waynesville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAYNE26 Villages of Plott Creek  Waynesville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCWAYNE12 Iron Duff  Waynesville  Ambient WS-2080   
KNCWAYNE22 Hillside Terrace  Waynesville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCWAYNE5 Saunookweather  Waynesville  Vantage Pro 2 Plus 
KNCWAYNE20 Eagles Nest Mountain  Waynesville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAYNE34 Smoky Mountain Retreat at Eagles Nest  Waynesville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAYNE6 Auburn Park  Waynesville  Davis Wireless Vantage Pro II   
KNCWAYNE23 PURCHASE  Waynesville     
KNCWAYNE24 WNVLELSC  Waynesville     
KNCWAYNE25 Twisted Trail  Waynesville  Netatmo   
KNCWAYNE21 VOPC  Waynesville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWAYNE15 The Estates at Boulder Creek  Waynesville  Texas Weather Instruments WPS-10 
KNCWAYNE33 Hazelwood  Waynesville  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCASHEV25 Woodland Hills--Baird Mtn  Weaverville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCWEAVE16 Ballard Cove  Weaverville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWEAVE14 Hawks Landing  Weaverville  Davis Vantage Vue   
KNCWEAVE11 Reems Creek Valley - Weaverville, NC  Weaverville  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCWEAVE2 Autumn Hills-Dry Ridge  Weaverville  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCWEAVE21 Perrion Court  Weaverville  Netatmo   
KNCWEAVE19 Reems Creek Golf Community  Weaverville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWEDDI5 Willow Oaks  Weddington  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCWENDE5 Settlers Creek  Wendell  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCWENDE13 Riley Hill-wendell,NC  Wendell  Davis vantage pro2   
KNCWENDE23 davistown road  Wendell  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCWENDE1 Lizard Lick / Glory Rd NC  Wendell  Davis Vantage Pro II   
KNCWENDE16 Turnipseed Rd.  Wendell  Davis Vantage Vue 
KHTYNCWE2 hurleys wentworth live weather  wentworth  oregon scientific 918   
KNCWESTJ5 Westwood Elementary School  West Jefferson  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCWESTJ4 Blue Ridge Vista Cabin  West Jefferson  Tycon Power 1080WC 
KNCWESTF2 Frans Rd  Westfield  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series 
KNCWHISP3 Whispering Pines/Fly Rod Lake  Whispering Pines  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCWHITE2 CCSkywatch  Whiteville  Davis Vantage Vue 
KNCWHITT4 Camp Creek Area  Whittier  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCWHITT1 Conleys Creek  Whittier  Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus 6163 
KNCWHITT3 Camp Creek  Whittier  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCWHITT2 Upper Conleys Creek  Whittier  other   
KNCWILKE5 Charmette Drive  Wilkesboro  Netatmo   
KNCWILKE1 W. Kerr Scott Lake  Wilkesboro  AcuRite Pro Weather Center 
KNCWILLI4 Riverside High School  Williamston  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCWILLO9 Melanie Ln  Willow Spring  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
K8INCWIL1 Stameys Walk  Willow Spring  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCWILLO2 Kennebec Rd/Walter Myatt  Willow Spring  Davis 6153 Vantage Pro2   
KSCGREER14 Summer Ridge  Willow Spring  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCWILLO4 TFR Studios  Willow Spring  Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless 
KNCWILLO5 Ogburn Farms  Willow Spring  WS-1090   
KNCWILMI21 Monkey Junction  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Pro2   
KNCWILMI29 Middle Sound Coastal  Wilmington  Vantage Pro 2   
KNCWILMI63 Middle Sound Coastal 2  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI69 Sycamore Grove  Wilmington  LaCrosse Weather Pro Center 2800 Series   
KNCWILMI106 West Bay Estates- Garlington Heights  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless) 
KNCWILMI90 Wendover South  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI26 Waterford  Wilmington  Acu-Rite   
KNCWILMI83 Sycamore Grove  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI67 River Oaks  Wilmington  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI78 Landis Farms  Wilmington  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI70 RollCall9_North Chase  Wilmington  other   
KNCWILMI99 Courtney Pines  Wilmington  Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI101 Middle Sound Loop and Howe Creek  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI68 NEWHANO  Wilmington     
KNCWILMI71 Landfall  Wilmington  Netatmo   
KNCWILMI72 Georgia Place  Wilmington  Netatmo   
KNCWILMI74 Middle Sound Loop Road  Wilmington  Netatmo   
KNCWILMI75 Superior Road  Wilmington  Netatmo   
KNCWILMI81 Breezewood Condos  Wilmington  Netatmo   
KNCWILMI95 Beasley on Masonboro  Wilmington  Netatmo   
KNCWILMI97 Woodlawn  Wilmington  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCWILMI102 Beaver Creek Court  Wilmington  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWILMI3 Kings Grant  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCWILMI89 Pine Valley  Wilmington  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCWILSO4 Holdens Cross Rd  Wilson     
KNCWILSO3 Rosebud - Wilson County Farm Supply  Wilson  Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100   
KNCWILSO6 Wilson Country Club  Wilson  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCWINNA3 Mallory Creek Plantation  Winnabow  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWINNA5 Westport  Winnabow  Ambient Weather WS-1001-WiFi (Wireless)   
KNCARCAD1 Creedmor (WD4LSS)  Winston Salem  Davis WMII 
KNCWINST33 Winston-Salem South  Winston-Salem  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCWINST42 UNC School of the Arts  Winston-Salem  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless) 
KNCWINST52 Country Club Estates  Winston-Salem  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCWINST38 Sherwood Forest  Winston-Salem  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCWINST7 W4UFM - 52N at Hwy 65  Winston-Salem  Oregon Scientific WMR200A 
KNCWINST39 Hartman Rd Midway  Winston-Salem  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCWINST23 Sunny Dell Lakes  Winston-Salem  Vantage Pro2 Plus   
KNCWINST45 Waughtown (109] NC  Winston-Salem  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWINST17 Mallard Lakes  Winston-Salem  Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Center   
KNCWINST53 Wallburg  Winston-Salem  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWINST31 5 Points  Winston-Salem  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWINST34 HATTIEAVEN  Winston-Salem     
KNCWINST35 SHILOHCHUR  Winston-Salem     
KNCWINST36 UNIONCROSS  Winston-Salem     
KNCWINST37 Clemmons Middle  Winston-Salem     
KNCWINST40 Milhaven Road  Winston-Salem  Netatmo   
KNCWINST41 Irving Street Southwest  Winston-Salem  Netatmo   
KNCWINST46 Pine Valley Road Northwest  Winston-Salem  Netatmo   
KNCWINST50 Walnut Street Southwest  Winston-Salem  Netatmo   
KNCWINST16 Forsyth County, West  Winston-Salem  Davis Vantage Pro 2 
KNCWINTE11 Windsor  Winterville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWINTE8 Ashley Meadows  Winterville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCWINTE10 Rountree Road  Winterville  Netatmo   
KNCWINTE6 South Central High School  Winterville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCWRIGH3 Parmele Isle  Wrightsville Beach  Rainwise MK III   
KNCWRIGH2  Wrightsville Beach  Davis Vantage Pro 
KNCWRIGH6 Wrightsville Beach Park  Wrightsville Beach  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Wireless)   
KNCYADKI6 YvilleEast  Yadkinville  Davis Vantage Vue (Wireless)   
KNCYADKI7 South Fall Creek  Yadkinville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCYADKI8 Branon  Yadkinville  Davis Vantage Pro2 (Cabled)   
KNCYOUNG2 NW of Youngsville at Granville County Line  Youngsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 
KNCYOUNG11 North Bend  Youngsville  AcuRite Pro Weather Center   
KNCYOUNG10 Country Brook  Youngsville  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCYOUNG9 Moore's Pond  Youngsville  Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Wireless)   
KNCYOUNG7 Pocomoke  Youngsville     
KNCYOUNG5 Winston Ridge  Youngsville  Rainwise MK3   
KNCYOUNG4 Patterson Woods  Youngsville  WS-2080   
KNCYOUNG12 Hicks Road  Youngsville  Netatmo   
KNCYOUNG8 Rolling Acres  Youngsville     
KNCZEBUL5 Hocutts Crossroads  Zebulon  Davis VantageView II 
KNCZEBUL3 Fowlers Cross Roads  Zebulon  Davis Vantage Pro 2   
KNCZEBUL7   Zebulon     
KNCZEBUL6 2Lazy2P Ranch  Zebulon  Ambient Weather WS-1000 (Wireless)   
KNCZIONV2 Silverleaf  Zionville  other   
KNCZIONV4 Snake Mountain  Zionville  Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (Wireless)   
KNCZIRCO6 Falling Creek Camp  Zirconia  RainWise MK-III   
MC0745 Aberdeen NC US  Aberdeen     
ME1427 Advance NC US  Advance     
MAR635   Albertson     
MD3405   Albertson     
MC1465 Weaverville NC US  Alexander     
MD0892 Leicester NC US  Alexander     
MMHLN7   Alexander     
MC6410 Arapahoe NC US  Arapahoe     
MD4930   Arapahoe     
MARRN7   Ararat     
MC7654 Arden NC US  Arden     
MD0386 Asheboro NC US  Asheboro     
MD4364 Asheboro NC US  Asheboro     
MC6651   Asheville     
MC7329 Asheville NC US  Asheville     
MC9566 Asheville NC US  Asheville     
MD7858   Aurora     
MC7640 New London NC US  Badin     
MAS811 Bakersville NC US  Bakersville     
ME3207   Balsam     
MAU684 Raleigh NC US  Banner Elk     
MD8464 Seven Devils NC US  Banner Elk     
MC9756 Statesville NC US  Barium Springs     
MFLTN7   Bat Cave     
MC4175 Washington NC US  Bath     
ME5187   Beaufort     
MAT913   Bellarthur     
MD5686   Belmont     
MBESN7   Bessemer City     
MD7798 Black Mountain NC US  Black Mountain     
MD9629 Bostic NC US  Bostic     
ME1078   Brevard     
MU58AX   Bullock     
MAS431 Burlington NC US  Burlington     
MD1022 Elon NC US  Burlington     
M2NC0 BURNSVILLE NC US SAI  Burnsville     
MYNCN7   Burnsville     
MD8615 Burnsville NC US  Burnsville     
M41025   Buxton     
MSJEI   Buxton     
MDHZR   Buxton     
M41001   Buxton     
MZCDC   Buxton     
M3EEF2   Buxton     
MVRML5   Buxton     
MV58AX   Bynum     
MCEPN7   Canton     
MC3870 Wilmington NC US  Carolina Beach     
MD0352 Carolina Beach NC US  Carolina Beach     
MAU460 Chapel Hill NC US  Carrboro     
MC1607 Cary NC US  Cary     
MD2173 Cary NC US  Cary     
MRAMN7   Casar     
MC2127 Cashiers NC US  Cashiers     
MC1173 Cashiers NC US  Cashiers     
MD4920 Cashiers NC US  Cashiers     
MD7035   Cashiers     
ME5101   Cashiers     
MCASL Castle-Hayne, NC  Castle Hayne     
MTS788 CEDAR ISLAND NC US  Cedar Island     
MLOLN7   Cedar Island     
MAS691   Chapel Hill     
MC2401 Chapel Hill NC US  Chapel Hill     
MDKFN7   Chapel Hill     
MDKCN7   Chapel Hill     
MAR845 Charlotte NC US  Charlotte     
MC7761 Pineville NC US  Charlotte     
MCHME Charlotte, NC  Charlotte     
MD1778 Charlotte NC US  Charlotte     
ME0378 Charlotte NC US  Charlotte     
MTOSN7   Cherokee     
MC8343 Clemmons NC US  Clemmons     
MC5803 Cleveland NC US  Cleveland     
MBRBN7   Cleveland     
MD3063 Gaffney SC US  Cliffside     
MC5106 Waynesville NC US  Clyde     
MD2247 Clyde NC US  Clyde     
MD8177 Clyde NC US  Clyde     
MTS991 IP STATION NC US  Clyde     
MCBTN7   Clyde     
MAP773 Columbia NC US  Columbia     
ME6757   Columbus     
ME3742   Concord     
MC6268 Conover NC US  Conover     
MCONO Conover, NC  Conover     
MV56AX   Cooleemee     
MC1050 Cornelius NC US  Cornelius     
M44100   Corolla     
MXPTESTT   Corolla     
MAR636   Creedmoor     
MD1869 Wake Forest NC US  Creedmoor     
MPOCN7   Creswell     
MD5342   Creswell     
MD8029 Newland NC US  Crossnore     
MAU837   Culberson     
ME3470 Sanford NC US  Cumnock     
MC1992 Denton NC US  Denton     
MC8960   Denver     
MD7110   Dillsboro     
MC3307 Dobson NC US  Dobson     
MAS296 Durham NC US  Durham     
MC1470 Durham NC US  Durham     
MC6884 Durham NC US  Durham     
MC9296 Durham NC US  Durham     
MAT243 Durham NC US  Durham     
MD4462   Durham     
MD7653   Durham     
MD0241 Edneyville NC US  Edneyville     
MELRN7   Elizabeth City     
MD5403 Elizabeth City NC US  Elizabeth City     
MTURN7   Elizabethtown     
M41036   Emerald Isle     
MTT133 CROATAN #1 NC US  Emerald Isle     
MSKYN7   Enka     
MAR898   Etowah     
MTS161   Fairfield     
MC8285   Fairview     
MD9647 Fairview NC US  Fairview     
MAT145 Salisbury NC US  Faith     
MAR310 Farmville NC US  Farmville     
MAR517 Fayetteville NC US  Fayetteville     
MAP159 Fayetteville NC US  Fayetteville     
MC9010 Boone NC US  Ferguson     
MAS701 West Jefferson NC US  Fleetwood     
MD4185 Fletcher NC US  Fletcher     
MTS338   Fort Bragg     
MFBRN7   Fort Bragg     
ME1703   Four Oaks     
MTOPN7   Franklin     
MC9775   Franklin     
MAR104 Franklinton NC US  Franklinton     
MC5458   Fuquay Varina     
MC5674 Fuquay-Varina NC US  Fuquay Varina     
MC9510 Bay Tree Lake NC US  Garland     
MD3047 Garner NC US  Garner     
MD7158 Broadlands VA US  Garner     
ME1728   Garner     
MD1451 Gastonia NC US  Gastonia     
MAS021 Morganton NC US  Glen Alpine     
MC7183 Morganton NC US  Glen Alpine     
MC9993 Morganton NC US  Glen Alpine     
MAS972 Morganton NC US  Glen Alpine     
MD2832 Callaway Gap NC US  Glendale Springs     
MAT028 Glenville NC US  Glenville     
MD8554 Glenville NC US  Glenville     
MW53AX W53A Cullowhee NC US USARRAY  Glenville     
M41002   Gloucester     
MCLKN7   Gloucester     
MS6NK4   Gloucester     
MA8JF3   Gloucester     
M42504   Gloucester     
MC7823 Goldsboro NC US  Goldsboro     
MGBON7   Goldsboro     
MAT075   Goldsboro     
MAT830 Granite Falls NC US  Granite Falls     
MAP192 Greensboro NC US  Greensboro     
MAR964 Greensboro NC US  Greensboro     
MH0491 Greensboro NC  Greensboro     
MH0041 Piedmont Triad Weather Greensboro NC  Greensboro     
MAP568 Pleasant Garden NC US  Greensboro     
MRYAN7   Greensboro     
MAT495 Greensboro NC US  Greensboro     
ME2059   Greensboro     
MAR782 Greenville NC US  Greenville     
MC5512 CW5512 Greenville NC US  Greenville     
MPGVN7   Greenville     
MKNGS1   Grover     
MD4941 Concord NC US  Harrisburg     
ME2509 Concord NC US  Harrisburg     
MKABL   Hatteras     
M44934   Hatteras     
MZCDC2   Hatteras     
MPHAQ   Hatteras     
MD6156   Hatteras     
MD8919   Havelock     
MHAWN7   Haw River     
MAS870 Hayesville NC US  Hayesville     
MD3894 Hiawassee GA US  Hayesville     
ME5734   Hayesville     
MAV058   Hayesville     
MC7447 Waynesville NC US  Hazelwood     
MLLDN7   Hazelwood     
MC5631 Hendersonville NC US  Hendersonville     
MAS143 Hendersonville NC US  Hendersonville     
MD0792 Etowah NC US  Hendersonville     
MD0966 Hendersonville NC US  Hendersonville     
MD5463 Henrico NC US  Henrico     
MAR727   Hertford     
MD5595   Hickory     
MD8140 Hickory NC US  Hickory     
MTAYN7   Hiddenite     
MHIPT High Point, NC  High Point     
MHGLN7   Highlands     
MD2798   Highlands     
MHILB Hillsborough, NC  Hillsborough     
MMKLN7   Hoffman     
MC5180 Bolivia NC US  Holden Beach     
MNATN7   Holden Beach     
MAS077 Surf City NC US  Holly Ridge     
MAP650   Holly Springs     
MD5800 Holly Springs NC US  Holly Springs     
ME2456   Holly Springs     
MD9284 Hope Mills NC US  Hope Mills     
MAR860 Prosperity SC US  Hot Springs     
MPGVT1   Hot Springs     
MD6578 Hudson NC US  Hudson     
MAU847   Husk     
MKILN7   Iron Station     
MC2951   Jacksonville     
MC9733 Boonville NC US  Jonesville     
ME4785   Julian     
MAT909   Kannapolis     
MAU775   Kannapolis     
MTS337   Kenansville     
MV7DI7   Kill Devil Hills     
MU56AX   King     
MD0991 Kinston NC US  Kinston     
MDUCN7   Kitty Hawk     
M44014   Kitty Hawk     
MAR270 Southern Shores NC US  Kitty Hawk     
M44056   Kitty Hawk     
MD6862 Kitty Hawk NC US  Kitty Hawk     
MC6669   Knotts Island     
MFPSN7   Kure Beach     
MLAKR5   Kure Beach     
MKCDK   Kure Beach     
MWKAE   Kure Beach     
MD7245 LaGrange NC US  La Grange     
MC9162 Earthaven Ecovillage NC US  Lake Lure     
MLRLN7 LAUREL SPRINGS NC US  Laurel Springs     
MC9491 Laurinburg NC US  Laurinburg     
MD5811 Stuart VA US  Lawsonville     
MD5747   Leicester     
MV53AX   Leicester     
ME2279   Leicester     
MD1865 Lenoir NC US  Lenoir     
MH0523 Lewisville NC  Lewisville     
MENNN7   Lewisville     
MLXFN7   Lexington     
MLABN7   Lincolnton     
MK7A8   Linville Falls     
MSPENC SPRUCE PINE NC PSD  Linville Falls     
MC0692   Little Switzerland     
MBSKN7   Little Switzerland     
MWLNNC WOODLAWN NC PSD  Little Switzerland     
MAR448 Littleton NC US  Littleton     
ME1954   Lowell     
MRAVN7   Lowgap     
MWCON7   Lumberton     
MTT233 ROBESON COUNTY NC US  Lumberton     
MAT080 Lynn NC US  Lynn     
MD3246 Tryon NC US  Lynn     
MCHKN7   Maggie Valley     
MBKIN7   Maple Hill     
MW52AX   Marble     
MGDCN7   Marion     
MPLGN7   Marion     
MV54AX V54A Nebo NC US USARRAY  Marion     
MD3538 Mars Hill NC US  Mars Hill     
MMAHN7   Marshall     
MC8907   Marshall     
MHOTN7   Marshall     
MD4726 Indian Trail NC US  Matthews     
MD9868 Stallings NC US  Matthews     
MW56AX   Matthews     
MHFMN7   Maysville     
MBCMN7   McLeansville     
MAR162 Mebane NC US  Mebane     
MD4658 Mebane NC US  Mebane     
MH0062 Northeast Raleigh Raleigh NC  Middlesex     
MV59AX   Middlesex     
MD9307 Havelock NC US  Minnesott Beach     
MC7566   Montreat     
MMMTN7   Montreat     
MC3087 Mooresville NC US  Mooresville     
MWLKN7   Moravian Falls     
MC2541 Morehead City NC US  Morehead City     
MAU275   Mount Airy     
MW57AX   Mount Gilead     
MMTIN7   Mount Holly     
MC9552 Mooresville NC US  Mount Mourne     
MC2967   Moyock     
MTSQN7   Murphy     
M9V2501   Nags Head     
ME7915   Naples     
MNBRN7   New Bern     
MEWNNC   New Bern     
MD5484 Apex NC US  New Hill     
MNPTN7   Newport     
MC2420 Newton NC US  Newton     
MW59AX W59A Clinton NC US USARRAY  Newton Grove     
MD9023 Sneads Ferry NC US  North Topsail Beach     
M41109   North Topsail Beach     
M41064   North Topsail Beach     
MD2455   North Wilkesboro     
MAT037   Norwood     
MNRWN7   Norwood     
MOCPN7   Oak Island     
MV2LA8   Oak Island     
MH3VVU   Oak Island     
MOKRN7   Oak Ridge     
MC4967 Ocracoke NC US  Ocracoke     
MA8UE4   Ocracoke     
M41063   Ocracoke     
M0XES2   Ocracoke     
MPATN7   Patterson     
MD0403 Charlotte NC US  Paw Creek     
ME3214   Paw Creek     
MDARN7   Penrose     
MSMPN7   Penrose     
MD2456 Patetown NC US  Pikeville     
MD9098   Pikeville     
MD1301 Pinehurst NC US  Pinehurst     
MSC016 I-77 @ Carowinds Blvd SC US SCDOT  Pineville     
MC5363   Pisgah Forest     
MD0801 Pittsboro NC US  Pittsboro     
ME3455 Pittsboro NC US  Pittsboro     
MD1338   Plymouth     
MFAYR Fayetteville, NC  Pope Air Force Base     
MAP158 Raeford NC US  Raeford     
MW58AX W58A Raeford NC US USARRAY  Raeford     
MAP098   Raleigh     
MC3366 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MC4302 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MC8135 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MRALR Raleigh, NC  Raleigh     
MC9810 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MD1552 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MD2878 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MMSHN7   Raleigh     
MD4233 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MAU734 Raleigh NC US  Raleigh     
MD0620 Randleman NC US  Randleman     
MV57AX   Randleman     
MD4694 Reidsville NC US  Reidsville     
ME1186   Richfield     
MD0058 Richlands NC US  Richlands     
MCPFN7   Riegelwood     
MU59AX   Roanoke Rapids     
MCHON7   Robbinsville     
MRKGN7   Rockingham     
MTS792 Rockingham NC US  Rockingham     
MWAAH   Rodanthe     
M44095   Rodanthe     
MXPTEST   Rodanthe     
M41062   Rodanthe     
MAT707   Roper     
MD0420 Rosehill NC US  Rose Hill     
MBBRN7   Salisbury     
MSNFD Sanford, NC  Sanford     
MD1907 Chapel Hill NC US  Saxapahaw     
MSNSN7 Sunset Beach, NC  Shallotte     
M41027   Shallotte     
MD0927 Sunset Beach NC US  Shallotte     
ME1761   Shelby     
ME1280   Shiloh     
M41035   Sneads Ferry     
MC4531   Sneads Ferry     
MCLJN7   Sneads Ferry     
MAR509   South Mills     
MC6558 South Mills NC US  South Mills     
ME0858 Whispering Pines NC US  Southern Pines     
MC9811 Lexington NC US  Southmont     
ME6569   Southmont     
ME2300 Southport NC US  Southport     
MAS618   Stanfield     
MC6027 Statesville NC US  Statesville     
MSTCN7   Stumpy Point     
MTS738 ALLIGATOR FTS PORT NC US  Stumpy Point     
MBTDN7   Swannanoa     
MAU145 Cape Carteret NC US  Swansboro     
MAT892 Tar Heel NC US  Tar Heel     
MV55AX   Taylorsville     
MC2584 Sherrills Ford NC US  Terrell     
MC8281 Rougemont NC US  Timberlake     
MAT284   Todd     
MD0278   Topton     
ME2773   Trenton     
MUNFN7   Troy     
MLITN7   Troy     
MD7643   Tryon     
MD0286 Hendersonville NC US  Tuxedo     
MD1971   Tuxedo     
MD7000   Tuxedo     
MD2915 Edenton NC US  Tyner     
MAS985 Valdese NC US  Valdese     
MD2492 Valdese NC US  Valdese     
MC9543 Vale NC US  Vale     
MBEKN7   Valle Crucis     
MD8069   Valle Crucis     
MVASN7   Vass     
MD4614 Walkertown NC US  Walkertown     
ME3194   Wallace     
MD5578 Walnut Cove NC US  Walnut Cove     
MC5878 Warrensville NC US  Warrensville     
MRMFN7 WARRENTON NC US  Warrenton     
MWANN7   Warrenton     
MBNYN7   Washington     
MWASR Washington, NC  Washington     
MDDJ2   Waves     
M6UCO2 Waynesville NC US  Waynesville     
M6UCO1 Waynesville NC US  Waynesville     
ME2011 Weaverville NC US  Weaverville     
MD1220 Lexington NC US  Welcome     
MC7683 Fleetwood NC US  West Jefferson     
MTS193 NC FIRE RAWS #2 NC US  Westfield     
MTS234   Westfield     
MWHIN7   Whiteville     
MD6465 Whiteville NC US  Whiteville     
MAP340   Wilkesboro     
MC3116 Willow Springs NC US  Willow Spring     
MAS044 Raleigh NC US  Willow Spring     
MC9439 Garner NC US  Willow Spring     
M41013   Wilmington     
MC7292 Wilmington NC US  Wilmington     
MNOXN7   Wilmington     
ME0049 Belville NC US  Wilmington     
MC5845 Southport NC US  Wilmington     
MCGF7341   Wilmington     
MD3255 Wilmington NC US  Wilmington     
MAT485 Wilmington NC US  Wilmington     
MD7771 Wilmington NC US  Wilmington     
MD8839 Wilmington NC US  Wilmington     
ME0355 Wilmington NC US  Wilmington     
ME3033   Wilmington     
MGCRN7   Windsor     
MAT719 Windsor NC US  Windsor     
ML22H2 Charlotte NC US  Wingate     
MAR981 Winnabow NC US  Winnabow     
MC1241   Winston Salem     
M7RLJ1 Winston-Salem NC US  Winston Salem     
MC5165 Winterville NC US  Winterville     
MMKRN7   Woodleaf     
M41038   Wrightsville Beach     
M41037   Wrightsville Beach     
M41110   Wrightsville Beach     
MCGLN7   Yanceyville     
MU57AX   Yanceyville     
MC4132 Youngsville NC US  Youngsville     
MTRAT1   Zionville