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Weather Underground generates the most accurate, localized and up-to-date weather forecasts. Don’t just take our word for it. Explore this page to understand why Weather Underground should be your go-to weather service.

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Backed by higher resolution models, better science, and more data, you can count on the fact that we provide the most accurate forecasts more often than other leading weather companies.

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Source: Forecast accuracy data provided by forecastwatch.com, based on accuracy analysis of 1-3 day out weather forecasts from 792 US airport weather stations, May-July 2014. Click here for more details on the methodology behind the calculations.

*Persistence is a method of forecasting that takes today's weather and forecasts that tomorrow's weather will be exactly the same. This is often used as a benchmark when comparing the quality of other forecasts.

We’re also smart enough to know that we’re not always going to be the most accurate every time. Check your location’s accuracy scores from forecastwatch.com by clicking here.

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Come join the biggest network of weather stations and community members!

Our weather stations

Our weather stations

Our unique network of 38,000 personal weather stations (owned by our community members) gives us more data than other weather services, allowing us to create more accurate, hyper-local forecasts.

Public weather stations

Public weather stations

Most weather companies only have access to data from public weather stations (mostly airports!), which could be far from where you are.


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Our live data and forecasts update more often than traditional weather services.

Real-Time Condition Updates

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We refresh our current weather data as often as every 2.5 seconds. Traditional weather sources refresh every 60 minutes or so.

Frequent Forecast Updates

96x /day
4x /day

Traditional methods forecast every six hours. Our system rechecks and updates the forecast every 15 minutes.

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= Traditional weather services
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Weather Web Cams

You can’t get faster than seeing it for yourself. Check out over 40,000 community webcams.

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Crowd Reporting

Our community provides breaking eyewitness reports of conditions and hazards.

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We know your time is precious. Unlike other weather providers, our website and apps are designed to provide more data with fewer clicks.

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Our focus at all times is on data and science, never over-hyping weather events in order to push advertising.

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