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When weather observation stations are moved, they typically take on a new name and new identification. This is necessary for ensuring the accuracy and validity of historical records. However, it also can make it difficult to find records for your location, since each city could have multiple stations with different periods of record, in different locations. Record Extremes contains all historical records from the National Climatic Data Center, and are shown on a "station ID" basis. A missing record means that in that station's lifetime, it didn't have the opportunity to record the location's record extreme.

Yesterday's U.S. Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Death Valley, CA DEVC1 100 °F
Presidio Lely Intl, Presid, TX KPRS 95 °F
Rome, GA KRMG 93 °F
Bouse, AZ BONA3 93 °F
Linden, NJ KLDJ 89 °F
Yuma MCAS, AZ KNYL 89 °F
Palm Springs, CA KPSP 89 °F
Thermal, CA KTRM 89 °F
Imperial, CA KIPL 88 °F
El Centro, CA KNJK 88 °F
City Station ID Temp.
Hazen, ND KHZE 24 °F
Tioga Municipal Airport, ND KD60 24 °F
West Yellowstone, MT KWYS 24 °F
Stanley, ID KSNT 25 °F
Yellowstone, WY KP60 26 °F
Crosby, ND KD50 26 °F
Cut Bank, MT KCTB 26 °F
Crane Lake, MN KCDD 26 °F
Aberdeen, SD KABR 28 °F
Minot AFB, ND KMIB 28 °F
City Station ID Wind Gust
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN 60 mph
La Junta, CO KLHX 51 mph
Fort Stockton, TX KFST 50 mph
Garden City, KS KGCK 48 mph
Ellensburg, WA KELN 48 mph
Albuquerque, NM KABQ 47 mph
Shemya, AK PASY 47 mph
Great Bend, KS KGBD 46 mph
Guadalupe Pass, TX KGDP 46 mph
St. George, AK PAPB 45 mph
City Station ID Precip.
Manhattan, KS KMHK 3.09 in
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airpo, AZ KIWA 1.53 in
Salina, KS KSLN 1.29 in
St. Joseph, MO KSTJ 1.05 in
Indianapolis, IN KTYQ 1.02 in
Macomb, IL KMQB 0.99 in
Great Bend, KS KGBD 0.99 in
Grand Island, NE KGRI 0.85 in
Clovis, NM KCVN 0.81 in
Monument Pass, CO KMNH 0.79 in
City Station ID Heat Index
Brownsville, TX KBRO 88 °F
Brownsville, TX KBRO 88 °F
Kingsville NAS, TX KNQI 88 °F
Harlingen, TX KHRL 88 °F
Alice, TX KALI 87 °F
Rome, GA KRMG 86 °F
Keahole Point, HI PHKO 86 °F
Dryden, TX K6R6 86 °F
Terrell, TX KTRL 85 °F
  • Verified at 09:32 pm ET on May 04, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Wind Chill
Tin City, AK PATC -1 °F
Deadhorse Alpine Airstrip, AK PALP 5 °F
Deadhorse, AK PASC 5 °F
Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr, AK PATQ 6 °F
Wainwright, AK PAWI 7 °F
Barrow, AK PABR 7 °F
Cape Lisburne, AK PALU 8 °F
Kuparuk, AK PAKU 8 °F
Kivalina, AK PAVL 10 °F
Eagle, AK PAEG 13 °F
  • Verified at 09:32 pm ET on May 04, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
Yesterday's World Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Turbat New, Pakistan 41738 113 °F
Turbat New, Pakistan 41738 113 °F
Yelimane, Mali 61235 113 °F
Sibi, Pakistan OPSB 113 °F
Jacobabad, Pakistan OPJA 113 °F
Sukkur, Pakistan OPSK 113 °F
Nema, Mauritania GQNI 112 °F
Reggane Airport, Algeria 60645 112 °F
Barmer, India 42435 112 °F
Amritsar, India VIAR 112 °F
  • Verified at 09:32 pm ET on May 04, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Temp.
Concordia, Antarctica 89625 -98 °F
Dome A, Antarctica 89577 -89 °F
Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica NZSP -75 °F
Kohnen Ep9, Antarctica 89507 -73 °F
Priestley Glacier, Antarctica 89659 -57 °F
Dome Plateau Eagle, Antarctica 89578 -49 °F
Neumayer, Antarctica 89002 -30 °F
Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica 89767 -23 °F
Williams Field, Antarctica NZCM -22 °F
Troll, Antarctica 89504 -20 °F
  • Verified at 09:32 pm ET on May 04, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
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