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When weather observation stations are moved, they typically take on a new name and new identification. This is necessary for ensuring the accuracy and validity of historical records. However, it also can make it difficult to find records for your location, since each city could have multiple stations with different periods of record, in different locations. Record Extremes contains all historical records from the National Climatic Data Center, and are shown on a "station ID" basis. A missing record means that in that station's lifetime, it didn't have the opportunity to record the location's record extreme.

Yesterday's U.S. Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Death Valley, CA NA 119 °F
Palm Springs, CA KPSP 111 °F
Thermal, CA KTRM 111 °F
Yuma MCAS, AZ KNYL 110 °F
Bullhead City, AZ KIFP 109 °F
Boulder City, NV KBVU 109 °F
Las Vegas, NV KLAS 109 °F
Needles, CA KEED 108 °F
El Centro, CA KNJK 108 °F
Yakima, WA KYKM 107 °F
City Station ID Temp.
Saranac Lake, NY KSLK 35 °F
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN 35 °F
Saranac Lake, NY KSLK 35 °F
Berlin, NH KBML 37 °F
Bowie, TX K0F2 38 °F
Grayling, MI KGOV 39 °F
West Yellowstone, MT KWYS 39 °F
Bad Axe, MI KBAX 39 °F
Whitefield, NH KHIE 39 °F
Leadville, CO KLXV 39 °F
City Station ID Wind Gust
Borger, TX KBGD 67 mph
Charleston, SC KCHS 62 mph
Sparta, TN KSRB 61 mph
Gage, OK KGAG 59 mph
Punta Gorda, FL KPGD 52 mph
Meadow Lake, CO KFLY 51 mph
Socorro, NM KONM 50 mph
Montgomery, AL KMGM 47 mph
Fort Smith, AR KFSM 47 mph
Clinton-Sherman, OK KCSM 46 mph
City Station ID Precip.
Tupelo, MS KTUP 6.14 in
London-Corbin, KY KLOZ 3.45 in
Memphis, TN KMEM 3.40 in
Elizabeth City, NC KECG 2.45 in
Oklahoma City, OK KOKC 2.44 in
Andrews, NC KRHP 2.42 in
Topeka Forbes, KS KFOE 2.36 in
Sallisaw, OK KJSV 2.18 in
Gainesville, GA KGVL 2.11 in
Punta Gorda, FL KPGD 2.08 in
City Station ID Heat Index
Thermal, CA KTRM 110 °F
New Orleans Lakefront, LA KNEW 108 °F
Kingsville NAS, TX KNQI 107 °F
Tampa Macdill AFB, FL KMCF 106 °F
Palm Springs, CA KPSP 106 °F
Key West, FL KEYW 106 °F
Yuma MCAS, AZ KNYL 105 °F
Tallahassee, FL KTLH 105 °F
Harlingen, TX KHRL 104 °F
Galveston, TX KGLS 104 °F
  • Verified at 09:27 pm ET on July 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Wind Chill
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN 21 °F
Barrow, AK PABR 26 °F
Tin City, AK PATC 30 °F
Wales, AK PAIW 31 °F
Wainwright, AK PAWI 33 °F
Leadville, CO KLXV 36 °F
Portage Glacier, AK PATO 37 °F
Pilot Point AP, Pilot Poin, AK PAPN 38 °F
Tanana, AK PATA 38 °F
Teller, AK PATE 38 °F
  • Verified at 09:27 pm ET on July 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
Yesterday's World Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Jahra, Kuwait 40586 123 °F
Nasiriya, Iraq 40676 122 °F
Abdaly, Kuwait 40550 122 °F
Basrah, Iraq ORMM 122 °F
Amarah, Iraq 40680 122 °F
Basrah Int. Airport, Iraq 40690 122 °F
Mitribah, Kuwait 40551 122 °F
Badrah, Iraq 40662 121 °F
Sulaibiya, Kuwait 40587 121 °F
Abadan, Iran OIAA 121 °F
  • Verified at 09:27 pm ET on July 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Temp.
Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica NZSP -108 °F
Dome A, Antarctica 89577 -107 °F
Concordia, Antarctica 89625 -96 °F
Kohnen Ep9, Antarctica 89507 -79 °F
Dome Plateau Eagle, Antarctica 89578 -56 °F
Priestley Glacier, Antarctica 89659 -42 °F
Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica 89767 -34 °F
Troll, Antarctica 89504 -30 °F
McMurdo, Antarctica 89664 -29 °F
Cape Ross, Antarctica 89666 -28 °F
  • Verified at 09:27 pm ET on July 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
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