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By: ycd0108, 10:58 PM GMT on January 16, 2016

Just figured out how to replace a burnt out headlight on a Nissan Versa.
I watched one 'How To' video the other day but could not get my head far enough into the engine compartment to see what I was doing.
Watched another video today and read some advice - you pretty well need to feel your way with this project because once your hand is in the tiny space available you can not see what you are doing.
Once I had gotten the headlight working it occurred ...

It's been good to known you

By: ycd0108, 1:45 AM GMT on January 13, 2016

I have lost my need to keep up with a blog.
Don't worry too much:
I'll be checking the blogs as usual and posting where ever I see something I think I can contribute to ....
I'm not going to shut down the ycd0108 side of it either but there are a couple of projects gnawing at my attention just now.
"So long, it's been good to know you"

Old stove

By: ycd0108, 7:42 PM GMT on January 02, 2016

I fired up the old "No 30 Amherst Foundry Co." wood stove in my shop this morning: 9061004&id=8ANLAAAAIBAJ&sjid=kigDAAAAIBAJ&pg=5538, 2058494&hl=enLink
On my Google trek to find information on the stove I find out that Leon Trotsky spent a month or so at that foundry turned 'Internment Camp' in about 1917.
This stove is the guts of the 'sawdust burner' I used to hate while I grew up ...

Updated: 5:58 AM GMT on January 03, 2016

Long and Short Story

By: ycd0108, 4:43 AM GMT on December 24, 2015

The short story first ( I'm exhausted):
M.V. "ShowGirl" is safely moored on her very own slip.
Captain will spend the night there to listen to the bilge pumps working to keep her afloat while the planking swells. He's got heat, shore power,food, some beer and lots of visitors for now.
It's going to be a long night for him.

I'll take a run at the 'Long story' here and in the comments later:
The day started with waiting for the boat move...

Coming Soon

By: ycd0108, 1:59 PM GMT on December 06, 2015

CBC: "B.C. storms hitting coast one after another"
Calm just now with no rain, +9 C. with a Wind Warning.
Pulled the M.V. "BalderDash" out yesterday with my little Mazda 4wd pickup.
Had to keep the 'hammer down' on the up slopes 'cause I could not select '4 low' but '4 high' with the pedal to the metal brought the boat home.
I had called in SIL#1 with his brand new Toyota 4X4 for backup and 'chase car'.
While warming up the boat engine and...

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