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It just takes one long day to get back home: Drop Rentacar and shuttle to McCarren Airport and hang around then fill a seat on a Boeing 737 for a couple of hours and we are half way. Transit to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry and fill another seat for another couple of hours. Daughter #1 picks us up and we visit a while then home. Left the Hotel in Boulder City at about 0900 and got here around 2200.
Just had to stay up to see my choice of photos from the trip. G'Night.

Vegastrip (ycd0108)
Red Rock
Finger Print (ycd0108)
Red Rock
Finger Print
Watch Tower (ycd0108)
All Along
Watch Tower
Grand Canyon (ycd0108)
Grand Canyon
Watch tower 11 (ycd0108)
Mary Colter deserves at least two pictures
Watch tower 11
Upright Chloride Rock Painting (ycd0108)
I'll delete the side ways one
Upright Chloride Rock Painting
Burma Shave (ycd0108)
Burma Shave

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Nice stuff Ken.

I hope this is a Finger and NOT a Large Moon.

: )

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As you will have found on your blog I did not get to drive the "Go Fastee" but I was suitably impressed with the experience: Mikee's (the driver- almost as old as me but much better hand control) aim is to get each rider to experience the fastest run they have ever been on unless they were planning on taking flight.
He is very accomplished at this and even inspires confidence amid the noise and blurry walls falling away at speed. They stuffed me into the car through the window with helmet and fire retardant coverall and then hooked my helmet to the car with a neck brace thingy - serious braces inside - 2" steel pipe running every which way and full body "seat belt". I could not have fallen out if I tried. I stand (or stood some years ago) 6' 4" and was not cramped for leg room.
We had to wait for the "safety" vehicle to inspect the track and then Mikee drops the hammer. First corner is just fast and we pick the pace up on the far straight. I can hear when an engine is putting out maximum and our first pass by the (empty) stands we were using it all. No other cars on the oval so for three laps I believe we were going at least 165 mph on the straight
Three laps takes about 3 minutes and we pull in to the Pit. I get hauled out of the window and Tloml gets stuffed in and away she goes.
I attempted to take pictures with the new Samsung but WU did not approve my best and I don't blame them.
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I am totally short of breath *blush*.
My blog had the dates and times for the 2-part Dust Bowl Documentary show times. I watched both parts and recorded both on DVD. One thing that got my attention was the migration to California when the "Okies" were prevented from entering the state if they did not have a job, were labelled as vagrants. Other parts I noted and have been posting before this amazing series began was how a dust bowl is starting to be formed here in a tiny part of the state from truck "hexaust" fumes(I call it).
And a new, excellent article that mentions a dust bowl like cloud causing a massive car pileup in Oklahoma, not the more recent fog related pileup in Texas.
Last but not least, I'm happy you enjoyed the Great Gig in the Sky video.
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13. Ylee
Did you drive the race car, ycd?
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Thanks OrangeRoses:
I liked the video and the music - it helps to put me in perspective this morning.
I'm glad to be back but we did enjoy the trip.
We happened to watch the Dust Bowl Documentary in our motel in Boulder City that Dr. Masters mentioned the next day. I was not totally away from the blogs - just struggling with two new computers and sometimes iffy WiFi.
Most of the Documentary dealt with the folks who stayed and those who left the drought stricken areas. Boulder City seemed an appropriate place to see the movie - we had just come in from supper at the Brew Pub up the street where we had watched a very similar movie which concentrated on the building of Boulder City and the (Boulder) Hoover Dam.
Anyway - I thought of you there.
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Glad you're back and had a stimulating trip abroad.

this is part of my daily exercise program
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That "big Honkin' Low" also gets mentioned on Dr. Masters' blog.
I will be tying down some of my partially built roofs.
Best go check CMC analysis.
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Some better photos and some information about Mary Colter and the Tower can be found here: t_photos.htm
I just read on Geary's blog about the "big Honkin' Low" that is sitting in the Gulf of Alaska and pipelining the "Pine Apple Express" (warm wet south west winds) at me for the next few days. Warm is not exactly Warm - up to 10 C. but we like it better than when a high pressure sets up over the interior and a passing Low off shore will draw cold "Outflow" winds. That's when we get "sea effect" snow:
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So Mary Colter's tower is approved and my ride is not?
That's OK. I think I have over 220 pictures from the learning curve on the Samsung thingy and I don't approve all of them either: t_photos.htm
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It is not clear to me why my last couple of photos do not appear.
the NASCAR one had weather: Clear sky and cool with a brisk breeze.
Whatever the latest try had something similar.
Could it have something to do with eating too much turkey?
Makes you sleepy and that's where I'm going
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Hi Rob:
Well about the only thing you can yell is a destination so Gunther and I swear at the machine all the time. She responds with her digital generated voice:
"In 1.7 Kilometers: turn Left." Or something.
Anyway at home we happen to know the roads better than the GPS so we get a chuckle now and then as we are supposed to turn here or there.
My road simply is not there - which is fine with me since I seem to be able to drive down a non existing road and arrive at a non existing destination for some years without instruction or destruction.
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Quoting ycd0108:
Guess what?
The Samsung has a working GPS built in and YOU CAN YELL AT IT!

Yes, but if you yell things that aren't nice, it will send you to a bad neighborhood!

Welcome back.
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Guess what?
The Samsung has a working GPS built in and YOU CAN YELL AT IT!
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Good morning:
If my latest uploaded photo is approved it is the NAsCar.vehicle that wewent three laps reaching top speeds of 165 mph.
Modify comment:
Oh well. There are much better pictures than the one I tried to post here:
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Thanks Bogon:
I was thinking of you when I took that photo because you had mentioned Red Rock Canyon as worth a peek or two. I had noticed the colors as we approached McClaren Airport. As is our wont, we brought home a small deep red pebble. It will go in one of the numerous trays around the house in which we keep found and purchased natural items.
There is a story in each pebble if only I could remember where it came from.
Great to be back to a familiar keyboard. We bought a new Samsung "Galaxy" and the touch screen stylus but I spent most of the computer time on the trip trying to connect to a different WiFi every night because we also found an used Toshiba Laptop in a pawn shop. Every now and then I could read the blogs - the slightly larger screen and the stylus help but it will take a while for me to become familiar with either new (to us) machines. The Toshiba is fairly easy to use but I doubt that Tloml will let me pack it around after my treatment of the iPod.
WE also rented a GPS for the Rental car and learned the hard way the old adage: "Garbage in = Garbage out"
when I toggled in Los Angeles Airport for Las Vegas Airport and we started to panic when we found ourselves heading the wrong way to catch the plane. Panic does not improve my toggling skills while cruising unfamiliar freeway interchanges so we had to shut off the GPS and pay attention to the road signs.
I will rent or buy one of these gizmos for travel on unfamiliar roads from now on though.
I'll upload more photos as soon as I placate the list of things that a week away magnifies.
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Welcome home, ycd.
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