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By: ycd0108, 12:28 AM GMT on July 26, 2012

Janetlee and Plapman have been putting up daily pictures regularly and I think I missed someone or two but it seems like a good idea to me (Thousand words and whatnot).
The Arbutus (Madrona) was glowing but the iPod can not capture that kind of detail.
Not a bad day but we burned out early as usual. The roofing metal gets so hot that you can not walk on it without creating dents in the ribs. In the meantime the ancient crew seems to wilt visibly in a few minutes of full sun.
Shut 'er down at about 1330 hours

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Sun Up

By: ycd0108, 2:25 PM GMT on July 19, 2012

While waiting for this photo to be approved I was reading news of bombs and strife around the world. Bang! something bounces off the skylight about six feet away. Odd but I continue reading.
Bang! Bang!
Tloml stirs and asks me "What the heck (Sic) are you up to?"
So I wander down and look up in the tree that overhangs the house. The tree is upper left in the picture. There are a number of fir cones on the sundeck and some of them are still green. The cones are still dropping in the woods but the squirrel is moving from tree to tree. Maybe there is more than one squirrel.
Harvest Time.

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Tiny Bubbles

By: ycd0108, 2:15 AM GMT on July 15, 2012

So most folks made their way home last night but there were about four + a dog that stayed over. Only had one we had to tie down and she complained that her glasses were a bit scrunched since apparently she slept in her clothes and did not take the glasses off. Oh yeah: The couple that brought the Festool saw slept comfortably in their motor home.
We got up and made some coffee (sort of) and Tloml made some bubbles which are always a decent punctuation for one of these events.


Happy Clare Day!

By: ycd0108, 11:27 PM GMT on July 09, 2012

Friday 13th July is now "Clare Day" according to one of my favorite bloggers:
Now back to this aging entry:

I got home from the hot roof and Tloml was on the phone with my brother-in-law, the Nuke/Phys so eventually she told him I wanted to talk to him about the news of detection of the "Biggs Hoson". So our conversation started out fairly confused. Eventually the Ph.d. figured out what we were asking and started carefully to say that he only knew what was in the the news but he was going to look in to it. Then he carried on for a while regarding the significance of such a discovery.
He thinks it is very significant but I soon lost the thread of what he was saying even though he claimed to not know much about the details.
What did I take away?
Mainly that this Butterfly was probably plastered to my radiator on the way to work and survived long enough to peel itself off the grill and fall to the ground and get it's picture taken.

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Bird stops work

By: ycd0108, 11:10 PM GMT on July 05, 2012

This baby Crossbill was sitting on my rafter jig when I came up with the chainsaw. I got this picture and then called the boys over but they came a runnin' and the bird could fly. Later I almost stepped on it because it is so well camouflaged. Tried to get it to step up on my finger but it would just hop over. The dog at the job site did not seem to see the bird from less than 10 feet away. Birdy hung around most of the afternoon but was always a surprise because it blended so well with the gravels.
By the way: I don't usually make rafter cuts with a chainsaw. I consider it very crude and I like decent fits in all joints. In this case none of the other saws could complete the compound angled cut

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Tammu feeding Charlo

By: ycd0108, 12:50 AM GMT on July 04, 2012

Or Vice Versa. Can't believe this photo got past the approvers and it has to go up here with some of my worst.
Got totally stumped today on the roof project and came back early: No measurement I could make seemed to point a way to correct the weirdness of the rafters I've been hanging out in space. So I got Gunther to "eyeball" the roof plane while hoisted the rafter and we have two sloping facets which hopefully we can rainproof someday.
We are pushing even my limits on this project: kinda wish my friend who knows AutoCad would paint me a picture.
Basically I "Think like a raindrop" and it has worked so far.


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